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Michael Ghiglieri

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East of the Mountains of the Moon: Chimpanzee Social Life in the African Rain Forest




“Ghiglieri is not one to shy away from controversy, and it is doubtful that every reader will agree fully with his argument, but he makes it vigorously.”

Scientific American

“Michael P. Ghiglieri argues persuasively… The documentation is thorough, the writing lucid, the topic unsettling. THE DARK SIDE OF MAN is bound to provoke some lively controversy.”

The Bloomsbury Review

“When linking violence to biology or evolution, there is always the risk of confusing what might be ‘normal’…with what is right. …And yet the issue Ghiglieri raises deserves a place in the discussion.”

Book Review Digest

“…A sweeping examintion of world culture and history.”

Boston Herald

“The book seized my attention and was difficult to put down… Ghiglieri’s fascinating parallel treatment of human and chimp violence leaves the reader struck by the similarities… I highly recommend this book. Ghiglieri’s analysis of male violence goes further than another book about male violence with an evolutionary perspective.”

APA Review


“…A heartfelt document for the general reader that “brings it back alive” — the scope, the details, the dramatis personae, chimp and human. The book is quite interesting merely as a travel story, personal odyssey, and an insight into the scientific methods of biologists.”

The New York Times Book Review

“Michael P. Ghiglieri’s EAST OF THE MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON is in the best tradition of Jane Goodall. Quite an addition to being a compelling analysis of why animals act as they do, this book is also a splendid adventure story.”

Life & Leisure

“An excellent addition to the growing body of scientific literature on primates . . . Ghiglieri adds important insights to the study of chimpanzee ecology and behavior.”

Library Journal

“Readers who have enjoyed Goodall on the great apes will find this equally illuminating.”

Publishers Weekly

“The charm of this book is Ghiglieri’s ability to place the reader in the midst of the hardships of field work…and then contrast all that with an almost spiritual feeling for what it’s like to spend one’s day watching chimpanzees.”

American Scientist

“I recommend it for anyone interested in primatology, or in animal behavior and conservation in general, and especially for students considering field research on animals.”

Journal of Anthropological Research


“This is a grand tale… His storytelling abilities and affection for the region are evident throughout this well-written book… This is the single best introduction to a myriad of aspects of this “most impressive place” this reviews has ever seen. Recommended.”

Library Journal

“This book should provide exciting reading for the Grand Canyon specialist who wants to know more about work in another field. CANYON will also attract the experienced river rat. It makes one want to turn off the computer and head for Lee’s Ferry. See you down-canyon!”

Environmental History Review

“Armchair adventurers will applaud the ride and no doubt look forward to the day when they may follow in the oarstrokes of Major Powell and Michael Ghiglieri.”

Journal of Arizona History

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