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Buying Guide

Updated July 2015!

If you want to order a book online — and pretty much anything that’s in print can be ordered online [or by special order, but does anyone make two trips to a brick-and-mortar bookstore first to order and then to pick up a book when it can be ordered online], let us first bring your attention to some indie stores that we know have really wonderful selections:

The University Book Store in Seattle has an amazing sf/fantasy section, courtesy of buyer Duane Wilkins.
Powell’s Books in Portland, OR is a great source since they stock both new and used which allows them to have a much deeper selection than many other places.
We love Borderlands in San Francisco.
Sam Weller in Salt Lake is Brandon Sanderson’s favorite indie with both new and used books which extends the depth of selection.
Our client Del Howison has a horror emporium, Dark Delicacies in Burbank with lots of horror titles on the shelves.  Stop in, tell Del we sent you, and buy a good book to read while waiting on line for the tuna fish sandwich at Portos, down the block.

Conventions still have book tables! Larry Smith Booksellers in particular can be found at many of the major old-line sf conventions and is especially noteworthy for displaying almost every recent new book.

In Canada, Bakka Books doesn’t have an online shopping cart but does have great staff and selection and is worth visiting in person.

In the UK, Forbidden Planet carries both British and US editions of books so their selection is quite thorough.  The typical Waterstones has 25-30 JABberwocky titles concentrated on Brett, Campbell, Harris, Hodder, Moon and Sanderson with varying availability for other authors.

In Australia, Galaxy Books in Sydney has an amazing selection.

Other than that, it’s Barnes & Noble (BN), and that’s kind of it, and we’ll try and guide you below. Here’s a link to a sample B&N page that allows you check store inventory which is a handy feature for any book being carried in any of their stores.

  • Audio means some books are available in audio; Audible (unabridged) and Graphic Audio (abridged, dramatized) are the places to check

One last note, now that your book buying options are limited, I think you shouldn’t be shy about writing to Barnes & Noble, 122 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011-5693, to let them know there’s a book you want them to carry. And if there’s an independent store that has a crappy selection of the books you want to read, don’t be shy about letting them know you’re willing and happy to give some business if they’ll show signs of caring about the books you want to read.

Alphabetical buying guide follows. Note: Page last updated July 2015

Tim Akers
His Jacob Burns/Veridon novels are available through the JABberwocky e-book program.  Horns of Ruin will be available on-line. All available in audio

Sarah Ash
Via our UK partner agents at Zeno, we have three standalone fantasies available as JABberwocky e-books.

Dave Bara
His first novel Impulse came out in February 2015!  Available through all channels and in audio. Sold in both US and UK.

James Blaylock
Via our UK partner agents at Zeno, we have a dozen titles from this award-winning author available as JABberwocky e-books.

Marie Brennan
Her “Lady Trent” novels are available everywhere, especially Natural History of Dragons.  Sold in both US and UK.  Available on audio.

Mayer Alan Brenner
The Dance of Gods series is now available in JABberwocky e-book. Available in audio.

Peter V. Brett
The “Demon Cycle” is available everywhere, US and UK, all formats, and the newest book in the series The Skull Throne goes on sale in March 2015 (US – UK in April). Peter has hit the bestseller lists in the US, the UK, Germany, Poland and other countries.  He’s among our most popular authors, and these books are very easy to find everywhere.

Robert Brockway
Look for The Unnoticeables, his debut novel, in Summer 2015.  This was a record first novel sale for JABberwocky, so we expect it will be very easy to find.

Jack Campbell
His Lost Fleet books have hit the NY Times bestseller lists, and those can be found pretty much everywhere, in all formats, in both the US and UK.  [no secret that Jack Campbell is a pseudonym for John Hemry, and we are delighted to announce that the earlier John Hemry books have all now been reissued]
His short story collections Ad Astra, Borrowed Time, and Swords & Saddles, and his fantasy steampunk series The Pillars of Reality, are all available as JABberwocky e-books.

Adam-Troy Castro
His “Gustav Gloom” middle-grade series can be found, especially at good children’s bookstores.  Z is for Zombie is available.  Look on audio for his Philip K. Dick Award-winning Andrea Cort novels.
His Vossoff & Nimitz collection and other titles are now available as a JABberwocky e-book.

A. Bertram Chandler
new Baen editions now available online and BN, Baen Webscription ebooks.
Select titles available as Prologue e-books.
Audio editions available for many.

Louis Charbonneau
Many titles now available on audio and as JABberwocky e-books.

Michael Cobley
Via our UK partner agents at Zeno, we have his grimdark Shadowkings trilogy in our JABberwocky e-book program.

Myke Cole
Most Barnes & Noble stores carry his “Shadow Ops” series.  Also available on audio and in the UK.  New novel Gemini Cell goes on sale February 2015 and is a great starting point for new readers as it is the start of a new series and called his best book yet by many reviewers.

William C. Dietz
His “Legion of the Damned” and “Andromeda” series are available in all formats. The first novel in his new Mutant Files series is on sale in February 2015. Most books also available or forthcoming in UK editions. His novel Ejecta is now available as a JABberwocky e-book.

Frederic S. Durbin
The Star Shard, on-line and in e-book.
Dragonfly is available in audio.
A new novel, The Sacred Woods, is coming from S&S/Saga Press in 2016.

David Louis Edelman
Look online or in e-book for his excellent Jump 225 trilogy.

Brenda English
Her Sutton McPhee mystery series are available on audio, and as JABberwocky ebooks.

Alex Erickson
Death by Coffee, first in a new mystery series from this new author, will be available in Summer 2015.

Joe Clifford Faust
Audio editions available. Select titles available as JABberwocky ebooks.

Randall Garrett
Look for Lord Darcy and the Gandalara novels as JABberwocky ebooks and on audio.

Simon R. Green
Simon Green is a particularly good author for using the Barnes and Noble online feature to check store inventory before hopping in the car.
The very best BN stores for sf/fantasy will have big selections from Simon, including the first three Deathstalker novels, the full Nightside series, the Ghost Finders series, the full Secret Histories series, but the depth of selection drops off quickly as the store quality diminishes and you’ll find 0 Deathstalker novels, only some Nightside books, etc.
Most books available on Audio
Many titles are available on ebook either through Open Road or JABberwocky, and in the UK there are Jo Fletcher ebook editions of the Nightside and Secret Histories series.

Charlaine Harris
Everything can be found everywhere in all formats.
Standalone novels A Secret Rage and Sweet & Deadly are available as JABberwocky e-books.

Jim Hines
Hugo Award winning author!
Goblin books: A new omnibus edition is widely available, also from the SF Book Club.
Princess books:  Books a Million and BN are doing a decent job carrying these, but again check store inventory since they aren’t everywhere.
Magic Ex Machina series: Generally available. Newest book in series went on sale in January 2015.
Short story collections Goblin Tales and Kitemaster are available as JABberwocky e-books or direct from author, depending on format.

Mark Hodder
BN has his Burton & Swinburne alternate history steampunk series. Also e-book and audio.
New stand-alone novel The Red Sun Also Rises available.

Hot Blood
Many of the Hot Blood anthologies are now available as JABberwocky e-books.

Del Howison and the Dark Delicacies anthologies
On-line is your best bet.
Dark Delicacies II, Vampires Don’t Sleep Alone, and When Werewolves Attack are available as JABberwocky e-books.

Tanya Huff
One of her best books, The Silvered, came out in paperback in 2014 and is available everywhere!
Like Simon R. Green, the Tanya Huff selection can vary widely from the best stores in category to the worst.  Easiest to find are the Enchantment/Gale, Valor/Torin Kerr and Blood Books.
Fire’s Stone and Gate of Darkness Circle of Light available as JABberwocky e-books.
Many books also available in UK.
A series of e-book exclusive short story collections has just launched as part of the JABberwocky e-book program, with five mini-collections now available.

Matthew Hughes
Via our UK partner agents at Zeno, we have his Henghis Hapthorn series available as JABberwocky e-books.

Marjorie Kellogg
Dragon Quartet: A smattering of BN stores, some Books a Million.
Lear’s Daughters:  Online or in e-book.
Rumor of Angels and Harmony: Audio in 2013 and as JABberwocky e-books.

Toni Kelner
Audio editions now available.
The Laura Fleming and Where Are They Now?/Tilda Harper mysteries are available as JABberwocky e-books.

Meyer Levin
Compulsion is available from Fig Tree Books.
Other novels on the Jewish American experience available as JABberwocky e-books.

Erin Lindsey
Heroic fantasy available in print, ebook, and audio.

Scott Mackay
Audio editions of all his now available.
New “Doctor Deacon” historical mystery series available in print and e-book.

Violette Malan
On-line is your best bet.

Barry Malzberg
Audio editions of ten of his books are now available.

Ari Marmell
One of our newest clients, we’ve just sold two new books in his “Widdershins” series, and the first two Thief’s Covenant and False Covenant are available on-line.  In Thunder Forged: Iron Kingdom now available.

Michael McCollum
E-books of everything, and audio editions now out.

Ian McDonald
Via our UK partner agents at Zeno, we have his Chaga trilogy, Desolation Road duology, and a short story collection in our JABberwocky e-book program.

Elizabeth Moon
Ballantine Books has put out a stunning 10th Anniversary edition of Nebula Award winner THE SPEED OF DARK, which is available now from Del Rey, in e-book, and on audio.
Another good author for using the store inventory feature before hopping into your car.
The best BN stores will have the entire Vatta series, Deed of Paksenarrion omnibus, Sheepfarmer’s Daughter, Oath of Fealty, Speed of Dark, the Serrano omnibus editions and maybe even the occasional Baen mass market edition. The worst BN stores will have four or five of Elizabeth’s books, tops. Books a Million will have a similarly varying selection..
Almost everything is available on audio, and on e-book.
A new mini collection of short stories is now available as a JABberwocky e-book.

Bryce Moore
Look online and in e-book for his recently released award-winning debut novel Vodnik.

John Moore
All his books are now on audio.

E.C. Myers
Andre Norton Nebula award-winning Fair Coin and its sequel Quantum Coin now available, mostly on-line.

Stuart Palmer
Hildegarde Withers mysteries:  online or special order.
Audio and e-book editions are coming in 2013.

Janci Patterson
Her excellent debut novel Chasing the Skip is now available in print and e-book. This is a favorite of Joshua’s.

Brandon Sanderson
Newest title Emperor’s Soul is available everywhere, you can also find a limited edition of Legion.
For adults:  Everything can be found everywhere, and on audio, and some SFBC. New Mistborn novel The Alloy of Law is just now out.
For middle-grade: Book #1, Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians, is available on audio and as a UK omnibus import.
For young adult: NY Times #6-bestselling The Rithmatist now out and Steelheart on sale September 24, 2013.

Michael Schiefelbein
All titles on audio, and available as JABberwocky e-books.

Rick Shelley
Now available in JABberwocky e-book. Around twelve titles currently available. Also available on audio.

Julie Dean Smith
Her “Caithan Crusade” fantasy series is the only one we sold to legendary editor Lester del Rey, and is now in audio and as JABberwocky-ebooks.

Jon Sprunk
Mostly online and e-book… With the completion of his “Shadow” series, we’re seeing excellent sales of the print editions for books that aren’t available at BN, and e-book sales are strong. This is becoming a word of mouth growth story, much like Jim Hines’ Goblin trilogy a few years ago.

E.J Swift
Via our UK partner agents at Zeno, we have Cataveiro and Tamaruq,  books two and three of The Osiris Project, available as JABberwocky e-books.

E. L. Tettensor
Tettensor’s first novel DARKWALKER is available at B&N. Its sequel, MASTER OF PLAGUES, has just published.

Lavie Tidhar

Via our UK partner agents at Zeno, we have his World Fantasy Award winning novel Osama available as JABberwocky e-books.

Edo van Belkom
Now on audio and JABberwocky e-books.

Jeri Westerson
Crispin Guest mysteries:  Mostly online and ebook, the 6th book SHADOW OF THE ALCHEMIST available for pre-order. The entire series will be available in audio in 2013, Blood Lance is available now.

William C. Dietz (Legion of the Damned, Andromeda, Mutant Files) and Michael J. Sullivan (The Riyria Revelations and The Riyria Chronicles, The First Empire, The Death of Dulgath) are new recent arrivals to the JABberwocky client list. We hope you’ll enjoy their earlier novels while we sell their first-for-JABberwocky books in the coming months.

Robert Brockway, Stanley Chan, Curtis Chen, G.S. Denning, Jason Denzel, K. Eason, Christopher Husberg, Kathleen Kimmel, Megan O’Keefe, Adam Rakunas, and Joe Zieja are all authors with first novels sold by JABberwocky in 2014/2015.  Look for more news and information on available for their novels soon!