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Defines the raw impulses of a generation!

New York Daily News

Terrific ... remarkably imaginative.

Los Angeles Times Book Review


THE LAST TYCOON and CITIZEN KANE are the closest reference points I can think of for this ferociously well written stylistic crackerjack of a comedy ... a hilariously skeptical commentary on the mores of the film industry ... Baker's gift for creating grotesque and glamorous but credible characters and catching their voices ear-perfect makes BOY WONDER much more than just a Hollywood-Babylon genre novel. Funniest book of the year so far, and very possibly of the rest of the year too.

--The Herald (Glasgow)

My book of 1996 ... hilarious ... just brilliant, beg borrow or steal, etc.

--Jockey Slut Magazine

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initially published hard/soft by S&S and Penguin
reissued by Alyson in 2001
UK rights to 4th Estate, German rights to Bruno Gmuender
Japanese rights to Taiyosha, Multiple film options

TIM AND PETE has the rare virtues of being simultaneously sarcastic and reflective, raunchy and poignant....In coming years Baker will be seen as having understood the implications of this period in our history while the rest of us were simply living it. He has achieved a masterful creation, a novel that in telling the story of two men, in one city, on one day, speaks volumes about an entire generation of gay culture and life.

--Lambda Book Report

Rambling and over-the-top, TIM AND PETE isn't the radical call to arms it could be, but it's enough to satisfy the militant romantic in us all.


Exquisitely written ... a page turning romantic suspense thriller ... a must-read book.

--Tulsa Outline

Baker's style is breezy and flip, but what is remarkable about his writing is that, threaded effortlessly through the speculations on the Hardy Boys' sex life, is a very serious novel indeed. It is a howl of rage in world where everyone has a friend or a lover who has died. But love survives against the most terrible odds: and that is no mean achievement.

--London Times

Magnificent ... TIM AND PETE has the humor, anger and excitement to rank as one of the best AIDS novels to date.

--Gay Times

A well-written and scary book about the world of HIV fear, safe adventures and gay politics.

--Mail on Sunday

A tremendously sculptured book it is emotionally engaging and provocatively entertaining.


Truly brilliant, campy humor ... a most welcome addition to fiction collections.


One of the most remarkably audacious and keenly observed satirical novels of the 1990s ... powerful stuff. It's an absurd tragedy but a tragedy filled with such love and light that, who knows, it just might kick itself onto a shelf of classics, one day.

--Gay Times

a Gay Times (UK) Book of the Year
German rights to Bruno Gmuender
Film released September 10, 2004 in the US
Director: David Moreton ("Edge of 17")
Cast: Antonio Sabato, JR. ("Melrose Place," many more), David
Sutcliffe ("Gilmore Girls"), Sonia Braga, Jennifer Coolidge

TESTOSTERONE succeeds as well as it does because Baker's characterizations flesh out the usually impoverished skeleton of the thriller ... Baker is a master of pacing and plot.

--The Washington Blade
New York Blade News

Baker is adept at generating suspense, and he exhibits a sharp wit when ruminating on gay culture ... a fitting if flawed valedictory effort.

--Publishers Weekly

A tour de force, part nourish suspense novel and part grim satire of compulsive gay male sexuality, as despondent as a Jim Thompson yarn in which the narrator is killed on the last page. It is as compelling as good Thompson, too.


A frantic, ferocious novel ... cheerful cheekiness and searing bitterness ... Gruesome, yes, and unsettling, but original, insane and brilliant.

--Richard Labonté (Different Light)
Planet Out

TESTOSTERONE boils down the potion and gets it just right. One narrative, one voice, one obsession. One compelling read. A-.

--Instinct Magazine

An ever-escalating climax. Baker hooks the reader from the start.


Intensely readable fiction. In Baker's hands, the space between fact and fiction, life and death, is a remarkably lighthearted place to be.

--Out Magazine

It's incredible. It's so engrossing you'll find youself taking extra-long lunches just to get through it.

--Gay People's Chronicle

Aggressive, edgy ... Baker has created a vibrant and virile work detailing a man's downward descent into dementia.

--ForeWord Magazine

One of the most strange, angry, violent and deliciously quirky novels of the year. Deliriously fast-paced and highly charged with a dangerous eroticism, it is destined to become a cult classic ... a good, angry, erotic, roller-coaster ride of a novel.

--The Stranger

His final furious tour de force of a novel ... Baker pulls off the potentially melodramatic mix with spare, cinematic writing and attitude to burn. His confident sentences are relentlessly vivid. They exceed their own speed limits.

--Philadelphia Gay News

A brilliant, innovative page-turner. I simply could not put it down ... a testament to Baker's genius ... think of TESTOSTERONE as being to the print world what Blair Witch Project is to film and Survivor is to television, and you will have some understanding of its almost painful grip on the reader's sense and senses.


Refreshing in its unapalogetic anger.

--The Advocate

Bold and fast ... an intense read.

--Out in the Mountains

Razor sharp ... clipped first person breathless pace that makes this a candidate for a one-sit reading ... this delicious intrigue is often combined with observations about the gay condition that are so cynical and downright mean you almost feel guilty laughing.

--Southern Voice

The satiric, corrosive Baker returns, and he's up to his old tricks. This is a good thing ... this final work, however prickly, leaves you with an ache that lingers for days...To even attempt to describe TESTOSTERONE would rob you of the joy of discovery, but know this: It's vastly entertaining ... every second is worth it. The payoff is wild. Hate it or love it, this novel won't fail to move you.


For ADRENALINE by James Dillinger
the cult classic -- initially published by Penguin / Plume
reissued by Alyson in 2000

Dillinger has an eye for the absurd, the quixotic, and the downright existential in pop culture....Don't miss it.

--Gay Community News

I'm glad to say that ADRENALINE is back in print ... an erotic noir thriller which set the teeth of early AIDS activists on edge.

--Richard Labonté (A Different Light)
Planet Out


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