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G.S. Denning

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Warlock Holmes
Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone | Biblio. & Rights Info
Warlock Holmes: The Battle of Baskerville Hall (forthcoming in May 2017)
Warlock Holmes: Prince of Tatters, Prince of Ash
(forthcoming in May 2018)


For A Study in Brimstone

“Douglas Adams meets Arthur Conan Doyle in this delightfully absurd collection of six cases. . .hilarious.”

–Publishers Weekly

“The characters are so likable that they can pause their absurd antics to contemplate prejudice and privilege without missing a beat or falling out of their outrageous world. Denning has a knack for smooth writing that carries the action along and a keen sense for how to set up a joke. He imagines his world with gusto, lavishing the reader with hilarious details like Holmes’ accordion playing and a gang of Baker Street Irregulars made up of horrifying were-rats. . .Funny, clever, and entertaining.”


“While cast and settings are faithful to the original stories, Denning upends the narrative with a host of paranormal turns that range from the irreverent to the gruesome. Mashup fans will be eagerly awaiting more.”


Warlock Holmes, by G.S. Denning, is more of a comedy than anything else, but some very inventive action, mystery, and adventure is thrown in. A strong dose of the supernatural is also added. This helps increase the excitement and more often than not the humor of the piece. . .As a speculative fiction comedy this one is aces.”

SF Reader

Some ideas are so obvious and clever that you wonder why it’s taken the world so long to come up with them. . .Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone is clever and funny supernatural silliness. Dennings has twisted and warped Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s world, to make it strange and sinisterly magical, and yet he’s somehow managed to preserve the core charm of the original stories. . .If you ever wondered how much better Sherlock’s would be if people could hurl hellfire at each other, well this one is for you.”

Starburst Magazine

“As with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, much of Denning’s shtick revolves around finding new riffs on Arthur Conan Doyle’s original tales. But rather than simply trading up the spyglass for a smartphone, WARLOCK HOLMES goes balls out by, for example, presenting the Baker Street Irregulars as shape-shifting rats and Inspector Lestrade as a vampire who drinks neat nosebleed.”

SFX Review

“Taking a true classic and twisting it into fantasy does not always work; either too much respect is given to the original, or too little. Denning has managed a brilliant balance and has rewritten the stories in a way that is true to the original, but also has a strangely believable fantasy element. When you really think about it; Sherlock could actually have been a Warlock and Denning makes you believe.”


“With Moriarty cropping up as a malevolent spirit who possess Warlock on occassion, and then coming to quite a dramatic ending, I actually found myself eager for the next book. Denning has left it with a marvellous cliffhanger, and to be honest, has written such a good retelling, it almost makes it feel believable. All in all, a funny and lighthearted retelling of Conan Doyle’s stories, and a must-read for fans.”

Alice and Her Looking Glass

“I have to admit to laughing a lot reading this, and I haven’t laughed like this for a long time. … To go along with the action and suspense, there is great character interaction, observations and incident, all to great comic effect. If Conan Doyle wrote literary masterpieces, this was a true guilty pleasure and enormous fun. I understand Denning is already working on the next Warlock Holmes adventure, and I predict this will be a very popular series.”

Fantasy Book Review

“A Study in Brimstone is very entertaining. It’s funny, gently mocking it’s own audacious premise, as it parodies its source material. There are lots of references in the novel for Holmes fans to enjoy, and unlike many parody adaptations, the detective stories are good in themselves.”

Geek Dad

“A cracking good, well written, humorous, fast paced re-imagining of the classic pairing of Holmes and Watson. … Highly recommended!”

The Tattooed Book Geek

“It adapts classic Sherlock Holmes tales in a way that stays true to the source, but also enjoys itself the whole time. … It amplifies the humor that has already existed in the Sherlock Holmes stories, and puts a new spin on it.”

Hey Poor Player

“I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys a good classic read filled with quirky characters, a supernatural touch, and a dash of mysterious murders and peculiar instances. It was a great read, and I greatly anticipate the sequel coming May 2017, as WARLOCK HOLMES – A Study in Brimstone leaves the reader on quite a cliffhanger.”

Gamers Sphere

“I recommend Warlock Holmes: A Study in Brimstone to all who enjoy fun, exciting and supernatural mysteries and I can’t wait to read G.S Denning’s sequel, Warlock Holmes: The Battle of Baskerville Hall, next year.”

Geek Hard

“Denning gives it new life: of course if you have read the original story you’ll know who the villain is yet there are still surprises and the story really grips as an episode in itself.”

Blue Book Balloon

“This first collection of Warlock Holmes tales is an absolute joy. The plots are delightfully silly and the characters are great fun.  I found myself instantly wrapped up in the thrill of each new case while maintaining, what I can only assume is, a gleefully stupid grin on my face for the entire duration.”

The Eloquent Page


Warlock Holmes

  1. A Study in Brimstone
  2. The Battle of Baskerville Hall
  3. Prince of Tatters, Prince of Ash
  • Audio (#1-3, abridged, dramatic) to Cutting Corp.
  • Audio (#1-3, unabridged, undramatic) to Recorded Books
  • UK rights (#1-3) to Titan
  • UK audio (#1-3) to WF Howes