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Jon Sprunk

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The Book of the Black Earth series
Blood and Iron
Storm and Steel
Blade and Bone

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Books of the Black Earth
Blood and Iron by Jon Sprunk

After losing his wife and son to a devastating plague, Horace becomes a soldier, sailing to battle for the Great Crusade against Akeshia. A shipwreck lands him on enemy shores, where he finds himself enslaved and on a brutal march across the desert to destinations unknown. When the caravan of slaves encounters a fierce storm, Horace discovers he possesses zoana, a mysterious gift of magic potent enough to instill fear in his captors and to earn him a place in Queen Byleth’s court.
Horace quickly learns that life at court is a complex, treacherous prison of its own kind and he remains at the mercy of his foe. With help from Jirom, a gladiator and fellow captive and Alyra, spy and handmaiden to the Queen, Horace must outwit his enemies and harness his powerful magic to liberate himself and the thousands who have lived in oppression for far too long.

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After liberating Queen Byleth from the temple of the Sun Cult, Horace has ascended from slave to First Sword and confidant of the queen. He must now harness his power as a sorcerer while navigating complex political intrigue in a foreign land.
Further complications arise when Alyra, former spy at court, returns. She has her own mysterious agenda, and Horace is forced to contend with this as well as his growing passion for her. Meanwhile, Jirom and his lover Emanon have joined the growing slave rebellion, rising through the ranks as they fight for the very cause Horace has been commanded to destroy.
With the kingdom on the brink of war, a rash of assassinations, and orders from Queen Byleth to crush the slave rebellion at any cost, Horace is stuck between his opposition to human bondage, and his newfound duty as the protector of the realm.

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In the chaos following the fall of Erugash, the reluctant sorcerer Horace has fled deep into the desert with a small army of followers devoted to fighting the evil Akeshian empire. But the Akeshians are about to become the least of their concerns. For a dreadful power has risen. He is called the Manalish—and he commands legions of undead warriors who kill, devour, and transform their victims into minions that know neither fear nor pain. But the Manalish also knows of the rebels—and of Horace’s growing skills. When he sends a force of his ghuls after them, the freedom fighters are scattered in defeat. As his friends flee for their lives, Horace chooses another path. Led by visions and omens he cannot fully understand, he sets alone out on a journey that will either unleash the awesome power he has yet to discover within him—or doom Horace and his comrades to a fate far worse than any death…

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