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William C. Dietz

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Legion of the Damned
Legion of the Damned
The Final Battle
By Blood Alone
By Force of Arms
For More Than Glory
For Those Who Fell
When All Seems Lost
When Duty Calls
A Fighting Chance

Andromeda (Novels of the Legion of the Damned)| Biblio & Rights Info.
A standalone, prequel series in the Legion universe
Andromeda’s Fall
Andromeda’s Choice
Andromeda’s War

Mutant Files


America Rising
Into the Guns
Seek and Destroy
Battle Hymn

Jack Rebo
Logos Run


Jak Cato
At Empire’s Edge
Bones of Empire

Rex Corvan
Matrix Man
Mars Prime

Sam McCade
Galactic Bounty
Imperial Bounty
Alien Bounty
McCade’s Bounty omnibus editions: McCade for Hire; McCade on the Run

Drifter’s Run
Drifter’s War

Other Novels
Prison Planet
Where the Ships Die



For the Andromeda Series



“[A] military action adventure with a strong female lead, nail-biting action sequences and tight plotting…Dietz is expert on the military detail.”

The Guardian

“A page-turner.”


“Military SF accessible to those not familiar with the subgenre featuring a likeable protagonist, a ruthless villain, and enough surprises and pounding action to compel the reader forward…The measure of a good book is when you feel compelled to finish the story, even forgoing sleep to get it done. ANDROMEDA’S FALL is such a book.”

SF Signal

“ANDROMEDA’S FALL is one of the most interesting futuristic novels that will also be a treat for those already reading similar novels.”

SF Site

“ANDROMEDA’S FALL is full of action and suspense. I usually rate one of these novels by how memorable the battles are and two from ANDROMEDA’S FALL are emblazoned in my brain. I can’t wait to continue the story of Andromeda McKee.”

 —Elitist Reviews

“I was swept away by the characters and the action…This book will capture the imagination and heart of any reader as they follow this heroine on her quest for revenge. A superior work. Highest possible recommendation.”

SciFi Pulse

“Andromeda’s Fall is a fast, entertaining action ride of a novel, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Recommended if you’re in the mood for some diverting, easily digestible, and archetypal military military scifi.”

The Book Smugglers

“Dietz has as strong command of the principles of military science fiction…If you enjoy military science fiction then the Legion of the Damned and ANDROMEDA’S FALL are something you will want to try.”

Fantasy Literature



“ANDROMEDA’S CHOICE is filled with intrigue, danger, and page-turning battle sequences and it was not surprising to find that once I started reading I did not want to break away from the story…I think it a testament to his skill at telling an engaging story that the author was able to generate that kind of devotion.”

SF Signal

“Dietz does a fine job of explaining the military terminology, so even if you’re not well-versed in that lingo, you’ll get it. His books are highly detailed and very visual, with strong and distinct characters. You won’t be disappointed with ANDROMEDA’s CHOICE.”

Fresh Fiction

“If you a fan of science fiction novels with a great dash of action and military then this one is definitely going to be up your street.  Plus with a name such as William C. Dietz then you know you are going to be in for an exciting ride.”

Curiosity of a Social Misfit

“This was a great action tale that had some great characters and further developed on of the best female protagonists in Military Science Fiction.  A must read for Mil Fic fans or people looking for a new breed of kick-ass female protagonist, a good read for anyone looking for action adventure.”

The Archaeologist’s Guide to the Galaxy


“Andromeda McKee is one hell of a heroine. Dietz is a rarity among male science fiction authors: He can write a steely, badass female protagonist without making her seem unreasonably stoic.”

RT Book Reviews

“William C. Dietz has created a strong, intelligent and deadly heroine in Andromeda… Dietz is a master of the science fiction/fantasy world and ANDROMEDA’S WAR will not disappoint.”

Fresh Fiction

“Dietz has gone to great lengths to flesh out his characters so they mean more to us than just everyday people we might meet on the street. They seem real through their intentions, kinks and foibles and that makes us want to read it even more.”


“When it comes to military science fiction, William Dietz can run with the best.”

—Steve Perry,
author of The Vastalimi Gambit

For The Mutant Files


“DEADEYE is part police procedural, part apocalyptic, part John Woo movie and unapologetic with violence. At just under 300 pages, the story doesn’t slow down…A fun read.”

Seattle Geekly

“Dietz has done a solid job of creating a world that is a logical extension of our world.”

—Fantasy Literature

“Dietz brings us an interesting new sci-fi police procedural series set in a plague-ravaged future…For a first book of a new series, Dietz has established quite a solid foundation for the world of Mutant Files.”


“Deadeye was a really cool alternative urban fantasy. I fell into the world of mutants and norms, a world similar to our own and a terrorist scenario that seems eerily possible. Four stars for Deadeye.”

Night Owl Reviews

“An actionpacked and entertaining book. William C. Dietz turned his SF in space to an more Earthly story, the build up and the promise of the story are very cool…The ending of the book is really cool and such a cliffhanger can only get you excited for the sequel. “

The Book Plank

“This futuristic post-apocalyptic detective drama was gripping and intriguing. First off, the world is really interesting [and] the mix of characters was just as intriguing… DEADEYE is a promising start to a gripping and fascinating new science fiction detective drama.  Though I didn’t like the numerous points of view, I enjoyed the characters, the world and the nail-biting journey.”

Twin Mom

“This is the first volume in a great new series. The world-building is impeccable… a good story, a good mystery, a good chase, will enjoy this novel. The mystery plot is solid, there’s enough action to satisfy readers coming from the author’s military scifi novels, and the characters are realistic. The author ties up the main story here, but leaves some very interesting loose ends for future novels. I’m very much looking forward to them.”

CA Book Reviews


“[A] sharp sequel . . . Science fiction flourishes not withstanding, the novel tracks as a straight crime thriller. Its brisk pacing and suspenseful twists will suck in readers, who will eagerly await the revelation of the Bonebreaker’s identity in a future book.”

—Publishers Weekly

“What I love about this series is I never know what to expect. I practically got whiplash from the switch from police procedural to road trip adventure and back . . . I really need the next book so I can find out what happens next!”

Night Owl Sci-Fi

“An immensely satisfying conclusion, with the protagonist changed in several ways. . .Action and mystery, wrapped in a broken, mutated near future. I couldn’t stop turning pages.”

Sci-Fi Pulse

“Dietz is well-known for his sci-fi war novels, but this is a welcome detour from what we’ve been used to from him.”

Fantasy Book Review

For the America Rising Series


“Dietz’s expertise in matters of mayhem is second to none.”

The Oregonian

“Dietz takes readers on a fast-paced journey. We see just how fragile society is in the face of adversity. In today’s political climate, this certainly opens one’s eyes on the wide expanse between political ideals within the borders of the United States and brings a lot more authenticity to a genre that usually borders on the absurd.”

Amazing Stories Magazine

“The battles are realistic, heroic, tragic, chaotic and impactful in driving the story forward.”

Pulp Fiction Reviews

“A compulsive, harrowing, oddly inspirational chunk of the story, with a satisfactory stopping point and high-gauge, high-concept military action.”

B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog

“If you enjoy an action story, strong military SF, or a good near-future Armageddon novel, be sure to read Into the Guns.”

Galaxy’s Edge


“I did find it entertaining and anxiously await the third and final installment of the America Rising series.”

Game Vortex


“The final volume (following Seek and Destroy) in prolific military SF author Dietz’s America Rising trilogy is saturated with swift thunderclap battles. Dietz finely concludes his second American civil war . . . [and] keeps the book consistently intense while displaying a knack for fleshing out flawed characters, both military and civilian . . . For fans of Dietz and military fiction, this book is strongly recommended.”

Publishers Weekly

For the Jack Rebo Series


Action-packed…this novel stands out with its intriguing spiritual explorations.”

 —Publishers Weekly

“The story is full of inventive concepts and has a richly detailed setting—one readers will no doubt look forward to exploring more deeply in future volumes…For fans of space opera and action/adventure, this one is not to be missed.”


“Dietz’s honorable addition to depictions of the far future, from Wells’ Time Machine (1894) to Asimov’s Pebble in the Sky (1950) to more recently the works of Clarke and Baxter, is distinguished by the brisk pacing and fleshed-out action scenes that have already made him a respected name in military sf.”


“Exciting series of chase scenes, escapes and captures, and high adventure against the backdrop of exotic other worlds.  This is one of Dietz’s better efforts, and Rebo is probably his best realized character to date.”

—Science Fiction Chronicle


“In a military SF novel that will entertain readers with a taste for cheerfully casual mayhem, much treachery and betrayal ensue, and there’s seldom a dull-or quiet-moment.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Dietz’s stories have in common intrigue, action, romance, and a well-realized setting.”


For the Sauron Series


“DEATHDAY is an intensely riveting story with non-stop action. The invasion and subsequent occupation is told with heart-wrenching realism, but even in the midst of horror, love does blossom.”

—RT Book Reviews

“The author of Legion of the Damned begins a new series that delivers a fast-paced tale of survival and resistance that should appeal to fans of sf action adventure.”

—School Library Journal

“Every theme and detail in it is well done. What with breakneck pacing, good action scenes, and unexpectedly strong characterization, alien-invasion buffs should enjoy, enjoy!”


“An engrossing adventure that leaves you wanting more.”



“Mr. Dietz delivers a rousing finale to his apocalyptic vision of Earth’s invasion by color-conscious aliens. His portrayal of ordinary people fighting for their lives and freedom is a touching tribute to the human spirit, demonstrating that life goes on and love doesn’t die.”

—RT Book Reviews

“Because it’s a William C. Dietz space opera and the characters are so gripping, I had to read it again… I like a book that hits the ground running and this one certainly does that.”

Cannon Ball Read

For the Jak Cato Series


“Any avid reader of science fiction should feel right at home in Dietz’s world, but the story isn’t so far fetched as to be inaccessible to new readers.”

“The book, while undeniably science fiction is truly character-driven. I found it very interesting that the action and motivations of most of the characters could be transplanted to nearly any culture at virtually any time. Some motives are timeless; thirst for power is one of those. The story moves at a nice clip and contains plenty of future tech and strange creatures. This novel should satisfy a wide range of readers.”

CA Reviews


“The plot moves smoothly and swiftly from one plot to another, never getting bogged down, yet never seeming to skimp on detail or motivations. This is science fiction for anyone who enjoys action, politics, and character-driven stories.”

—CA Reviews

“The second part of the Uman Empire science fiction duology (see At Empire’s Edge) is an action-packed faster than the speed of light futuristic in space thriller.”

Harriet Klausner

For the Legion of the Damned Series


“…Exciting and suspenseful. The humanity of the characters mixes well with the action to give this space drama real punch.”

—Publishers Weekly

“A thoroughly enjoyable novel.”

The Cult Den


“There’s plenty of conflict and mayhem, and the descriptions of the Legionnaire corps have an authentic military feeling.”

—SF Site


“A genuine adrenaline rush.”

—Publishers Weekly

“With the hardcore military ambience of David Weber’s Honor Harrington saga and the sociological complexity of Alan Dean Foster’s Commonwealth novels, Dietz’s Legion of the Damned series is so much more than the sum of its parts. Fans of military science fiction who have yet to experience Dietz’s storytelling prowess should make it a point to do so immediately. Are these novels first-rate military sci-fi? ‘Sir! Yes Sir!'”

—Barnes & Noble


“Blending hardcore military fiction with elements of sociological science fiction a la Alan Dean Foster’s Commonwealth saga, this adrenaline-fueled Clancyesque adventure is Dietz in top form.”

Publishers Weekly

The battle sequences are powerful and effective and the book races its way to a completely satisfying climax. This was my first meeting with Dietz’s Legion of the Damned, but you’d better believe, it won’t be my last.”

Pulp Fiction Reviews


Fans of military science fiction on other worlds will thoroughly enjoy WHEN DUTY CALLS, the latest Legion of the Damned space opera thriller…William C. Dietz keeps his long running saga fresh to the delight of military science fiction fans.”

Harriet Klausner


For the Rex Corvan Series


“Light but entertaining adventure.”

—Science Fiction Chronicle

For the Sam McCade Series


“Good, solid space opera, well told.”

—Science Fiction Chronicle

For the Drifter Series

“IMPERIAL BOUNTY will be enjoyed by fans of William C. Dietz, as well as those who like the stories of Steve Perry or Mike Resnick. This is an action-adventure tale, fast-paced with surprises and humor.”

SF Site


“A straightforward adventure story with a satisfactory blend of thrills and action.”

—Science Fiction Chronicle

“The well paced novel takes us to the solar system and back, with an ingenious weapon (‘Dr. Bob’s magnificent metal munchers”) and lots of action and original touches.”

—Science Fiction Chronicle


“This series has much of the look and feel of Star Wars…refreshingly light comic book action adventure.”

—Science Fiction Chronicle

Standalone Novels


“WHERE THE SHIPS DIE is space warfare at its best; exciting, compulsive and realistic. Most importantly, it keeps readers involved to the very end as the novel races towards an explosive conclusion.”

—Science Fiction Weekly


“This author has a deft touch with characters that makes his SF adventure tales something special.”

—Sense of Wonder

“An intricate and fast moving story.”

—Science Fiction Chronicle

Bibliography & Rights Information

 Andromeda Series
1. Andromeda’s Fall
2. Andromeda’s Choice
3. Andromeda’s War

The Mutant Files
1. Deadeye
2. Redzone
3. Graveyard