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Carolina Garcia-Aguilera

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The Lupe Solano Mystery SeriesBiblio. & Rights Info
Bloody Waters
Bloody Shame
Bloody Secrets
A Miracle in Paradise
Havana Heat
Bitter Sugar
Bloody Twist

StandalonesBiblio. & Rights Info
One Hot Summer
Luck of the Draw


The Lupe Solano Mystery Series

For Bloody Waters

“A talent worth watching.”


“Lupe and her eccentric family (a bodybuilding cousin; a dad who keeps a boat provisioned for the day when Castro falls; a sister who’s a nun) have a charm that bodes well for future outings.”

—Publishers Weekly

“…immediately engaging, written in a witty, straightforward style spiced by Lupe’s wry observations on Cuban-American family life.”

Miami Herald

“Fast—paced and brimming with energy, Garcia-Aguilera’s work are energized by cultural fetishes inherent in Latinos.”

Hispanic Magazine

For Bloody Shame

” A free-spirited heroine, some wry humor, and an insider’s look at an unfamiliar milieu are pluses here.”


“[Garcia-Aguilera] weaves in the nuances of the Hispanic community with finesse. Lupe often uses her understanding of her heritage into her work.”

Ft. Lauderdale Sun—Sentinel

“BLOODY SHAME is a deliberate and meticulously constructed mystery. Her lead character, Lupe Solano is sassy and smart, an extremely likeable heroine.”

Boulder Planet

For Bloody Secrets

“With sharp-edged characters and some profound probing of moral ambiguities, the latest Lupe Solano tale is suspenseful, provocative and satisfying.”

Publishers Weely, Starred Review!

“The third Lupe Solano novel continues to have the freshness that made its two predecessors remarkably insightful and compelling novel.”

Harriet Klausner

For A Miracle in Paradise

“A memorable tale of Cuban-American life, this novel boasts an engaging plot and a fiery heroine armed with sharp insights into Cuban and Catholic ways that will lead readers happily into the sultry heat of Little Havana.”

Publishers Weekly

“Lupe Solano is intelligent, witty, and eloquently hard-boiled. The realistic Miami description radiate heat from the page.”


“Grity and witty a fascinating look at Cuban—American culture and beliefs Garcia-Aguilera has crafted realistic and intriguing characters into a plot that never bogs down.”

San Francisco Examiner

“Solano just happens to be one of the freshest protagonists to come along in the last few yearsGarcia-Aguilera has built an interesting support team around her and Miami continues to be a terrific place to stage mayhem.”

Chicago Tribune

For Havana Heat

“Lupe Solano has blossomed into one of the genre’s most formidable protagonists.”

Chicago Tribune

“Lupe Solano is an enjoyably hedonistic sleuth, and Garcia-Aguilera’s chatty, congenial style will beguile readers for several pleasing hours.”

Publishers Weekly

“A stunning mixture of art history, Cuban—in—exile politics, a uniquely classy Miami heroine, and riveting plot make this highly recommended.”

Library Journal

“These and other art-related intrigues converge, making Havana Heat the most ambitious–and most successful–of Garcia-Aguilera’s novels. She leaves you with the sensation that things are just going to get better where she and Lupe are concerned.”

The South Florida Herald

For Bitter Sugar

“After five books in a distinctive series set in Miami, the private eye Lupe Solano has developed a snappy style and a healthy self-confidence in her professional skills. But Carolina Garcia-Aguilera’s buoyant Cuban-American heroine has yet to win her austere father’s approval, and BITTER SUGAR gives her her big chance. Along with other exiles who lost their property when they fled Cuba, a friend of Lupe’s father has gotten a curious offer for sugar mills he hasn’t seen in 40 years. The buyout offers make no more sense than the deaths that accompany them, and Lupe’s researches into the state into the state of the sugar business in Cuba heighten her suspicions. Although the criminal scheme is obvious, the “deep and lingering sense of loss” it awakens in old men with long memories gives poignancy to the investigation and shows Lupe in her best light. For all the joy she takes in her independent life, Lupe has passionate connections to her family, her community and her history that make all her cases personal.”

The New York Times

“Cuban American private detective Lupe Solano attempts to help a friend of her father after he receives disturbing news. Foreigners interested in buying his confiscated sugar plantations in Cuba want him and his nephew to relinquish all claims. Lup’s involvement escalates when someone subsequently kills the nephew. Strongly recommended.”

Library Journal

“When he seized power in 1959, Fidel Castro nationalized virtually all Cuban industries, including the five sugar refineries that had been in Ramón Suarez‘s family for generations. Now, shortly after Ramón’s shiftless nephew has been approached by a Spanish combine offering to purchase two of the refineries the two that are standing idle for $3.5 million, some ten cents on the dollars of their evaluated worth, Alexander has disappeared. Incensed at the suggestion that he renounce his claim to the refineries, Ramón wants Cuban-American p.i. Lupe Solano, his best friend’s daughter, to find out what’s going on. Lupe is even more interested in the question of why anybody would pay for clear title to proprieties that were nationalized 40 years ago. Before she can make headway on either of these mysteries, though, Alexander is murdered in the Ecstasy Hotel, and the Miami cops arrest Ramón for his murder. It’s only the first of the killings that’ll have Lupeone hand on the religious medals pinned to her bra, the other on the Beretta in her Chanel bag jumping from her boyfriend, immigration attorney Alvaro Mendoza, to her sometimes lover, criminal attorney Tommy MacDonald.


“Carolina Garcia-Aguilera’s sixth tale featuring the appealing Lupe, BITTER SUGAR, benefits from her knowledge of Miami’s Cuban community as well as her own experience as private investigator.”

Orlando Sentinel

“This is Garcia-Augilera at her best. A former private investigator, she is expert at using Lupe’s questions, hunches and dogged pursuit of the case to keep the mystery unfolding and the plot driving forward.

Miami Herald

“Miami author Carolina Garcia-Aguilera continues her unique perspective on South Florida’s Cuban exile community in BITTER SUGAR, her sixth novel… In exploring the particulars of the exile community, the author especially makes BITTER SUGAR a near valentine to Miami.

Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

“Surprises abound in Lupe Solano’s sixth foray (after 2000’s Havana Heat) into the seamier side of Miami’s Cuban émigré community… Garcia-Aguilera saves her best surprise until last, leaving fans wanting more.”

Publishers Weekly

Bloody Twist

“The narrative style in BLOODY TWIST is light and breezy, and appropriate to the characters and setting.”

Mysterious Reviews


For One Hot Summer

“This frisky Cuban-flavored story about a married woman who has an affair with her former law school boyfriend goes beyond the classic story of adultery… [Carolina Garcia-Aguilera’s] experience as the writer of the successful Miami-based Lupe Solano detective novels has give her an edge when it comes to writing a gripping story.”

—USA Today

“Garcia-Aguilera’s Miami sleuth, Lupe Solano (Havana Heat and Bitter Sugar), has won her the Flamingo and Shamus Awards. By sticking to a world she knows well, the author has produced another crowd pleaser.”

Publishers Weekly

For Luck of the Draw

“Esmeralda’s adventure is as skillfully written and plotted as Garcia-Aguilera’s successful Lupe Solano mystery series, and Esmeralda is a feisty, entertaining narrator.”

Publishers Weekly

For Magnolia

“readers will fall in love with MAGNOLIA in this engaging tale of what unexpected choices can be made when one’s back is against the wall.”

Publishers Weekly


The Lupe Solano Mystery Series

  1. Bloody Waters (Riverhead, 1996)
  2. Bloody Shame (Riverhead, 1997)
  3. Bloody Secrets (Putnam Adult, 1998)
  4. A Miracle in Paradise (William Morrow, 1999)
  5. Havana Heat (William Morrow, 2000)
  6. Bitter Sugar (William Morrow, 2001)
  7. Bloody Twist (Miramar, 2010)
  • Winner of the 1998 & 2000 Brandeis University National Women’s Appreciation Awards
  • Winner of the 2000 Five Dagger Award
  • Winner of the 2002 Florida Mystery Connection; Damn Good Book Writer Award
  • Book #4 — Winner of the 1999 Flamingo Award for Best Mystery Novel Set in Florida
  • Book #5 — Winner of the 2000 Shamus Award for Best Private Eye Novel!
  • Books #1-3 — Danish rights to Bruna Uitgevers***
  • Books #1-5 — French rights to Editions C***
  • Books #1-3 — Finnish rights to Otava***
  • Books #1-3 — German rights to Limes Verlag***
  • Book #1 — Italian rights to Mondadori***
  • Books #1-2 — Japanese rights to Bruna Uitgevers***
  • Books #1 — Spanish rights to Bruna Uitgevers***


One Hot Summer (HarperCollins, 2002)

  • Spanish rights to Planeta Publishing***

Luck of the Draw (HarperCollins, 2003)

  • Spanish rights to Planeta Publishing***

Magnolia (Miramar, 2013)