Thursday, 4 June 2020

Marie Brennan

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Dancing the Warrior (Novella)
The Doppelganger Omnibus


Mirage wasn’t supposed to exist. Born from the ritual that gives the witches of Starfall their power, she should have been destroyed. Instead she survived, and grew up to become one of the most lethal Hunters the land has ever seen. Miryo wasn’t supposed to fail. But when her initiation at Starfall goes awry, she realizes her double is still alive. Now she must hunt down Mirage and put an end to something that should never have begun. But how can a witch kill the perfect warrior, when her own magic is trying to kill her?

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To some, Mirei is a savior. Born from the union of opposing forces, her existence offers a way to heal the division between warrior and witch, and brings powerful new magic into the world. To others, Mirei is an abomination. She overturns the ancient traditions of the witches, threatening their stability and corrupting their magic with an influence that should be destroyed. But even Mirei’s power is not enough to prevent a civil war. And while she struggles to reconcile Starfall’s opposing factions, a more insidious threat is building within her — because her newfound magic does not come without a price.

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Those who serve the Warrior face the harshest of discipline. Trained from a young age to become lethal Hunters, they have no room in their ranks for the weak — or for those who join them late. Her entire life, Seniade has felt a bond with the Warrior. Becoming a Hunter ought to be a dream come true. But first she has to prove herself worthy to stay . . . and she might just kill herself trying.


Dancing the Warrior is a standalone novella set before the events of the novels Warrior and Witch.


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For centuries, the witches of Starfall have served the people of the fourteen domains while keeping their own secrets close. No one outside their ranks knows their power comes from a ritual that divides each newborn daughter in two: the witch, infused with magic, and the doppelganger, a soulless shell that is soon destroyed. Not all of the doppelgangers are dead, though, and their battle to survive will plunge Starfall into crisis. So long as her doppelganger lives, a witch cannot control her magic. But there are secrets even the witches do not know, and the doppelgangers hold power of their own . . .

This omnibus includes the novels from the novel duology Warrior and Witch, as well as the prequel novella Dancing the Warrior.

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