Thursday, 2 July 2020

Scott Mackay

Omega Sol
The Meek

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At a lunar research station on Earth’s moon, scientists are stunned to witness the sudden appearance of a massive silver sphere that leaves destruction in its wake. Seemingly indifferent to the human beings it has devastated with its arrival, the sphere takes up residence in a crater. Little can be uncovered about the object, except that it has travelled millions of light years, and is in communication with a distant galaxy. But its ominous purpose soon becomes clear when it manipulates the sun into an accelerated life cycle, hurtling it toward its Earth-destroying red dwarf end-stage.

Only scientist Dr. Cameron Conrad divines the intelligent design operating behind this solar manipulation. He knows that to those controlling the sphere, humans seem like little more than insects. He is the only one who at last understands their truly alien nature enough to tell them, through the startling hyper-dimensionality in which they, exist that their science experiment with the sun may annihilate all humankind…

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The Tarsalans came to Earth hoping to settle on the planet alongside a sympathetic human race. But after years of delicate negotiations, their patience reaches the breaking point and they decide to make their case for immigration terrifyingly clear—by enveloping the planet in a green sphere which blocks out all sunlight.

Without energy from the sun, the Earth—and every living thing on it—is doomed.

Soon, civilization breaks down as the instinct for individual survival shreds humanity’s common bonds. It appears mankind may destroy itself even before the Phytosphere does.

The only hope against catastrophe lies in the troubled connection between two brothers—one stranded at a lunar base on the moon, the other trapped on the dying Earth…

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On a massive oceanic world, two separate intelligent species have evolved on the only two continents.

Paras is a rich, vibrant realm of plenty, where the inhabitants never know want or hardship and society is built upon kindness and honesty. On the other side of the world lies Ortok, a harsh, volcanic land where the denizens have mastered deceit and cruelty in order to survive. Neither race has ever encountered the other.

Until now.

When a bold young Parassian explorer hears rumors of Ortok, he braves the savage seas to discover a new frontier. But his adventurous spirit is about to pull both Paras and Ortok into a conflict that could re-make both societies forever…

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Ten years ago, they attacked. Launching hundreds of weapons platforms throughout the Earth’s solar system, the aliens used not fire or ordnance, but nanogens—biological warfare unlike anything humankind had ever known. Ultimately, the aliens were finally beaten back…but the dying had only begun.

Now living in fortress cities, what is left of humanity hides from the remaining nanogens, while scientists like Alex Denyer work to deactivate the platforms left behind and try to find cures for the dying. When a new platform suddenly appears, Alex’s attempts to understand end with his being infected by a bio-weapon that will literally eat him alive.

But there is a cure—Omnifix. It stops the nanogenic assault cold. As Alex discovers, it also changes the sufferer into a living weapon. And the more Alex changes, both in body and mind, the more he becomes determined to find the truth behind the aliens, the nanogens—and a most dangerous enemy who may be all too human…

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Two thousand years ago, as the Roman Empire beat back the rise of Christianity, the saviors of mankind arrived. And they weren’t Jesus of Nazareth or his Disciples. They were the Benefactors.

They appeared as heavenly beings on a mission of hope, convincing the people of Earth to accept their kindly dominion by hi-jacking the insurgent Christian Movement and turning it into an instrument of control. When the mighty Roman Empire refused to bow down, it was destroyed. Ever since, the Benefactors have guided and led, and humankind has followed and prospered, but at a price.

In an alternate 1947, the truth behind the Benefactors’ origins and motives are about to be discovered. And unless three ordinary people can find the courage to fight against everything they’ve been taught to believe and obey, the end of humanity may already be inevitable…

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The asteroid Ceres was a place where children born in space could grow in a more Earth-like atmosphere. Then a group of genetically-enhanced humans began a violent insurrection. All unaltered persons were evacuated, and the entire facility destroyed. Decades later, a corps of engineers and technicians arrives on the seemingly dead asteroid with the job of rebuilding on the site. But the unwitting crew soon realizes that Ceres is not devoid of life.

Now, they are about to confront the results of humanity’s scientific tampering—and the consequences could lead to the end of them all. In The Meek, Scott Mackay draws readers into a universe in which the ambitions of mankind have given birth to a new lifeform that shares one powerful instinct with its creators…


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Young Felicitas has woken in a prison cell—unable to remember how she got there.

She doesn’t know where the prison is—except that it is most definitely not on Earth. And she has no idea why all the other prisoners walk around in a daze. In dreams, she is forced to relive crimes she cannot remember committing.

Felicitas soon notices that the mechanized sentries surveilling the inmates are breaking down. The automated system is collapsing, putting everybody at risk. Along with some others who have awakened out of their daze, Felicitas sees a chance to escape.

Yet the harsh penal world she and her fellow fugitives escape to is as fraught with danger as the now perilously malfunctioning prison. And it turns out there is much more at stake than just a prison break. As those stakes become clear, Felicitas must choose between freedom, imprisonment, the human race, and history itself.

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