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Jim C. Hines

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“A series of action-filled, entertaining, and often funny adventures as they battle hobgoblins, worms, a necromancer, and various other foes. The book will sppeal to both adults and young adults. Prepare to be entertained throughout and completely satisfied with Jig’s journey by the time you reach the end.

—Midwest Book Review

“[A] Clever satire… Reminiscent of Terry Pratchett and Robert Asprin at their best. An over-the-top tale that still manages to be genuinely touching.”

—RT Book Reviews

“A gripping tale…GOBLIN QUEST is a must have for the fantasy aficionados library.”

Romance Reviews Today

“[GOBLIN QUEST] has a lot working for it, particularly its humor and lighthearted narrative. …it innovates in placing the usually downtrodden race of goblins at the forefront.”

SF Site

“GOBLIN QUEST is a fun enjoyable read. Role reversal and jibes at the genre make Jig not only a sympathetic character, but seemingly the only sane one there for the reader to identify with. Of course, if you read this book and drive your spouse into fits of annoyance listening to you snort and giggle at the absurdity the author continually throws at poor Jig, don’t blame me. I merely said it was a great book.”


“This exciting adult fairy tale is filled with adventure and action, but the keys to the fantasy are Jig and the belief that the mythological creatures are real in the realm of Jim C. Hines.”

—Baryon #97 (by Harriet Klausner)

“Enough humor here to make this a fun adventure with a nice sprinkle of originality that makes you want to continue to read to the end. All in all I found this another good example of a humorous bubblegum fantasy novel with some good original ideas.”

—Fantasy Book Spot

“This is a fun tale… This book is fun for all ages. GOBLIN QUEST is a stunning first book that reads more like a fourth or fifth book.”


“GOBLIN QUEST is a fun way to pass a few hours – its engaging parody of epic fantasy takes a sly wink at heroes, monsters, and the dynamics of adventuring. It’s guaranteed to keep roleplayers and fantasy buffs grinning and, who knows, it may just redefine the role of goblins in fantasy everywhere.”

—The Harrow

“GOBLIN QUEST is definitely not your traditional fantasy. It’s a skewed, hilarious twist on epic quest fantasy, turning things upside down and showing them from the viewpoint of the cannon fodder. All of the usual troops are here: warriors, wizards, dragons, dungeons, quests, goblins, and so on, but nothing is exactly as you’d epect. Sick of those formulaic epic fantasies? GOBLIN QUEST is the exact opposite of them. It reminds me heavily of Eve Forward’s Villains by Necessity, which likewise showed a fantasy quest from an unusual viewpoint. I had a great deal of fun following Jig as he took control of his own destiny, and I look forward to future installments in his story. GOBLIN QUEST is a very welcome breath of fresh air, and a great addition to the comic fantasy genre.”

—Green Man Review

“It’s not quite a parody, but it sure is tongue in cheek and has a bit of fun, with a lot of the elements that are typical of a quest fantasy novel. I loved it. …it was a fun read with great characters and had a nice ending.”

—Galaxy Books

“I really enjoyed this book. It’s a light-hearted, east to read novel with more than a good dash of old fashioned ‘laugh out loud’ humor. The characters are fun, and what’s more, the adventures they all have together are hilarious. I would recommend it without hesitation.

“Seeing the world through the eyes of Jig the goblin is both fascinating and original. Thanks, Jim Hines, for a great read. If, when growing up you loved Dungeons and Dragons, then this book will surely strike a chord. Such a great adventure romp. Roll on the next novel, Goblin Hero.”

—Bewildering Stories

“[A] distinctive fantasy. GOBLIN QUEST is a cleverly written adventure fantasy with a no-so-ordinary goblin hero. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun and exciting fantasy debut and will definitely be following future episodes.”

—SciFi Chick

“[Hines’] dungeon delving novel, GOBLIN QUEST, brings a jovial and ironic spirit to the ranks of fantasy fiction. …a fun adventure story, a sword and sorcery story like Robert Howard’s Conan or some Forgotten Realms novels. Jig’s characterization is consistent and compelling. Best of all, GOBLIN QUEST has a surprise ending that even the most hardened of fantasy readers might react to with shock. I recommend GOBLIN QUEST for those looking for more light-hearted fare within the fantasy genre.”

—Grasping for the Wind

“It was hilarious. The subtle gamer-gags keep coming, but with perfect lightness and humor that prevent the book from ever descending into either triteness or dull parody.”

—The Barbarienne’s Den
Grade B+

“The humour, mainly based on Jig’s commentary on the quest, is character-driven and nicely done, not laid on with a trowel nor reliant on multiple absurdities. The plot rolls along at a comfortably brisk pace with plenty of unexpected turns, sufficient backstory is revealed without clogging the forward movement. This book…did make me smile a lot.”

—Infinity Plus (UK)

“This humorous book…will keep audiences laughing while afterward digging for more tales by Jim C. Hines. There is plenty of non-stop action in this enthralling fantasy land and the character development is superb.”

Harriet Klausner

“Jim Hines’ GOBLIN QUEST is a rollicking ride, enjoyable from beginning to end. Jig is a fresh, engaging hero, for a goblin, and takes the readers through a whirlwind of magic and adventure that never once fails to entertain and amaze. Hines has just become one of my must-read authors!”

—Julie E. Czerneda,
author of the Species Imperative trilogy

“Takes us up close and personal with goblins and dungeon adventurers in a light-hearted but VERY insightful quest tale…a hilarious ‘good read.’ One of the funniest dungeon-delving epics ever!”

Ed Greenwood,
creator of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
and author of Elminster: The Making of a Mage

“A clever inversion of the epic fantasy adventure tale. Brightly written and very entertaining.”

James Lowder,
author of Prince of Lies and Knight of the Black Rose

“Need a book that will make you smile, then grin, then laugh out loud? If your tickle spot’s the same as mine, GOBLIN QUEST is the book you’re looking for–I’m still laughing.”

Janet Kagan,
bestselling author of Uhura’s Song and Hellspark

“Jim C. Hines has given us a wonderful adventure from the goblin’s point of view, and it’s fantastic! I haven’t had this much fun reading a book in ages. I can’t wait to buy a copy for my stepson, who keeps asking me what I’m laughing so hard about.”

Wil Wheaton,
actor and author of Just a Geek

“The book is funny, poignant, sometimes riffing off quest tales, other times plunging the reader into straightfoward adventure. I loved Jig and his questions and discoveries, I loved the complexity of the others–including Straum, the dragon. Though this was a quest tale, Hines kept me guessing right until the very last page.”

Sherwood Smith,
author of Inda and Crown Duel

GOBLIN QUEST is a hilarious piece of work! It’s confident, irreverent and laugh-out-loud funny: one of the easiest fantasy reads I’ve come across in a long time. Jim Hines has a unique voice…when you can hear it between the bouts of laughter, that is.”

John Kovalic,
creator/author of Dork Tower

“[I’m] enjoying the heck out of it. Part flashback, part sheer amusement, and part enjoyment of the deconstruction of dungeon crawling from the point of view of the wandering monster. GOBLIN QUEST is hilarious. It has a wonderful angle on some classic material that’s in the DNA of many of my generation and younger… Jim Hines’ Jig is a clever character, in several sense of that term. He’s got the RPG warrior mentality nailed to the wall. He’s got a lovely sense of plot and pacing. Most of all, he has an excellent sense of fun. If you’ve ever rolled 3d6 for a character trait, go read this book.”

Jay Lake

“A wonderful story that’ll make anybody who’s ever gamed laugh out loud, and even if you haven’t, is still so well-drawn and considered that there’s almost no way it can fail to charm.”

C.E. Murphy,
author of Heart of Stone

Praise for GOBLIN HERO

“A pleasant and easy read. Jig is…an entertaining protagonist. The secondary characters are interesting too, and they bring much-needed depth.”

—RT Book Reviews

“A genuinely exciting adventure story. I thought it was amusing, entertaining, and at times bitingly satiric. Let’s hope for more perspicacity.”

—Critical Mass

“One can only imagine what Joseph Campbell would have said about this most reluctant Hero attempting to survive using equal portions of cowardice and brains. Much in the spirit of Piers Anthony’s Ogre, Ogre this amusing fantasy includes plenty of humorous nods to the genre’s standard fare of questing warriors, scary monsters and evil villains for an engaging, lighthearted romp through the goblin underworld.”

—Monsters & Critics

“Jim C. Hines crams the narrative with great visual and verbal jokes. You’ll be laughing out loud as frequently as I did. Hines skillfully makes these characters sympathetic…[and] makes us like the characters. Hines manages is with skill and panache. I closed this book hoping for more visits from Jig and his world.”

—SF Site (Sherwood Smith)

“Another engaging tale of Jig the Goblin. GOBLIN HERO is a great book for young adults. [A] grand adventure. This is a great weekend read.”

—Bear Mountain Books

“Jim C. Hines has an uncanny ability to make his magical species co-existing inside a mountain seem plausible including residing there. With no human in sight, his characters are unique with none more inimitable than Jig. GOBLIN HERO is a wonderful fantasy quest tale with humor and wit.”

Harriet Klausner

“GOBLIN HERO is the entertaining followup to the first in the series, Goblin Quest. Once again, Jim C. Hines turns the fantasy world on its ear with this insightfully hilarious look at the traditional cannon fodder of the genre. They may be small, vicious, and untrustworthy, but Hines proves there’s more than enough cunning and resourcefulness in your average goblin to carry quite the enjoyable story. Hines deconstructs the role of the epic fantasy hero masterfully, keeping things light… Hines…succeeds in presenting an honestly enjoyable story, mixing adventure and humor. If nothing else, Goblin Hero succeeds in giving us a new kind of protagonist, whose allies are as much a hazard to him as his enemies are. This is a fantasy for those weary of epic quests and seven-book-long sagas.”

—Green Man Reviews

“I love it when parts of a “trilogy” are self-contained. I raced through it like a man possessed. [Hines] manages to make everybody who matters a three-dimensional character with hidden depths…all have their little story arcs, secrets, and good characterization. [T]hey’re all a lot of fun. [GOBLIN HERO]  truly is funny… It’s a straightforward adventure story that has some point to make about the human condition and what it takes to be a hero. This book is enjoyable from beginning to end. GOBLIN HERO is just the perfect tonic for those who have had too much of overly serious fantasy.”

—Curled Up With a Good Book

“This is a fantastical tale that will leave you laughing loudly and shaking your head in amazement… I completely enjoyed this book and would recommend it from the teen age on up… Now I have to go and buy the original tale of GOBLIN QUEST just to find the hilarious passages in there.”

—Book Fetish

“Quite entertaining. I can recommend it to fans of fantasy of all ages. I’ll be keeping my eye out for Goblin War as well.”

—TCM Reviews

“I enjoyed Goblin Hero even more than its predecessor. With even more laughs and excitement, Jig becomes the reluctant hero once again. Every character is unique with wonderful quirks. From the brawny goblin who pretends to be dumber than he is to the hobgoblin warrior who faints at the sight of blood, this fantasy is cleverly written from beginning to end. I can’t recommend this series enough.”

—SciFi Chick

“In GOBLIN HERO, as in Goblin Quest, Hines recognizes that wisdom is most often common-sense and that mouthing off to the big guy with the sword is a very bad idea.”

Tanya Huff,
author of the popular Blood series and Smoke series

“The problem with surviving your first book–your first great adventure–is that someone thinks you’re now a Hero, and can be sent on a second adventure, even greater and funnier than the first. Jim Hines gives us another side-splitting, inspiring tale of Jig the runt, Jig the most unpopular goblin in the lair. Jig the Dragonslayer. I loved this book. It has the Path of the Hero, lots of goblins who never live happily ever after, and much wry fun. Highly recommended!”

Ed Greenwood,
creator of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting
and author of Elminster: The Making of a Mage

Praise for GOBLIN WAR

“Hines’s funny bone is sharp and YA-friendly.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Hines presents hysterically funny, witty and surprisingly intuitive writing … the entire cast is disarmingly and charmingly wonderful. This is a definite must read.”

—RT Book Reviews
4.5 stars!

“Part farce, part parody, Hines’ rip-roaring narrative has us cheering the highly sympathetic Jig on to victory.”


“The characterizations are wonderful. Hines is a phenomenal world builder…not only inventive, and funny, his people and his world are convincing. That’s magic of the most powerful kind.”

—SF Site

“The mixture of heroism and buffoonery combine to put the Goblin series into a fantasy class of its own.”


“GOBLIN WAR by Jim C. Hines – The most recent (and almost certainly not final) installment in the misadventures of Jig the Goblin. I was very taken with the first book in the series, Goblin Quest. Hines did something I’ve seen only rarely (Mary Gentle’s Grunts! comes to mind), which is take hero/monster fiction from the monster’s perspective. That was in a sense the sustaining gag of the first book. The problem Hines has now is that he’s created a likeable (albeit still monstrous) character in Jig, and given Jig a life. Good, funny adventuring ensues in following volumes. Third in a series.”

—Jay Lake

“A very good finish to a satisfying series… a good read for young adults and adults, and I highly recommend it.”

—Fantasy Book Spot

“A tale of high fantasy and drama. Of mystical creatures and magic swords and ferocious battles between elves and humans and goblins and orcs…Enough excitement for a dozen regular fantasy novels…Laugh out loud funny…[Hines] showcases his true strength as a writer by never letting his readers stop caring for Jig. As a result, GOBLIN WAR is a top-notch finish to Hines’s trilogy and highly recommended for all fantasy readers.”

—Monsters & Critics

“A great read… I loved GOBLIN WAR. It’s a breath of fresh air in the fantasy field… you can look at it as a comic fantasy novel, a clever satire, an epic fantasy turned inside out, or whatever else suits, it’s all there for the taking.”

—Green Man Review

“I loved every page… a standout novel.”

—Curled Up With a Good Book

“Hines’ best novel so far… highly recommended as fun adventure tales, safe for kids, which will also leave many an adult with a smile on their face.”

—Grasping for the Wind


“Hines reminds (me) of Pratchett at his funniest … A fabulous introduction to Hines’ writing.”

—RT Book Reviews

“Completely engaging and entertaining, these fantastic stories should not be missed by fans of the Goblin Quest novels.”

—SciFi Chick

(Omnibus edition containing Goblin Quest, Goblin Hero, & Goblin War)

“Mr. Hines artfully builds his underground worlds weaving in magic, forgotten Gods, and a host of interesting creatures along with their array of peculiar traits. If you’re a fantasy fan, you’ll love this trilogy.”

Night Owl Reviews,
A 2012 Top Pick!

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Praise for the Princess Series


“Hines’ strength in his brilliantly plotted, cleverly imaginative book is character concepts and interactions. The action never stops, and the characters are painstakingly real.”

—RT Book Reviews
4.5 stars, a top pick!

“Delightful, innovative entertainment… fans who’ve enjoyed his earlier “Goblin” novels should get a kick out of this one.”

—Lansing State Journal

“THE STEPSISTER SCHEME is yet another winner, one more reason why I will pick up every book Hines writes… This book is a scream, and possibly his best book yet.”

—Curled Up With a Good Book

“Plenty of action, comedy, and fun characters. A great read for young adults, but I’m sure readers of any age would get a kick out [of] this page turner.”


“Very entertaining.”

—Critical Mass

“Like a breath of fresh air… Hines’ work is always entertaining, and in many ways THE STEPSISTER SCHEME is his best yet.”

—Grasping for the Wind

“As engaging as ever… what carries this book is the characterization, the love story and triumph.

—Book Spot Central

“Highly imaginative, with fun and engaging characters. It’s a wild ride worthy of any fairy tale, complete with wild flights, high-octane fights, and more… the best part of it all is the complex relationship that develops between the wonderful characters.”

—Errant Dreams

“Fantastically fresh and exciting, The Stepsister Scheme is another hit by Goblin series author Jim C. Hines. Fantasy and fairytale fans will enjoy this quirky and fun adventure of three princesses, each with an incredible story to tell.”

—SciFi Chick

“Hines brilliantly remixes and reimagines three of the most popular fairy tale heroines of all time. The plot is fast-paced and exciting … this book manages to push a lot of my ‘wow, what a great idea’ buttons, and it does it with style and enthusiasm. I can’t wait for the next installment. Mark my words, this is a fantasy adventure worth checking out.”

—Green Man Reviews

“Readers who discovered Hines through [his Goblin books] are going to find similar strong characterizations, the breadth of humorous riffs on fantasy tropes (especially fairy tales), and deftly set up, increasingly complex world-building.”

—SF Site

“What a romp, both light and dark, sometimes sexy, and along the way occasionally quite brutal. Old friends Snow White and Sleeping Beauty forge an odd trio of feminist ninjas with Cinderella in an amazing gallop to save a prince, thwart a witch, rescue a kingdom, and turn fairy tale conventions upside down in the process.”

Jane Yolen,
author of Briar Rose, Sister Light/Sister Dark;
two-time Nebula Award winner

“THE STEPSISTER SCHEME is not your Grandma’s fairy tale. Action, intrigue, romance, action, treachery, and did I mention action? These princesses will give Charlie’s Angels a serious run for the money, and leave ’em in the dust. Read it!”

Esther Friesner

“An engaging, well-paced romp that sheds a whole new light on some delightfully familiar characters. Make sure you free up some time before starting this one because you won’t be able to put it down.”

Mickey Zucker Reichert,
author of The Return of Nightfall

“THE STEPSISTER SCHEME is a very entertaining read. I loved the magic and fresh twist on the notion of ‘happily ever after.'”

Kristen Britain,
author of The High King’s Tomb

“What fun! In THE STEPSISTER SCHEME, Jim Hines shows that what happens after happily ever after is even more interesting. A thoroughly enjoyable reinvention of the fairy tales you thought you knew. If you like your princesses smart and strong, read this book.”

Theodora Goss


“Quick-paced and engaging… a great read.”

—RT Book Reviews

“Fast-paced, energetic, exciting and amazingly fun… a spectacular take on fairy tales. Hines has a winner.”

—Green Man Review

“Fast-paced … a nearly effortless read. This novel will appeal to anyone who yearns for the heroines of their childhood — or just a witty, well-constructed adventure tale about powerful women stepping up with skill and cleverness.”

—Publishers Weekly

“An engaging conclusion to a thrilling, thought-provoking saga.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, even more than the first. With a huge twist on the Little Mermaid story, the princesses stand up against the dangers of the sea as well as odd magic from a legendary sea witch. Steeped in adventure and danger, this dark fairytale is like no other. And a huge twist in the story had me at the edge of my seat until the very end. Fantasy and fairytale fans beware; you’ll be hooked on this mermaid’s tale.”

—Sci Fi Chick

“A fun read… leaves one looking forward to more books about this dynamic trio of princesses.”

Fantasy Magazine

“A tour de force… Hines’s prose and plotting continue to shine.”

—Curled Up With a Good Book

“Enjoyable and exciting adventure fiction.”

—Grasping for the Wind

“Fast paced, with well defined characters.”

—Sci Fi Fan Letter

“THE MERMAID’S MADNESS belongs on your must-read list. It’s an enthralling adventure that takes you back to the stories of your childhood and then folds, spindles and mutilates them–in the best possible way. One of the most entertaining stories I’ve read all year. You’ll never watch The Little Mermaid the same way again.”

Diana Pharaoh Francis,
author of The Black Ship



“Transcends its predecessors with exciting combats, scenes, and emotionally complex characters… a real synthesis of cultural tropes into a unique world that is worth visiting again and again.”

—Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“Combining the best parts of fantasy and folklore, mixed with action and adventure, tinged with horror (just like the original stories!), RED HOOD’S REVENGE is a thoroughly satisfying continuation of the series, and a worthy updating of these cultural icons.”

—Green Man Review

“While RED HOOD’s a good adventure book, it also succeeds in addressing things like family conflicts, loyalty, home, faith and prejudice without ever coming close to preachy allegory territory … Hines excels at world-building and layered storytelling as well as keeping things moving … Easily my favorite in the series.”


“There’s plenty of the suspense and action that makes this fantasy series great. Hines’ heroines are truly unique and completely enjoyable from start to finish. I can’t wait to see what comes next from this highly talented fantasy author.”

—SciFi Chick

“Always a good adventure story twined around the humor … clever and amusing.”

—Critical Mass

This continues to be simply an enjoyable, well-conceived and executed series and Hines certainly hasn’t tapped it out yet.  Recommended.”

—Fantasy Literature



“Mirror, mirror, on the wall — read this book! Yes, read it all!… The fourth and final book in Hines’ Princess series brings a complete, organic and realistic conclusion to many of the story arcs that have spanned the series. Add to this the exceptional character development and engaging dialogue, and you have a must-read.”

—RT Book Reviews
4.5 stars, a top pick!

“Hines fills this volume with heart-wrenching emotional scenes as well as exciting fight scenes, and brings each heroine’s arc to a reasonable conclusion.  There’s plenty of room for readers to imagine further adventures, but the series feels satisfyingly complete.”

—Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“Hines not only wraps up the series satisfyingly for the main character, he manages to click into place several bigger-picture elements which he’s been maneuvering into position over the entire four-book series.  The environments are rich and the action is quick — as has happened before with these books I had to make myself slow down or go back because I’d gotten caught up in the action.  Easily takes the top spot in the series and makes me want to re-read the other three all over again.”


“Turns the classic fairy tale inside out.  Action and adventure mixes with romance, which should please fans of traditional as well as revisionist versions of the work of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson, and Charles Perrault.”

—Library Journal

“THE SNOW QUEEN’S SHADOW is a twisted, dark and fun retelling of the tale of Snow White…Fans of fantasy will enjoy this new fairy tale.”

Portland Book Review

“Fans should be satisfied with the exciting showdown and soulful sendoff.  I certainly was.  As before, the action and adventure is non-stop with plenty of drama, magic, and inspired characters.  Don’t miss this brilliant, action-packed fantasy series.”

—Sci-Fi Chick

“One of the best fairly tale updates I’ve seen in many years … a powerful, exciting, action-packed adventure … you’ll kick yourself if you miss out on this series, and this final installment.”

—Green Man Review

“The series has been witty, smartly engaging, and well executed in nearly every facet.  The Snow Queen’s Shadow, with its more intense emotionality, more high-stakes decision-making, and a refusal to have a “fairy-tale ending” ends the series on a pretty perfect note.  The slipper fits.  Recommended.”

—Fantasy Literature

“A great ending to the series … Hines’ best work so far.”

—Fantasy Matters

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Praise for the Magic Ex Libris series


“The book is amusing and action-packed from page one; Isaac is sure to be an instant fan favorite, and the secondary characters are vivid and multidimensional.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“[A] lot of fun and the perfect wish fulfillment fantasy for many fans.”

Denver Post

“By far my favorite fantasy novel of the year, Hines’ series starter is so much fun… The world’s magic system is something fantasy lovers will appreciate. Plus, all the nerdy book references will have book geeks squeeing with delight!”

RT Book Reviews
“Editors’ Best of 2012”

“Hines has created a rich backstory and mythology that weaves history and magic and science fiction across centuries, between cultures, and around the globe.”


“[A] love letter to science fiction and fantasy, with real emotional weight at the center… a rollicking adventure story full of ridiculous little touches. It’s a seriously fun ride for anyone who’s loved geeky books their whole life.”

“[LIBRIOMANCER] is a joyful romp through the very concept of pop culture and literature…It’s funny, it’s fast-paced, it’s extremely geeky, it’s not afraid to take potshots at genre conventions and its own inherent weirdness, and it’s a great start to a new series. I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

“Hines delivers an entertaining and well-written romp of a fantasy in LIBRIOMANCER. He breezes through numerous literary and historical references, making it a fascinating read for the curious…This quirky urban fantasy would appeal to science-fiction/fantasy readers, fans of the Dresden Files and the Inkheart series, or anyone looking for an adventure featuring a quirky cast.”


“I’m a fan of both Jim Hines’s Goblin Quest series and his Princess series, but I think he’s reached another level entirely with LIBRIOMANCER. He keeps getting better.”

Buzzy Mag

“For those with a love of books, this is a rare chance to get their geek on. Hines writes a really fun book, looking at book-based magic. Between some of the best action scenes out there, combining dramatic actions with realistic after-effects, this makes for a great book. “

San Francisco Book Review

“Whenever I open a Jim Hines novel, I expect to have a good time – humor mixed with some soul pondering, deep character development, fast action, and snappy dialogue…LIBRIOMANCER had all of these things in spades.”

Black Gate Magazine

“Jim C. Hines is a very smart, careful writer and one whose fiction I’ve overlooked far too long. Even if he doesn’t provide hard and fast answers though the characters to the questions raised, he handles everything with a great deal of dignity, and more importantly, honesty. LIBRIOMANCER may just be one of the more fun novels published in 2012; a novel that also possess a strong vein of intelligence throughout. I also thought the bibliography of books (real and imagined) of Isaac’s arsenal was a nice touch. I really want to see where Jim next takes these characters and to read how he builds on this extremely solid and sound foundation in future Magic ex Libris novels. Highly recommended.”

SFFWorld (Rob H. Bedford)

“In LIBRIOMANCER, author Jim C. Hines makes a very literal, and completely fantastic, interpretation of the magic of reading.”

The Livingston Post

“From the get go, Jim Hine’s LIBRIOMANCER is full of awesome imagery and cool shenanigans…LIBRIOMANCER is any book-geek’s dream come true. It is so much fun and an ode to books, to reading as well as to genre-fiction especially Scifi and Fantasy.”

The Book Smugglers

“LIBRIOMANCER is an exciting urban fantasy starring a wonderful hero…Fast-paced and filled with humor, readers will enjoy the escapades of Isaac and his two allies as they leap off the pages of Jim C. Hines’s terrific thriller.”

Alternative Worlds

“[A] super fun, goofy fantasy novel about a magician who can pull any object out of any book…It’s meta, in a hilariously weird way.”
Best SF/F Books of August 2012

“This is a book I mainlined into my vein and it felt good.”

Functional Nerds

“With a sharp intelligence and very strong characterization…there’s a pervasive fondness and warmth for libraries, for readers, for science fiction/fantasy fans, for the “geeks” of the world.”

Fantasy Literature

“Overall, I loved this book. I think Hines has some Libriomancer magic going on because this book just pulled me in and kept me reading. If you are a fan of urban fantasy or liked Hines’ other series, you will definitely enjoy this novel. Grab a copy and see for yourself, who knows there just might be a little Libriomancer inside you that is waiting to come out.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“LIBRIOMANCER was a book that absolutely enchanted me…Bravo, Hines.

Bookworm Blues

“LIBRIOMANCER…communicates a passion for genre fiction that I felt can only be captured with one word – Joy. Jim C. Hines’ novel is an ode to genre and all the joy it’s brought him. A joy that he brought me as I read it…It’s a fantasy novel written by a fan, for fans. I would strongly recommend anyone who’s characterized themselves as such to reach LIBRIOMANCER as soon as possible.”

Staffer’s Book Review

“LIBRIOMANCER…is an entertaining love letter to the written word, and an examination of the power of fiction.”

Fantasy Matters

“Highly enjoyable to read and re-read.”

Night Owl Reviews

“LIBRIOMANCER is fast-paced, action-packed and full of entertaining humor and suspense. Book lovers will find a kindred spirit in this new hero and will enjoy the numerous references to beloved books.”

SciFi Chick

“The premise of magic that allows certain people to pull objects from books is fantastic…Smudge the fire spider just rocks.”

Sci-Fi Fan Letter

[The protagonist’s] disposition and believable love of the written word is relatable…he inspires enough pathos to stick with him until the end…[a] feel-good novel about the magic of books.”


“Every book nerd should be required to read this book.”

—Under the Shelf

“LIBRIOMANCER is one of those books that feels like it should’ve been written a lot sooner, given its subject matter, and yet when one is done reading it, one is left wishing they could read it over again for the first time… LIBRIOMANCER is simply a fun book, featuring a great story and some fantastic characters.  With a diverse cast of interesting people, LIBRIOMANCER is an addicting read that will leave readers impatiently wanting more.”


“A high fantasy action adventure with a high-octane plot cross-woven with the most interesting romance I’ve read in some time. I highly recommend LIBRIOMANCER.”

Dark Matter Fanzine

“LIBRIOMANCER has a really intriguing premise, and is very well-executed urban fantasy….It’s fast-paced, amusing, cleverly devised, and above all enjoyable.”

Civilian Reader

“Perhaps the greatest fanfic idea in history…takes us on an amazing trip, showing us both how it all got started, how it can go terribly wrong, and the actions we have to take to keep us all from being plundered by the Uruk-hai or the battle-droids. This is the most fun I’ve had with urban fantasy in a long time.”

Making It Up As I Go

“The entire concept of libriomancy is absolute genius…While Hines pays homage to the greats, he does it with a fantastic flair for turning the familiar into something original and an irresistibly shameless glee.”

Geek Planet Online

“A book with such a beguiling premise that it demanded to be read…It is pretty much a must read for anybody who loves the genre. LIBRIOMANCER  didn’t just lazily reference its influences, it embedded them in the story and enhanced their myths.”

—Robin’s Books

“Fun, fast-paced, with plenty of action and good coming of age and romantic arcs, this book was a delightful way to while away hours. I can’t wait for the second one, coming from Daw next year.”

Bryan Thomas Schmidt,
“9 Great Urban Fantasy Series You Do Not Want To Miss”

“Butt-kicking librarians, pyrotechnic spiders, and vampires that don’t suck — Jim Hines serves up an incendiary and fun new urban fantasy.”

Charles Stross,
Hugo Award-winning author

“LIBRIOMANCER not only pulls magic from between the pages of books — from Gutenburgg to Harris — but puts it there under Hines.  This is a book for everyone who has ever wanted to pull Excalibur from the page.”

Tanya Huff,
national bestselling author of The Wild Ways

“Secret organizations, supernatural threats, and an unknown killer of unimaginable power — LIBRIOMANCER is one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time.  It’s a lightning-fast race against time and magic to prevent the darkest secrets from history from unleashing a supernatural war on the world.  I can’t wait for the next one.”

Lisa Shearin,
national bestselling author of All Spell Breaks Loose

“A truly inventive take on this market is a major challenge. In LIBRIOMANCER, it’s clear Jim Hines has succeeded…LIBRIOMANCER is wonderfully inventive…Hines found his feet with LIBRIOMANCER.

Juliet E. McKenna (Interzone Magazine),
author of The Tales of Einarinn


“Hines supplies everything a reader needs—werewolves, ghosts, robot insects, a fire spider that eats candy, and homages to classic SF—for a very good time.”

Publishers Weekly

“The sequel to Libriomancer delivers more pulp fantasy action that’s infused with a genuine love for books and for creating unusual—and unusually likable—characters. Bibliophiles and fantasy enthusiasts will enjoy the author’s intelligent approach to both magic and literature.”

—Library Journal

It’s great fun to see just what Isaac and his enemies will come up with next, and Isaac’s very non-standard romance adds both humor and emotion.”


“CODEX BORN is a book written by someone who genuinely loves the science fiction and fantasy genre…It builds on what’s come before and delivers a thoroughly entertaining adventure. It’s urban fantasy built on top of numerous other layers of fiction, and Hines has just scratched the surface of what he can do. And I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

“[Hines] writes joyously for the delight of his specific market…and the supporting cast of characters is extremely well developed.”

—RT Book Reviews

“Quick pace, likable characters, and frequent allusions to some of my favorite authors, along with Hine’s trademark darkness underlying a lightly comical surface.”

—Fantasy Literature

Here’s everything you need to know about CODEX BORN: You have to read it if you like books at all…it’s about the magic and the power of reading.  It’s about power, and ethics, and knowing and owning yourself.  It’s about sonic screwdrivers and pet spiders who burst into flames when they sense danger and vampires and werewolves and robots and the poetry of Emily Dickinson.  It’s amazing.”

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Hines does just what you should with a sequel to a fascinating and absorbing series, opening the world a little more in its magical complexity, providing some new wow moments, and learning more about the interesting characters…This sequel goes where no reader will predict, blowing it all wide open and changing the entire paradigm that had been established about libriomancy in the first book. Exactly what a great sequel should do.”

Book Banter

“The exceptionally-talented author…has left the gates wide open for more exciting sequels.”

Lansing State Journal

“This is a fast-paced read. The conflicts and tensions, both physical and emotional, draw the reader into the fantastic world of the Porters, and make the mind spin with possibilities…I would recommend this read to bibliophiles of all stripes. Hines does a wonderful job of bringing the reader into the series without a hitch… CODEX BORN is as enjoyable and magical as Libriomancer, and a fitting sequel as well.”

Functional Nerds

“If you’re in the mood for funny, read CODEX BORN. If you’re in the mood for nerdy, read CODEX BORN. If you’re in the mood for serious, read CODEX BORN. If you’re …oh, just go read the book.”


“I can’t see how any fan of Libriomancer would be anything less than thrilled with the follow-up, and the promise it brings for the rest of the series.”

Geek Dad

“A marvelous adventure for book-lovers and fantasy-lovers alike.”

Bookwyrm’s Hoard

“One consistent thing I love about Hines’s books: he can write things that are whimsical and laugh-out-loud funny, and they also have depth and complexity to them…CODEX BORN drew me in and didn’t let me go until I’d turned the last page.”

Errant Dreams

“There are thrills, spills and literary shenanigans…It’s another entertaining novel written in the same vein as the first; magical high jinx for library lovers. I look forward to volume three.”

Robin’s Books

“Jim Hines is an engaging writer who is also greatly entertaining, and I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys superior world-building.”

Charlaine Harris,
#1 New York Times bestselling author

“Hines found his feet with LIBRIOMANCER. In CODEX BORN he really hits his stride. While this story’s complete in itself, seeds are deftly sown for the next. Now I’m confident this series will go from strength to strength.”

Juliet E. McKenna (Interzone Magazine),
author of The Tales of Einarinn


The same beloved characters …showcase[s] Hines’ comedic expertise…a worthwhile read.”

RT Book Reviews

“The mixture of magic and modern day is appealing and the story moves readers along at a brisk pace.”

“Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror reads for January”

“The conclusion is surprisingly upbeat, though with Isaac looking at interesting possibilities for the future.”


“There is power when fantasy decides to play into the themes of science fiction and own the possibilities of change and development “in real time.” UNBOUND taps into that, and I give Hines enormous credit for it… An extremely interesting entry [in the series], a real game changer. The joys of the first two novels of the possibilities of Libriomancy are transformed and changed here into something very different, and in many ways, greater.”

SF Signal

“If there’s no more to this series, I’ll feel that the story reached a satisfying conclusion. On the other hand, the series is potentially poised to take off in completely new directions that could be incredibly interesting…This is a great series with a lot of great components, but more than anything else it’s a love-letter to imagination.”

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

“UNBOUND by Jim C. Hines, is without a doubt one of the most entertaining books I have read so far this year…Out of everyone I know who reads, there really isn’t anyone I wouldn’t be willing to recommend this book to. There is just something really fun about seeing the main character from one book you enjoy, reaching into another and pulling a piece of it out. It’s also not just fantasy that UNBOUND or the Magic Ex Libris series references, it touches on every genre, so there is something for every body in the book.”

Arched Doorway

“[I] love libriomancy as a concept. Wonderful characters and relationships. Touching look at depression…Hines’ depiction of depression is spot-on…I enjoy reading dark things, but when they cross the line into actively depressing then I can’t stick with them… The fact that Hines could ride that line so beautifully without ever stepping over it in the wrong direction is really kick-ass.”

Errant Dreams

“I am absolutely loving the momentum of this series…UNBOUND is an excellent continuation of the Magic Ex Libris series and an indication that if you haven’t started this series yet you should definitely get on that!…I don’t know what book four could possibly do to top UNBOUND, but I’m damn excited to find out!”

On Starships & Dragonwings

Escape Rating A: The pace of this story is utterly relentless — breaks for breath are few and far between, both for the reader and for the characters in the story. At first, that’s because Isaac feels so guilty that he can’t let himself stop, and later it’s because once he gets close to the forces of evil, they don’t let up on their attacks on him. . .It will keep you on the edge of your seat every minute.”

Reading Reality

“Fast reads that reference beloved works.”

–Fantasy Literature


“Sharp wit, rapid-fire action, and strong characterization have become Hines’s trademarks, and the fourth and final entry in the Magic Ex Libris series (after Unbound) is no exception. . .thoroughly entertaining.”

Publishers Weekly

“Having taken a bit of a break from the humor he is known for, Hines explores cultural and political concerns in a thoughtful manner, leaving the reader with more food for thought than perhaps one might expect. Isaac and his friends and partners must save not just the United States, but the entire world, from the consequences of magic misused, and Hines avoids the pitfalls many writers would struggle to miss in the crafting of this excellent tale.”

RT Book Reviews

“Stellar action and mischief abound in this latest masterpiece by Jim C. Hines! Just when you’re thinking it can’t get better than this: it does! Timing is essential and Hines has it spades down! Government intrigue combined with magic book mischief makes for one hot read all the way through! Hines outdid himself once again.”

Night Owl Book Reviews

“A good entry for series fans.”


“This is darker than previous books in the series, but any decline in offbeat humor is replaced by plenty of entertaining action.”


“Revisionary is the darkest, and uncomfortably relevant to the world we live in. Fear-mongering, calls for registration of all magical individuals, consideration of containment camps, turning human rights into privileges, and domestic terrorism.  The pain and fear caused by painting a widely defined population as dangerous (though, admittedly, some of them are very dangerous) when all they want to do is just be is woven throughout. A fast-paced, creative, and clever continuation of the series.”

Libromancer’s Apprentice

“There’s really no way to talk about Jim C. Hines’s REVISIONARY: Magic Ex Libris: Book Four without spoilers for the previous books, so go read them first. If you haven’t read them yet, what are you waiting for? This is one of my favorite book series. . .Revisionary is the final book of the series. The only thing I’ll say about that (other than, noooo!) is that Hines brings it to a wonderful close. There are still plot hooks and imaginative ideas that you can play with, but the conclusion is very satisfying. I can’t wait to see what Hines does next!”

Errant Dreams

“Excellent, entertaining. . .one of the genre’s best contemporary urban fantasy series.”

Lansing State Journal


Praise for Janitors of the Post Apocalypse

“[TERMINAL ALLIANCE & TERMINAL UPRISING] employ some great humor, have some imaginative alien races, and explore the role of support staff… looking forward to the final book in the trilogy, TERMINAL PEACE.”

File 770


Hines delivers a fantastic space opera that doesn’t skimp on the action and excitement but pairs it with a hefty dose of slightly scatological humor. The author is especially clever in having Mops and her team leverage cleaning tools and a knowledge of spaceship plumbing to fight their enemies.”

Library Journal, Starred Review

This solidly entertaining story has plenty of potential for further installments.”

Publishers Weekly

“With so much serious dystopia on the shelves, a story like this is a genuine pleasure to read: proudly funny and ridiculous. But don’t dismiss this novel as only silly fun. It is also good science fiction: a solid premise, an expansive universe, a compelling history, a strong and varied cast of characters, pulse-pounding action, and a galactic crisis with high stakes. The fact that it’s funny is icing on a rich and delicious cake. Clever, and should appeal to fans of Douglas Adams and John Scalzi.”


“Hines breathes life into a stunning number of otherworldly beings, but his skills with the human characters really shines here, particularly his resolute and quick-thinking heroine, whose no-nonsense determination brings out the best in both her crew and her opponents, ensuring the future of this series will surely be a bright one.”

RT Book Reviews

“TERMINAL ALLIANCE works both as amusing comedy and as rousing military SF, and I recommend it to fans of either. Having janitors as heroes not only works as a comedic premise, but Mops and her crew make for perfect underdogs.”

Amazing Stories

“Action keeps the plot moving nicely, while plumbing and zombie jokes, lots of team banter, and alien misinterpretations of Earth culture provide considerable humor, for a lively start to what promises to be a highly entertaining series.”


“I had great fun reading this and I loved Mops’ resourcefulness and determination to save her people and her crew – who were all awesome. I love found families so much and their team turned out to be just that, with quite a few funny interactions born out of ignorance of human history. I can’t wait to see where else Jim Hines will take them.”

Book Smugglers

“[B]oth fun and endearing…TERMINAL ALLIANCE is a quick, fun read. And I do find myself appreciating those in the sanitation industry a lot more. If there’s anything this book has taught me, it’s that janitors know the ins and outs of everything.”

Lightspeed Magazine

“Full of humor, suspense, and intrigue – this story has it all. The characters are fun and the dialog is sharp. It’s well-paced and hard to put down. With several great twists and plenty of action and adventure, SciFi fans will not want to miss this one.”

SciFi Chick

“I loved all the clever setups and the humor and the shout outs… The maintenance crew makes excellent and often hilarious use of their knowledge of cleaning agents and the excretory habits of other species.”

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

“Personally, I found the mix of wordplay, tech goofing, and poop jokes in TERMINAL ALLIANCE quite winsome. This is a very funny book, but it also has heart, and that slow emotional burn makes all the difference. Grand space operas sometimes have a tendency to feel emotionally airless—all gleaming vessels and stoic heroes and missions of galactic import. Here, we meet the people who scrub the toilets and change lightbulbs, hip deep in the effluence of our humanity. It’s not always pretty, it’s often funny, and it’s a helluva ride.”

B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“Hines can always be relied upon for vivid characterisation and tight pacing. Here, his skills with character shine… [F]ast, fun, and thoroughly enjoyable space opera, and I want to read the next installment as soon as possible.”

Locus (Liz Bourke)

“Action keeps the plot moving nicely, while plumbing and zombie jokes, lots of team banter, and alien misinterpreta­tions of Earth culture provide considerable humor, for a lively start to what promises to be a highly entertaining series.”

Locus (Carolyn Cushman)

“Hines is one of the most versatile authors working in speculative fiction today…more impressed now than I have ever been.”

Unreliable Narrators

“Entertaining and amusing in equal measure, there’s enough love for the genre seeping through the narrative to make this worth your time. Roll on the sequel.”


“TERMINAL ALLIANCE, is an amusing space opera with a unique premise.”

Fantasy Literature

“Like all of Jim Hines’ books, you’ve got a mix of plucky but unlikely heroes thrust into situations that are both comic and tragic. Also, like his other books, he pulls off the combination.”


“Hines is an amazing writer and his imagination is second to none.”

Daily Republic

“TERMINAL ALLIANCE was a really fun read. Mops is a great POV character, and I enjoyed that the maintenance crew got to be the heroes—but they didn’t just pick up the controls of the ship and fly around as though it were super easy.”

—Ann Leckie,
The New York Times bestselling author

“Jim Hines is one of the funniest, and most fun, writers in our genre! TERMINAL ALLIANCE skewers science fiction tropes and takes on a wild romp through an original universe.”

—Tobias S. Buckell,
The New York Times bestselling author

“I enjoyed TERMINAL ALLIANCE very much. It’s a spunky, irreverent interstellar romp with most unlikely heroes and frequent laugh-out-loud moments. I look forward to more adventures featuring this delightful cast of galactic janitors.”

—Marko Kloos,

“Like the slightly demented love child of Douglas Adams and Elizabeth Moon, TERMINAL ALLIANCE is clever, silly, full of surprises, and unfailingly entertaining. Apparently Jim C. Hines is capable of being funny in every genre.”

—Deborah Blake,

For TERMINAL Uprising

Subtle absurdist humor permeates the narrative, derived from faulty translations, cultural references without context, and unconventional solutions to problems. Clever characterization and action-packed moments round out this thoroughly satisfying outing.”

Publishers Weekly

This is a fast, tense, enjoyable romp… Hines is damn good at banter and witty repartee, and at evoking strong feelings of empathy.”


TERMINAL UPRISING cements the reputation of the Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse as an exciting and rewarding series … Overall, a strong edition to an excellent series that will appeal to fans of Becky Chambers.”


Fans of TERMINAL ALLIANCE will enjoy this new adventure in the Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse series.”

Fantasy Literature

If you enjoy a good dose of humor with your heart-warming science fiction, the Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse is a fantastic series to read.”

Errant Dreams

TERMINAL UPRISING was a fun and action-packed read that had me laughing the entire way through.”

The Arched Doorway

This is a great addition to Hines’ Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse series, but can definitely be read as a standalone novel. Look to TERMINAL UPRISING if you’re ready to chase mayhem and danger while laughing all the way.”

Reviews & Robots

“… if you liked Alliance, UPRISING is an absolute must read.”


“While there’s plenty of sewage-related humor and a healthy dose of satire in the novel, what’s really interesting here is the way that Hines handles colonialism and post-apocalyptic survival… Hines displays a deft handling of how words matter.”

Den of Geek


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1. GOBLIN QUEST (Five Star Books, 2004 / DAW Books, Fall 2006)
2. GOBLIN HERO (DAW Books, Spring 2007)
3. GOBLIN WAR (DAW Books, Spring 2008)

  • GOBLIN WAR chosen as finalist for Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Awards!
  • GOBLIN WAR chosen as one of year’s 10 Best by!
  • Bk #1 in its 2nd US hardcover printing
  • Bk #1 Mass Market rights to DAW Books
  • Bk #1 in its 6th US mass market printing
  • Bk #2 in its 5th US mass market printing
  • Bk #3 in its 3rd US mass market printing
  • Bk #2 voted by as one of the Best Books of 2007
  • Bk #3 a Mysterious Galaxy bestseller (#2 on their March list)
  • Bk #3 a Locus bestseller (#7 on their June list)
  • Czech rights (#1-3) to Fantom Print***
  • French rights (#1-2) to l’Atalante/le Maedre YA line
  • German rights (#1-3) to Bastei
  • Hebrew rights (#1) to Drop of Light Press***
  • Polish rights (#1-3) to Fabryka Slow***
  • Russian rights (#1-2) to EKSMO***
  • Book club rights (#1-3) sold to SF Book Club



1. THE STEPSISTER SCHEME (DAW Books, January 2009)
2. THE MERMAID’S MADNESS (DAW Books, October 2009)
3. RED HOOD’S REVENGE (DAW Books, June 2010)

  • Book #1 nominated for the 2009 Romantic Times Award for Best Fantasy!
  • Book #2 a #1 Locus Bestseller!
  • Book #1 in 5th mm printing
  • Book #2 in 3rd mm printing
  • Czech rights (#1) to Fantom Print
  • French rights (#1-3) to Bragelonne***
  • German rights and Audio (#1-4) to Bastei/Lubbe***
  • Latin American rights (#1-2) to El Ateneo
  • Turkish rights (#1-2) to Ithaki Yayinlari



1. German rights to Bastei/Lubbe






***Three asterisks (***) placed after the record of a foreign territory sale indicate that those rights have expired and are available for purchase in that market for that title(s).***

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