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David Louis Edelman

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Short Fiction
Mathralon (from The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume Two)



The Jump 225 Trilogy


“Slick high-finance melodrama and dizzying technical speculation lift Edelman’s SF debut…Bursting with invention and panache, this novel will hook readers for the story’s next installment.”

Publishers Weekly

“In web designer and programmer Edelman’s first novel, he moves quickly from scene to scene, building suspense with believable characters and in-the-know technical expertise. This series opener belongs in most SF collections.”

Library Journal

“A very strong debut novel mixing a historically detailed timeline with an intriguing technological future. David Louis Edelman makes reading about corporate shenanigans fun… INFOQUAKE should appeal to just about any SF reader, but if you like Herbert’s Dune or any of Stross’ work, you should really enjoy this book.”

SF Signal

“Infoquake is a stunning debut novel by a lucid, precise, and talented new voice in the genre.”


“ How unfolding events leave their marks on the people caught up in them is where Infoquake is at its most gripping… [the] internal conflicts… propel the book to a climax tempered by a powerful sense of unease and anxiety.”

SF Reviews

“A fascinating piece of literary work that is bound to be considered a classic of science fiction. One, if not THE top read of the year. A must have for any reader of science fiction. Could not recommend higher.”

Speculative Book Review

“ INFOQUAKE delivers a solid and satisfying science fiction novel and a very funny send-up of the product introduction process… Edelman is a skilled writer who delivers the kind of basics you expect out of a novel in a clean manner.”

The Agony Column

“As an engaging fictional mirror of the modern world, written from an angle rarely used, this novel definitely marks Edelman as a writer to keep an eye on.”

Velcro City

“Edelman’s three books — Infoquake, MultiReal, and Geosynchron — were exactly what I wanted from modern cyberpunk. They maintained a similar style (more Sterling than Gibson) to the works of the 1980s, and they explored many of the same questions about the intersections of humanity, technology, and government…The trilogy is very much a thematic and spiritual continuation of Islands in the Net, with renegade corporations, political revolution, and the unpredictable role of Third World countries. The story is set in the future, with futuristic technology, but it’s very much about the present.”

The Cultural Gutter

“Ambitious, vast in scope, with a deftly executed plot and impeccable prose from start to finish, David Louis Edelman’s INFOQUAKE is a fascinating read. 2006 was one of the best years in memory in terms of impressive speculative fiction debuts. Had I read it when it was originally released, INFOQUAKE would have trumped Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora, Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon, Brian Ruckley’s Winterbirth, and Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself. Highly recommended. ”

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist


“Edelman brings fresh air to the technological thriller… MultiReal itself is firmly established as one of the most fascinating singularity technologies in years.”

—Publishers Weekly

“[Edelman] brings all the intellectual firepower and verisimilitude of the digerati like Sterling, Stross and Doctorow to his text. And the ontological twists and implications of MultiReal would do honor to Greg Egan… Once you realize that Natch is less Neo than he is Steve Jobs, you’re in for a swell ride.”

—Sci-Fi Weekly


“This smart, idiosyncratic blend of cyberpunk, libertarian entrepreneurship, and social engineering will, I think, stand as a seminal work of 21st century SF.”


“Takes the series one level higher, beyond mundanity to true sense-of-wonder SF, so it finally plays on the level of the masters of modern SF… An A+ and so far the best core-SF novel I’ve read in 2010.”

—Fantasy Book Critic

“The Jump 225 trilogy is a must-read, an instant classic and a work of SF that will help define this first decade of the 21st century, and could cast a long shadow for many years to come.”


Bibliography & Rights Information

The Jump 225 Trilogy

1. INFOQUAKE (2006, Pyr; 2008, Solaris)
2. MULTIREAL (2008, Pyr)
3. GEOSYNCHRON (2010, Pyr)

  • Bk #1– Barnes & Noble’s Science Fiction Book of the Year 2006
  • Bk #1– Nominated for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award
  • Bk #1– #5 on Bookgasm’s 5 Best Sci-Fi Books of 2006
  • Bk #2– On io9’s List of Best Science Fiction Books of 2008
  • Bk #2– #4 on Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist’s Top 10 SFF Books of 2008
  • Bk #2– On SFF World’s List of Favourite Five New SF Books of 2008
  • Bk #3– Named one of the Best of 2010 by SFF World, B&N Book Club
  • Greek rights, bk #1, to Dokos
  • Polish rights, bks #1-3, to Fabryka Slow
  • Audio rights (#1-3) to Audible

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