Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Alex Erickson

Bookstore Cafe Mysteries

Death by Coffee
Death by Tea
Death by Pumpkin Spice
Death by Vanilla Latte
Death by Eggnog
Death by Espresso

The Furever Pets Mystery Series




“DEATH BY COFFEE was a delightful fast-paced mystery and I loved all the quirky characters that helped to make this story more enjoyable. I instantly connected with Krissy, who loves puzzles and thought she was the perfect heroine to solve this mystery. I love finding new authors and I am excited to read the next book in the series by Mr. Erickson.”


“Right from the start, I was engaged in the storytelling…I recommend taking a chance on this new series by author Alex Erickson.  A cozy mystery with chuckles, books, coffee, cats and a bumbling amateur sleuth…just the right mix of mystery and humour.”

Open Book Society

“DEATH BY COFFEE is a quick read with a lot of humorous moments…What’s not to love, with the cat, multitudes of books, and the promise of coffee!…To sum it up, Author Alex Erickson has made a good start to his Bookstore Café Mystery series with his debut novel, DEATH BY COFFEE.”

Jane Reads

“Krissy has spunk and she doesn’t back down, which is great for a heroine…I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next one.”

Socrates Book Review

“This was a well plotted and well written mystery…The story was entertaining [and] cozy mystery fans should enjoy it.”

Book’s the Thing

“Author Alex Erickson is off to a wonderful start with DEATH BY COFFEE…DEATH BY COFFEE gets added to my list of books I couldn’t put down!”

Lisa K’s Book Reviews

” I was extremely pleased and look forward to revisiting Krissy and her new home of Pine Hills when the second book is released in November!”

The Well-Read Pirate

“The story line is great and a cast of characters so well developed, you will be pulled in from the start and at the end you will want more. I am excited for this series and am eagerly waiting to see what Krissy will get her self into in Death by Tea.”

Shelley Reads


“With no shortage of suspects in this tale, funny scenes, coffee, bumbling amateur sleuth, it makes great for an afternoon reading. It contains just the right mix of humor and mystery.”

Book Series in Order

“This book is a fast paced cozy with fun characters and a good story line . . . Author Alex Erickson keeps the reader guessing what happened and who the murderer is until the very end.”

Sharon Reads

“This cozy will appeal to readers who enjoy Mary Daheim’s Judith Flynn or the coffee-shop seting in Cleo Coyle’s Coffeehouse series.”



“To finish this book, I felt as though I had just finished a weekend in the game of Clue. It was tidy, and gave the reader an enjoyable unpredictable ending. Don’t cheat by checking the folder in the middle of the board though, just take the time to read and savor this book. Every inch of this book spoke to the fall, and the possibilities that come with the season. I invite you to the Pine Hill Halloween party, where murder is expected, and love gives you goosebumps.”

Bibliophile Reviews

“Readers will grow attached to Vicki and Krissy and long to visit the bookstore . . . “

Kings River Life Magazine

“A smooth narrative where most of the characters are normal, down-to-earth folks, combined with suspects galore and twists and turns make this a great afternoon read….Alex Erickson has created yet another mystery that is so much fun to read!”

Suspense Magazine (Mary Lignor)


“I enjoyed how the mystery was presented, giving you enough clues in the course of the investigation to figure out the killer on your own, but also plenty of red herrings to keep things interesting. I thought I had it figured out early on and was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong.”

Book and Coffee Addict

“It was a story that I enjoyed and was eager to solve, as I didn’t want to put it down.”

Bibliophile Reviews
4.5 out of 5 stars!

“Plenty of suspects keep the story moving…”


“With the number of suspects and Krissy’s awesome handling of the investigation, readers will have a whole lot of fun finding out ‘whodunit.'”

Suspense Magazine (Mary Lignor)


If you are looking for a fun, cozy, Christmas read, then I would definitely recommend you go pick up this book. And don’t worry if you haven’t read any others in the series. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself headed out to the bookshop or local library to pick up the rest in the series…”

Once Upon a Storyteller

“[A]nother great book in this cozy series!”

My Interdimensional Chaos

“Jump right in and get in the mood for the holidays or start at the beginning [of the series] to get the full effect of Krissy and her crazy life.”

Kings River Life Magazine

“A Christmas cozy for fans of the series.”

Library Journal

“Fans may savor the details of the heroine’s everyday life.”



“Readers will be anxious for book seven when Vicki and Mason return from their honeymoon.”

Kings River Life Magazine


Bookstore Cafe Mysteries (Kensington)
1. Death by Coffee
2. Death by Tea
3. Death by Pumpkin Spice
4. Death by Vanilla Latte
5. Death by Eggnog
6. Death by Espresso

  • Book #1 — in its 6th mass market printing!
  • Book #2 — in its 4th mass market printing!
  • Book #3 — in its 4th mass market printing!
  • Book #4 — in its 2nd mass market printing!
  • Book #5 — in its 3rd mass marketing printing!