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Tim Akers

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“The action keeps the pages turning, and readers will want more novels set in this world.”

Library Journal
Steampunk: 20 Core Titles

“Imaginative and absorbing”

Ranting Dragon
Top 20 Steampunk

“This impressive first novel mixes steampunk, fantasy, and noir in the colorful city of Veridon.”

New & Notable

“The world building in the novel is outstanding. A notable 2009 [novel] for me and highly recommended.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“I absolutely loved this book. I was impressed with how Akers hit the necessary noir-style dialogue pitch perfect, and how he managed to tell a compelling noir-mystery inside the confines of an urban fantasy. Veridon is an amazing place to visit, and if you are like me, you’ll want to go back again and again.” (Lou Anders)

“Highly recommended for anyone who likes well-written action-packed adventure.”

Fantasy Literature

“Akers has barely scratched the surface of [Veridon’s] potential… on the strength of this showing he will not be returning to Veridon alone.”


“Filled with wonders … If Solaris can find more promising writers like Akers the owners should be very happy with the results.”

 —Critical Mass


“An engaging, page-turning read … despite being a sequel, it reads very well as a standalone novel.” (Mike Perschon)

“A clever plot that holds more than one surprise as it unravels.  Akers looks like a promising addition to the fantasy field and while most of the elements of this novel are familiar in themselves, he assembles things into a refreshingly interesting whole.”

Critical Mass

“Very fast-moving, full of action, color, and invention.”

SF Site


“[An] emotionally involving epic fantasy.”

Publishers Weekly

“Full of strong world building, cinematic and frequent battle scenes, high adventure, great characters, suspense, and dramatic plot shifts, this is an engaging, fast-paced entry in a popular subgenre.”

Starred Review!

“The novel develops some interesting plot threads throughout, and the contrast between the northern religion and the south is explored in detail. It is a complex tale, which fans of epic fantasy will be grateful for. Among the epic fantasies entering the genre, this one is set to be a standout of the year. A tale of religious conflicts and cleverly drafted characters, a must for all epic fantasy fans.”

Starburst Magazine

“This masterful fantasy novel provides plenty of action and magic set in a world where the continued existence of the old gods and those who worship them threaten the new religion. . .Excellent writing keeps the pages turning.”


“THE PAGAN NIGHT builds up beautifully, creating a riveting world.”

—SciFi Now

“Considerable care and detail are laid down in setting a foundation for the world during the early stages of the novel. Once the plot begins rolling and the stage is set, THE PAGAN NIGHT goes full throttle into Epic storytelling mode, revealing the layers of conflict that fuel the characters and their motivations. The novel is steeped in history, and that early table-setting for the milieu of this world paid off since there is a very authentic feel to the world.”

SF Signal

“THE PAGAN NIGHT is an extremely good read – written in such a way that commands the reader to keep turning the pages.”

The Bookbag

“This first novel is just about the perfect book.”

Black Gate

“An intriguing and somewhat colourful world, but also a relatable one. . .I started each chapter eager to know what was coming and I look forward to the following volumes. The Pagan Night is an epic fantasy story with action, intrigue and a good story, and that’s what you want in a fantasy novel of this type. Recommended.”

Farsight Blogger

“This book really caught me by surprise. I had no expectations going in so I was completely open to embarking on an epic adventure, but I had no idea I would end up loving it as much as I did. . .Perfect for the history buffs and fans of Game of Thrones, this book has it all. Add it to your reading list because you definitely won’t want to miss out on this epic adventure! 5/5 Stars.”

Accio Reviews

“The Pagan Night has every thing you need for an epic start to and epic fantasy series.”

Mike Reads

“It’s great to see someone is still writing good traditional swords and sorcery, with as much attention paid to the magic, as the action. It moves at a fast pace, the characters are real enough to make the unreal more credible, and the whole thing is just an excellent page-turner.”

—Simon R. Green

“Dark omens, old grudges and blood feuds bode ill, and the fate of a kingdom hangs in the balance. A thrilling mix of intrigue and action.”

—Gail Z. Martin,
author of War of Shadows


“At first glance, THE IRON HOUND seems to be set in the faux Celtic fantasy landscape that so many books tend to be set in. Aker’s world is far more developed than many though – with intriguing conflicts forming the heart of this deep and vivid world. These conflicts lead to action – and it’s here where Akers truly excels, writing scenes that are exciting and action packed.”

The Book Bag

“Akers is able to build on every piece of the amazing world building which he had laid out in the first novel and up his storytelling game to boot…THE IRON HOUND is exactly what you’d want to see in a sequel with an increase in both character development and pacing…”



“The depth of [Aker’s] world was intense and fascinating.”




“Hard to put down.  From the compelling opening sentence to the last, The Horns of Ruin is much like its protagonist: powerful, relentless and impossible to ignore.  Akers seamlessly blends steampunk and fantasy elements in an adroit feat of world-building that is rich in story-bolstering detail but never interferes with the frenetic pace of the action. Fantasy and steampunk readers, particularly any fan who loved Elizabeth Moon’s The Deed of Paksenarrion, should not miss The Horns of Ruin and should keep an eye out for Akers in the future.”

—Miami Herald

“Akers (‘Heart of Veridon’) creates a complex steampunk world… Ash is a vibrant city, and the cults of the three brothers have a relationship as ambivalent and complicated as the relationship among any actual siblings.”

Publishers Weekly

“A solidly created world, populated with magic, action and adventure that could easily accommodate far more entries to come … we haven’t come across such a refreshing take on multiple sci-fi and fantasy forms in a while. Horns of Ruin comes highly recommended.”

—Sci Fi Now

“Deals with weighty issues of faith and science while narrating a fast-paced adventure.”

—Library Journal

“A fun and flowing read. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for something different to the normal fantasy tropes.

SF Crow’s Nest

Unique and clever aspects … some interesting juxtapositions of science and magic, and an exciting story.”

Critical Mass

“[Tim Akers is] worth keeping an eye on.”

—Interzone (UK)

“An energetic rollercoaster ride in a well accentuated world that needs to be further explored.”

Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf

“Establishes itself as a unique fantasy adventure in a world all its own … should be at the top of your list.”

“A brilliant idea, the kind that makes you smile uncontrollably.”

Antick Musings

“Highly enjoyable … a novel gifted with both a great storyline and very developed, streamlined writing … this vastly original and captivating read is one I can highly recommend.”

LEC Book Reviews

“One of the most exciting new novels I’ve read all year … This is a truly invigorating read, and for those of you who like your steampunk with a twist, I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Rob Will Review

“Compelling, action-packed storyline … plenty of room for more stories in this setting.  I can’t wait for the sequels.”

Fantasy Literature

“As a fantasy novel, this reminds me of some of the best modern fantasy I’ve read…In short I highly recommend this book to fans of intricately plotted fantasy with a unique take on magic, religion, and technology.”

Steam Ingenious

“The magic-system that Tim Akers employs [is] extremely unique in written fiction…I found [Tim Akers’s world-building] to be layered, nuanced, compelling, varied and highly enjoyable.”

Shadowhawk’s Shade

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1. HEART OF VERIDON (2009, Solaris)
2. DEAD OF VERIDON (2011, Solaris***)

  • #1 – Chosen by Fantasy Book Critic’s Liviu Siciu as the #8 SFF Book of 2009!
  • #1 – Chosen by both Library Journal and Ranting Dragon as Top 20 Steampunk
  • #1 – Featured in‘s “Five Books About Weird Metropolises”
  • Audio rights (#1-2) to Audible
  • French rights (#1) to Bibliotheque Interdite***
  • German rights (#1-2) to Lubbe/Bastei


1. THE PAGAN NIGHT (Titan, 2015)
2. THE IRON HOUND (Titan, 2017)
3. THE WINTER VOW (forthcoming from Titan, August 2018)

  • Book #1 — Selected as a “Future Treasure” by Blackgate
  • German rights (#1-3) to Bastei Lübbe
  • World English rights (#1-3) to Titan
  • World English audio rights (#1-3) to Recorded

1. HORNS OF RUIN (Pyr, 2010)

  • Chosen by the UK’s SciFi Now for the 2010 Rising Star Award
  • Audio rights to Audible

***Three asterisks (***) placed after the record of a foreign territory sale indicate that those rights have expired and are available for purchase in that market for that title(s).***

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