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Myke Cole

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“A debut by a former military officer that will attract readers who like their urban fantasies with more of a military edge.”

—Library Journal

“Cole’s definitely got a hit on his hands. He’s found that perfect recipe, incorporating magic, military, and mayhem without sacrificing either realism or the sense of wonder. I can’t wait to see what comes next.”


“Cole managed to tell a gripping, thought-provoking story while also building an extremely solid foundation for future novels and stories with this world.”
2012 Reviewer’s Choice

An intriguing and imaginative journey to an alternate world with plenty of action and some fascinating fictional creatures… an enjoyable and exciting escape.”

—RT Book Reviews

“The world Myke Cole creates, with fascinating magic and creatures and factions vying over sources of supernatural power, is wonderful and should suck quite a few readers in just on that basis alone… SHADOW OPS: CONTROL POINT is well written, with both the character interactions and the numerous fight scenes being equally engaging.”

“A furious ride on the front line … a non-stop thrill ride that’s almost impossible to put down … one of 2012’s most exciting debuts.”

Fantasy Faction

“An action packed story, set in an interesting world, with an amazingly deep main character … on part with some of my longtime favorite authors.”

Fantasy Faction

“SHADOW OPS is a book chock full of magic, mayhem, cinematic fight scenes, and perhaps most surprisingly, it will actually make you think.”

My Bookish Ways

“Cole pulls off an intense, well-crafted tale in SHADOW OPS, nicely blending tropes that don’t seem to fit well together…The series is off to a very strong start and I look forward to seeing Cole spin further tales in this highly unusual and engaging setting. Recommended.”


“A fun, fast-paced entertaining debut novel from a promising author … I wonder what Cole’s got up his sleeve for us next.”

SF Signal

“Heralds a series which can be an absolute break out saga … a standout book … a superb release to start off the new year and one which can be read across genre lines. I can’t wait to see where (Cole) plans to take the reader next.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“An action packed military fantasy which has fast become one of my favorite new books and a possible contender for book of the year.”

Fantasy Book Review

“An action-packed thrill ride … this debut is one to remember … had me hooked from the start.”

Sci-Fi Chick

“An intense masterwork of military fantasy that grips you from start to finish … we absolutely recommend.”

Ranting Dragon

Will just work for you on every level … an absolute blast to read – action-packed, tightly written and plotted, intense and utterly gripping. I loved this.”

Civilian Reader

“A compelling story connected to well-conceived world building … an absolute blast to read … I predict Myke Cole’s debut is going to be a monster success.”

Staffer’s Book Review

“The novel is written brilliantly well, and the next book, Fortress Frontier, is going to be on my list of highly-anticipated novels for next year after this resounding debut novel.”

The Founding Fields

“An early favorite to be one of the most significant new sff releases in 2012. Has something for everyone … it’s easily one of the most impressive debuts I’ve read in the last several years and I truly feel it could be this generation’s Forever War. I highly recommend that you read this book right now.”

Neth Space

“High recommendation. A sold and entertaining novel, a real kick-ass premise/milieu … Cole has launched a solid series that I hope to continue reading, and he’s written a novel that starts the year off very strongly.”


“Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone who had military experience wrote urban fantasy? The result is CONTROL POINT, a quite brilliant blend of other-worldly fantasy and gritty combat…If you like urban fantasy or even the occasional military novel, you will love Control Point.”

SF Book Reviews

“A definite frontrunner for the SFF debut of the year, no question about it … a fun, intelligent, action-packed entertaining read. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had this much fun reading a book!”

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

“I thoroughly enjoyed. If you want to see what happens when Lord of the Rings is smashed into Clear and Present Danger, buy this novel and join the excitement. You won’t be disappointed.”

Dead Robots Society

“Tons of action, a fascinating world, and an authentic military feel… [With] a blurred line between the good guys and the bad guys that lead to an emotionally devastating climax. CONTROL POINT is a novel that will be bouncing around in my head for a long, long time, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Grade: A.”

The Guilded Earlobe,
An Audiobook review

“This is an amazingly well written debut novel, descriptive, imaginative and easy to read… Highly recommended for anyone who loves urban fantasy, futuristic military novels or superheroes. CONTROL POINT is a fantastic blend of all three!”

Book Thing

“With CONTROL POINT, Myke Cole has just taken military fiction and urban fantasy to a completely new level. The whole setting of the book is just plain and simply awesome.”

The Book Plank

“Any fans of genre fiction will definitely find something they like in this book … if you are looking for a new voice to read in 2012, you better make sure Myke Cole is on your list.”

Paperless Reading

“If you ever loved X-Men and Stargate SG-1 you’ll pretty much love this, hands down. I for one enjoyed it wholeheartedly.”

Intergalactic Medicine Show

“Between the dynamic characters, the interesting plot and the non-stop action this is a book that will suck readers in and keep them there until the book is done. Definitely a book I’d recommend, and I personally can’t wait for the sequel.”

Watchamacallit Reviews

“An action book; Cole revels in building the battle scenes, enlivening them with sensory details that bring the fights alive. If you like action, well-rendered scenes of military force being used, you’ll love this book … the first in a series and shows great promise.”


“Fast-paced and filled with action.”

Genre Go Round

“Cross The For­ever War with Witch­world, add in the real world mod­ern mil­i­tary of Black Hawk Down, and you get CONTROL POINT, the mile-a-minute story of some­one try­ing to find pur­pose in a war he never asked for.”

Jack Campbell,
The New York Times bestselling author of the Lost Fleet series

CONTROL POINT is Black Hawk Down meets the X-Men. Fast-paced and thrilling from start to fin­ish, CONTROL POINT is mil­i­tary fan­tasy like you’ve never seen it before. Cole’s wartime expe­ri­ence really shows in the gritty real­ity of army life, and in the explo­ration of patri­o­tism as the pro­tag­o­nist wrestles with the line between the law and what he sees as right.”

Peter V. Brett,
bestselling author of The Warded Man

“Myke Cole takes you down range where the bullets fly and the magic burns with precision-guided ferocity that’ll put you on the edge of your seat before blowing you right out of it.”

Chris Evans,
author of the Iron Elves Series

“Hands down, the best military fantasy I’ve ever read; CONTROL POINT is a chilling, enthralling story. Myke Cole just might be a wizard himself.”

— Ann Aguirre,
bestselling author of Enclave

“Oscar Britton is an action hero with brains and a heart and a conscience. Combined with a compelling plot, this is a “one more chapter” book.”

— Robin Hobb,
bestselling author

“A thrill ride from the first page until the very last. CONTROL POINT had me hooked.”

— Shiloh Walker,
bestselling author

“Packed with action and intrigue and great characters, Cole takes you inside military life in an intimate way and still makes you believe its a world where magic could happen. Gritty and powerful, this book opened my eyes to possibilities for creativity I hadn’t imagined and it’ll open yours too.”

Bryan Thomas Schmidt
“9 Great Urban Fantasy Series You Do Not Want To Miss”


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“[This] action-filled adventure holds the reader’s attention with occasional glimmers of hope that someday the oppressed magic-users might finally force those in power to respect them.”

Publishers Weekly

“A propulsive, acronym-riddled fantasy… highly entertaining and reads like an intense game of Dungeons & Dragons.”


“Smooth, fast-paced plotting, spectacular action scenes, and characters who experience internal struggles and personal growth under the most strenuous circumstances. He takes the series to the next level by introducing a brand new and very different protagonist while continuing to unpeel the layers of his setting and advance the story. FORTRESS FRONTIER is a better book than Control Point in almost every way. If you enjoyed Myke Cole’s debut, you should love this sequel.”

“[He] writes a damned good story…believable military fantasy. Myke’s first book was 100-miles-an-hour, action packed rollercoaster ride”

Fantasy Faction
A “Top 10 Anticipated Fantasy Book” for 2013

FORTRESS FRONTIER is a fast-paced adventure that doesn’t lack for substance. Cole draws readers deeper into his imaginative and complex world with each book in the series. While telling compelling stories, he also sets the table for bigger and better things to come.”

Fantasy Faction

“Myke Cole really does a great job of giving the reader some strong themes to cope with.”

Fantasy Literature

“A solid improvement from Control Point, with a fantastic set of new characters…a superb sequel.”

SF Signal

“This is great military fiction, and great fantasy.”

Schlock Mercenary

“Cole knows how to balance a series… I look forward to more action, and the revelation of new powers in Breach Zone.


“Myke Cole is an absolute gift to urban fantasy and military fantasy sub-genres. SHADOW OPS: FORTRESS FRONTIER is a fantastic book and…a must buy for all fantasy lovers when it releases tomorrow.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“This is a fantasy series that you don’t want to miss.”

—Geek Magazine

“For fans of military fiction or high action fantasy, it is likely that this book will be one of the best you read all year.”

Fantasy Book Review
9.5/10 stars!

“[Cole’s] combination of military and magic are written in such a way that it appeals to a wide audience… An excellent addition to the series, FORTRESS FRONTIER really builds upon the world created in the first book.”

Book Chick City

“I cannot recommend Cole’s Shadow Ops series to you highly enough… You’ll love it—I daresay that’s a promise.”

The Ranting Dragon

FORTRESS FRONTIER is quite incredible. Cole shows his wonderful maturity as an author. The book is plotted masterfully…an incredible installment.”

Bookworm Blues

“Cole has created a great system, with well-thought-out and believable rules. The limitations of the magic are well-portrayed.”

Civilian Reader

“For fans of military fiction and fantasy, the Shadow Ops series is the best thing going. Not reading it would be a crime against good fiction.”

Staffer’s Book Review

“SHADOW OPS: FORTRESS FRONTIER was a fantastic adventure that had me rooting for Colonel Alan Bookbinder all throughout the book. This was my first book by Myke Cole, but it won’t be my last.”

Paranormal Haven

“This book is awesome. Seriously, if you haven’t brought it already, I suggest that you make FORTRESS FRONTIER your next book purchase. This is one heck of a whirlwind ride and right now, Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops series is quickly becoming the best that military fantasy has to offer. Top notch stuff. 5/5”

The Founding Fields

FORTRESS FRONTIER is a great read. It has more depth to it, and a much wider scope than it’s predecessor.”

The Founding Fields

“[A] perfect balance of familiar and ingeniously new. Considering FORTRESS FRONTIER is one of the first 2013 releases I’ve read, the bar is set VERY high for the year. Highest Recommendation.”

SFFWorld (Rob Bedford)

“Action-packed, smart, and entertaining, this second installment was a decidedly fun read! I’m definitely looking forward to the conclusion of the Shadow Ops series next year!”

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

“Myke Cole is the most exciting SFF author to come along since Joe Abercrombie. And considering all the great authors that have entered the scene over the past few years, that’s high praise.”

Neth Space

“Fortress Frontier is a perfect blend of the best things that those fantasy subgenres [superhero, military SF, epic fantasy] have to offer… [it’s] easily one of the best books I’ve read this year.”

Fantastical Imaginations

“With his second book Cole has proven once again that he can combine amazing action scenes with great characterisation and genuine emotion.Fortress Frontier is stronger than its predecessor and raises expectations for the next book, Breach Zone. The Shadow Ops series is proving to be one of my favourite series at the moment and one I highly recommend.”

A Fantastical Librarian

“It’s tricky to pull off a good blend of military sf and fantasy elements. The Shadow Ops series balances carefully on that edge, and Cole delivers a thoroughly satisfying product as a result… It’s fast-paced, intense, and a lot of fun.”

SF Site

FORTRESS FRONTIER is a great listen. I was enthralled with the tale from the moment I hit play, and sucked it into my mind like sweet nectar… The Action is crisp, the characters real and my only disappointment was arriving at the end. Grade: A”

The Guilded Earlobe

“I certainly found this to be an enjoyable story that kept me turning pages, and Alan Bookbinder is a sympathetic character.”

Warpcore SF

“Exciting and engaging… Cole is growing as a writer, and his skill is rising to match.”

Functional Nerds

“[T]horoughly fantastic, you’ll just have to read it yourself and be amazed.”

Stuff and/or Junk

“With potential that goes beyond a trilogy or two, this is truly one of the most anticipated books of 2013 for many fantasy readers. FORTRESS FRONTIER is the supersonic jet fighter sequel to Control Point’s attack helicopter that started it all, better in every way.”

Toonari Post

“[R]eally interesting characters, an interesting world and magic, and it’s great. I love it. It’s not a book you have to be into military stuff to enjoy. It’s just a great book.”

Patrick Rothfuss,
#1 New York Times bestselling author

“It’s a great read, fast, imaginative, well written, fun…FORTRESS FRONTIER is like the Control Point upgrade. If you liked Control Point, you should love FORTRESS FRONTIER.”

Mark Lawrence,
author of King of Thorns

“The characters are memorable and vivid, the plotting fast-paced, and the action razor-sharp…military science fiction at its very finest.”

—SciFi Now (Daniel Polansky)
“Best Books of 2013”

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“This action-filled, adrenalin-powered adventure, which enthusiastically embraces the tropes of tales about meta-powered minorities and the distrusting majorities who oppress them, provides a fitting end for the trilogy.”

Publishers Weekly

“Breach Zone is Cole’s best novel yet, and it’s the perfect end to the trilogy he’s constructed over the last three years.”

“It’s the excitement of bullets flying, lightning flashing and the fear of imminent destruction that really makes this book fun. It’s what a good urban fantasy book can be when we focus more on the fight and less on the romance.”

Fantasy Literature

“BREACH ZONE is filled to the flanks with action, intrigue and simply all-out mayhem. For all the fans of the previous books, this third volume is a book that you simply shouldn’t miss.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“The finest space marine sci fi book I’ve ever read [and] the best of the three books in the series…The Shadow Ops series is one of the better urban fantasy series I have read, and it is quite unique…I love the magic system. It’s very action oriented and has lots of potential for fun and destruction. Myke Cole is very skilled in the art of integrating his magic into the battle scenes.”

Best Fantasy Books

“BREACH ZONE does everything the concluding book in a trilogy should do – it explores important themes, it entertains the heck out of the reader, and it ties up the important loose ends in a way that left me very satisfied…Cole has shown he has the guts to go big or go home. He went big with BREACH ZONE, and from my point of view he knocked it out of the park.”

Fantasy Book Review

“A show-stopping third installment…Cole has grown over the course of the series, as his action scenes flow with more grace and subtlety than before, forming a perfectly rounded whole.”

Book Chick City

“BREACH ZONE kicked the ball out of the park….one hell of an ending to a very powerful, very fun, and very thoughtful series of books. It is, by far and away, the best book of the series. Cole knows how to end things perfectly…And to Myke Cole, thank you for one hell of a series. I am so excited to see what you publish next…Shadow Ops is just the first wave from an author who has the potential to create a genre tsunami.”

Bookworm Blues

“An excellent conclusion…The author has really pulled out all the stops for this one, and written a really fantastic novel…Myke Cole is a fantastic new talent, and if each of his novels improves on the last, it won’t be long before we see him climbing ever-higher on the bestseller list. Highly recommended.”

Civilian Reader

“An excellent third act in the series, Myke Cole has really impressed with a stunning all-out war novel that never disappoints. This series is arguably one of the definitive military fantasy novels, and delivers an excellent payoff that’s well worth your time. Highly recommended.”

The Founding Fields

“[This series] is a great addition to the fantasy world…Cole’s novels stand out way beyond most other military fantasy and science fiction stories.”

Neth Space

“BREACH ZONE is an excellent conclusion to the entire trilogy. The action is superb and the setup through the trilogy is just about perfectly satisfied in this final volume…I’ll be reading anything and everything Myke Cole puts out.

SFF Audio

“This final novel in the Shadow OPS trilogy is a perfect balance between amazing magical/supernatural action featuring sorcery and monstrous creatures and reflective character development…Cole has exhibited great skill in making me believe in these characters…Myke Cole is a powerful, smart voice in the genre.”

— SFFWorld

“Incredibly well executed and believable…Everything seems to fit into place very well and I couldn’t have imagined a more appropriate outcome…BREACH ZONE is an irresistably immersive, intelligent novel that manages that rare feat – being the perfect conclusion to the trilogy and lifting the whole series to become one of the best reads of the year. Well played Mr Cole, well played.”

SF Book Review

“Cole seems more mature as a writer and in better control of his craft. Building upon storylines from the first two volumes, Cole brings everything together in one exciting finale which caps off this series in a very satisfying fashion…All in all, BREACH ZONE is an exciting conclusion to what has been a superior series. Hands down, one of the best SFF book sequences of the last few years!”

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

“The fantasy aspects of the world Cole creates are awesomely spectacular and detailed enough to tell us all kinds of stories…obviously written by someone who knows what he’s talking about…This one follows all the rules, while still setting fire to the rule book… Pure magic.”

Over the Effing Rainbow

“Myke Cole has outdone himself and readers who might be on the fence about military fantasy or the series conclusion, should waste no time in exploring this fantastic series…there is no doubt that he’s earned his place as one of the most watched authors in the genre.”

52 Book Review

“Myke Cole is an author to watch. With BREACH ZONE and the Shadow Ops series Cole has brought military fantasy a modern touch creating a memorable and vivid world that I would love to read more about.”

King of the Nerds

“These books are so well written…Every time you think you have the line in the sand drawn and you know where the story is going, Cole turns it on its head…The fact that Cole can write this well AND shoot a rifle just doesn’t seem fair.”

Waiting for Fairies

“Myke Cole hits a home-run so hard, he’s in a league of his own…Make no mistake, there will be more from this amazing writer…[The characters] leap off the page with astonishing craftsmanship and help bring the story elements together. A surefire winner for those stout of heart and keen of mind.”

Toonari Post

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“Myke Cole’s novels are like crack: they’re highly addictive, and this one is no exception. We have trouble putting it down.”

“Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror reads for January”

“GEMINI CELL is another excellent novel by Myke Cole…. an intensely emotional story, focused on two people who have lost their loved ones…It’s also easily his best work to date. If you haven’t read this author yet, GEMINI CELL makes for an excellent place to start.”

“Cole has nailed the characters better than ever before, weaving together a heartbreaking story of a Navy SEAL and his wife as they’re separated by death…It’s an epic story: pulled apart by war, a couple overcomes an impossible gap in their relationship to once again reunite. Cole pulls it together wonderfully, and he illustrates both Jim and Sarah with a wonderful amount of complexity and depth to each.”

“With each book, Myke Cole levels up, and GEMINI CELL is no exception. This is Cole’s best work to date—a blending of magic, action, and romance that fans of Cole and first-timers alike will love… Fans of Cole know he can plot a fast-moving, page-turning story that you’ll read late into the night…Whether this is your fourth Myke Cole book or your first, go pick up Gemini Cell right away. It’s the best yet, but like the rest of Cole’s books, it makes me eager for the next one.”

Fantasy Faction
10/10 stars!

“Cole isn’t just doing a service to the readers of military SF, he’s doing a service to the entire conception we have of the military and how it works. Definitely earned its place on this list.”

Strange Currencies
“Top 5 Books Published in 2015”

“GEMINI CELL is a terrific read. Myke Cole has definitely outdone himself. Gemini Cell had everything from his earlier series in terms of action but he ups the ante with writing a very personal story with Jim in the lead. My mind is still boggling about how the awakening of Jim is in relation to the SOC of Control Point, but I guess there is only one thing to do about it and that is reading Javelin Rain!”

The Book Plank
“Best Urban Fantasy of 2015”

“Cole has created a wonderful setting to bring us into his world…well-crafted with struggles that make you feel comfortable with them, empathize with them…GEMINI CELL is a must read.”

Bitten by Books

“Myke Cole’s books are an intriguing mix of fantasy and military fiction…It’s obvious Myke Cole hasn’t finished exploring his world and there really is room for a lot of new angles. The story might begin with GEMINI CELL but I hope it doesn’t end there.”


“I felt, and the romantic in me concurs, that the connection between Jim and Sarah was the driving force of this story. When I opened GEMINI CELL I was prepared for a sci-fi/fantasy military read, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the lovely, often heartbreaking, love story that resided within…I hope Cole has plans to continue this particular story because I am very interested to see how deep the conspiracies run.”

Vampire Book Club

“Cole has a very good writing style; he makes his stories easy to read while at the same time conveying complex themes and ideas. His handle of action set pieces is second only to Brandon Sanderson, though you could easily make an argument for why his action is better than Sanderson’s action. And the pace of the book is just right, fast enough that you could almost call it a thriller, but not so fast that you don’t have time to smell the roses.”

Fantasy Book Review

“Myke is a superb storyteller. He weighs the character, plot, and world-building in equal parts in what is his best novel yet…With GEMINI CELL Myke has given readers perhaps the most brutally honest and naked look in (fantasy) fiction at the effect of a life of war on an individual and those he loves. GEMINI CELL is a fantasy novel of imagined truths and is all the more potent and honest because of it; a powerful and engaging novel that will very easily rank as one of the best books I read this year. Highly, highly recommended.”


“GEMINI CELL moves along at a heady clip and the pacing is excellent throughout. With GEMINI CELL, Myke Cole takes his writing to a new level with a thrilling and deeply engaging story featuring emotionally deep characters who are incredibly appealing. This is a fabulous story.

The Qwillery

“The action scenes were as strong as I’ve come to expect out of Cole’s work. I liken his military aspects (both operationally and in battle) to Diana Rowland’s police procedural novels. The experience of the author comes through in the validity of the scene.”

Wicked Little Pixie

“GEMINI CELL is exceptionally written, gripping, exciting, and compelling.  The military operations feel authentic, the emotional turmoil resonates without becoming cloying…It’s not often that you get a hard core military thriller with fantasy overtones that integrates seamlessly with the story, as well as an emotional core that gives all of us a touchstone to anchor ourselves to.  But all of  these come with this novel.”


“All in all GEMINI CELL is a terrific read. Myke Cole has definitely outdone himself.”

The Book Plank

“Cole’s writing is great. Succinct yet vivid, it does a good job of bringing the story to life…GEMINI CELL is an intensely engaging tale…A story that sinks its hooks into you and never lets go, that drags you kicking and screaming through the horrors and consequences of war, it still somehow contrives to remain a fun romp at times, living up to the fantastical shoot-em-up impression that bloke on the cover creates. Fans of Myke Cole will find more of what they love from him in here, maybe even a new side of him. But for new readers like me, a first taste of the Shadow Ops universe doesn’t get much better than this.”

Drunken Dragon

“The fact of the matter is that Myke Cole is a fantastic author who gets better with every book he writes…The anxiety, the depression, and the longing that Cole depicts with crystal clarity is all sensationally done…GEMINI CELL is his most impressive book yet.”

Whatchamacallit Reviews

“I was hooked from the get go once again, with Cole knocking it out of the park…GEMINI CELL is another winner from Cole and serves as a successful prequel that doesn’t disappoint. I never did make a ‘most anticipated’ list for 2015 but this title would most certainly be near the top. And because it turned out to be as good as it was, GEMINI CELL is probably going to end up at the top when that list turns into a ‘best of’ 2015 as well.”

The Fictional Hangout

“If you relish the thought of a zombie navy seal performing a tactical assault with some superhuman feats of strength, intrigue, and a pinch of gore for added pizzazz then look no further.   And if that’s not enough Cole has cleverly camouflaged the book so you’d never suspect it’s really… a love story…I was ready for the thick helping of military life, well explained jargon, and of course combat Cole delivers…Cole’s dialogue flows smoothly and there are moments of prose that are quite elegant…I enjoyed GEMINI CELL by Myke Cole. The quick action and deep love between Sarah and Schweitzer pulled the story along for a fun read. I’m ready for JAVELIN RAIN.”

Audio Book Review

“Intense and explosive–Cole tells a hell of a story.”

Mark Lawrence,
author of King of Thrones

“Character-rich and action-driven–a Molotov cocktail of human weaknesses and superhuman abilities.”

Robin Hobb,
author of Fool’s Assassin

“The story is a powerful one, and to my eye it takes some oft-maligned tropes of military adventure fiction and shows us how those things are supposed to be done, especially the “prequel” trope. That might technically be what GEMINI CELL is, but it stands quite well on its own, inviting an immediate sequel or two while leaving plenty of room for the extant Shadow Ops series.”

Howard Tayler,
award-winning creator of webcomic Schlock Mercenary

“GEMINI CELL was a terrific and brisk read, a real fun page turner. Think Vince Flynn plus a whole lot of magic mixed in and baked in hellfire, and you’ve got the gist of how awesome Myke Cole’s new series is shaping up to be. This book just has so many genre elements that I love, and Cole lovingly blends them together, that it makes for an easy recommendation. I haven’t read any of this author’s past works, but I aim to catch up fast. He’s just earned a new loyal reader in me.

Michael Patrick Hicks,
author of Convergence


“One of Myke Cole’s best novels so far. In fact, part of what makes JAVELIN RAIN so captivating is its unrelenting grimness…JAVELIN RAIN is the dark middle book in the trilogy, where everything unravels in preparation for what’s promising to be a spectacular resolution in Siege Line, the forthcoming third and final book. It isn’t exactly light beach reading, but it’s great, vital speculative fiction.”

“JAVELIN RAIN continues Myke Cole’s outstanding track record of delivering novels that balance entertainment and thought provocation. This may be his darkest novel and the one filled with the smallest slivers of hope, but knowing this one takes place years before Control Point, is hope enough that Jim Schweitzer and Eldridge may have a sort of peace by the time their stories come to a conclusion. Bravo. Highly Recommended.”


“Cole’s clearly playing towards a pretty resounding conclusion, particularly around the folks behind the whole Gemini Cell operation, and if Javelin Rain is any indication, it’ll be a fun ride.”

“Nonetheless, JAVELIN RAIN represents the next step in Cole’s progression as an author, a heartfelt, action-packed military fantasy that punches readers in the guts and takes their breath away. Somehow, in writing about an undead Navy SEAL fighting other undead warriors, Cole has found a way to explore what makes us tick – as people, as members of a family, and as part of a society.”

Fantasy Faction

“A great story. . .Cole has absolutely found his groove, and is powering through it. Between his deep, thoughtful portrayal of the military as it is and perhaps as it ought to be, and his strong writing chops, I feel that Cole is fast becoming one of the more important names in Sci-Fi.”

Strange Currencies

“Cole’s two series are as accessible as they are compelling. . .Myke Cole is definitely for real! If you have yet to give him a shot, please do so ASAP! Decades separate the two series, so you can start with either without missing a beat. Whatever you do, whether you go for the Shadow Ops books or the second series, you can’t go wrong! Myke Cole is not only one of the best military fantasy novelists around. He’s fast becoming one of the best fantasy authors out there, period!”

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

“JAVELIN RAIN is the sequel to Myke Cole’s Gemini Cell, and if you thought the first book was riveting, you’ll likely find Javelin Rain to have even more rivets, and maybe some arc welding. “Gripping” is a word that gets used a lot. JAVELIN RAIN was definitely that. . .The best mash-up logic I can come up with for JAVELIN RAIN is ‘Steven King and Brandon Sanderson perform necromancy on Tom Clancy.'”

Schlock Mercenary

“The action is pretty much non-stop from the first page to the last, making JAVELIN RAIN a fast read. It almost feels like a headlong rush toward the inevitable and yet the story is far from done…[Cole’s] unique blend of might and magic is unlike anything else currently being written. I’m eager to see what else he has in store for us.”


“As always Cole’s writing is taut and the pacing intense. This is Cole’s most deeply emotional work. Having a window seat on Schweitzer’s emotions and thoughts is devastating. Cole has deepened the history of the Gemini Cell program and there is still more to be revealed and more uncovered.”

The Qwillery


“If you can say one thing about Myke Cole, it is that he can tell one helluva story, balancing character, plot, thoughtfulness, and emotion remarkably well. He did this quite well in his first novel, but his skills at balancing since then have grown. If you can say another thing about Myke Cole and his storytelling/writing, is that rather than utilizing “comfortable” characters, he presents characters who are revelatory in their backgrounds and make up (i.e. not just white dudes) that manage to be both familiar and fresh for the unaccounted for perspective that have far too long been absent from speculative fiction, a genre that claims to look beyond the known borders and expectations . . . Whether we see more of this world or any other Cole chooses to share with readers, I will be at the front of the line ready to read his tale(s). Highly Recommended.”


“Myke Cole keeps knocking it out of the park, SIEGE LINE is damn near perfect military fantasy with a ton of heart to go with the blistering action.”

Shelf Inflicted

“Cole has matured as a novelist throughout the Shadow-Ops and Gemini Cell trilogies. SIEGE LINE is beautifully written with near perfect pacing. It is action packed with nail-biting fight sequences, close escapes, and terrible losses. The cast of characters is exceptionally well drawn.”


“[SIEGE LINE is] a book you can pick up easily, even if you’re new to the world, but you’re going to want to go back and read the rest anyway. They’re that good: sharp, fast-paced military fantasy, as only Myke Cole could have written them.”

B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog

“SIEGE LINE is military fantasy with heart and soul. Definitely one of the books to read this year. Or any year!”

Fantasy Hotlist

“The finale of a trilogy, SIEGE LINE has all the qualities which make Cole’s works so much fun. It’s a fast-paced, hard hitting thriller, with some interesting supernatural elements. The combat sequences have the patina of authenticity, which always helps when the protagonist’s opponents are wights with a penchant for human flesh. Jim Schweitzer, the protagonist of the first two books, is as charming as ever; living in his own corpse has to be hard on a guy, but the love and loyalty he feels for his family is something you can feel through the words on the page; he’s driven and focused, and a lot of fun to read. He’s joined by a marvelous ensemble cast, struggling to defeat a relentless antagonist before time runs out. This blend of military urban fantasy makes up a very tasty brew indeed.”

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviews
“Top Ten SF&F novels of 2017”


“An ambitious grimdark fantasy that succeeds on multiple levels through Cole’s loyalty to his characters and immersive worldbuilding.”

The Quill to Live


“Cole has created a dark medieval world that by the end only has a small sliver of light in it. The spunky Heloise fights for her family and friends and makes it easy to cheer her on through her adventures. A must-read for fans of Erika Johansen’s Queen of the Tearling series.”

Booklist, Starred review!

“Constantly pulse-pounding, THE ARMORED SAINT is a poignant, tension-packed grimdark fantasy and a glorious beginning to a trilogy . . . [I]f the rest of the trilogy maintains this quality, I have no doubt that The Sacred Throne will be one of the best trilogies I’ve ever read. Cole is truly a long-awaited addition to grimdark fantasy and I’m sure fans of the genre—or just great fantasy in general—will be damn pleased to welcome him aboard once this book appears on the market.”

5 stars!

“At first, the reader might think they have a good handle on both Heloise’s character and the dark but well-depicted world here, one that’s harshly circumscribed in the name of protecting people against a world-ending evil. But by the end of the Sacred Throne’s first installment, Cole has not only shown that Heloise and her world have unexplored depths, he’s been unsparing in depicting them and just how rapidly and painfully they can both change. The story steadily ratchets up the tension, and it seems clear where the conflict is, until the amazing ending shows that Heloise has a nearly impossible task in front of her…even before the events of this story take their toll.”

RT Book Reviews
4 stars!

“A very fast moving tale, full of energy, excitement, and… character depth.”

Grimdark Magazine

“This gem of a book . . . was one of the most intense books I’ve read this year.”

Two Bald Mages

“. . . a most satisfying fantasy, with terrific action sequences, particularly once Heloise dons the armor and takes her place as protector. She’s a fascinating character in a fascinating fantasy world, and I’m glad to have met her.”

Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“Make no mistake: the world of THE ARMORED SAINT is dark: the ruling religious order terrorizes villages, wizardry can open actual portals to hell and free demons and wizard-blight to kill and poison, but love is beautiful and it is worth fighting for and it’s the force that drives Heloise, her father, Basina…all of them . . . This is the beginning to an amazing journey.”

Do You Even Comic Book
5/5 stars!

“THE ARMORED SAINT offers a brand new direction for Cole’s writing, and hopefully, a chance for him to gain a new and expanded audience. I’ve enjoyed his work for years, and am excited to see more of his world and Heloise’s place in it. There’s the making of a true hero here, a story of hope and defiance and action in a dark and troubling word. That’s a message and a protagonist we can use in our own times, in our own society, in spades.”

Skiffy and Fanty

“THE ARMORED SAINT feels like the beginning of something special. With its grim, violence-filled world, visceral action, and magic that comes at a deadly cost, THE ARMORED SAINT has everything it needs to appeal to readers who enjoy Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire trilogy or Kameron Hurley’s epic fantasies. It also has the emotional nuance and range that will help it appeal to readers who are looking for something more along the lines of Miserere by Teresa Frohock or a Kate Elliott novel. It makes a lot of early promises, but despite feeling a little short, it delivers satisfying answers, and even more compelling questions for future volumes to answer.”

“The world [Cole] has created here is beautifully realised.”

Cheeseburger Gothic

“Myke Cole brings impressive story-telling abilities to bear in his epic fantasy debut, THE ARMORED SAINT. You may think you’ve read this story before. I assure you that you haven’t.”

Robin Hobb,
author of the Farseer trilogy

“With a deft hand, Cole weaves into THE ARMORED SAINT a fantasy world that feels comfortably familiar, then goes to places you’d never expect. You won’t stop turning pages until the stunning finish.”

Peter V. Brett,
author of the Demon Cycle series

“Brutal and lovely – an inventive and poignant fantasy that’s rich with keen characters, set in a vivid, fascinating world.”

Cherie Priest,
author of Hugo- and Nebula-nominated Boneshaker

“Intelligently written, fun, and brutal in equal measures.”

Mark Lawrence,
author of The Broken Empire series

“THE ARMORED SAINT is a heart-wrenching, blood-racing, all-around page-turner. Spare, vivid and surprisingly sensual, with a small, fierce heroine who will stick in your mind and live in your soul.”

—Diana Gabaldon,
author of the Outlander series

“‘Medieval Mechs’ — Cole pilots a new genre onto the dark fantasy battleground.”

—Scott Sigler,
#1 New York Times bestselling author


“Cole holds nothing back in his latest installment of The Sacred Throne, and if you enjoyed The Armored Saint, then you’ll absolutely love THE QUEEN OF CROWS. Heloise’s journey is hard, and filled with pain, violence, grit, and despair, but I can think of no one better to root for, and I eagerly await seeing her journey’s culmination in the next chapter of the series.”

“This was grim, fast-paced, violent, gut-punchy, and profound as hell. It’s about revolutions and oppression, religion and prejudice, it’s bloody and gorgeously heartbreaking. Often unrelentingly brutal and somehow impossibly hopeful, Cole provides an insanely satisfying sequel to The Armored Saint…It’s a fresh addition to the grimdark movement.”

Grimdark Magazine

“If you like dark stories with a sympathetic protagonist, well-written battles, and a fascinating world you’d never want to live in, then this series (The Sacred Throne) and all its books are for you.”

Fantasy Hive

“Full of love, loss, betrayal, and impossible odds, this series is absolutely something you do not want to miss.”

Book Geeks Uncompromised

“The first book was so good I was a little concerned this one wouldn’t hold up, but the author nailed the ending. I can’t wait for the next book to come out.”

Sci-Fi Fan Letter


“This final volume of the “Sacred Throne” trilogy will wreck your emotions in the worst and best ways. Writing intelligent, intense prose, Cole delivers vivid worldbuilding in a story brimming with religious and military fervor and ruthless action, offering a stunning conclusion to Heloise’s journey.”

Library Journal, Starred Review!

“THE KILLING LIGHT is a phenomenal conclusion to a well-drawn, dark fantasy series.”


“Cole has brought this trilogy home with hard insight, maintaining the high standard set from the start.”

Publishers Weekly

“a highly satisfying and thrilling conclusion to the arc of Heloise the Palatine.”

Fan Fi Addict

“Breathless action scenes, heart felt character work & nearly perfect pacing…This series is for those of us that like our fantasy diverse & intelligent & stabby & gut-punchy!”

The Grim Dragon

“A profoundly dark and morally gray series…Heloise is the character we need right now in fantasy.”

Grimdark Magazine

“The Killing Light is abundant with horrendous demons and gory battles, but never loses sight of each protagonist’s humanity… Perfect for fantasy battle fans with a penchant for compelling female leads.”


“THE KILLING LIGHT is perhaps the most intense novel in the series.”

Word of the Nerd

“The pacing was incredibly well-paced and the actions were bloody vivid and intense…THE KILLING LIGHT tells a satisfying conclusion to Heloise’s journey.”

Novel Notions



“Cole’s capable portrait of a plausible future leaves the door open for a welcome sequel.”

Publishers Weekly

“SIXTEENTH WATCH follows Jane from her lowest, most heartbreaking moment, and readers will be drawn to her as she proves herself to be a smart, feisty, loyal, loving, complex, tough, and flawed heroine.”


“Cole’s writing is highly detailed…SIXTEENTH WATCH is one of those novels that you really want to see turned into a Netflix series so you can binge it and pour the whole thing into your brain.”

Starburst Magazine

“The lunar battles are thrilling, with interesting ways of solving the problems of fighting in reduced gravity. Briskly paced, the book strikes a fine balance between military minutiae and imaginations.”

SFX Magazine

“Politics, breathless action scenes, appealing characters, space fuckery & deeply moving moments. Sixteenth Watch is unlike anything else trying to fly that military SFF flag right now! With an imaginative plot that’s fast-moving & insightful, Sixteenth Watch is an addictively entertaining read!”

The Grimdragon

“As political as it is action-packed, SIXTEENTH WATCH is another compelling and entertaining read.”

Fantasy Hotlist

“SIXTEENTH WATCH is a superb novel filled with equal parts characterization, tension, plausibility and immersion.”

SFF World

“[SIXTEENTH WATCH] has the sort of intimate, personal stakes that seize the soul, and a story with the high-stakes, world shattering consequences that make it impossible to put the book down.”

SF & F Reviews

“Myke Cole has raised the bar on military sci-fi. Sixteenth Watch pushes the envelope into new and 
exciting territory.”

—Wesley Chu, New York Times Bestselling Author

“SIXTEENTH WATCH has heart and action in equal measure; Cole’s novel blends hi-speed, low-g military science fiction with engaging characters and page-turning pace.”

—James Swallow, BAFTA-Nominated Scriptwriter

“I loved Sixteenth Watch by Myke Cole. Besides being a ripping good read, Cole writes from a place of authority and experience about military, politics, and service.”

—Rob Hart, author of The Warehouse

“Cole weaves a fantasy world that feels comfortably familiar, then goes to places you’d never expect.”

—Peter V. Brett, Author of The Demon Cycle

“Myke Cole’s novels are like crack: they’re highly addictive.”





“…this is a book for fans of Cole, historians, fantasists, or anyone with an interest in the topic. Even those with only a passing intrigue will find this easily accessible as it is immediately arresting.”

Fantasy Hive

Coles’s book is the most accessible introduction to ancient warfare that I’ve read. I believe he is not overstating it when he claims that a complete newcomer to the subject will be able to understand everything that is going on. The book starts strong, and there’s allot to like about it. I mean anyone who sticks to BC and AD is already on the right track for me. Those needing an easy “in” for ancient history would be advised to get LEGION VERSUS PHALANX.”

Adventures In Historyland

On the face of it, this could be a turgidly dry chin-stroking look into ancient warfare tactics but, thanks the brio of author Myke Cole, it’s anything but. […] The author points out elements that are largely accepted as fact thanks to detailed reports, and others where supposition comes into play, but he does this with a skill that makes it seem like a discussion between friends, not a lecture. With an excellent colour plate section full of photos of armour, illustrations, ancient graphics and diagrams of troop dispositions you have a highly entertaining and yet worthy look into how and why the Roman Legion was so effective against the Phalanx that had previously dominated the battlefield.”

The Armourer

this book will appeal to C.’s target audience of war gamers, reenactors, fantasy fans and anyone who would be turned on by the film 300 or even by ancient history, given the exposure.”

Classics For All

A simply fascinating and informative read that is exceptionally well researched, written, organized and presented, LEGION VERSUS PHALANX: THE EPIC STRUGGLE FOR INFANTRY SUPREMACY IN THE ANCIENT WORLD is an extraordinary, unique, and seminal study.”

Midwest Book Review

This is an engrossing book to read and will engage with readers who are new to Hellenistic and Roman unit combat tactics.”

Small Wars Journal


This book will have a great impact helping people put to right where the Spartan Mirage currently holds sway.”

—Professor Hodkinson, internationally-recognized authority on Ancient Sparta




1. CONTROL POINT (January 2012, Ace)
2. FORTRESS FRONTIER (January 2013, Ace)
3. BREACH ZONE (January 2014, Ace)


1. GEMINI CELL (January 2015, Ace)
2. JAVELIN RAIN (March 2016, Ace)
3. SIEGE LINE (October 2017, Ace)


1. THE ARMORED SAINT (February 2018,
2. THE QUEEN OF CROWS (September 2018,
3. THE KILLING LIGHT (November 2019,


1. SIXTEENTH WATCH (March 2020, Angry Robot)

  • Polish rights #1 sold to MAG
  • Polish audio rights #1 sold to Storytel

Nonfiction Titles

LEGION VERSUS PHALANX (October 2018, Bloomsbury/Osprey)

  • Chinese rights to ConQuing Zven
  • Hungarian rights to Peko
  • Polish rights to Rebis
  • Spanish rights to Alianza

***Three asterisks (***) placed after the record of a foreign territory sale indicate that those rights have expired and are available for purchase in that market for that title(s).***

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