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Robert Brockway

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“This is an off-kilter, offbeat piece of work…[The characters’] threads finally come together in an adrenaline-fueled climax that reads like Hunter S. Thompson went drinking with Stephen King. Brockway’s style is raw and over the top, at times too clever and convoluted for its own good, but strangely readable, with unexpected depths.”

Publishers Weekly

“[Brockway] brings []’s legendarily irreverent wit to this raunchy, rollicking tale of punk rock, gruesome horror, and pop-culture satire. Lurking beneath that layer of grime and spilled beer, though, are a few hidden depths that make the book more than the sum of its snarky parts.”

National Public Radio

“Whatever those guys are smoking over at is working…Just kick back and enjoy the wild ride. [THE UNNOTICEABLES is a] nasty, freaky, and haphazardly funny horror story.”


“Raucous, highly entertaining slice of madness, which cuts between the New York punk scene in 1970s New York City and present day Hollywood and offers plenty of chills and a lot of laughs…It’s fast, funny and creepy, with two hugely likeable central characters. Roll on book two.”


“[THE UNNOTICEABLES] grabbed on and wouldn’t let go…The story is well told and i’ts got some neat elements going on [and] things are described pretty dang well…The writing is solid, the book doesn’t shy away from the type of horror that Brockway’s known for…It’s pretty engaging honestly, and each chapter kept me wanting to know what happened next.”


“THE UNNOTICEABLES is a story told from three different perspectives that all link together to make an action packed whole. This delves from the grime of New York in the 70’s where Punk was reigning supreme to the sanitised world of L.A. in 2013. What follows has an intensity that will lead you beyond the everyday into a mythology that is as disturbing as it is intriguing…Robert Brockway’s THE UNNOTICEABLES is a pure adrenaline rush which drags you on an exhilarating ride.”

Flickering Myth

“THE UNNOTICEABLES is lean, mean, and perfectly balanced. It’s a rare find among urban fantasy novels: one that manages to genuinely terrify and excite in equal measure. It’s twisted, and original, and yes, I’m going to say it, an essential read for the fantasy lover looking for a story with a little more bite.”

Barnes & Noble

“The content is undeniably hilarious…Brockway’s book has an original idea and is a fast read. I don’t hesitate to recommend it…The novel plunges forward every bit as headlong as Carey. It’s a kinetic, gonzo rush from start to finish, full of absurdities and grotesqueries. If you like that sort of thing — if you appreciate Cracked‘s humor and Wong’s novels — you’ll like Brockway’s book.”

The Oklahoman

“WOW! This was F***ING AWESOME!…THE UNNOTICEABLES is simply phenomenal. An astonishing genre mash-up that is both heartfelt and entertaining. Sporting a charismatic cast of characters and unique atmosphere of hilarious dread, it deftly avoids the typical horror book cliches in favor of more savory mix of supernatural thrills and B-class gore. I can’t rave about it enough. If you enjoy a good scare and an even better belly-laugh, you simply must read it.”

Bookish Lifestyle

“The core idea of THE UNNOTICEABLES is inventive and scary. . .I loved the energy. . .I loved the set-up and I definitely want to read the next book in the series. I hope Kaitlin will grow; and I already see that Brockway can write. I’m looking forward to that second book already.”

–Fantasy Literature

“Brockway’s talent for the profane and the graphic would leave a young James Herbert nodding in approval…Throughout all this Brockway does what horror needs most— he weaves an intriguing and original mythos that lives beyond the pages and follows you out into the real world…Comedy and horror have an uneasy partnership, and balancing a laugh-out-loud adventure starring a comically inept protagonist with genuinely sobering moments of dread is no easy task. Brockway pulls it off, making full use of his macho low-on-fucks-to-give writing persona that’s so brash and enjoyable.”

Ginger Nuts of Horror

“It’s inventive and clever, pulling off that nightmarish trick of managing to be funny one sentence and horrifying the next. It’s freaky, aggressive, subversive and loud. In fact, it’s punk.”

Dad Info

“Sound freaky? Yeah, it is. This book is a thanksgiving cornucopia of freakishness, and I love it. It’s crude and clever and both the narrators are enormously fun. . .No matter who shows up or what goes down, we’re in good hands with Robert Brockway, who is very Punk Rock indeed.”

Geekly Inc

“I really enjoyed Robert Brockway’s THE UNNOTICEABLES. . .The story was well-paced and original, a take on urban fantasy I hadn’t encountered before. If you enjoy somewhat darker, supernatural tales, this is definitely a book to check out.”

—A Fantastical Librarian

“THE UNNOTICEABLES has phenomenal voice… [it] manages to get in, make its point, and get out. It never bogs down, never slows down, and never fails to be interesting.”

Staffer’s Book Review

“A loud, drunken horror story with the frantic pace of punk rock, filled with snarky characters and awesome dialog. Oh yeah, and lots of blood…Brockway doesn’t hold back when it comes to gritty and dark storytelling, and even though I’m well-read in the gritty and dark department, I was still surprised by this book…I loved The UNNOTICEABLES [for] Brockway’s ability to recreate the ambiance of a certain time and place…I could happily read his prose all day.”

Books, Bones, and Buffy

“A swirling concoction of cheap beer, terrifying monsters, and anarchistic humor. . .While the novel can be laugh-out-loud hilarious, the horror elements are downright terrifying. The Unnoticeables does not pull any punches in its blood, gore, and uncomfortable suspense, except when a well-timed joke unveils the hilarious absurdity of a situation. The monsters are at times mysterious enough for your brain to fill in the blanks with its own horrors, and other times so in-your-face you can’t forget them when you close your eyes. . .Brockway is the deranged madman literary punks have always needed, and this absurd/horrifying trilogy has only just begun.”

—The Run Out

“I’m really looking forward to more of his writing. The Unnoticeables is a great start to a new series, and I’m very pleased that I got to read this just in time to dive into the sequel, The Empty Ones.”

The BiblioSanctum

“Part horror, part fantasy, part sci-fi, and one hundred percent entertaining, The Unnoticeables is a punk rock opus, where the creepy, the graphic, and the humorous come together to create something ever so delectable.”

Book Wraiths

“THE UNNOTICEABLES is a lighthearted urban fantasy/horror novel with unexpected depths, deliciously broken characters, and unabashedly evil villains that will raise goose bumps on your skin and make the small hairs on the back of your neck stand up.”

Horror Talk


“Brockway, a senior editor at Cracked, throws caution to the wind in this foul-mouthed, hard-drinking adventure, which reads like a collaboration by Hunter S. Thompson, the Sex Pistols, and H.P. Lovecraft.”

Publishers Weekly

“In The Empty Ones, Brockway turns the weird and crazy dials up to eleven and manages to pull off a novel that’s both hilarious and horrifying.”


“Brockway refuses to slow down for an instant, and the result is a wild ride from start to finish.”

B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog

“I’m impressed with this series. I laughed, I cringed, I rocked back and forth moaning “Oh, no! Oh, no!” more than once, and I never stopped turning the pages.”

Fantasy Literature

“This is the sequel to The Unnoticeables from last year and like that book it mixes horrific images with speculation, dark humor, wild adventure, and great prose.”

Fantasy Reviews

“The Empty Ones is a fever dream of horror and fantasy infused with punk rock, blood and guts, and humor. Its atypical heroes will keep you enthralled, wincing and cheering.”

The Qwillery

“Just as the ever-present and prodigious amount of humor is a shock to the limbic system, the brutal violence and unflinching horrors are a blunt-force blow to the brainpan that will leave you punch-drunk and longing for more.”

Horror Talk

“The Empty Ones is a wall to wall mosh pit of hilarious one liners, insane action and bone crunching violence—but when the serious horror hits it hits suddenly, sharp and terrifying, like standing on a lego made of spiders.”

Ginger Nuts of Horror

“Dark laughs, sarcastic humor, maniacal mystery, ample gore, fantastical creatures, and pure action…The Empty Ones is a great sequel, worthy of a read by all fans of genre blending stories filled with violence and graphic humor.”

Book Wraiths



The Vicious Circuit

2. THE EMPTY ONES (under contract to Tor)
3. KILL ALL ANGELS (under contract to Tor)