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Louis Charbonneau

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Blaine’s Law
Guns of Darkness
Red Grass
Winter Drift
The Smoking Hills


A Book-of-the-Month Club Alternate Selection
A Selection of Readers Digest Condensed Books

“A strong-willed, intelligent female character, the harsh Antarctic setting, and an ecology theme add to the satisfying suspense story.”


“Timely, credible and suspenseful .. experienced adventure novelist Charbonneau convincingly presents the psychological and technical problems of Antarctic survival … Charbonneau’s passion for this last unspoiled land infuses the book and inspires the reader.”

—Publishers Weekly

“A deep-freeze Grand Hotel complete with scientific exploration, corporate shenanigans, equipment malfunctions, and superhuman acts of individual heroism … a rousing finale.”


“Charbonneau’s feel for the immensity, harshness and fragility of the Antarctic landscape and his strong ecoaction message do not overpower this thriller. Recommended for quick action and sense of location.”

—Library Journal

“Charbonneau has given us a very well-written, exciting and thought-provoking adventure here, blending ecological activism with intrigue that is carried out by some nicely developed characters.”

—Los Angeles Daily News

“THE ICE builds to a riveting climax … Louis Charbonneau has written a novel of human courage and endurance in a struggle against exploitive greed … THE ICE proves to be a timely, credible and suspenseful eco-thriller.”

—Times Record News

“Charbonneau’s novel has it all — adventure, mystery and romance, plus a good dose of modern environmental concerns … a fast-paced thriller.”

—The Daily Oklahoman

“His prose has the texture of survival in Antarctica’s unforgiving environment, the fragility of which inspires his and his readers’ deep worry for the fate of Earth’s last land frontier.”


“This sample of the latest adaptation of an old genre qualifies as an “eco-thriller” and should put to rest any fears that the suspense field is ready to rest in peace as a result of the end of the Cold War. With dramatic scenes — a dog sled team dashing down a craggy glacier, a blizzard trapping its victims in 80-below-zero temperatures — Charbonneau’s novel explores life on Antarctica, the coldest, most isolated continent.”

Amarillo Daily News

“With twenty other books to his credit, he is particularly amazing with this latest one because of its powerful imaginative scope … I was overwhelmed by his visual images of the South Pole … I shivered as I vicariously explored the blinding white tundra and glaring ice in which his characters playes their roles amidst this impressive and awesome backdrop. Never for a moment is the mesmerized reader allowed to forget that he is battling the hostile elemnts, the rigid nature of the sea, the capricious weather and all the dangers of life upon a glacier.”

Alpena News

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A Selection of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books

“The Alaskan wilderness sings under Charbonneau’s touch … the book speaks volumes about endangered species, and the walrus lore is intriguing.”

—Publishers Weekly

“The action and suspense follow solid, time-proven lines. WHITE HARVEST is a fast-paced, easy read with enough suspense to keep you interested. Even the most hard-core anti-environmentalist should be able to appreciate the very simple concept central to this story, and the ecologically minded will find real emotional involvement.”

—Baton Rouge Advocate

“A stirring background and strong characters … excellent.”

—Neshoba Democraft

“WHITE HARVEST will create within the reader a strong environmental awareness … the author’s description of the Alaskan scenery is picturesque and impressive. For those readers in search of relief from the summer heat, WHITE HARVEST will deliver chills in many different instances.”

—Richmond Times-Dispatch

“A well constructed novel with solid characters.”

—Times Record News

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“Charbonneau does a solid job of keeping the plot moving and building a constant sense of danger around the scientist and his journalist friend; a particularly chilling scene takes place in a stadium filled with Russian mafia black marketeers. And give Charbonneau credit for accomplishing a difficult task; combining an environmental issue — the impending extinction of a species — with a pretty good suspense story.”

—Chicago Tribune

“Mr. Charbonneau has created a lively melange. He takes us on a guided tour of Vladivostok, a city rather off the tourist beat. There is a mysterious femme fatale, but the book’s real heroine is a Siberian tiger with three cubs who has been wounded by a poacher. The author will have you cheering her on.”

—The New York Times Book Review
Newgate Calendar

“Charbonneau has produced another winner … an unusual and entertaining tale … Charbonneau combines his considerable skills as a top-notch adventure-writer with those of a confirmed environmentalist with a message … Charbonneau brings the main parts together in a suspenseful and unexpected conclusion back in the taiga where it started. The eco-thriller is a well-written story on a new but credible theme in the post-Cold War era.”

—Newport Press

“This exciting novel is so contemporary you might think you’re reading today’s newspaper as you follow the action that swirls around the environment, protection of vanishing wildlife (the Siberian tiger), international assassins, and a Russian strongman who is plotting against Boris Yeltsin….(a) fast moving tale … One must read this book carefully because there are plots within plots but always, somehow, the action comes back to the wounded tiger and her cubs….It’s a tough, dangerous battle but you’ll be comforted to discover that the biologists win out, but not before many nail-biting events have occurred.”

—The Madison Courier

“When Charbonneau writes about the tigers, the pages sing — the images are so vivid it is like watching a color movie in your mind.”

—San Francisco Examiner

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“Charbonneau supplies believable characters and action aplenty. McLean, dodging bullets and baseball bats right up to the bloody climax, stays on his toes — and keeps readers on theirs as well.”

—Publishers Weekly

“The author is a professional, and everything moves rapidly to the final convulsions.”

—The New York Times Book Review

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“Fast, tense and thoroughly professional.”

—Publishers Weekly

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“The author knows his computers, and he deftly enlightens us on their foibles as he keeps his smooth suspense story building to a nail-biting climax.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Superior fare. with lots of information about computers and a dash of romance. Recommended.”

—Library Journal

“America, beware. No computer system is so tight that it cannot be breached, and when it is breached with malicious intent, catastrophe can follow. To leaven the grim message, Mr. Charbonneau serves up a pleasant romance, and his characterizations and writing are thoroughly believable.”

—New York Times Book Review
Newgate Calendar

“Entirely feasible and quite frightening … well written and suspenseful, and keeps you guessing until the very end.”

—Asbury Park Press

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“A straightforward tale of nonstop suspense. Fiction and reality blend here to a fever pitch. Once begun, this book is difficult to put down.”

Library Journal

“Diabolical … a chilling portrait of a killer without remorse who commits unspeakable crimes.”

—Abilene Reporter News

“Old pro Charbonneau constructs an absorbing, effective thriller.”


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Numerous of Charbonneau’s novels have been selections of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, and he has been published by the Reader’s Digest in Germany, England, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Norway, Singapore, Finland, Malaysia, France, Denmark, The Netherlands and many other countries.

Charbonneau is also the author of numerous Westerns, most published under the the CARTER TRAVIS YOUNG pseudonym. They have been published by Bastei and Goldmann in Germany, Winthers in Sweden, Longanesi in Italy, Herbert Jenkins in England and numerous additional publishers.


  • Italian rights to Mondadori
  • Japanese rights to Shinbunsha
  • Danish rights to Lademann
  • Finnish rights to Karisto
  • French rights to Presses de lat Cite


    • Italian rights to Mondadori
    • UK rights to Herbert Jenkins


  • German rights to Heyne
  • Film/TV rights optioned by Vin Di Bona Productions


  • Ibis in Portugal
  • Mondadori in Italy
  • Cenfa AG in Germany
  • Herbert Jenkins in England


  • German rights to Heyne***
  • UK rights to Piatkus
  • Italian rights to Selezione***
  • Finnish rights to Oy Valitut Palat***
  • Swedish rights to Reader’s Digest AB***
  • Danish rights to Reader’s Digest Forlaget Det Bedste***


  • UK rights to Piatkus


  • German rights to Goldmann


  • Japanese rights to Hayakawa
  • Portuguese rights to Panorama


  • Italian rights to Mondadori
  • Portuguese rights to Panorama
  • German rights to Cenfa AG

***Rights now available again

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