Thursday, 26 April 2018

Elaine Viets

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Dead End Jobs | Biblio. & Rights Info
Shop Till You Drop
Murder Between the Covers
Dying to Call You
Just Murdered
Murder Unleashed
Murder With Reservations
Clubbed to Death
Killer Cuts
Half Price Homicide
Pumped for Murder
Final Sail
Board Stiff
Checked Out
The Art of Murder

Mystery Shopper | Biblio. & Rights Info
Dying in Style
High Heels are Murder
Accessory to Murder
Murder with All the Trimmings
The Fashion Hound Murders
An Uplifting Murder
Death on a Platter
Murder is a Piece of Cake
Fixing to Die
A Dog Gone Murder

Francesca Vierling | Biblio. & Rights Info
Pink Flamingo Murders
Doc in the Box

Angela Richman | Biblio. & Rights Info
Brain Storm
Fire and Ashes

Anthologies & Stand alone titles | Biblio. & Rights Info
High Stakes (anthology)
How to Commit Monogamy
Killer Blonde
Red Meat




“[Elaine Viets’] complicated heroine deserves a return outing.”


“Angela’s endearing, spirited, and resilient humanity resonates on the page. Viets takes an entertaining detour from her usual cozy territory…”

Publishers Weekly

“There is certainly much to like about this first in series crime novel. The characters are well-drawn, from Angela Richman and her experience recovering from her strokes, to her close friend, pathologist Katherine Kelly Stern, who assists Angela with her investigation. The murder mystery storyline is intricately crafted, and with Angela not quite sure what is real and what is a consequence of her hallucinations, the reader is kept in the dark, guessing as to whodunit and why. A strong start to this series.”

Mysterious Reviews


“Viets, best known for her lighter mysteries…aptly handles the darker aspects of this series…Viets includes the perfect amount of details about forensics and police and fire investigations to make FIRE AND ASHES credible without overwhelming the plot.”

The Roanoke Times

“I love this series and enjoyed the dramatic finale—the suspense was palpable.”

Mayhem and Magic

“[T]ightly woven with subplots that played off each other that helped enhance…this tale…This is an engagingly riveting read and I can’t wait to read the next book in this gripping series.”

Dru’s Book Musings

“Elaine Viets continues to grow as a writer, and this return to her more traditional mystery novels continues to surprise with its nuanced plotting and fearless topical explorations.”

King’s River Life Magazine