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Tanya Huff

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Blood Price
Blood Trail
Blood Lines
Blood Pact
Blood Debt
Blood Bank (Short Story Collection)
Blood Shot (Short Story Collection)

The Tony “Smoke” Series | Biblio. & Rights Info
Smoke and Shadows
Smoke and Mirrors
Smoke and Ashes

The Keeper’s Chronicles | Biblio. & Rights Info
Summon the Keeper
The Second Summoning
Long Hot Summoning

The Torin Kerr Series | Biblio. & Rights Info
Valor’s Choice
The Better Part of Valor
Heart of Valor
Valor’s Trial
The Truth of Valor
An Ancient Peace
A Peace Divided
The Privilege of Peace

The Quarters Series | Biblio. & Rights Info
Sing the Four Quarters
Fifth Quarter
No Quarter
The Quartered Sea

The Enchantment Emporium | Biblio. & Rights Info
Enchantment Emporium
The Wild Ways
The Future Falls

Standalone Novels
The Silvered
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The Fire’s Stone
Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light

Omnibus Edition: Of Darkness, Light, and Fire (Biblio. & Rights Info)

Wizard of the Grove | Biblio. & Rights Info
The Last Wizard
Child of the Grove

Omnibus Edition: The Wizard of the Grove (The Last Wizard | Child of the Grove)

Short Story Collections | Biblio. & Rights Info
What Ho, Magic!
Stealing Magic
Relatively Magic
Finding Magic
Nights of the Round Table
February Thaw
He Said, Sidhe Said
Third Time Lucky
Swan’s Braid and other tales of Terizan

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TANYA HUFF is one of today’s most popular fantasy/sf authors.

Following three years in the Canadian Naval Reserve, a year studying forestry, a winter hanging around Universal Studios backlot, studies for a degree in radio and television arts and some time selling sunglasses off a pushcast after budget cuts led to a staff reduction at the CBC, she turned to writing in the mid-80s, and now resides in rural Ontario, a few hours from Toronto.

Beginning with the Novels of Crystal (CHILD OF THE GROVE and THE LAST WIZARD) in 1988 and 1989, Tanya’s written a diverse array of fantasies. These range from her highly popular “Blood” books (BLOOD PRICE, BLOOD TRAIL, etc.) which mix vampires, fantasy and romance and are the basis of the TV series Blood Ties which premiered on Lifetime in March 2007 and is to be shown worldwide. Other series by Huff include the Torin Kerr military sf novels, the Quarters novels, and humorous fantasies, The Keeper Chronicles.

Tanya’s life-long US publisher is DAW books, which moved her into hardcover in 2004 for her new “Smoke” series, a stand-alone spin-off from her enormously popular “Blood” series. Besides her DAW books, Tanya has written SCHOLAR OF DECAY, a novel set in TSR’s Ravenloft universe which was reissued in Fall 2007, and the short story collections, WHAT HO MAGIC, RELATIVE MAGIC and STEALING MAGIC. She has garnered foreign sales in France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Russia and Spain, and in the US alone over 1,200,000 copies of her work are in print.

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The Victory Nelson “Blood” Series

“With the Blood Books, Tanya Huff’s earned a permanent place of honor among aficionados of vampire literature.”

—Charlaine Harris


“Huff has a lot of fun playing with vampiric lore, coming up with a character that’s an interesting turn on the traditional image of Nosferatu, without losing any of the sexual/dangerous edge that makes such beings so fascinating. Her take on contemporary characters rung true throughout while her clean prose and the quick pace of her plot make for an engaging novel. BLOOD PRICE would make a great movie; as it is, it’s the perfect vehicle for a diverting evenings entertainment.”

Mystery Scene

“Its the kitchen-sink nature of BLOOD PRICE that imparts much of its charm. This is simultaneously a supernatural thriller, a police procedural, and a romantic fantasy. Author Huff splices it together with breakneck pace, good cutting, and, especially, a fair amount of genuine wit. There is a small flood of vampire books at present, but BLOOD PRICE stands out for its entertaining blend of warmly idiosyncratic characters, cinematic pacing, and sharp-fanged humor.”


“A short, snappy little murder mystery … The characters are sympathetic and vulnerable and the action moves along nicely. Recommended – roll on the next four installments.”

SFcrowsnest (UK)

“It’s a fun series.”

Starburst (UK)

“BLOOD PRICE still stands up as an urban fantasy, and a darn good one too. So, if you enjoy mysteries and fantasy with a bite, check it out.”



“One of the most unusual plots of the year. A fine mix of the detective story with the supernatural, and easily Huff’s best novel to date.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“A dab hand at creating atmosphere and menace, Huff has no qualms about putting her characters through hell and so keeps the level of tension high throughout. Entertaining.”

(Reviewed simultaneously with BLOOD LINES)

“Wryly funny … ticks all the right boxes for people who like this kind of thing.”

SFcrowsnest (UK)


“Huff takes a wild mix of genres and weaves them into a surprisingly successful fantasy-mystery series featuring ex-cop Vicki Nelson. With the help of her ex-partner, Mike Celluci, and her romance-writing vampire sidekick, Henry Fitzroy, Vicki has stopped a demon, helped werewolves find a murderer, and now in BLOOD LINES she tackles a mummy. Not the shambling, gauze-wrapped monster of the movies, however. Huff knows better than to be so predictable. This mummy is a serious magical and political threat … Having a vampire as one of her lovers adds a weird new dimension to your basic love triangle … These three characters, with their camaraderie and silly rivalries, keep the tone of the novel relatively light, with little true horror in it … On the more serious side, this mystery has a very strong and somewhat gritty contemporary setting … more than entertainment enough.”


“A dab hand at creating atmosphere and menace, Huff has no qualms about putting her characters through hell and so keeps the level of tension high throughout. Entertaining.”

(Reviewed simultaneously with BLOOD TRAIL)

“A great slice of mixed genre thriller/mystery/vampire/mummy kinda thing and adds nicely to the series so far.”

SFcrowsnest (UK)


“Well done, with truly likeable and interesting characters … a delightful reversal on the mad doctor theme, plus a delightful reversal of the classic woman in peril vampire plot. It’s a great read.”


“If you like fantasy combined with a good mystery, this is the series for you … Tanya Huff delivers great action and the perfect mix of reality and mystery.”

Sense of Wonder

“I did enjoy this series… Good “popcorn” stuff.”

(Reviewed simultaneously with BLOOD DEBT)

“A must read.”

SFcrowsnest (UK)


“Readers will stay on the edge of their seats … smashing entertainment for a wide audience.”

RT Book Reviews

“The best installment to date. One of the year’s best.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“I did enjoy this series… Good “popcorn” stuff.”

(Reviewed simultaneously with BLOOD PACT)


“Fan’s of Tanya Huff’s popular Blood Ties series will enjoy this collection of all the short stories based upon her three main characters. Huff’s tight writing skills and well constructed storylines assure this anthology a space on the bookshelf of every Blood Ties fan.”

Monsters and Critics

“Exciting, short mysteries laced with humor made this a fun and easy read… With a wonderful arrangement of diverse stories, from humorous to more dramatic, this was definitely one of my favorite books of short stories. And Blood Bank is a wonderful addition to the library of any fan of the series.”

SciFi Chick

“With the Blood Books, Tanya Huff’s earned a permanent place of honor among afficianados of vampire literature.”

–Charlaine Harris,
author of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Series


“All in all this is a delightful anthology.”

Errant Dreams

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The Tony Foster “Smoke” Series


“An exciting creepy adventure from a popular author.”


“The author’s delightfully light touch lends a sense of timeliness to this effortlessly told fantasy mystery.”

Library Journal

“Plot-driven, at a pace worthy of NASCAR, and the characters are well-drawn and compelling. Huff also takes aim with a freshly sharpened stake, skewering conventions with finesse and style. Huff’s novel amply demonstrates that genre fiction doesn’t have to be junk-food fiction.”

The Globe and Mail

“I’m going to want to read this one again, just for the pleasure of Huff’s trademark dialogue, her character interactions, her cutting wit and her clever, if black, humor.”

Fantasy & Science Fiction

“Lots of action and amusing show-biz details keep things moving for a fun dark-fantasy adventure.”


“Readers will be happy that Huff has returned to this world, blending horror, mystery, and fantasy elements seamlessly for an entertaining read.”

RT Book Reviews

“Suspenseful and well written.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Slippery shadows, snappy dialogue, and enlivened with campy comments … heavy with fang-in-cheek fun.”

Publishers Weekly

“This inventive adventure combines fantasy, horror, and mystery, making a unique stew of unexplainable events, detective work, and things spotted out of the corner of one’s eye. Older teens who enjoy dark urban fantasy or mysteries with paranormal elements will enjoy this book.”


“A must for Tanya Huff fans, it’s also well worth a look for anyone who enjoys “behind the scenes” stories about the film industry. Highly recommended.”

Infinity Plus Reviews

“Tanya Huff’s attempt to make Smoke and Shadows look effortless can’t hide the fact she writes well and obviously had almost as much fun as her characters.”

The Guardian


“Huff delights in simultaneously bringing out the worst and best of her characters, and she’s really found her stride here. Underneath the supernatural trappings and the nonstop wisecracks is a whodunit full of devious plot twists and genuine character development, and the fune-tuned mockery of (and occassional indulgence in) horror novel/film cliches adds spice.”

Publishers Weekly

“It’s a wild romp, full of dark humor, a delightfully twisted version of the usual haunted house story.”


“The author of the Blood novels has once again proven herself a master of urban fantasy. A good selection for most fantasy collection…”

Library Journal

“Enjoyable… Huff is one of the best writers we have at contemporary fantasy, particularly with a supernatural twist, and her characters are almost always the kind we remember later, even when the plot details have faded away.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“There’s an excellent plot, innovative concepts, and a really twisted sense of humor running through the pages. I look forward to seeing if Tanya Huff can come up with a third.”


“Smooth, assured writing and astute, wry asides about the world of TV make this locked house mystery an easy and enjoyable read.”

Starburst (UK)


“Fans of Buffy and The X-files will cheer the latest exploits of Tony Foster… This spinoff from Huff’s popular Blood series stands alone as an entertaining supernatural adventure with plenty of sex, violence and sarcastic humor.”

Publishers Weekly

“Frantic demon-fighting action and magical musing provide the thrills, but there’s also a lot of humor, with some real laugh-out-loud moments — and just a bit of romance — in a truly entertaining mix.”


“…thoroughly entertaining…”

New & Notable

“Huff’s third addition to her Smoke series (Smoke and Shadows; Smoke and Mirrors) demonstrates her talent for creating believable suspense out of the most improbable circumstances. Vibrant characters and a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of current TV trends make this a strong addition to most fantasy or horror collections.”

Library Journal

“Start it on Friday night so you can read it straight through to the finish. Recommended.”


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The Quarters Series


Diana Wynne Jones selects her favorite fantasy for The Washington Post Book World:
“A favorite book means to me one you reread frequently and know you will enjoy even with flu. Out of a shelf-full of such, the one my hand goes to most unerringly is Tanya Huff’s SING THE FOUR QUARTERS. I love this book for being both very funny and wholly serious about the elemental spirits and about justice, mercy, love, kindness and honor. Above all, I love it for its accurate portrayal of exactly how it feels to be pregnant. I don’t think this has been done in fantasy before.”

“A richly complex story set in a magical world that could almost be part of our own history.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“It’s a great read.”


“Huff has created a romantic fantasy that offers the reader a sometimes feisty but always intelligent, vocal and vigorous heroine. She brings together all of the ingredients of a stirring adventure story set in a mythical kingdom with magical beings and brave men and women and wrongs that obviously must be righted … a complex plot that is a page-turner … The charming and magical cover design by Jody Lee should help in attracting readers to this powerful tale.”


“Ms. Huff is a marvelous talent whose vibrant characterizations and intelligent prose make each and every book a very special reading experience. Bring on the next verse!”

RT Book Reviews



“Complex and intriguing, this story adds a bit of gritty realism to the fantasy genre.”



“Good fantasy assassin adventure … distinctive … Huff has a lot of fun playing with love, in its many permutations: courtly, lustful, incestuous, parental and selfish … Huff manages to make this more than just another fantasy adventure.”


“Readers are in for a double treat from DAW this month with publication of another topnotch work from Tanya Huff. (Her) clever tale is sheer delight for the intelligent reader. A consummate craftsman, Ms. Huff always entertains us in a myriad of wonderful ways.”

RT Book Reviews

“Tanya Huff has penned a masterful second book of Quarters. Her storytelling is excellent, and her characters are well-drawn. The ending is an interesting twist and quite satisfying.”

Affaire de Coeur


“Only a storyteller of Ms. Huff’s considerable merit could create the extraordinary characterization to bring this unusual storyline to full and vivid life.”

RT Book Reviews

“Excellent as Tanya Huff always is.”

Affaire de Coeur

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The Keeper Chronicles


“No one tickles the funnybone and chills the blood better than Tanya Huff, who does both exceedingly well in her wonderful new novel….With screamingly funny dialogue and sharp plotting, Ms. Huff makes every word a positively delightful experience in this imaginative tale.”

RT Book Reviews

“Plenty of odd characters and touches of unexpected magic and humor to keep things moving, for a contemporary fantasy that’s lots of fun.”


“Pick up this gem of a book. Huff tells a great story, but never takes herself or it too seriously. She consciously borrows elements from other books as well as movies, comics and mythology and combines them with her own great imagination to make a thoroughly satisfying story.”

SF Site

“A brilliant creation … uniquely memorable and quirky characters. The story line is riveting with never a dull moment. SUMMON THE KEEPER is a keeper that will summon its readers into buying future novels in the series.”

Midwest Book Review

“[A] light, amusing, fast-paced read…”

Fantasy Literature


“From the strengths of these first two novels, it’s clear that Tanya Huff has here a series that rivals her Vicky Nelson Blood books. . . . Entertaining and often riveting, the Keeper’s Chronicles are good examples of urban fantasy, from one of Canada’s best fantasy authors, and well worth the read. I can only hope to see more in this series . . .”

Green Man Review

“Fantasy readers will enjoy this tale and feel summoned by Ms. Huff to become a series regular.”

Midwest Book Review

“Cleverly and wittily done as always … this is likely to be one of the best contemporary fantasies of the past year.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Plenty of tongue-in-cheek-fun.”


“Fans of humorous fantasy will enjoy this fast-moving tale, as will cat lovers and anyone else who can suspend their disbelief and settle back for a good time.”


“Huff’s wit and satire are so outrageously funny that one wants to keep reading.”


“THE SECOND SUMMONING is every bit as funny as Summon the Keeper. It ranges from sly humor to Mel Brooks-like slapstick…The characters are wonderful…a recipe for hilarity.”

Errant Dreams


the #1 Locus bestseller

“Fresh, witty and amusing. Great reading for a hot summer night.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“A fantastic and fun read. Huff delivers raucous action and irreverent characters with attitude.”

RT Book Reviews

“A delightful and charming urban fantasy that is both funny and exciting.”

Midwest Book Review

“Good fun.”


“Clever, quick and tongue-in-cheek, another entertaining, whimsical tale of the Keepers, one that’ll make a great summer read.”

The Greenman Review

“I love this series and its tongue in cheek satire of modern life, the mall and the minivan; don’t miss it!”


“A guaranteed fun time.”


“A frothy brew of humor, action and magic.”


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The Torin Kerr “Valor” Series


“The notable Tanya Huff proves herself qually adept at military as as contemporary fantasy in her riveting VALOR’S CHOICE … Ms. Huff captures the ambiance of an elite military group and adds a rare depth to skillful characterization to make each personality stand up and be counted. Don’t miss this one.”

RT Book Reviews

“An intriguing alien race, a likeable protagonist, a fast moving plot, and a rousing ending. What more could you ask for?”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Grabs the attention and doesn’t let go. Her writing is as crisp and engaging as ever…I do look forward to seeing if Huff plans any more books set in this same universe.”

Asbolute Magnitude

“Readers who enjoy military sf will love VALOR’S CHOICE. Howlingly funny and very suspenseful. I enjoyed every word.”


“Gutsy, capable, and kick-ass. Everything a reader could hope for.”

Civilian Reader

VALOR’S CHOICE is a rapid fire military science fiction. It features everything that you want to read in this genre from the techy gadgets down to the intriguing and interesting alien races… Tanya Huff knows how to create an interesting world and great characters and the action when it takes place will leave you wanting more.”

The Book Plank

“From the outset I was hooked... VALOR’S CHOICE is a page turner…The more I read of Tanya Huff the more of a fan I become.”

The Cult Den

“From the moment things start to kick off, the narrative ramps up a gear and doesn’t ease down until the very end – which also had an unpredictable twist I thoroughly appreciated…If you enjoy military science fiction on any level, give this book a go.”


“[Huff] strikes a balance between the physicality of war and the emotional toll it takes on troops on the ground, and between the personal and the political… it’s just right for this kind of story where the balance of deftness and a delicate hand is required.”

From Cover to Cover


“This sequel to Valor’s Choice, featuring a gutsy, fast-thinking female space-marine protagonist, establishes veteran fantasy author Huff as an acoomplished spinner of high-tech military-sf adventure. For most sf collections.”

Library Journal

“Sure to appeal to David Drake readers and to Huff’s legion of fans … Huff mixes grit and black humor with grace. The action doesn’t stop once it starts, but it’s peppered with laugh-out-loud observations … Huff wins the battle handily. She kicks boredom’s butt.”

Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

“Huff’s characterization and knowledge of military subculture bring the book to a suspense-filled and rousing finale once again allowing Torin Kerr to shine in her role as the touch, resourceful and supremely competent leader.”


“This book is “Rendezvous with Rama” for the rest of us: exciting, mysterious and full of action and puzzles to solve. Torin is everything you want in an action heroine, and this book will leave readers anxious for her next adventure.”


“A thriller that is every bit as exciting as Star Wars. Tanya Huff’s latest work is so action packed and colorful it would make a great movie. Torin is a great heroine while the realistic species provide an authentic spin to this vigorous fantastic futuristic tale.”

Midwest Book Review

“The action is riveting, pulse-pounding, and damn fine to boot. Not all authors do a good job with combat, but in the Valor books I’m totally enthralled with the danger and excitement.”

Errant Dreams

“Torin Kerr is a compelling mix of hard and soft features, witty, capable and fair. Her squad is comprised of clear-cut individuals as well. Huff’s flair for battle scenes and her clarity in visual descriptions support the action quite well … this novel whips along in a succession of well-staged battles.”

SciFi.com (Paul Di Filippo)

“Suspenseful, edgy, dark, brilliant.”

The Cult Den


“Fast-paced. The intriguing and well-designed aliens and intricate plotting keep the reader guessing.”

Publishers Weekly

“One of the refreshing things about Tanya Huff’s Confederation series, of which this is the third, is that even though they’re essentially military SF, they vary quite a bit from the usual pattern and are interesting as novels as well as military adventures. A nice mystery wrapped up in an adventure story.”

Critical Mass

“Rip-roaring military SF. This is Torin Kerr’s greatest test to date, and it takes a true heart of valor to get her through her trial.”


“Series fans will enjoy this fast-paced adventure, appealing to the same audience as David Weber’s Honor Harrington series. A good choice for most sf collections.”

Library Journal

“I still read it nonstop. I love Tanya Huff’s work (both fantasy and SF) and will happily embard on any reading adventure she takes me on, especially one involving tough as nails Torin Kerr.”


“It’s a great mix of military action and mystery with lots of twists and fun characters.”


“Huff has written an engaging new installment in the tales of Torin Kerr that is likely to please and hard-core fans of military science fiction who has read the first two books.”

SciFi Weekly

“A fast, smooth pace combined with plenty of political machinations and battlefield skirmishes make for a satisfying read. The difficulties that come with several different species being integrated into a single fighting unit add depth and realism. Plenty of questions are raised regarding the Elders, the Others and a strange new life form pave the way for further exciting adventures.”

Monsters & Critics


“Huff’s appealing heroine is as fiercely maternal as she is fierce in battle. The denoument is not unexpected, but Huff skillfully accomplishes its exposition while still managing a few surprises.”

Publishers Weekly

“It’s a great read, a powerful surviving scenario made particularly fascinating by the interactions of multiple species working together.”


“Filled with both action scenes and personal drama, this sf adventure belongs in most libraries.”

Library Journal

“A cracking good military yarn. Packed full of intense battle scenes, some great tech toys and snappy dialog, Huff once again demonstrates her prowess as an extremely talented author.”

Monsters & Critics

“Fast moving action and an appealing protagonist embellish an interesting plot. The novel is a kind of cross between early Andre Norton and Lois McMaster Bujold.”

Critical Mass

Tanya Huff writes great sci-fi and great military books and the first three instalments of the Confederation novels were a superb read, but with VALOUR’S TRIAL Huff excels. I have loved the adventures of Torin Kerr and, whilst the other titles were great fun, this novel has a sense of realism to it…A must read Military Sci-Fi novel by an author rapidly shooting up my favourites list.”

The Cult Den

“Highly entertaining… I can’t wait to find out what comes next.””

Book Loons


“Tanya Huff writes the best space opera around and I can’t wait to see what explosive action will follow for ex-Gunnery Sergeant Torin Kerr and her crew.”

Book Loons

“The Torin Kerr novels are my favorite books in this genre… The ‘Valor’ Series is not just space opera at its finest, it provides a roller-coaster adventure ride.”

Night Owl Reviews
Top pick!

“A gripping, entertaining read…Torin remains a great character, the plot still moves briskly, and Huff’s prose is as good as ever…it’s engaging, very well-written, and addictive.”

Civilian Reader

“Torin continues to be one of the most terrifyingly competent women in Sci Fi… THE TRUTH OF VALOR is a solid, entertaining read. For fans of the series, this book is everything you could wish for.”

Book Yurt

“High adventure, nicely told.”

Critical Mass

“Huff has taken the genre light years beyond what anybody in the past could have imagined it being. This is not just a good book for its genre, it’s a good book –”period.”



“Huff’s ability to communicate complex personal dynamics and deep trust through what feels like casual banter establishes the character of the team well for the reader, and solid stretches of reconnaissance and well-tuned moments of violence show Huff’s military SF skills still on point.”

Publishers Weekly

“The action hits the planet running, Huff kicks it into high gear.”

RT Book Reviews

“This book can be read as a straight-up adventure (with obvious nods to Indiana Jones along the way), and on that level it’s very entertaining. But there’s more to it, if you pause to consider. . .I’m really looking forward to seeing where the next book goes. I think Torin Kerr has become my favorite of Huff’s characters, which is saying something.”

Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

“[I] thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced and fun “secret mission” type story, and look forward to reading the next book in the series. I definitely recommend AN ANCIENT PEACE for fans of military sci-fi.”


“Plenty of action. . .it’s a fun adventure.”


“AN ANCIENT PEACE might be the most fun you’ll have with a book this year.”

Northern Tomorrows

“Escape Rating A: The Valor Confederation series is one of my all-time favorite military SF series. . .[and] the story in An Ancient Peace is certainly the adrenaline-fueled adventure that I have come to know, love and expect from this series.”

Reading Realities


“Huff weaves a fast-paced thriller bristling with treachery and intrigue. Fans of military science fiction will enjoy this tense adventure and its intricately constructed setting.”

Publishers Weekly

“Book two of the Peacekeeper series is a fun outing with familiar characters on a remote world that may hold the key to ending all the threats that sentient plastic holds.”

RT Book Reviews

“Tanya Huff knows how to tell a rip-roaring, military sci-fi mystery story like few others.”

B&N SciFi & Fantasy Blog

“It’s a fun novel, pacey, full of banter, with plenty of space for more sequels. Torin Kerr the Justice Department Warden approaches her work and her life differently to Torin Kerr the Marine, but once a Gunnery Sergeant, always a Gunnery Sergeant. Explosions abound!”


“Characters grow and change through the experiences they have between the pages. Tanya Huff does an excellent job on this, not only with Torin, but with the other members of her team.”

The Qwillery

“Huff has the best dialogue in the business—which I’ve said before—but she also has a very pragmatic eye to world-building and the realities of Torin Kerr’s life. I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s clear that this second book of three is following not just Torin, but the consequences of war, war cut short, and those who profited from it.

This book is fun, it’s entertaining, and it touches on serious issues as it zooms along, never dragging its feet. While it’s part of a series, I think it can be read as a standalone, although An Ancient Peace is available in paperback as well, if you want to start there. Alternately, you could start with A Confederation of Valor, the first two books in Torin Kerr’s story. I don’t think there’s a bad place to start.”

Fantasy & Science Fiction


“Huff’s skill at worldbuilding is impressive and, over the course of the Confederation and Peacekeeper series, the author has created a complex, multi-cultural setting in which to explore issues of colonialism and the trauma of war. This is a great series for fans of the TV show Farscape (Torin has definite Aeryn Sun vibes) or Ann Leckie’s Imperial Radch series.”

Den of Geek

“THE PRIVILEGE OF PEACE is, in theory, the last of the Torin Kerr books, and I’m going to miss her. I think this is my favorite of the three books, and Huff’s dry wit and incredibly apt but satirical descriptions caused me to laugh out loud often enough I ended up reading a quarter of the book out loud to answer the “what’s so funny” question each time. Highly recommended.”

Fantasy & Science Fiction

“Huff brings her action-packed Peacekeeper military SF trilogy to an explosive conclusion with this twisty third installment…This rapid-fire adventure is brimming with tense intrigue and lively, believable human and alien characters.”

Publishers Weekly

“in a world where a lot of series either never finish or fizzle by the end, Tanya’s is stellar from beginning to end.”

Black Gate

“It’s up to Torin and her team of extremely competent misfits to set things right. And kick ass and take names. THE PRIVILEGE OF PEACE is a very fun novel, and a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.”

Tor.com (Liz Bourke)

“The plot, full of small battles building up to a grand confrontation, moves at a breakneck pace, while Torin’s highly skilled team and their banter add welcome touches of humor to fraught situations. Enough threads are tied off to make this a reasonable conclusion to the series – but I’m hoping for more to come.”

Locus (Carolyn Cushman)

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The Enchantment Emporium Series


“Thoughtful and leisurely, this fresh urban fantasy from Huff features an ensemble cast of nuanced characters… Fantasy buffs will find plenty of humor, thrills and original mythology to chew on, along with refreshingly three-dimensional women in an original, fully-realized world.”

Publishers Weekly

“This enchanting, suspenseful urban fantasy should grab fans of Charles de Lint, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, and Jim Butcher.”

Booklist (Starred Review)
Named one of the 10 Best SF/F of 2009

“A delight from start to finish — by turns humorous, romantic and dramatic. So far, this is easily one of my favorite books of the year.”

Fantasy and Science Fiction
Reviewed by Charles de Lint

“A big part of the fun of this offbeat contemporary fantasy is figuring out just what’s really going on with Allie’s extended family.”


Tanya Huff crams so much delightful stuff into her books that they deserve to be slowly unpacked…The story emerges from a dazzling array of character and detail…There is so much to love about this book, the first in a series. The magic is deftly handled, the family stuff is bewildering and gripping, and the humour is as sharp as a dragon’s tooth.”

Daily Mail

“Huff’s new novel makes most of the other paranormal fantasy I’ve read recently pale in comparison… delightfully fresh.”

Critical Mass

“A masterful new urban fantasy… fun, fast, and filled with snappy dialogue.”

Monsters & Critics

“Enchanting, mischievous and lively, a wonderful fantasy creation…one of the best fantasy books I have read for a long time and I can really recommend it.  Entertaining, fun and interesting; it offers something for everyone.”

Monsters & Critics

“I find myself hoping [it] will become an extended series.  The story is a little deeper, a little more complex, pacing is perfectly apt, the characters are more fully rounded, the dialogue is still sharp, and it all fits together without a seam.”

Green Man Review

“After dozens of stories of feisty women battling vampires, werewolves, demons, black magic, and so forth, this felt delightfully fresh and sometimes even funny.”

Fantasy Review

“The prose is witty and the banter fast-paced and laced with pop culture references, making me actually laugh out loud on more than one occasion.”

Fantasy Literature

“Huff is a fine writer — there’s no mistake about that… the take takes off… into a brisk, quirky, romantic fantasy that has plenty to offer. For the right type of reader, this book will be a blast.”

Cal Lit Review

“Tanya Huff never disappoints in her seemingly endless supply of urban fantasy tales. Her characters are always interesting and laced with her trademark rongue-in-cheek humor. Heroic misfits are somewhat of a specialty for her, and Alysha and her Leprechaun are no exceptions. I loved this book and sincerely hope this is the beginning of a new series.”

Affaire de Coeur

“I found THE ENCHANTMENT EMPORIUM a delightful read. Huff has created a wonderfully large cast of characters, some lovable, some laughable, some inscrutable, and some just plain mysterious. Mix in a magical meddling family, a mysterious reporter, a lonely leprechaun, and some dragons with an agenda of their own, and you have a story worth getting to the end of.”

BSC Review

“There aren’t too many writers out there who are able to switch between genres so easily and create stories as credible in one as they do in another. One of the exceptions is Tanya Huff. She’s not only capable of delivering well-crafted stories and plots in every genre she attempts, she also consistently creates memorable characters whom her readers can identify with.”


“Enchanting is the best way to describe THE ENCHANTMENT EMPORIUM. I loved every minute that I spent with the remarkable Gale clan and didn’t want it to end. Charming and funny, this is a novel about family, love and magic that you won’t want to miss.”


“Bewitching…Tanya Huff expertly weaves an engaging story… [and] promises a fine display of all things you like in Urban Fantasy.”

The Book Plank

“The Gales are an amazing family, the aunts will strike fear into your heart, and the characters Allie meets are both charming and terrifying.”

–Charlaine Harris,
NY Times Bestselling Author

“A very cool book all around.”

Night Owl Reviews

“Opens another engaging fantasy series and introduces a delightfully close extended family of powerful witches, the Gales.  As always with a Tanya  Huff tale, tremendous fun and left me anxious for more of the Gale family.”

Book Loons


“Zingy characterizations and a quick pace are the book’s strong points … fans of the previous book will hit the ground running.”

Publishers Weekly

“Huff is one of the pioneers [. . .] of urban fantasy, bringing an earthy wholesomeness that elevates the genre above the steamy eroticism so common to other series. . . . Combining Celtic folklore, musical references, and a love of nature and magic, this sequel to The Enchantment Emporium will appeal to Huff’s many fans and to readers who like their urban fantasy with more depth and character development.”

Library Journal

“Timely environmental themes can easily draw in new readers.”

RT Book Reviews

“It’s a great adventure, full of music and magic and just a little goofy at times, thanks to the delightful oddities of the Gales.”


“Quintessential Huff — sharp, clean, funny.  A heady mix of music, place and people that rings true on every level.  Once again, I find myself hoping that this is a series that will go on.”

Green Man Review

“A meal to satisfy most appetites. Combined with Huff’s ability to blend ancient traditions seamlessly into the modern world and making them seem perfectly normal and characters who are appealing and fun to hang out with, you’re in for an amazing read. A perfect example of how there’s more to urban fantasy than teenage girls swooning over the undead and how so many others are failing to exploit the genre’s full potential.”

Seattle Post Intelligencer/BlogCritics

“One of the more refreshing contemporary fantasies, which brushes against urban fantasy.”

Critical Mass

“Another wild ride with the Gale family … the author’s lyrical writing is deceptively understated.”

Night Owl Reviews

“As always, Huff offers magical entertainment, with a strong dose of humor.”


If you like books with memorable characters, a great story line, with comedy to lighten the darkness, give THE WILD WAYS a try.”


“She’s a delight to read. She has a knack for providing laugh-out-loud quotes. Her writing is whimsical and unique. Huff’s characters come to life on the pages…THE WILD WAYS is a worthy successor to The Enchantment Emporium.”

Errant Dreams

“Very refreshing…Huff is definitely one of the best writers around.”

Rabid Reader

“I felt like I was dancing on air when I was given the opportunity to read and review THE WILD WAYS … I enjoyed reading this, finding out ‘what happens next,’ and delving into the unpredictable Charlie.”

Book Pushers


“With geeky in-jokes, dynamic leads, convincing romantic complications, and a threat that is both unusual and wonderfully convincing, this is an enchanting example of contemporary urban fantasy.”

Publishers Weekly

“The world [gets] saved, with the quirky Gale family keeping things plenty entertaining along the way.”


“THE FUTURE FALLS is an engaging story. Huff keeps events moving along briskly, with an occasionally wicked sense of humour and an ability to take the ridiculous and make it work…It’s diverting and fun, with well-drawn characters and entertaining incidents.”


“There is plenty to like about the Gale family and their squabbling, controlling matriarchs.”

–Library Journal

“The writing is fast paced, witty, humorous, and yet thoughtful…THE FUTURE FALLS is great entertainment [and] it is also dealing with a lot of issues worth thinking about, especially as they relate to family and the rules and responsibilities of family members to the family group and to the larger family of humanity.”

SF Revu

“THE FUTURE FALLS is the final story in this world but she ended with a bang….I really enjoy the world-building, the science/logic mixed with magic, and the crazy Gale family.Once more Huff has proven why I continue to eagerly look forward to her new releases and reread her backlist.”

The Book Pushers

“[The series] just keeps getting better. I love the Gale family and their twisty machinations…it is the backdrop of this vividly powerful family that raises this accomplished read from a really enjoyable series to outstanding…If you enjoy well-written urban fantasy with a grown-up spin on it, then give this series a go.”

SF Reader

“THE FUTURE FALLS is an engrossing read and very, very funny.”


“It’s a fun tale, and it’s a fun version of Canada with magical pie-baking aunties…I think my favorite thing about this book, and about the series in general, is its humor….Fans of urban fantasy should enjoy this book, but only after enjoying the two that come before it.”

Owlcat Mountain Review

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Standalone Novels


“Huff delves into an overwhelming yet improbably seamless mix of steampunk, epic fantasy, and paranormal romance to launch a new series…Huff fans who prefer her second-world fantasy tales (e.g., the Quarters series) will be pleased by this return to the form.”

Publishers Weekly

“A fun, old-fashioned adventure made new with an interesting magic system.”

–Locus Magazine

“THE SILVERED by Tanya Huff is a great example of the literary treasures waiting to be discovered by fantasy lovers on their shelves.”


“The way that Huff tied all of the strings together from this epic journey was masterful… Once again Huff succeeded in making the world around me vanish for several hours. I give THE SILVERED an A+.”

The Book Pushers

“Huff is one of the best story tellers I’ve ever come across. Aside from her ability to create characters and intricate, but understandable, plots, she also has a knack for inventing new and intriguing forms of magic…Tanya Huff has always shown a flair for making the fantastic realistic and believable and THE SILVERED is no exception.”

Seattle Pi

“THE SILVERED by Tanya Huff is a mesmerizing fantasy novel that hopefully is the beginning of a series.”

Night Owl Reviews
5 stars, a 2012 top pick!

“THE SILVERED is very detailed and moves with a good pace from the very beginning…I was most impressed by the way she found to portray the horrors of war realistically…One of the best books I have read in 2013.”

Fantasy Book Review

“Books this good don’t come along that often. THE SILVERED is a well-planned, well executed adventure tale. I loved it. Completely. I can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t or even might not want toread this book.”

The Ranting Dragon

“There’s a lot to like in this novel; strong well-realized characters, believable conflict, but most of all for me it was Huff’s incredible world-building…Huff has crafted such a logical and well-rounded pack dynamic for her werewolves that it seems the only way it could have existed.”


“A powerfully emotional story that draws you in and doesn’t let you go. It’s perfectly balanced with scenes that are heartbreaking, triumphant, brutal, and occasionally humorous…THE SILVERED was everything that I enjoy in a fantasy novel. This is now one of my top reads of 2012.”

Addicted 2 Heroines

“This book is a brilliant example of old school high fantasy adventure…with a fully realized world, detailed yet never overwhelming, and a lean, mean narrative focused on two youngsters venturing deep behind enemy lines on a rescue mission. And man oh man did I love it.”

Book Yurt

“An exciting romantic quest fantasy…fans will enjoy the trek of the werewolf and the mage into the heart of the enemy.”

Genre Go Round Reviews

“Tanya Huff is one of those rare authors that seems to be at home in pretty much any genre…she is one of the best writers around at world creation and this one feels so vibrant and alive that it makes the characters feel so realistic that you can’t help but get emotionally involved in their lives and the things that happen to them.”

Curiosity of a Social Misfit

“Tanya Huff effortlessly masters telling the story from multiple points of view, pulling the threads together with just the right amount of tension and making me care about each of the characters the story is told through. The world-building is first-rate, crammed with original ideas but never pushing so far into the foreground that the world eclipses the people who live in it.”

Mike Finn’s Fiction

“Tanya Huff is a long-time favorite read of mine, and THE SILVERED is an amazing book…Unexpected twists and turns abound. I loved this book.”

Charlaine Harris,
#1 New York Times bestselling author

“A fantastic book … strong solid fantasy.  Not urban fantasy, really core original high fantasy but with shapeshifting characters.  Unexpectedly fantastic.  I was really happy to find that one.”

–Gail Carriger


“The delightful camaraderies of three unlikely heroes and well-controlled fantasy elements that are integral to the plot make Huff’s adventure great fun to read.”

Publishers Weekly

“Plenty of wonderful adventure in here! …There are escape scenes, useful tidbits of magic, fights with other swordsmen, travels with Wandering folk, and more. The kingdoms are beautifully detailed and very enjoyable to travel through.”

Errant Dreams

“The rising star of Tanya Huff shines brightly in this engrossing fantasy novel….Ms. Huff is a superlative talent who brings freshness and excellence to all of her work, also adding a depth of characterization that greatly enhances the appeal of her inventive fantasy novels.”

Rave Reviews


“Huff’s real-world fantasy presents an enlightened, compassionate view of the forgotten heroes of urban society. High Recommended.”

Library Journal

“Contemporary urban fantasy at its best.”

(Year-end wrap-up)

“A certain grittiness … tension and characters developing throughout. Each scene ties into the whole, building dramatically to the final battle….Mixing the old magics with modern settings no longer qualifies as a new or original idea, but seldom has it been done so well.”


“Tanya Huff has a rollicking good time playing with the lighter side of her plot and provides a set of dramatic personae whose fate engage our deeper feelings. (The novel) works its own distinctive charms upon one of the standard plots of the fantasy genre.”

Toronto Star

“Fantasy in the real world has never been more credibly presented than in this fine novel. Readers feel the danger and are moved by Rebecca’s power and innocence….Finding our hidden strengths — and namin and accepting our secret weaknesses — are strong themes for young adult readers, ones that give this novel the holding power of the absolute best in fantasy or any other genre.”

Emergency Librarian

“Ms. Huff weaves the timeless conflict between Good and Evil into something wondrous. The piquant juxtaposition of reality and fantasy continually challenges the imagination, while the delicate precision of her prose pleases the literary palate. Above all, the ineffable magic of her characters and a lyrical exposition of mankind’s dual nature will linger in your dreams for many a day.”

Rave Reviews

“Gate of Darkness, Cirlce of Light is a novel about facing the complexity of existence and learning about oneself and one’s biases in the meantime. It is a novel that situates itself as one of binary opposition (good versus evil) but explores the complexities of life and the awareness that we always live in the grey areas in between where we need to constantly learn more about the world around us to make moral decisions. “

Speculating Canada

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The Wizard of the Grove Series


“The immense talent of Tanya Huff was more than obvious in her first novel. Now, the exciting sequel proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt….This is fantasy at its finest, full of electrifying tension and wondrous events. Ms. Huff develops both plot and characters with sumptuous elegance, spinning a magical tale of high adventure and glorious triumph.”

Rave Reviews

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Short Story Collections


“Infused with Huff’s vivid characters, entertaining action and wry humor. A must.”


“Huff demonstrates how varied are her talents in this collection … all of them are well above average in a genre that too often tells the same story over and over again. A collection of fantasy that should even please people who don’t usually like the form.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“WHAT HO, MAGIC! is a strong collection of stories with a great deal of wit and little social agenda; even the lesser efforts are smoothly written and imaginative. Her stories are, for the most part, crisp, quickly paced fantasies that are refreshingly free of social conscience. If you can get past the cutesy title, it’s a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.”

Tangent Online


“Her fans will not want to miss it.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“I really enjoyed these stories. They’re lighter, fast reading, and they show that Huff is a veteran fantasy author. The reader won’t go wrong with this strong, well done group of stories.”



“This collection…celebrates an author praised for smart, funny dialogue, memorable characters and an optimism that’s never naive. …[a] highly entertaining volume.”

Publishers Weekly

“A great anthology. It has new stuff to draw you in and previous worlds and characters to bring back memories of her other work. If you are ready for a break from reality–with hunor–grab this one off the shelf.”



“I definitely enjoyed a preponderance of the stories in HE SAID, SIDHE SAID–and thus I recommend it to any fan of Tanya Huff, or of quirky urban fantasy.”

Errant Dreams

“I really enjoyed this book…Even if you aren’t a fan of short stories this book has a lot to offer.”

The Qwillery


“I really can’t say enough good things about how relaxing it is to read a story about a woman Doing Things in a shady underworld without having to fear gendered violence. … I would love to see these done in graphic novel form.”



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“Thumbs up! Between a power struggle and a desperate search, you won’t be left wanting.”

Starfire Reviews


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Over 1,200,000 copies of Tanya Huff’s work in print in the United States!!

Inducted into the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association(CSFF)’s Hall of Fame in 2019.

THE VICTORY NELSON “BLOOD” SERIES (DAW, 1991-7 original pub dates, 2004 repackage; 2006 omnibus editions w/series short fiction included)
6. BLOOD BANK (short story collection)
7. BLOOD SHOT (short story collection)

  • TV series sold to Lifetime in US
  • TV series sold to Canada’s CITY-TV.
  • TV series sold to UK’s LIVING network and to Virgin.
  • TV series sold to Germany’s RTL2.
  • TV series sold to Israel’s Sony AXN.
  • PRICE #7 Locus bestseller list; in its 18th US printing
  • TRAIL in its 13th US printing
  • LINES in its 11th US printing
  • PACT in its 13th US printing
  • DEBT two months (#3/#6) on Locus bestseller list; #10 Waldenbooks list; in its 11th US printing; chosen as one of the Best Horror Novels of 1997 by SF Chronicle
  • DEBT — WINNER!! — Best Translated Vampire Novel — Dracula Society Germany
  • BLOOD BOOKS omnibus editions — all in at least their 3rd US printings
  • Film/TV rights to (#1-6) to Kaleidoscope Entertainment
  • UK rights (#1-5) to Orbit***
  • Czech rights (#1-3) to Brokilon***
  • Czech rights (#4-6) to Brokilon
  • French rights (#1-5) to J’ai Lu***
  • French rights (#6) to J’ai Lu
  • German rights (#1-6) to Feder & Schwert***
  • Italian rights (#1-5) to Delos
  • Japanese rights (#1) to Hayakawa***
  • Polish rights (#1-3) to Fabryka Slow***
  • Romanian rights (#1-2) to Leda***
  • Russian rights (#1-5) to EKSMO***
  • Spanish rights (#1-5) to La Factoria de Ideas***
  • Taiwanese rights (#1-5) to Sharp Point Press***
  • Turkish rights (#1) to Nemesis
  • Audio rights (#1-6) to Audible
  • German TV tie-in rights to VGS/LYX***
  • Video game based off series developed by Merscom, distributed by eGames


  • Stand-alone sequel series to the “Blood” books
  • Bks #1-3 to Science Fiction Book Club & InSight Out Book Club
  • Bk #1 in 3rd mm printing
  • Bk #2 in 4th mm printing
  • Bk #3 in 2nd mm printing
  • UK rights #1-2 to Orbit
  • Czech rights #1-3 to Brokilon
  • French rights #1-3 to J’ai Lu
  • German rights #1-3 to Feder & Schwert***
  • Russian rights #1-3 to EKSMO***
  • Film rights under option to Kaleidoscope***
  • Audio rights #1-3 to Audible


  • Bk #1 on Locus bestseller list (#5, 7/98) — in 15th printing
  • Bk #2 on Locus bestseller list (#3, 6/01) — in 9th mm printing
  • Bk #3 was #1 on Locus bestseller list (2 months on list); #4 on Borders/Walden list; #10 on B&N/Dalton list — in 5th mm printing
  • German rights (#1-3) to Feder & Schwert***
  • Spanish rights (#1-2) to Nabla Ediciones***

4. VALOR’S TRIAL (DAW, 2008)


THE QUARTERS SERIES (DAW, 1994-1999; Omnibus editions of Bks #1-2; Bks. #3-4 in 2007)

  • 4Q #8 on Locus bestseller list — in its 11th US printing
  • 4Q — selected by Diana Wynne Jones as her favorite fantasy in Washington Post Book World.
  • 5Q #13 on Locus bestseller list — in its 9th US printing
  • NOQ #10 on Locus bestseller list — in its 8th US printing
  • SEA #9 on Locus bestseller list — in its 4th US printing
  • SEA nominated for the Spectrum Award

2. THE WILD WAYS (DAW Books, 2011)
3. THE FUTURE FALLS (DAW Books, 2014)

  • Book #1 named of the 10 Best SF/F of 2009 by Booklist!
  • Book #1 in its 3rd mm printing
  • Book #2 a #8 Locus Magazine bestseller (Feb. 2013)
  • Book #3 – An Aurora Award nominee!
  • Audio rights (#1) to Brilliance
  • French rights (#1-2) to J’ai Lu
  • German rights (#1-2) to Feder & Schwert***
  • Italian rights (#1-2) to Delos
  • Turkish rights (#1) to Nemesis
  • UK rights (#1-3) to Titan



  • Omnibus of LAST WIZARD & CHILD OF THE GROVE — in 11th printing
  • Audio rights to Audible
  • German rights to Piper***


  • Now in its 2nd printing
  • Audio rights to Audible
  • Russian rights to AST
  • STONE: German rights to Heyne***
  • GATE: Polish rights to Zysk i Ska


  • WHAT HO, MAGIC! (Meisha Merlin, 1999)
    • In its 2nd US printing
  • RELATIVELY MAGIC (Meisha Merlin, Fall 2003)
  • STEALING MAGIC (Edge Publishing, 2006)
  • NIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE (Jabberwocky, 2011)
  • FEBRUARY THAW (Jabberwocky, 2011)
  • SWAN’S BRAID (Jabberwocky, 2013)
  • HE SAID, SIDHE SAID (Jabberwocky, 2013)


  • Fall 2007 reissue
  • French rights to Fleuve Noir (Uge Poche)

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