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T. Frohock

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Where Oblivion Lives (forthcoming 2019 from Harper Voyager)
Carved From Stone and Dream (under contract)
A Song With Teeth (under contract)

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For The Los Nefilim Series

“Los Nefilim was honestly everything I’ve been looking for in an urban fantasy for the past three years. It hit many of the boxes I’ve been looking for and assuaged some of my restlessness when it comes to reading. I’m so, so glad I finally read this collection.”

Keikii Eats Books
5/5 Stars!


“Frohock has intricately woven a unique reinterpretation of history. Eloquent prose accompanies a lyrical theme amid prewar tensions, enriching this imaginative historical fantasy.”

Publishers Weekly
starred review!

“Anyone interested in historical-grounded dark fantasy should give the Los Nefilim verse of T Frohock a try. There are wondrous things within to be found.”

Nerds of a Feather

Where Oblivion Lives is as full of pathos as it is thrills. Historical context, social commentary, fantastical music-magic, quick pacing, and a deeply personal narrative form a chorus that sing a story you’ll long to hear again.”


“The story builds momentum like a piece of music as the various threads converge on a Gotterdammerung crescendo.”

The Fantasy Hive

“I heartily recommend this to anyone who likes angel/demon stories, music magic, fantasy mixing with pre-WW2 history, and male protagonists who embrace vulnerability.”

Pages Below The Vaulted Sky

“Where Oblivion Lives is a character driven story and Frohock sings [the characters] to life so well.”

Wild Heart Reads
5/5 Stars!

“I didn’t just want everything that has to do with this novel, I needed it to soothe a part of my soul.”

Keikii Eats Books
5/5 Stars!

“Beautifully written. You can rely on Frohock for clear writing and, when the situation demands it, beautiful prose… The story itself is a slow burn leading to an exciting crescendo with some genuinely creepy vibes.”

—Mark Lawrence,
author of Red Sister

“Brooding, intense, and introspective, WHERE OBLIVION LIVES evokes an eerily plausible 1932 Spain and France full of supernatural forces skirmishing in preparation for a bigger war, right in parallel with humanity. This is dark historical fantasy that sings.”

—Beth Cato,
author of Breath of Earth

“Frohock is a unique talent, and she has written a beautiful book. Parts of it will break your heart; the rest will make it whole again. I can’t wait to read the next installment.”

—Judith Tarr,
author of Lord of the Two Lands and Forgotten Suns

“Gorgeously lyrical, T. Frohock weaves a lush tapestry. At times beautiful and brutal, I am in awe of this unbelievably talented story-teller. Highly recommended!”

—Michael R. Fletcher,
author of Beyond Redemption


The Los Nefilim series

  1. Where Oblivion Lives (forthcoming 2019)
  2. Carved From Stone (under contract)
  3. A Song With Teeth (under contract)