Friday, 22 August 2014

Sylvia Izzo Hunter

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Noctis Magicae

The Midnight Queen (Forthcoming from Ace, September 2014)
Midnight’s Daughters #2 (Under contract to Ace!)
Midnight’s Daughters #3 (Under contract to Ace!)



Praise for Midnight’s Daughters

The Midnight Queen

“[THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN is} both innovative and intriguing. The plot is creative and suspenseful -- and never predictable. Your affection for the dynamic heroes will only grow as Hunter’s characters face challenge after unexpected challenge. The MIDNIGHT QUEEN is a novel that readers will be unable to put down."

--Romantic Times

"The book's charm lies in its complex setting and plot...[Hunter has] created an alternate world where everything seems familiar, but has been tweaked just enough to create a truly fantastical background…This was MY sort of book and I really can’t praise it enough.”

The Adventures of Cecilia Bedilia

“his novel should appeal to those who like their fantasy grounded in a world based on hard fact but definitely carrying that touch of the fantastic…he Midnight Queen delivers enough action and intrigue that it should be a hit with readers.”

Owlcat Mountain

“Hunter does a splendid job of confounding my expectations [and] …The Midnight Queen keeps taking fresh turns. A fresh and inventive historical novel…I can’t wait to see what Sylvia Izzo Hunter does next.”

—Marie Brennan
Author of A Natural History of Dragons

“[THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN is] elegantly written, fast-paced and highly original – a stunning story of magic, scholarship, and true love. Sylvia Izzo Hunter brings both rural Brittany and an alternative Regency England to vivid life. A remarkably assured debut.”

– Juliet Marillier
National Bestselling Author of the Sevenwaters Novels