Monday, 24 February 2020

V. M. Escalada

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Faraman Prophecy
Halls of Law*
Gift of Griffins*

*JABberwocky editions available to readers outside of the US and Canada. The books are available from DAW for North American readers.


Faraman Prophecy
Long ago, the Luqs formed Faraman Polity—a stable, civilized empire  held together by the combined powers of martial prowess and the Talents of the Halls of Law. Those who possess the magical Talent can see the truth of things. For young Kerida Nast, her greatest desire is to join the military ranks. But, when her psychic Talents are discovered, Ker is placed under the strict tutelage of the Hall, where she knows she must forsake her family and friends forever. But her education is short-lived.

The shadowy Halia launch an invasion of the Polity, razing the Halls to the ground and systematically slaughtering every Talent they can find. Ker barely escapes the carnage, and without the unifying force of the Luqs bloodline, everything the Polity represented will fall to ruin. Ker must somehow find an heir to the throne before the Halia wipe out the Luqs forever. Her search will take her far from home and into the depths of the land itself—where she will find an ally from unlikeliest of places…

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Talent Kerida Nast and her companions have fought hard against the invading Halian forces. But though they have found Jerek Brightwing, the true Luqs of Farama, the country remains in the enemy’s hands. The Halians have installed their own puppet Luqs—Jerek’s father. And as Ker’s skills as a psychic Talent grow stronger, she must learn the subtle arts of persuasion and politicking if she is to unite her quarreling allies who still harbor a strong distrust of each other—and a suspicion of her magical gifts.

Still, this bigotry is nothing compared to the Halians, who see all women as little more than chattel. A woman of Talents is to be destroyed at all costs. But now, their own twisted beliefs may lead to their undoing. For Bakura, the Princess Imperial of the Halians and soon-to-be-Queen possesses her own long-hidden magical gifts. And her greatest desire is to escape the corrupted world of power she was born into, and be free to embrace who she truly is. All she needs is someone to help her…

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