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Elizabeth Moon

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The Serrano Legacy
Hunting Party
Sporting Chance
Winning Colors
Once a Hero
Rules of Engagement
Change of Command
Against the Odds
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Deeds of Honor: Paksenarrion World Chronicles

The Serrano Legacy
For Heris Serrano, nothing gave her life as much meaning as serving the ruling Familias Regnant in the Regular Space Service. But after defying a vindictive superior officer in order to save the lives of her men—she’s cast off from the crew and finds herself struggling to retain her sense of purpose. Now, she finds herself in the civilian world and at the helm of the Sweet Delight—an opulent interstellar space yacht owned by the wealthy, powerful and irascible matriarch Lady Cecilia de Marktos. After a disciplined life in the Service, Heris doesn’t anticipate having many problems captaining a flying pleasure palace. But she didn’t count on her crew comprising some of the most incompetent degenerates she’s ever had the displeasure of commanding. Or that her predecessor had been using the Sweet Delight for criminal enterprises.

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After narrowly escaping from a twisted cabal that organized hunting parties using human prey, ex-Regular Space Service officer Heris Serrano and her wealthy employer Lady Cecelia must transport a special passenger home. He is Prince Gerel—first in line to the throne. Unfortunately, he was also a somewhat unknowing participant in the “hunt,” and his family is quite eager to avoid a scandal. But Lady Cecelia notices that Gerel is not himself. In fact, he seems mentally impaired, as if he’s been drugged, but the prince’s possible poisoning is only the beginning. When Heris and Cecelia arrive at the royal stronghold of Rockhouse Major, they are pulled into a political conspiracy rooted in pettiness and desires for revenge.

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As captain of the astral pleasure yacht Sweet Delight, Heris Serrano has performed more unlikely heroics than she ever did as an officer in the Regular Space Service. Now, she is joining her feisty noble employer and friend, Lady Cecelia, on what should be a well-deserved relaxing trip to the remote world of Xavier. Unfortunately, Xavier is also the starting point for an invasion of Familias territory by the bordering Benignity of the Compassionate Hand—a predatory criminal empire. Their name happens to be the only thing remotely merciful about them. Heris is the only one who can lead her rag-tag fleet in a desperate fight against a seemingly unstoppable enemy. But if she is to save the Familias Regnant, she will first need to uncover an enemy hiding within her own ranks…
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Fleet Lieutenant Esmay Suiza never wanted to become a hero. After a traumatic, war torn childhood and years of being plagued by nightmares, she is content to spend her years with the Fleet following orders and staying under the radar. Even after she finds herself the leader in a fierce battle against a treasonous captain, and the center of a subsequent military trial, Suiza wants nothing more than to return to the ranks. Then she’s promoted and sent to the deep space repair ship Koskiusko. Suiza once again finds herself in the heart of danger. The Bloodhorde, a violent group of barbarian warriors, has made plans to sabotage her ship and clear the path for a full invasion. Suiza is thrust into command, leading the revolt against the invaders before a second wave of brutality threatens the lives of her fellow soldiers.

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Rules of Engagement by Elizabeth Moon
Esmay Suiza is continuing her RSS Fleet training when she meets Brun—the ebullient daughter of Lord Thornbuckle—who idolizes her as a reluctant hero. But Esmay cannot abide Brun’s highborn airs. And when their shared affection for Barin Serrano ignites a rivalry between them, Esmay is exiled to remote duty. Crushed by the rebuke of her friendship, Brun leaves the facility—and enters a nightmare. The savage New Texas Militia, driven to spread their fanatical dogma, has been stealing the Familias government’s own weaponry to use against them. When Brun is taken by the Militia, she is subjected to inhuman torment as Esmay is blamed for the disastrous situation and the galaxy prepares for inevitable conflict. Esmay must go into action once again against a brutal, deranged enemy who would rather die than face defeat…

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After the suppression of the New Texas barbarians, Esmay Suiza and Barin Serrano hoped for a respite to develop their relationship. But there is time for neither rest nor pleasure as events around the galaxy push all the great powers towards war. When Speaker Lord Thornbuckle is assassinated, his daughter Brun finds herself trapped in the machinations of politics and power… Meanwhile, the shadowy criminal empire of the Benignity, having already sabotaged the controversial “rejuvenation drugs” that fuel the Familias’ longevity, is now poised to spread its influence and corruption directly into Familias government. For Esmay and Barin, a long-forgotten betrayal is about to be revealed, a secret that in one moment entangled the fates of both the Suiza and Serrano clans—and made them mortal enemies.

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Across Regnant space, the fight to put down the mutinous factions of the Fleet continues. Within the Familias, the aged leaders of the great septs continue to hoard the mysterious rejuvenation drugs that may allow them to rule forever. And that is something that the ambitious younger generations of the ruling families can no longer abide… Heroic Fleet loyalist Esmay Suiza has been coldly ousted from the service after her elopement to Barin Serrano is discovered and her religious status comes under suspicion. But she’s not about to back down from her sworn duty, and races to confront the members of the Grand Council—one of whom owes her a great service… But unbeknownst to anyone, a powerful leader in the ranks of the Fleet has already turned against them, and their common enemy is determined to destroy the Familias Regnant in a final conflagration…

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A Short Story Collection by Elizabeth Moon
With two exclusive, never-before-published stories featuring characters from the Paladin’s Legacy series, Deeds of Honor gathers together lore and legends from Paksenarrion’s world, along with tales from the Paladin’s Legacy era, all revised and updated for this special compilation. Rich with the vivid and immersive storytelling for which Elizabeth Moon is known, the eight short stories in Deeds of Honor — collected here for the first time, with all-new author notes — are certain to please any fan of the Paksenarrion saga.

Includes: Point of Honor, Falk’s Oath, Cross Purposes, Torre’s Ride, A Parrion of Cooking, Vardan’s Tale, Those Who Walk in Darkness, and The Last Lesson

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