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John Hemry (writing as Jack Campbell)

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The Lost Fleet: Dauntless
The Lost Fleet: Fearless
The Lost Fleet: Courageous
The Lost Fleet: Valiant
The Lost Fleet: Relentless
The Lost Fleet: Victorious

The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier | Biblio & Rights Info
The continuing adventures of Black Jack Geary

The Lost Stars | Biblio & Rights Info
A new series set in the world of The Lost Fleet
Tarnished Knight
Perilous Shield
Imperfect Sword
Shattered Spear

The Genesis Fleet | Biblio & Rights Info
Centuries before The Lost Fleet…

The Paul Sinclair/JAG in Space Series (Written as John Hemry)| Biblio. & Rights Info
A Just Determination
Burden of Proof
Rule of Evidence
Against All Enemies

The Ethan Stark Series (Written as John Hemry)| Biblio. & Rights Info
Stark’s War
Stark’s Command
Stark’s Crusade

The Pillars of Reality | Biblio. & Rights Info
The Dragons of Dorcastle

The Hidden Masters of Marandur
The Assassins of Altis
Pirates of Pacta Servanda
The Servants of the Storm
The Wrath of the Great Guilds

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Ad Astra
Borrowed Time
Swords and Saddles

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The Last Full Measure

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The Lost Fleet: Corsair
with artwork by Andre Siregar and Sebastian Chang!


John G. Hemry is a retired U.S. Navy officer. His father (LCDR Jack M. Hemry, USN ret.) is a mustang (an officer who was promoted through the enlisted ranks), so John grew up living everywhere from Pensacola, Florida to San Diego, California, including an especially memorable few years on Midway Island.

John graduated from Lyons High School in Lyons, Kansas in 1974, then attended the U.S. Naval Academy (Class of ’78), where he was labeled “the un-Midshipman” by his roommates.

His active duty assignments in the U.S. Navy included:

  • USS SPRUANCE (DD963) (Navigator, Gunnery Officer)
  • Defense Intelligence Ageny (Production Control Officer)
  • Navy Anti-Terrorism Alert Center (Watch Officer, Operations Officer)
  • Amphibious Squadron Five (Staff Intelligence Officer/N2)
  • Navy Operational Intelligence Center (Readiness Division)
  • Chief of Naval Operations Staff N3/N5 (Plans, Policy and Operations)

John speaks the remnants of Russian painstakingly pounded into him by Professor Vladimir Tolstoy (yes, he was related to that Tolstoy).


The Ethan Stark Series


“I was quite impressed and pleased.”

—Science Fiction Chronicle

“Gripping, stirring boys’ own stuff with lots of desperate, frenetic, pulsing action as well as managing to be both poignant and thoughtful which is some achievement.  This delivers on so many levels.  If Bernard Cromwell gave literature Napoleonic soldier Richard Sharpe, then John G. Hemry has succeeded in giving as a noble warrior of the future in Ethan Stark.”

Fantasy Book Review

“A gripping tale of military science fiction, in the tradition of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers and Haldeman’s Forever War. It serves as both a cautionary fable and a science fiction adventure, doing dual purpose and succeeding on both levels…The characterization is right on…the plot is sharp and crisp…a worthy debut from Hemry, and it has the potential to join the pantheon of classic military sf stories if it gets the attention it deserves. Give this one a try.”

Absolute Magnitude

“Solidly written, action-packed mil-SF.  The action scenes are very well done, the main characters fairly straightforward, the motivations for the characters clear.  A good page-turner that will amply satisfy fans of this sub-genre.”


“I enjoyed STARK’S WAR and found it hard to put down. It’s an interesting take on the near future and well worth a read if you like military Science Fiction.”


“Gripping. Sgt. Stark is an unforgettable character … STARK’S WAR reads as if Hemry has been there.”

Jack McDevitt

“STARK’S WAR is both page-turning SF and an if-this-goes-on story in the classic SF mode. John Hemry has perfectly captured the cynicism of the professional soldier and the camaraderie that develops in any good military unit—the sense of interdependence, the confidence that one’s comrades are the only ones to be fully trusted.”

Rick Shelley

“A rip roaring race through tomorrow’s battlefield, where knowledge is power, but stupidity still reigns. Hemry’s debut is a great yarn—and a thoughtful cautionary tale.”

—Mike Moscoe

“When it comes to combat, Hemry delivers.”

William C. Dietz



“Once again, we’re treated to a fascinating, complex look at the military mindset … serves its purpose well and tells a damn fine story. For those who like military SF, this book more than serves the purpose, clearly claiming Hemry’s place at the Round Table of military SF writers. I’ll be looking forward to see how he resolves the story, and what else he has up his sleeve.”

Absolute Magnitude

“Fraught and desperate lunar battles and strong imagery … this one is guaranteed to hold your attention and keep you thinking and guessing. 9*/10”

Fantasy Book Review

“STARK’S COMMAND is a worthy follow-up to Stark’s War with its military action and politics … I’m rather enjoying this series and if you like military Science Fiction you will, too.”



“In a gripping space opera Hemry delivers an intensely satisfying read. Strong characterization and well-executed action keep the pages turning.”

RT Book Reviews

“Hemry has a solid sense of military thinking and lunar fighting, and I really liked this series.”

—Philadelphia Weekly Press

“Unrelenting and gripping action.  I found myself eagerly awaiting the series conclusion and can state with confidence that this entry is the final pay off that fans were hoping for.  Once again, Hemry shows just why he is such a revered author of military science fiction.”

Fantasy Book Review

“Taken as a whole, the Stark’s War trilogy is a good read if you like military Science Fiction. It provides an interesting view of what could happen in the near future and the technologies that may be available. The military action sequences are very well done … A good mix of characters …”


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The Paul Sinclair Series


“Superior military sf … The last third of the book recalls nothing so much as The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial in an sf setting, and it attains the same high level of achievement. Although Hemry probably has too much taste to launch a googolplexology from this book, if he were to do so, discerning readers might applaud.”


“A trim novel and a promising series start by an author who obviously knows what he’s writing about … avoids the blood and thunder prevalent in the field. Hemry instead opts for courtroom tension and readable interaction between finely crafted characters. This series has promise to stand on its own among similar mature works, such as Poul Anderson’s Dominic Flandry books and the Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle Moteworld collaborations.”


“A very interesting story with believable characters and a strong moral. The details of military life and the justice system that are explained are fascinating, vital to the story, and smoothly integrated into it. It also lays the groundwork for a series which I am looking forward to reading. I recommend it heartily.”

—NY Review of Science Fiction

“Nicely set up and executed … a nice, absorbing story.”

—Science Fiction Chronicle

“A strong space ship legal thriller that provides incredible insight into life on an outer space vessel, as if John G. Hemry served on one … fans of tales focused on the relationships within a military science fiction will want to trek to the stars with Paul.”

—Best Reviews (H. Klausner)

“Being an officer on a combatant vessel underway is exhausting, exasperating, and exhilarating, in other words … fascinating and addictive. And that’s what Hemry has managed to capture. … Young Paul Sinclair is exactly the kind of guy you want to serve with, and exactly the kind of reluctant hero that great series are made from.”


“For intelligent and well thought out sci-fi, you shouldn’t look any further the Jag in Space. Highly recommended.”


“Hemry gives sf its own JAG with this intelligent and engrossing legal drama … one of the more worthwhile and provocative novels I’ve read in 2003. The climactic court-martial scene is something of a tour de force … Hemry’s nuanced approach is praiseworthy, and I think Hemry’s future adventures of Paul Sinclair can only grow more rewarding.”

—SF Reviews

“A remarkably impressive work of military science fiction. Hemry’s writing kept me deeply interested in the story at all times. I would never have expected a legalistic work of military science fiction to prove as exciting as A JUST DETERMINATION most definitely is. This is military science fiction at its best.”


“A gripping finale … Hemry has managed again to provide the reader with an absorbing and intelligent science fiction drama.”

—Fantasy Book Review

“Hemry explores gallantry, honor, duty, and patriotism – as well as their opposites—in a book where both the court scenes and the space-chase scenes are page turners.”

Steve Miller,
co-author of the Liaden Universe novels

“A JUST DETERMINATION is the “Caine Mutiny” of the Space Age. A page-turning Sci-Fi thriller that captures you at the beginning and shocks you at the surprise twist in the ending.”

Capt. David E. Meadows, USN,
author of The 6th Fleet and Joint Task Force series

“Your book was crafted with care, love and precision. I had a hard time putting it down, and was sorry when it was over.”

Stephen L. Burns,
award-winning author of Flesh and Silver


“First-rate military sf. Another absorbing novel. Hemry’s series continues to offer outstanding suspense, realism and characterization, and this book, no less than its predecessor, only ratchets up readers’ appetites for more.”


“A nicely understated and very effective novel of investigation and trial, with a convincing military backdrop that doesn’t fall into the excesses of most military SF. With this new series, Hemry has made the transition from potentially interesting to very interesting indeed, as his novels continue to show a steady improvement in plotting and background.”

—Science Fiction Chronicle

“Very good and ticks all the right boxes.”

—Fantasy Book Review

“Hemry cements his position as the best writer of legalistic military science fiction working today … some of the most human, realistic, vibrant characters I’ve ever been introduced to. Hemry has done the impossible and actually produced a novel more exciting, more engrossing and more impressive than A Just Determination. I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that Hemry is the best science fiction writer on the current market. No other author manages to hook me mind, body and soul from the very first page, and no other author creates characters who become such an integral part of my life. An engrossing, addictive reading experience.”


“One of the most relevant and intelligent adult drama series being published in SF right now. Delivers on the promise of A Just Determination. A rock solid courtroom drama … delivers the kind of white knuckle tension that makes legal dramas so popular. Hemry’s decision to wed courtroom drama to military SF has captured lightning in a bottle. He builds the story’s suspense expertly. It all culminates naturally at the court-martial, and in the best tradition, this one will keep you turning pages with the proverbial bated breath.”

—SF Reviews

“Hemry has come up with a winner. The tension is palpable, the trial scence is well-handled, and the result is a first-rate thriller.”

—I Love a Mystery

“I enjoyed the book and I look forward to following the future adventures of Paul Sinclair.”


“Henry has pioneered a new sub-genre with his superb space ship military legal thrillers. The legal aspects are brilliantly intertwined within a fantastic military science fiction drama that should promote Mr. Hemry to a best selling admiral.”

—Midwest Book Review

“BURDEN OF PROOF is another exciting military legal SF adventure from Hemry. Perfectly capturing the rapid-fire give and take and dramatic arguments of shows like Law and Order and JAG or movies like A Few Good Men, and throwing in the sholid characterization of classic Robert A. Heinlein, the story moves at a fast pace. Once I started reading, I was hard-pressed to put the book down, and I’m left eagerly awaiting the next installment of Paul Sinclair’s career. BURDEN OF PROOF, like each of Hemry’s books to date, is a must for any military SF fan.”

—SF Site


“One hell of a series. A humdinger. The Paul Sinclair series remains at the top of my list of Great SF Books.”

—SF Reviews


“Hemry’s real-world experience gives the investigation and subsequent courtroom scenes a convincing feel. If you crave a legalistic space-Hornblower, you’ll enjoy this one and you’ll look forward to what he gets into next.”


“Hemry concludes an exceptionally thoughtful and intelligent series on a strong note.”

—SF Reviews

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The Lost Fleet Series

It’s the thrilling saga of a nearly-crushed force battling its way home from deep within enemy territory, laced with deadpan satire about modern warfare and neoliberal economics. Like Xenophon’s Anabasis – with spaceships.”

The Guardian

“Black Jack is an excellent character, and this series is the best military SF I’ve read in some time.”

Wired Magazine

 “Vivid and realistic warfare between space-based battleships … friends from across the political spectrum recommended the series to me, and I see why.  It is a fun, quick read, full of action, compelling characters, and deeper issues.  Exactly the type of story which attracts readers to military SF in the first place.”

XB-1 (Czech Republic)

“. . . a fun, quick read, full of action, compelling characters, and deeper issues. Exactly the type of story which attracts readers to military SF in the first place.”

—SF Signal


“This engaging and interesting first book will, one hopes, be part of a long-lasting series.”

—RT Book Reviews

“If you’re a fan of character, action, and conflict in a Military SF setting, you would probably be more than pleased by Campbell’s offering.”

“A good, solid military space action/adventure novel.”


“Rousing military-SF action… it should please many fans of old-fashioned hard SF. And it may be a good starting point for media SF fans looking to expand their SF reading beyond tie-in novels.”

“Fascinating stuff … this is military SF where the military and SF parts are both done right.”

SFX Magazine

“If there’s ever a space war, the Lost Fleet series could well be the military’s manual. Author Jack Campbell, a former Navy officer, infuses the first book, DAUNTLESS, with the kind of details that make “Black Jack” Geary’s futuristic exploits seem as if they’re ripped from today’s headlines. Narrator Christian Rummel gives this blood-and-guts adventure just the hard edge it needs.”

Named 1 of 100 “Audible Essentials”

“A good book overall and a very promising series to come.”

—SF Reviews

This first hand military knowledge is what gives ‘Dauntless’ its spit-shine of pure quality…This is a stunning work. I cannot believe that it has taken eight years for me to read it. With a detailed story about interstellar conflict, this book could have been written with me personally in mind. I am happily reaching for the next book in the series, ‘Dreadnaught’, as we speak. If they awarded medals for writing fantastic SF, this book’s jacket would jangle.”


“Well-written with a hero who’s all too human and battle weary. There’s much here that will remind readers of Battlestar Galactica, which is not a bad thing. The battles are well-done, but it’s the characters who drive the story.”

“An entertaining sci-fi yarn with a good central character.”

—Fantasy Book Review

“Fast action … solid military sf in the mold of David Weber’s Honor series … the energy of the narrative and the broad sweep of the battles keep the reader engaged.”


“Every thing that I love about space opera and far-future science fiction, Jack Campbell provides aplenty in this novel…DAUNTLESS is definitely a novel that you should read, and I will definitely be continuing on with the series.”

Shadowhawk’s Shade

“Quintessential military science fiction that extrapolates naval combat into the vacuum of space with a real knack for storytelling.”

Staffer’s Book Review

” I found DAUNTLESS to be an excellent blend of real science and space action.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly from first to last page.”

Brandon Sanderson,
The New York Times bestselling author of The Stormlight Archive

“A slam-bang good read, and yes, it kept me up at night… Solid, thoughtful, but also exciting.”

Elizabeth Moon,
Nebula Award-winning author

“Black Jack Geary is very real, very human, and so compeling he’ll leave you wanting more. Jack Campbell knows fleet actions and it shows. DAUNTLESS is the best novel of its type that I’ve read.”

David Sherman

“Jack Campbell’s dazzling new series is military science fiction at its best. Not only does he tell a yarn of great adventure and action, but he also develops the characters with satisfying depth. I thoroughly enjoyed this rip-roaring read, and I can hardly wait for the next book.”

Catherine Asaro,
Nebula Award-winning author of Alpha


“Taking pride of place alongside (the author’s) brilliant Paul Sinclair novels. Fearless is another satisfying cocktail to slake the thirst of fans who like their space operas with a refreshing moreal and intellectual chaser. It’s no wonder Hemry chose as his pen name for this saga that of one of SF’s more renowned editors. John W. Campbell would have admired the rationalism and rigor Jack Campbell has brought to these books. The Lost Fleet deserves to find a home on your bookshelf.”

—SF Reviews

FEARLESS is another entertaining installment in the Lost Fleet series.”

Fantasy Literature

“Ultimately though, yeah, FEARLESS is quite a bit better than Dauntless and it kept me hooked right up until the final page, so I’m definitely giving it my seal of approval.”

Shadowhawk’s Shade


“Some of the best military science fiction on the shelves today, and COURAGEOUS doesn’t disappoint in the least. I’ll eagerly be awaiting the next installment in the series.”

SF Site

“Done extremely well … epic space battles with all sorts of twists and turns.  Highly recommended.”

Walker of Worlds


“This wonderfully well-plotted story is strongly reminiscent of the old Hornblower novels, featuring exciting and believable battles. The story brings back the true meaning of romance and captures the spirit of strong men and women facing unimaginable odds with courage and honor. It carries you along on the adventure, and you’re eager to go where it takes you.”

RT Book Reviews

“Jack Campbell does a good job of fulfilling the requirements of both military SF and hard SF in THE LOST FLEET: VALIANT, and the novel will please fans of both forms.”

“The series is fast-paced and enjoyable to read… Readers who enjoyed David Weber’s Honor Harrington books, Ian Douglas’s Space Marines, or Walter Hunt’s Dark Wing series should also enjoy this series.”


“A great series… Campbell continues to entertain and satisfy with VALIANT… one of those series where a new installment leaps to the top of my reading pile, because I know it’s going to be a quick, fun, quality read that’ll give me my military sf fix… if you like military sf, The Lost Fleet is always enjoyable, and VALIANT is a worthy continuation of Black Jack Geary’s saga.”

SF Site

“A wonderful space opera filled with engrossing battles, dissections of military strategies and speculative scenarios … nonstop action and character development.”

Night Owl Reviews


“Real science fiction, as filling and nutritious as a meal of your favorite comfort foods.”


“Campbell produces one of the few series in [military science fiction] that I find consistently rewarding, and this was no exception to the rule.”

—Critical Mass

“I am enjoying this series, and I expect that fans of military science fiction will also. The consistent quality and publication of the series is something that readers can count on.”


“RELENTLESS offers plenty of military action, epic space battles, a cool ground war, clever intelligence operations, political intrigue, interesting ethical considerations, and social commentary.”

—Fantasy Literature


“The whole series is worth a read. This is a series of fast paced adventure. Battles take into account the vastness of space and the time involved in an engagement. Fans of Ian Douglas, David Weber and David Drake will enjoy this similar quality series.”


“Like the rest of the series, VICTORIOUS is military science fiction at its best … a great ending to a great series.”

—Mixed Book Bag

“Mixing razor-sharp military action with engaging character interaction, VICTORIOUS is as entertaining as the books which preceded it. Sheer fun; fast-paced popcorn reading.”

—SF Site

“Plenty of action and tension … exciting, intelligent and thoughtful storytelling … reads like Horatio Hornblower in space and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Strong solid scifi that packs a mighty punch and I will be adding Jack Campbell to my list of “must read” authors.”

—Fantasy Book Review

“Rousing space opera that blends meticulous descriptions of battles with entertaining storylines.”

—Night Owl Reviews

“Science fiction writing for the sheer joy of it … classic SF.”

—Geek Speak Magazine

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The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier Series


“Combines the best parts of military sf and grand space opera to launch a new adventure series … sets the fleet up for plenty of exciting discoveries and escapades.”

Publishers Weekly

“Among the best military sf.”

—Critical Mass

“I loved every minute of it.  I’ve been with these characters through six novels and it felt like returning to an old group of friends.”

—Walker of Worlds

“A fast-paced page turner … the search for answers will keep readers entertained for years to come.”


“I enjoyed the novel and would be interested to see where Campbell takes Geary and the Alliance in future volumes.”


“Another excellent addition to one of the best military science fiction series on the market.  This delivers everything fans expect from Black Jack Geary and more.”

—Monsters & Critics

“If you want to read some rip-roaringly good military SF, now’s your chance … a great action read, and a wonderful way to get into the exciting world of the Lost Fleet.”

—TCM Reviews

“Another exciting installment in the series.”

—Night Owl Reviews

“Very, very good … a very enjoyable follow up to what was an immensely enjoyable series, and I very much look forward to seeing where it goes next.”

—Geek Speak Magazine

“A fun novel full of political maneuverings and spacefaring action.”

The Guilded Earlobe

“This is military SF, but it’s intelligent military SF, and I greatly enjoyed it.”

That’s Interesting



“Absorbing…neither series addicts nor newcomers will be disappointed.”


“Will appeal to fans of David Drake and Gordon R. Dickson.”

—RT Book Reviews

A very gripping read…Is it possible for such a well-established series to surprise readers and shuffle its well-established status quo? Campbell answers that question with a resounding yes in INVINCIBLE.”


“Engaging entertainment.”


“Stoic heroes, large-scale space battles, and constantly-increasing stakes… INVINCIBLE is a worthy installment of the Lost Fleet series, and sure to satisfy fans.”

—SF Site

“Epic space battles, this time with aliens. Fans who enjoyed the earlier books in the Lost Fleet series will be pleased.”

—Fantasy Literature

“Carefully crafted, the author has a clear understanding of pace and brings it altogether with a wonderful set of elements that work wonderfully on the imagination.”

—Falcata Times


“With INVINCIBLE, Jack Campbell manages to keep the tried and true aspects of his Lost Fleet series intact, while creating new angles and potential implications that manages to revitalize this series with a fresh new perspective.”

The Guilded Earlobe


“Well up to the high standards established by this intriguing series.”


“Campbell’s genius is action IN SPAAAAACE. And the battle sequences are everything you’ve come to expect from The Lost Fleet series, with the added bonus of New! Tactics!”

“The Lost Fleet series is a whole lot of fun, and a great series for audio. Fans of military SF who haven’t yet taken the leap, why the hell not?”

The Guilded Earlobe

“I am definitely left itching for more from Beyond the Frontier…If you’re a fan of the Lost Fleet, GUARDIAN offers more to devour while setting the stage for what looks to be…something huge in the future.”

—King of the Nerds

“He has delivered the type of story that puts a smile on your face and gets your anticipation up for the next installment. I, for one, am an unashamed fan of this series.”

—Walker of Worlds

“I for one, want to find out what happens next.”




“If you like Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet, you will not be disappointed with the latest installment.”

My Bookish Ways

“I enjoyed STEADFAST. Even though it feels somewhat disjointed, it’s faster moving and has more action scenes than some of the previous books.”

Fantasy Literature

“This is a series that has some serious potential from here on out, and I will be greatly anticipating the release of the next volume.”


“The great thing about the Lost Fleet Universe is that Campbell doesn’t pull the punches …fans of Ian Douglas, Jean Johnson, and David Weber will find something to enjoy here.”


“STEADFAST is rather a thoughtful book with quite a lot of fighting for those who like military SF.”

Thinking About Books


“Campbell fully understands the implications of 3-D combat in space, including the orbital mechanics and vast distances involved, without ever succumbing to a dry recitation of mathematics. Military intelligence may be an oxymoron to some, but this novel demonstrates that intelligent military SF is entirely possible.”

Publishers Weekly

“LEVIATHAN is an interesting novel, one that returns the quality of the series to expectations…[CAMPBELL] continue[s] to show his knack for telling a good and engrossing story…LEVIATHAN is a hugely entertaining novel, one worthy of the series, and a damned good read.


“Fans of Military Science Fiction will find a lot to like here…Campbell does a nice job with the mechanics of space battles. He writes a heck of a good action scene and keeps finding new tactics and challenges for his protagonist.”


“Outstanding ship combat that seems closer than the future propels this book beyond other military science fiction series. I loved this and I want more! Overall grade: A”

Sci-Fi Pulse

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The Lost Stars Series


“Campbell maintains the military, political and even sexual tension with sure-handed proficiency…Campbell focuses on the human element: two strong, well-developed characters locked in mutual dependence, fumbling their way toward a different and hopefully brighter future. What emerges is a fascinating and vividly rendered character study, fully and expertly contextualized.”


“..if there is at this present time a better writer of pure popcorn explosive-BOOM military space opera working in the field, I haven’t found them.”

“TARNISHED KNIGHT is as much an intellectual puzzle as it is a space adventure. The political and social aspects of overturning a centrally run government that controls its people through terror and strict regulations are truly interesting.”

Fantasy Literature

“I truly enjoy Jack Campbell’s writing and pacing…One of the most interesting aspects of the story is the internal fighting that has become part and parcel with advancement in their system of government. The rampant abuse of power and casual disregard for underlings is so pervasive that no one can imagine a way that it could be different.”


“The military battle sequences are very well done with the land-based action adding a new dimension…Fans of the ‘Lost Fleet’ series will almost certainly buy and enjoy this book.”


“THE LOST STARS: TARNISHED KNIGHT is a true page turner as Jack Campbell takes you from one cliff-hanger to the next before you’ve had time to readjust to the newest twist. You feel just a little bit of the paranoia and fear that is an everyday accompaniment to a world that is just getting its first taste of freedom. I look forward to the next book to continue the adventures!”

My Bookish Ways

“This brilliant sidebar, new series occurs during a period between the Beyond the Frontier last two entries: Dreadnaught and Invincible… Jack Campbell runs a strong saga shown from the viewpoints of the Syndicate at a time when the vicious totalitarian military regime teeters on the brink of total collapse.”

Alternative Worlds

“This imaginative science fiction novel does a nice job of exploring the difficulty of forming alliances in a climate where suspicion and backstabbing has traditionally been not only encouraged but virtually required in order to get ahead.”

Night Owl Reviews

“On the surface TARNISHED KNIGHT is a simple story of fast flowing hi-tech battles on the ground, complex and gripping battles in space, invasion and mayhem. But very close to the surface its a different story altogether.”


“TARNISHED KNIGHT is a delicious dish from an exciting new Syndic establishment that includes an appetizer of rebellion and civil war, an entree of political intrigue and survival, and is now served with a side of aliens.”

Fresh Fiction

“TARNISHED KNIGHT proves that Campbell can continue to produce entertaining, thought-provoking far future, space-based science fiction. In an era where Fantasy is dominant over the Science Fiction side of the SFF tree, I’d welcome more US authors to write and publish novels like Jack Campbell does.”


“TARNISHED KNIGHT is a promising start of a new series that expands the world Campbell has created in The Lost Fleet. While there are plenty of military engagements, overall there is less action, and more emphasis on character development and a complex political plot.”

The Guilded Earlobe



“Where Campbell shines is when he is integrating alien life forms into the story and when he’s describing battles in space…The character development is outstanding… The universe he has created is full of things to marvel at, and his ability to depict both positive and negative aspects of society remains a strong suit in his writing.”

Fantasy Literature

“Fast paced with lots of action.”



“Campbell’s third Lost Stars military SF adventure (after The Lost Stars: Perilous Shield) delivers all his signature attractions…a fast-paced thrill ride that leaps nimbly from harrowing to heartbreaking to heroic. The tentative steps of establishing a new society are no less intense. Both new and returning readers will dive right in.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Even 13 novels into the universe, Campbell still finds ways to describe new tactics…The ride is worth it. Fans of the numerous military science fiction will find something to like here.”


“IMPERFECT SWORD was a wonderful return to action-packed Military Science Fiction by Jack Campbell. I was impressed at how well he tells the story from multiple perspectives without leaving me feeling like I know the end before the beginning. This is the kind of book that leaves me hungering for another helping of Campbell’s space combat!”

Fantasy Literature



“Anyone who likes space battles, planetary scale politics, and stories with an interstellar scale will enjoy all of the Lost Stars and Lost Fleet novels. Look for a tale well told with heroes, villains, and explosions enough to satisfy anyone. Then they are combined with some real moral and characters depth. If you have enjoyed other military SF series, this is a must-read.”

Galaxy’s Edge

The Genesis Fleet


“Campbell’s skillfully constructed tale keeps a riveting pace, making each character’s personal stakes into fundamental threads woven into a high-energy whole.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“Plenty of high-stakes action and deep-space intrigue that is deftly constructed, consistently surprising and thoroughly engaging.”

RT Book Reviews

“Sympathetic characters combined with authentic details of military maneuvers on land and in space are the hallmark of a writer still at the top of his form, comparable to authors such as David Drake and David Weber.”


“It’s the quiet integrity of Campbell’s cast that will have you cheering…and waiting impatiently for a sequel.”

B&N Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blog

“Daring escapades, boarding actions, ground combat…entertainingly full of explosions. If you enjoyed his previous work, you’ll like this one, too.”


“An imaginative and in-depth novel that spans time and space, VANGUARD will make you want to explore the vast possibilities the universe has to offer.”


“VANGUARD is another winner for me, both as a prequel series and as a fresh start. It’s got that excellent readability that is present in all Campbell’s novels, and when the story is itself engrossing you just can’t lose. VANGUARD also has the added benefit of being a great place for newcomers to join … In short, highly recommended.”


“Campbell knows how to write military fiction. You never need to fear a lack of action or unrealistic action. His characters are well written and he shows a society that doesn’t just talk a good game related to equality.”


“A near constant stream of space and ground combat keeps the action moving, and the characters are both fun and feel real. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys space opera, military SF, or even just a deftly written, fast-moving story.”

Galaxy’s Edge

“Magnificent! Jack Campbell has done an amazing job at bringing an epic space battle to life. The characters were full of depth and color. I kept finding myself rooting for the Squall, even toward the end when they faced unparalleled odds, they never gave up. Four stars!”

Confessions of an Ex-Ballerina

“If swashbuckling adventures, computer hacking, and clever guerrilla tactics sounds like exactly what you’ve been missing in your science-fiction, THE GENESIS FLEET: VANGUARD might be the start of a new series for you.”

Game Vortex

“I loved the world-building showcased in VANGUARD.”

Amazing Stories Magazine

“Jack Campbell’s VANGUARD starts a new series with a bang. Honestly, it reads like first rate, action-packed, historical fiction—only this history is set hundreds of years in an all too believable future. There’s plenty going on from multiple, diverse perspectives, and the characters come alive in the very best ways. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next installment!”

Taylor Anderson,
The New York Times bestselling author of the Destroyermen series

“VANGUARD is the book Campbell’s Lost Fleet readers have been waiting for, whether they knew it or not.  From the moment the young Robert Geary takes his first breath of air on a new planet, the story grabbed me by the throat and didn’t let go.   Strong characters,  complex politics on multiple worlds,  battles against impossible odds,  this book has the whole package.  And for those who haven’t read the Lost Fleet books yet…start with VANGUARD.   Like…the moment you can order it.”

Elizabeth Moon,
author of The Speed of Dark


“The second book in the Genesis Fleet series launches readers right back into the early, tumultuous years of Glenlyon, and the rich characters who have already made this series so engaging … [T]he action and suspense of this voyage will certainly hold readers’ interest.”

RT Book Reviews

“The second installment of the Genesis Fleet…offers a great entry point for new readers looking for realistic military science fiction…Campbell builds compelling characters and surrounds them with authentic details of skirmishes in space, on the ground, and everywhere in between that make this adventure a page-turner of the first order.”


“Fans of David Weber, Ian Douglas, and John Scalzi should find plenty here to enjoy…The action and adventure keep coming and there is a lot to come in the third volume of the series.”


“This prequel series to Campbell’s Lost Fleet saga offers fascinating backstory, but also stands alone nicely.”

B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“The stories are Jack Campbell classics of people with character strength and compassion and intelligence. The characters are exceptional; people you would want to know, at least, the good guys…I do love the space battles and the ground battles. The technology discussions around repairs and battles are also fascinating to me.  There is even some humor! I love these stories.”

Books of My Heart

For Triumphant

“[Jack Campbell’s] characters are well-drawn, with fully fleshed-out backgrounds and temperaments… A solid entry to extend an always reliable sequence.”


“This is the conclusion of the Genesis Fleet Trilogy… I look forward to seeing more from Campbell.”


“Campbell has a sure hand with military sf balanced with political intrigue and heroic protagonists ready to spring into action. His fans will be thrilled, and readers of John Ringo and David Weber should find a lot to like here.”

Library Journal

“Triumphant is like a love letter to fans of the series.”

Books of My Heart

“Jack Campbell’s The Genesis Fleet series presents an interesting take on space travel… If you haven’t read any of The Genesis Fleet yet, then definitely start at the beginning with Vanguard. If you’ve been reading the series, however, then you probably only need to know that TRIUMPHANT is available. Well, it is and I highly recommend it.”

Game Vortex

Stand Alone Novels


“I overall enjoyed the book and declare it a solid piece of fiction. Mr. Campbell is certainly a seasoned entertainer.”


“[THE LAST FULL MEASURE] will probably appeal most to those who enjoy American historical fiction or fans of Jack Campbell’s military science fiction who want to see what he can do with a story set in the past instead of the future. I enjoyed the story as an alternate history.”

Fantasy Literature

“It’s brilliantly imagined and constructed…the book handily presents its story and leaves readers wanting more.”

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Graphic Novels


“A Tom Clancy thriller in space!”

—Publishers Weekly

“A mile-a-second ride.”

—Freak Sugar

“Jack Campbell delivers a sci-fi masterpiece.”

—Pastrami Nation

“The action is thick and fast and the visuals are truly stunning.”

—Sci Fi Pulse

“A feeling of classic Star Trek.”


“A strong, fast-paced story by writer Jack Campbell with terrific art.”

—Chuck’s Comic Of The Day

“A fine blend of action and intrigue, The Lost Fleet: Corsair is a “must-read” for connoisseurs of the genre, highly recommended.”

—Midwest Book Review

“The tempo of the graphic novel is exactly right … The art is punchy … I enjoyed Lost Fleet Corsair as much as I hoped I would. It’s 129 pages long, I read it a flash and can’t wait for the next 129.”

—Geek Native

“The pallet of colors to represent deep space is captivating … like watching a classical science fiction series from years gone by … a wonderful comic book to read and share with others.”

—Outright Geekery

“A solid, action-packed story … The pace is great and the art and coloring deliver.”

—Fanbase Press

“Full of fantastically defined dialogue, accompanied by great illustrations. It’s everything you want in a Lost Fleet novel but in graphic form.”

—The Bookish Outsider

“Add[s] quality content to the original property that welcomes both longtime fans and newcomers.”

—Comic Crusaders

The Pillars of Reality Series


“Campbell has created an interesting world… [he] has created his characters in such a meticulous way, I could not help but develop my own feelings for both of them. I have already gotten the second book and will be listening with anticipation.”

Audio Book Reviewer

“One of the best books I’ve read so far this year…The story is fast paced with tons of great action and very interesting world building…If you like fantasy, I simply cannot recommend this highly enough.”

Badass Book Reviews

“DRAGONS OF DORCASTLE was a fantastic read. From the very first page I was drawn into a world filled with an almost steampunk feel but that’s heavy in magic too. It was an action packed and exciting book and one I can’t recommend highly enough. I loved everything about the book, from the magical world to the fantastic characters, and I can not wait for the next book to see what happens. It’s an absolutely fantabulous story and one that I know I will read time and time again…Amazing book!!!”

Book Lover’s Life
Five stars!

“I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed DRAGONS OF DORCASTLEI can already tell that Mari and Alain are going to be characters I’m going to have a good time following…I’m so eager to see where their story goes next!”

Not Yet Read

“THE DRAGONS OF DORCASTLE… is the perfect mix of steampunk and fantasy…I would recommend this book to just about anyone I know.”

The Arched Doorway

“What I Liked: Mari & Alain grow through out the book; great world building; fun plot that left me satisfied for Book 1 but also with enough hints for the continued series; steampunk vibe; the dragons!…This was a great book!”

Dab of Darkness

“I really liked it. Its down-to-earth style, entertainment value, and wonderful characters made it very hard for me to resist its charms. All told, a very good book to just curl up and relax with.”

The Bibliosanctum



“I loved THE HIDDEN MASTERS OF MARANDUR…The intense battle and action scenes are one of the places where Campbell’s writing really shines. There are a lot of urban and epic fantasy novels that make me cringe when I read their battles, but Campbell’s years of military experience help him write realistic battles.”

All Things Urban Fantasy
5/5 bats!

“I highly recommend this to fantasy lovers, especially if you enjoy reading about young protagonists coming into their own and fighting against a stronger force then themselves. The world building has been strengthened even further giving the reader more history. Along with the characters flight from their pursuers and search for knowledge allowing us to see more of the continent the pace is constant and had me finding excuses to continue the book.”

Not Yet Read

“Quite a bit of fun and I really enjoyed it. . .An excellent sequel and well worth the read!”

Game Industry


“The Pillars of Reality series continues in THE ASSASSINS OF ALTIS to be a great action filled adventure. . .So many exciting things happen that I can hardly wait for the next book to be released.”

Not Yet Read

“The Pillars of Reality is a series that gets better and better with each new book. . .THE ASSASSINS OF ALTIS is a great addition to a great series and one I recommend to fantasy fans, especially if you like your fantasy with a touch of sci-fi.”

Bookaholic Cat

“Seriously, get this book (and the first two). This one went straight to my favorites shelf.”

Reanne Reads

“[Jack Campbell] took my expectations and completely blew them out of the water, proving yet again that he can seamlessly combine steampunk and epic fantasy into a truly fantastic story. . .I am looking forward to seeing just where Campbell goes with the story next, I’m not sure how I’m going to manage the wait for the next book in the series.”

The Arched Doorway

“An excellent third entry, I was firmly hooked to the series by the time I finished this book.”

Game Industry News


“I think it is by far the best book in the series so far, and it had me so hooked I almost listened to the entire thing in a single sitting. . .While I enjoyed pretty much every aspect of this book, like the rest of the series there is one thing that really makes it stand out, and that are its characters.”

The Arched Doorway



“When my audiobook was delivered around midnight, I sat down and told myself I would listen for an hour or so before I went to sleep. I finished it in almost 12 straight hours, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an audiobook like that before. I can say with complete honesty that THE SERVANTS OF THE STORM by Jack Campbell is one of the best books I’ve ever had the pleasure to listen to.”

The Arched Doorway


“I still remember picking up the first book in the series almost two years ago and I still haven’t found any new series that really compares to it yet.”

The Arched Doorway

“I love this series. I am very eagerly anticipating the spin-off that’s implied by the end of this one.”

Reanne Reads



The Ethan Stark Series(Ace, 2000-2002)

  • Audio rights (entire series) to Audible
  • E-book rights (entire series) to Baen
  • To be reissued under the Jack Campbell pen name by Ace
  • German rights (entire series) to Bastei Lubbe
  • Japanese rights (entire series) to Hayakawa
  • Polish rights (entire series) to Fabryka Slow
  • UK rights (entire series) to Titan

The Paul Sinclair Series (Ace, 2003-2005)
3. RULE OF EVIDENCE (March 2005)

  • Bk #2 runner-up on Locus bestseller list (06/04)
  • Audio rights (entire series) to Audible
  • E-book rights (entire series) to Baen
  • To be reissued under the Jack Campbell pen name by Ace
  • UK rights (entire series) to Titan

The Black Jack Geary Series
1. THE LOST FLEET: DAUNTLESS (Ace Books, 2006)
2. THE LOST FLEET: FEARLESS (Ace Books, 2007)
3. THE LOST FLEET: COURAGEOUS (Ace Books, January 2008)
4. THE LOST FLEET: VALIANT (Ace Books, June 2008)
5. THE LOST FLEET: RELENTLESS (Ace Books, May 2009)
6. THE LOST FLEET: VICTORIOUS (Ace Books, April 2010)

  • Book #1 in its 20th US printing; four weeks in Bookscan’s SF Top 10
  • Book #1 hit #6 on the Locus bestseller list
  • Book #1 named an “Audible Essential
  • Book #2 in its 14th US printing;
  • Book #2 – #11 on the Locus bestseller list
  • Book #3 in its 13th US printing
  • Book #3 – #3 on Bookscan’s SF list, #39 on the overall mass market fiction list
  • Book #3 – #5 on the Locus bestseller list
  • Book #3 – #8 on B&N’s SFF mass market list
  • Book #4 debuted at #29 on the NY Times Mass Market Fiction bestseller list!
  • Book #4 in 11th mm printing;
  • Book #4 – debuted on the USA Today bestseller list
  • Book #4 – #32 on B&N’s mm bestseller list
  • Book #4 – #35 on the Nielsen Bookscan mm bestseller list
  • Book #4 – #2 on the Locus bestseller list
  • Book #4 – Top 5 on the sf/fantasy bestseller lists for Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Nielsen Bookscan
  • Book #5 – in its 9th printing
  • Book #5 – debuted at #16 on the NY Times Mass Market Fiction bestseller list!
  • Book #6 – in its 8th printing
  • Book #6 – debuted at #10 on the NY Times Mass Market Fiction bestseller list!
  • Series: A “Holiday Gift Guid: #1 Books” pick by Wired Magazine for 2009
  • Chinese rights (Mainland), #1-2, to SFW
  • Czech rights #1 to Fantom Print***
  • Czech rights #2-6 to Fantom Print
  • Finnish rights #1-6 to Art House
  • French rights #1-6 to l’Atalante
  • German rights #1-6 to Bastei/Lubbe
  • Greek rights #1 to Universe Pathways
  • Hebrew rights #1-2 to Yaniv***
  • Hebrew rights #3-6 to Yaniv
  • Italian rights #1 to Mondadori
  • Hungarian rights #1-4 to Gabo
  • Japanese rights #1-6 to Hayakawa
  • Polish rights #1-6 to Fabryka Slow
  • Russian rights #1-2 to AST***
  • Spanish rights #1-4 to La Factoria***
  • Turkish rights #1 to Gurer Yayinlari
  • UK rights, entire series, to Titan Books
  • Audio rights (entire series) to Audible

The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier
1. DREADNAUGHT (Ace, 2011)
2. INVINCIBLE (Ace, 2012)
3. GUARDIAN (Ace, 2013)
4. STEADFAST (Ace, 2014)
5. LEVIATHAN (Ace, 2015)

  • Book #1 a #15 NY Times hardcover bestseller
  • Book #1 a finalist for’s best SF novel of 2011
  • Book #1 in its 4th printing
  • Book #1 among B&N’s 25 Best SF of 2011
  • Book #2 named a 2012 “Favorite Science Fiction Novel” by Rob Bedford
  • Book #2 in its 2nd printing
  • Book #3 is a semifinalist for the 2013 GoodReads Choice Awards in the Best Science Fiction category
  • Book #3 in its 3rd printing
  • Book #4 in its 3rd printing
  • Book #5 in its 2nd printing
  • Book club rights #1-2 to Science Fiction Book Club
  • Audio rights #1-5 to Audible
  • Czech rights #1-5 to Fantom Print
  • French rights #1-5 to l’Atalante
  • German rights #1-5 to Bastei/Lubbe
  • Japanese rights #1-5 to Hayakawa
  • Polish rights #1-5 to Fabryka Slow
  • UK rights #1-5 to Titan

The Lost Stars

2. PERILOUS SHIELD  (Ace, 2013)
3. IMPERFECT SWORD (Ace, 2014)
4. SHATTERED SPEAR (under contract to Ace)

  • Book #1 in its 3nd printing!
  • Audio rights #1-2 to Audible
  • UK rights #1-2 to Titan
  • French rights #1-4 to l’Atalante
  • German rights #1-4 to Bastei Lubbe
  • Japanese rights #1-3 to Hayakawa

The Genesis Fleet

1. VANGUARD (Ace, 2017)
2. ASCENDANT (Ace, 2018)
3. TRIUMPHANT (Ace, 2019)

Pillars of Reality

1. DRAGONS OF DORCASTLE (Audible, 2014)
3. THE ASSASSINS OF ALTIS (Audible, 2015)
4. Books #4-6 under contract to Audible

  • Book #1 – sold 3,750+ copies in the first five days!
  • Book #1 – 4.6 / 5 stars rating on
  • Book #3 – A “July Customer Favorite” on!
  • French rights (#1 and #2) sold to L’Atalante

Short Story Collections

1. AD ASTRA (Now available through the JABberwocky e-book program)
2. BORROWED TIME (Now available through the JABberwocky e-book program)
3. SWORDS AND SADDLES (Now available through the JABberwocky e-book program)

Stand Alone Novels

THE LAST FULL MEASURE (Subterranean Press, June 2013)

Graphic Novels

THE LOST FLEET: CORSAIR (Titan Comics, April 2018)


***Three asterisks (***) placed after the record of a foreign territory sale indicate that those rights have expired and are available for purchase in that market for that title(s).***

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