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Kate Alice Marshall

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Romance novels written under the name Kathleen Kimmel

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Rules For VanishingBiblio. & Rights Info

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“Kate Alice Marshall’s I AM STILL ALIVE may be the grand poobah of this season’s young adult thriller category, giving suspense pros like Lois Duncan and Stephen King a run for their (abundant) money. This tense wire of a novel thrums with suspense, but also unexpectedly poignant moments.”

The New York Times

“A taut, gripping page-turner with a strong female hero to root for.”

Starred review!

“Marshall’s evocative, visceral language cultivates a vivid sense of the sheer physicality of Jess’ survival, and she breathes vibrant life not only into Jess’ character but also that of her irascible, loyal dog, Bo. With masterful pacing, rich characterization, a dynamic voice, and a thrilling blend of wilderness survival and revenge, this is an engrossing read from a writer to watch.”

Starred review!

“Marshall builds tension steadily as winter approaches and Jess plots her revenge. The diary format and Marshall’s immersive descriptions will hook readers into this exhilarating survival story.”

Publishers Weekly

“Readers who enjoy postapocalyptic books will be rewarded if they try this more realistic novel. VERDICT: A gripping tale of endurance and discovery of inner strength. A strong purchase.”

School Library Journal

“If Hatchet was your favorite book in grade school, but you wish it was filled with much more girl power, then I AM STILL ALIVE is the book you’ve been waiting for.”


“Terrifying and gorgeous, it’s definitely one of 2018’s must-reads.”

Paste Magazine

“Marshall’s thrilling tale is also a deeply moving story about coming to terms with imperfections (both in oneself and in others) and about finding true resourcefulness and inner strength.”

A BookPage Teen Top Pick, August 2018!

“A gripping adventure…”

The Wall Street Journal

“An assured debut…With no love interest or male authority figure coming to save the day, I AM STILL ALIVE is a refreshing feminist survival story with a distinctly cinematic feel.”

Entertainment Weekly

“This is a compelling survival story mystery that will have you flipping through the pages until you finish.”


“I couldn’t set this book down—the words actually made me shiver. The desperate, forsaken circumstances snare the reader from the very first page and never subside, even when hope finally appears to seep in. It’s Hatchet meets The Revenant, infused with fierce, undaunted girl power.”

—S. A. Bodeen,
author of The Raft

“An expertly conceived plot plus a true heroine (and her dog) make for an original, engrossing, and twisty survival story that I tore through compulsively. You won’t regret the hours that disappear when you read this one.”

—Nancy Werlin,
National Book Award honoree and New York Times bestselling author

“Stayed up WAY too late last night because I could not put down the brilliant survival story I AM STILL ALIVE by Kate Alice Marshall. Oh my God. What a book.”

John Green,
#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Stars


“Marshall ties together regional folklore, urban legends, and ghost stories to craft an exquisitely unsettling dark fantasy.”

Publishers Weekly,
Starred Review!

“A fantastic addition for those who are building up their suspenseful supernatural collections.”

School Library Journal

“A classic on all fronts.”

Paste Magazine

“Unsettling, pitch-dark imaginative fantasy.”

Metro News

“The setting was reminiscent of a dark fantasy novel, and concludes an equally haunting and shocking end that will keep you up at night.”

Twelve Pale Roses

“This book is the perfect spooky read.”

Krimsuun Pages

“With all sorts of paranormal/supernatural elements, great world-building, and a unique format, this book pulls the reader in right from the start.”

YA Books Central

“RULES FOR VANISHING is a riveting page-turner… It’s more than just a paranormal horror read. Marshall’s writing is tense and will keep you on the edge of your seat.”

Reader Voracious

“Shudder-inducing and unusual, [RULES FOR VANISHING] checks all the boxes for a pulse-thumping read.”


“Marshall was very clever in how she put this book together… interviews and text messages between the story telling.”

The Misadventures of a Reader

“RULES FOR VANISHING is like Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihilation but for teenagers.”

Refinery 29

“Chilling and dark.”

A World in Pages

“RULES FOR VANISHING is beautifully written, and full of hope, friendship, ghosts, local lore, mystery, unreliable characters, and emotion.”

Literary Lizard

“RULES FOR VANISHING has all the prerequisites of a horror classic—stunningly original, delightfully dark, and simply terrifying. A tense and exhilarating read for those with or without a pulse.”

—Dana Mele, author of People Like Us

Delightfully chilling! Marshall delivers riveting twists, gasp-out-loud surprises, and a series of truly haunting revelations right up to the final page in this irresistible mystery.”

Natalie C. Parker, author of Seafire

This story is woven with eerie small town folklore, lost girls, and vengeful ghosts! I loved the documentary-style storytelling and I couldn’t read it fast enough.”

Shea Ernshaw,
New York Times bestselling author of The Wicked Deep


“Marshall’s paranormal middle-grade debut reads like an expanded, kid-friendly version of Ursula LeGuin’s The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas (1973).”


“Readers beware! This book is a trap: once you start reading, you will not be able to stop. THIRTEENS is a deliciously creepy stay-up-all-night adventure that will shiver through you like a cold October wind. I loved every page!”

—Jonathan Auxier,
Bestselling author of The Night Gardener and Sweep

“Creepy, mysterious, and a whole lot of fun. THIRTEENS kept me up well past my bedtime. I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

—Cassie Beasley,
New York Times bestselling author of Circus Mirandus



I AM STILL ALIVE (Viking Children’s, July 2018)

RULES FOR VANISHING (Viking Children’s, September 2019)

THIRTEENS (Viking Children’s, August, 2020)