Thursday, 4 June 2020

Mark Hodder

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Burton & Swinburne Adventures
4: The Secret of Abdu El Yezdi
5: The Return of the Discontinued Man
6: The Rise of the Automated Aristocrats

*Books one through three are available from Pyr.



After barely surviving his discovery of the source of the Nile, explorer Sir Richard Burton returns home to fame, glory, and a knighthood. But he also receives another title―King’s Agent…for Burton may be the only man who can save England from doom. Once brought into the king’s service, Sir Richard is entrusted with a shocking truth: ever since the assassination of Queen Victoria, those in power have been guided and advised by a spirit―Abdu El Yezdi―whose wisdom has brought about incredible progress and prosperity. Unfortunately, the voice of El Yezdi has fallen silent just as a controversial alliance is about to be formed with the Central German Confederation. Aided by his own circle of unlikely and unconventional allies—including the devilishly lewd poet Algernon Swinburne—Sir Richard must delve into the darkest reaches of both the mystical and machine worlds if England is to survive a coming storm unlike anything ever imagined…

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Years ago, a madman from the future assassinated Queen Victoria and inadvertently sparked the explosion of scientific and industrial advancement that thrust England into a technological age beyond anything ever imagined. And the effects of that event are about to be felt more than ever. When a renowned scientist attempts to experiment on the assassin’s time-travelling suit, he unleashes a wave of chaos and conflicting timelines, resulting in blood red snow falling from the sky, and the adventurer Sir Richard Burton being tormented by jarring visions of alternate realities that are somehow both unavoidable and yet changeable. Time and reality may have just reached their breaking point. But most disturbing of all, the legendary Spring Heeled Jack has returned―in several different places at the same time! These numerous “Jacks” are all very confused, very irritable, and very dangerous…

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In 1890 the renowned adventurer and explorer Sir Richard Burton could sense his impending death… Until he found himself in the year 1864—or at least a version of that year. Burton’s amazement is heightened when he is reunited with his loyal friend, the eccentric poet Algernon Swinburne, who is equally nonplussed at being somehow transported into his former self at the moment of death. Before long, Burton and Swinburne—joined by many of their brave compatriots—find themselves once again pulled to and fro by the streams of time. For while Burton, Swinburne and company have employed time travel to save the empire and her subjects, that technology has now fallen into the wrong hands. England’s ruling class are transforming Burton and Swinburne’s beloved England into a nightmare where those in power—along with their merciless clockwork enforcers—oppress and enslave the masses.

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