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Del Howison

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The Survival of Margaret Thomas
Vampires Don’t Sleep Alone edited with Elizabeth Barrial

Dark Delicacies Series (with Jeff Gelb) | Biblio & Rights Info
Dark Delicacies
Dark Delicacies 2
Dark Delicacies 3

Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed (with Joseph Nassise)




“THE SURVIVAL OF MARGARET THOMAS is proof that there are still compelling Western stories to be told.”

The Los Angeles Public Library

“The story of how she accomplishes the journey will be enjoyable for those who have a strong stomach for the gory parts.”

Historical Novel Society

“An old west road trip that becomes a runaway steam train, The Survival of Margaret Thomas is simply fantastic. Part western epic, part epic drama, it is a powerhouse of emotion set against the backdrop of frontier America. The Survival of Margaret Thomas got its teeth in my boots and never let go.”

–Peter Clines, bestselling author of Paradox Bound and Dead Moon

“…a truly remarkable novel. While set in the 19th century West, it is far greater than a ‘western’; it is an American novel–brutal, violent, gripping, evocative, and redemptive. The heroine is a beautifully realized, complex character, and her first-person telling of the story echoes with the rhythms and elocution of 19th century American speech. This is one hell of a ride.”

—Douglass Preston, New York Times bestselling author of Cold Vengeance and The Monster of Florence

“…the stunning Western debut of an accomplished, veteran writer. With the authority of Loren D. Estleman and the heart of Larry McMurtry, Howison breathes new life into a beloved genre. I was in the right place at the right time when given the chance to read The Survival of Margaret Thomas ahead of publication. Saddle up again, Del Howison. I will ride anywhere with you.

—Nancy Holder, multiple award-winner and author of the New York Times bestselling series the Wicked Saga

“Del Howison knows his westerns. Smart and swift, this is no cheap powder burner, but is instead a mesmerizing novel of the West. Strong characters, beautiful storytelling narrative, and enough heart for the entire wild wist. You need this.

—Joe R. Landsale, New York Times bestselling and award-winning author

“Memories are what we take with us, and what we leave behind. As Americans, we all carry, like memories we can’t shake off, rich veins of the frontier myths that gave birth to our literature. Del Howison mines these wonderfully.”

—James Sallis, author of Drive

“I’ll put this in terms that western movie fans will understand: Del Howison’s novel is Westward the Women meets China 9, Liberty 37 meets Bone Tomahawk– elevated by the author’s dry wit, attention to historical detail and colloquialisms, and matter-of-fact approach to human savagery.”

—Joseph Maddrey, author and screenwriter of Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film

Absolutely amazing page turner.”

—John Debney, Oscar-nominated composer for The Passion of the Christ

“This delivers on the promise of the title — this gritty novel is about a woman surviving, getting past a defining tragedy, and forming a new life, all in the shadow of a quest for justice.”

Derek McCaw, author of I Was Flesh Gordon



“[VAMPIRES DON’T SLEEP ALONE] is witty and fun, yet serious in a way that makes you consider vampires a little differently than you did before.”

Sequential Tart


“This anthology…is an all-star concert whose performers work haunting riffs on gutbucket themes. …a formidable lineup of horror’s top creative talents.”

Publishers Weekly

“I was quite excited by DARK DELICACIES…there are some nice stories here.”


“Fun…the kind of anthology I like best. Dark Delicacies is a fine sampling…or writing and love of horror.”

Don Kaye, Fangoria

“A new anthology that can be described only as horrifying… Vividly conveyed narratives of terror, bloodletting and grisly death. Veteran fans…should find this collection sufficiently repulsive, spooky and chilly.”

Los Angeles Times

“Indispensable for both horror fans and, of course, Dark Delicacies’ patrons.”


“The 19 original stories commissioned especially for this collection revel in the macabre. Libraries with a strong horror following should add this dark gem to their collection.”

Library Journal

“The editors have assembled a formidable group of writers… It’s obvious one and all of them are having fun and I strongly suspect that you will too.”

Realms of Fantasy

“A wickedly crafted collection of terror. A worthy addition to your bookself.”

From the Tomb #21

“Tore through most of it one sitting and highly recommend it.”

–Fort Worth Weekly


“Horror tales to suit virtually every taste make this follow-up to the Stoker-winning Dark Delicacies (2005) a fulfilling feast of fear. …the result is a refreshingly varied anthology of above-average quality. …the volume includes an eclectic mix of older and younger talents that ensures broad-based appeal to horror readers.”

Publishers Weekly

“Showcases another stellar cast of genre specialists. These 19 unnerving and satirically macabre stories seal DARK DELICACIES’ good repute as sponsor of one of the best new horror anthology series.”


“Excellent. All of the stories are wisely chosen and deserve attention and comment. Recommended for all public libraries.”

Library Journal

“A delicious assortment of dishes to sink one’s teeth into. Like the first Dark Delicacies collection, this is a solid sampling of the kind of writing and love of horror that has made the Dark Delicacies store a unique and well-loved one among genre aficionados.”


“Here’s hoping this extremely welcome sequel sets a trend and results in a third installment.”

Rue Morgue

“‘DARK DELICACIES 2’ does dispense a good meal to the hungry crowd of horror fans.”

The Agony Column

“Darkly engrossing and full of chills, a solid, thrilling read for those looking for a diverse selection of horror short stories.”

28 Days Later


“Enough variety that everyone should be able to find something enjoyable within its pages. The good stories are really good, and as such I recommend the book to everyone.”

Horror Drive-In

“Another diverse and talented group of writers and there isn’t a bad tale in the bunch. In fact this might be the best one yet.”

Famous Monsters of Filmland

“Now three terror-filled titles strong, the DD franchise has become a reliable brand in modern fright fiction, featuring mostly big names.”


“With any DARK DELICACIES book you know you are getting the cream of the crop in regards to authors, and Haunted is no different. All of the stories contained within the 300+ pages will knock your socks off.”

Fatally Yours

“The third volume in the critically acclaimed series once again gathers the best and the scariest to share their new tales of horror.”

The Book Zombie

“Goes a long way in proving that short story collections can be just as well-crafted as their longer format companions, and shows that the short story is alive, kicking and able to scare the pants off you.”

Green Man Review


“The juxtapositions of monstrous humans and humanized monsters will register with fans of thought-provoking horror.”

Publishers Weekly

“With so much imagination and love for the mythology on display, MIDIAN UNMADE is recommended reading for those who love creatures of the night. It’s also proof that every monster has its day.”

Rue Morgue Magazine

“[MIDIAN UNMADE] is so wonderfully and captivatingly written… The stories contained therein are so intoxicating, so lovingly written, and so all-encompassing that they leave you aching for more when you reach the final page.”

Horror Talk

“With its diverse collection of monsters and their equally diverse outlook on their new world after the fall of their sanctuary at Midian, MIDIAN UNMADE is a wonderful companion piece to Cabal and Nightbreed, and a must-read for any fan of either. The stories are well-placed within the anthology (they definitely could not have made a better choice for the closing story) and all of them offer a unique take on the mysterious world of the Nightbreed, and the heartbreak and despair that can be felt by anyone, including monsters.”

Wicked Horror

“The anthology’s stories are harmonious with the theme, [which] permits [the writers] to exhibit their uniqueness of style and expression. This admirable collection is indeed a balance of unity and individuality.”

Diabolique Magazine

“The editors have done a thoughtful job ordering the tales to create a directional thread to the collection. It was this added level of cohesion that, for me, makes this collection of fantasy/horror/sci-fi short stories superior to many of the others I have read…The writers of the tales are, on the whole, quite talented. The stories are of a deep, mucky sort of horror and not for the faint of heart, but beneath the stereotypical bestial gore, there is a deeper, more plaintive note.”

Pop Mythology

“Never less than entertaining, MIDIAN UNMADE is definitely an anthology that fans of Barker and the Nightbreed will enjoy. Well worth reading…An enjoyable read for all fans of Midian.”

SciFi Bulletin

“This is an outstanding collection of original horror short stories in a dazzling variety of styles.”

The Qwillery

“The stories are excellent, the characters are epic, and the collection is just about as perfect as a book can be.”

–Shattered Ravings

“A really nice blend of stories. It was wonderful to revisit the world of the Nightbreed once again.”

Fiction State of Mind

“There are quite a few good stories here including those by Nancy Holder, Weston Ochse, Amber Benson, David Schow, and Lilith Saintcrow…The treatment varies from one writer to the next as they explore the possibilities and expand on the description provided in Barker’s work.”

Critical Mass

Midian Unmade serves the source material and its creator well. Fans of Clive Barker, or of good dark fiction in general, will want to be sure to add this to their shelves.”

The October Country

“With so much imagination and love for the mythology on display, MIDIAN UNMADE is recommended reading for those who love creatures of the night. It’s also proof that every monster has its day.”

The Ninth Circle

“I absolutely love this collection…This is a must own for even the most passive fans of Clive Barker and Nightbreed. Translation, if you are a fan of Barker and his Cabal/Nightbreed story, this is about as essential of a read as anything assembled up to this point.”

Horror Underground

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  1. The Survival of Margaret Thomas


  1. Dark Delicacies
  2. Dark Delicacies 2: Fear
  3. Dark Delicacies 3: Haunted
  • Bk #1 Stoker Award Winner for Best Anthology
  • Bk #2 Stoker Award Finalist for Best Anthology
  • Bk #2 Shirley Jackson Award Finalist for Best Anthology
  • Bk #3 Finalist for Black Quill Award for Best Anthology
  • Bk #1 in 2nd trade paper printing; 3rd mm printing
  • Chinese rights (#1) to Chong Quing
  • German rights (#1) to Festa
  • Russian rights (#1-3) to Family Leisure Club
  • Bk #1-3 sold to Family Leisure Club in Russia


  1. Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed (with Joseph Nassise)

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