Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Adam-Troy Castro

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Vossoff and Nimitz
Night of the Living POTUS
With Unclean Hands

Introducing the madcap adventures of Ernst Vossoff and Karl Nimmitz, a couple of interstellar rogues whose adventures often veer in unexpected directions, sometimes in space limousines and sometimes dropping by continent-wide cocktail parties. In the great tradition of Douglas Adams, VOSSOFF AND NIMMITZ is science fiction made utterly hilarious.
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All United States Presidents have the same lesson to learn, and they all learn it early on the first full morning of their respective Administrations.They are all confronted with the horrific secret at the heart of the White House…the one that subjects them to a blood-soaked, savage battle for survival. To commemorate the 2012 election season, Hugo, Nebula and Stoker Nominee Adam-Troy Castro presents a newly-updated edition of one of his all-time strangest short stories, a one-of-a-kind mixture of political satire and relentless zombie horror that pits a new President against a siege by…the Founding Fiends.Will Democracy survive…and what will be left of it?
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He thinks suicide is the end of all his troubles. He’s wrong. He doesn’t know that he will immediately find himself imprisoned in a strange and alien place, where the souls of despairing creatures from the breadth of space and time are tapped for the energy that only they possess. He also doesn’t know that he’s about to meet the oldest and most terrifying of all of Mankind’s enemies: an obsessed, all-powerful creature who has wiped out entire civilizations, in its single-minded quest to destroy everything human. He doesn’t know that he is about to come face-to-face with everything we’ve ever been, and everything we ever stand a chance of becoming. But there’s something the Beast doesn’t know about him. He has a power he never knew he had.
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With Unclean Hands by Adam-Troy Castro
Andrea Cort. War criminal. Genius. Outcast. Heroine. Sent to the home-world of the Zinn, a once-powerful race now on the long path to extinction, she’s expected to sign the approval for a simple prisoner transfer — but why are the Zinn so eager to take custody of an unremarkable human murderer? What brutal crime is being planned against an innocent? What hidden agenda threatens to topple the balance of power? This Nebula-Award nominated novella is the earliest adventure of Andrea Cort, heroine of the Philip K.Dick Award winning novel, Emissaries of the Dead.
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