Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Louis Charbonneau’s featured Science Fiction Novels

Louis Charbonneau has written a prolific collection of novels that span the science fiction, historical fiction, eco-thriller, and suspense genres.

Many of Charbonneau’s novels have been selections of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, and he has been published by the Reader’s Digest in Germany, England, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Singapore, Finland, Malaysia, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and many other countries.

Charbonneau is also the author of numerous Westerns, most published under the the Carter Travis Young pseudonym.

This week we would like to bring your attention to four of his phenomenal Science Fiction novels.

In THE SENTINEL STARS, HTR-137 is content living out his life working off his government-mandated taxes, until one day, he decides not to show up. With only curiosity to blame, HTR-137 finds himself exploring nearby neighborhoods, where he immediately falls in love with a woman of a lower class. In an attempt to discourage this behavior, The Organization grants HTR-137 the highest honor–to spend a day in the Freedman Camps, where men and women who have finally worked off their taxes get to reside for the rest of their lives completely unbothered, and in total opulence. But behind the beautiful facade of the Freedman Camps something is off, and HTR-137 is about to find out just what “total freedom” really means in a society run by The Organization… Get a copy of THE SENTINEL STARS for $2.99 this week only!

THE SENTINEL STARS (Kindle | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | Scribd | Oyster | Google Play)

In CORPUS EARTHLING, Professor Paul Cameron is confronted by a harrowing fate. Parasitic aliens have made their way into his mind, and their control is becoming more and more absolute. As they fervently attempt to force him to take his own life, the Professor realizes that he is not the only human afflicted with this fate, and that his fellow infected humans could be anyone, and the danger that they could cause to the world  is unspeakable, and largely unknown…can he get to the bottom of the strange invasion before the entire population is taken hostage inside their own bodies? Keep an eye out next week, when CORPUS EARTHLING will be on sale for just $1.99!

CORPUS EARTHLING (Kindle | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | Scribd | Oyster | Google Play)

NO PLACE ON EARTH follows a Petr, who, after his father’s execution for treason, was raised by the very government that left him orphaned. But an uprising is coming, and a mysterious rebel group called The Underground is behind it. Petr has little interest in the movement until he receives news that he and his wife, Alda, are expecting a child–an act that is strictly forbidden in his world, where science has prolonged the length of lives to a point that has lead to mass famine and overpopulation. Will the fear of protecting his new family be enough to urge Petr to join The Underground and fight for freedom?

NO PLACE ON EARTH (Kindle | Nook | Kobo | iBooks | Scribd | Oyster | Google Play)

In DOWN TO EARTH, Emergency Landing Station 17 was built meticulously to keep its inhabitants from becoming homesick on the long years that they served to keep the Station running. With computer-made weather and incredibly realistic holograms depicting an Earthly environment, it becomes easy for ELS17 workers to forget that they are in deep space. That is, until the high technology computers and holograms start glitching out, and strange beings materialize within the Station’s airtight walls. Finally, when all communication with Earth is cut off, mass hysteria ensues. Someone new is in ELS17, and they don’t seem to be playing nice.

DOWN TO EARTH (Kindle | Nook | Kobo | iBooks  | Scribd | Oyster | Google Play)