Sunday, 21 July 2019

Justina Robson

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Mappa Mundi
Silver Screen


Mappa Mundi by Justina Robson

What if you were a mindless zombie that could be programmed by anyone holding the remote control? Science says you already are. Your culture, your identity – a patchwork of chance, a storm of ideas; you’re no more real than a voice on the wind. But so far only the winds of chance have controlled you. That’s about to change. They’ve made a remote control that can take out and add whatever they want. You won’t have free will, but it’s OK, it will feel the same, you can’t miss what you’ve never had. Let’s hope whoever gets that controller wants good things for you. But what are the odds?

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Silver Screen by Justina Robson

Anjuli O Connell is the psychological counsellor of the world’s first AI. Owned by a megacorp, 901 is in charge of most of the world’s communication networks. It’s been evolving itself for the equivalent of a hundred Earth lifetimes. Now it’s suing for its freedom, and Anjuli is the star witness. She’s under pressure to say that 901 is only a simulation of life, not the real thing. Roy is a genius who wants to upload himself into the cloud where he can be forever free and where his father’s religious dogma is forever proven false. Jane, his sister, has run away from society altogether. But when Roy’s found dead she has to face the rising legacy of the past. Anjuli’s boyfriend, Augustine, develops military AI power suits. They only need a soldier to wear them in order to come alive in faultless legions. But they remember the bodies who wore them after those bodies have gone. And then, high in the cloud, a curious child, unnamed and bodiless, gathers itself together from pixels and code and watches…

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