Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Fantasy Novels by Sarah Ash

“Sarah Ash’s writing style is very lyrical and lucid and often features a vast array of characters that showcase the whole spectrum of humanity.” –Fantasy Book Critic


MOTHS TO A FLAME (Kindle | Nook | Kobo | iBooks) Myn-Dhiel must change… And as the power-playing of the court reaches fever pitch, a god-driven plague – complex, disguising itself as an irresistible drug – descends. Now Lai and Laili must realise their true fate – destroyers and redeemers both. For these are the last days. And this is the fall of the house of Memizhon.

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Twins Lai and Laili have spent their quiet lives as initiates of the Goddess on the peaceful island of Ael Lahi. But when they are captured and sold as slaves in the city, Lai must learn to fight for his life in the Arena while Laili is forced into service as the Arkhan’s concubine.

But discontent is simmering among the city’s oppressed people. When a mysterious cloud of moon moths brings a plague, revolution threatens to bring down the House of Memizhon. Lai and Laili may hold the key to saving the city—unless they too are engulfed in the conflagration.

THE LOST CHILD (Kindle | Nook | Kobo | iBooks) Rahab finds the bloodless corpse of a child on his ghetto doorstep, the victim of a ritual murder.As his people prepare to flee once more from persecution, Rahab is determined to find the real killer. Salvation lies unexpectedly close at hand, but is more terrifying, and more spectacular, than Rahab could ever have imagined.

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The shocking discovery of a child’s corpse in the Tsiyonim ghetto of Arcassanne stirs up old fears and enmities in the city. Suspicion falls on Rahab ben Chazhael, a tailor still haunted his own loss to the brutal pogrom.

Rahab must escape the city guard and search for help—and the truth—in Tifereth, a scholarly Tsiyonim community hidden deep in the mountains. He’ll bring with him an unexpected companion: wealthy Lia, once a customer of Rahab’s, who has made some shocking discoveries about her own past.

But time is running out. As the citizens of Arcassanne surround the ghetto, can Rahab find the murderer and save his community?

SONGSPINNERS (Kindle | Nook | Kobo | iBooks) Orial is tormented by strange dreams, by sounds others do not hear. She escapes to her mother’s tomb, losing herself in singing to Iridial’s memory. What she does not know is that her hidden talent may be her undoing.

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Young rebel composer Amaru Khassian flees from religious persecution to peaceful Tourmalise. Crippled by horrible burns, he can no longer write down his stirring, seditious music – until he meets Orial, a girl with a unique gift that enables her to “hear” the sounds in other people’s minds.

Khassian’s music could inspire his countrymen to overthrow their oppressors. But there is a price on the young composer’s head, and
now Orial is in danger too. As antiquarians uncover mysterious traces of an ancient civilisation in Tourmalise, she begins to suffer disturbing and revelatory visions. The excavations may reveal the true purpose of her gift – but is her sanity too great a price to pay? Can Orial use her gift to save Khassian and his people before it drives her mad?