Bridget Smith

Bridget Smith (@bredalot) joined JABberwocky as an agent in May 2019. She grew up in Connecticut and graduated from Brown University with a BA in anthropology in 2010. After graduation, she interned at Don Congdon Associates, worked at a secondhand bookstore, and read submissions for In 2011, she started as an assistant at Dunham Literary, and she remained there as an agent for nearly eight years.

In her spare time, she runs, plays Irish fiddle, and co-hosts the podcast Shipping & Handling with agent-turned-freelance-editor Jennifer Udden.

How to Query Me

Please visit Query Manager to submit your query and the first five pages of your manuscript for consideration.

What I’m Looking For

Middle grade fiction: I’m interested in middle grade in all genres. I love dry humor, complex emotions felt for the first time, kids who solve their own problems, and a voice that makes kids feel respected. I particularly love high-concept stories told in a literary style.

Young adult fiction: I also work on all genres of YA. I have a soft spot for layered, emotional contemporary, preferably with more than an ounce of humor; sophisticated and unusual SFF; vivid, immersive historical fiction about lesser-known stories; and anything that blends or bends genre. I love books about teenagers having complicated feelings, girls who try hard but mess up, clever concepts handled in an unusual way, and a voice that makes me feel like I know the character personally.

Science fiction and fantasy: I tend to prefer the more literary side of the genre: the first things that grab me are character and voice. 

Fantasy was one of my first loves, and I’m interested in a wide variety of novels. I particularly like stories where the characters drive the plot and the worldbuilding shapes the characters. I’m not particularly into grimdark or urban fantasy, but anything else is fair game.

In science fiction, I’m particularly looking for anything that makes me feel like SHARDS OF HONOUR by Lois McMaster Bujold: intimately human on a galactic scope. 

Literary fiction: I tend to prefer literary fiction that includes elements of other genres or an interesting structure. I’m particularly interested in historical fiction about women, people of color, and LGBTQ people. Some non-client favorites include THE ESSEX SERPENT by Sarah Perry, POSSESSION by A.S. Byatt, FINGERSMITH by Sarah Waters, and THE GOLEM AND THE JINNI by Helene Wecker. I’m also interested in contemporary fiction with a speculative element and/or a strong plot (a la Alice Hoffman or Tana French).