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K.F. Breene

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Shadowspell Academy (co-written with Shannon Mayer) | Biblio & Rights Info
The Culling Trials Book #1
The Culling Trials Book #2
The Culling Trials Book #3

The Darkness Series | Biblio & Rights Info
Into The Darkness
Braving The Elements
On A Razor’s Edge
The Council
Shadow Watcher

DDVN| Biblio & Rights Info
Born In Fire
Raised In Fire
Fused In Fire

Demigods of San Francisco| Biblio & Rights Info
Sin & Chocolate
Sin & Magic
Sin & Salvation

Standalones| Biblio & Rights Info
Secret of McKinley Mansion



For Into The Darkness

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“Fantastically written. Well edited. Inventive and fully fleshed… Narrative flows easily from scene to scene. Humor, wit and danger galore. Humor, wit and danger galore.”

Books and Blurbs

“With SHADOWSPELL ACADEMY, [Shannon Mayer & KF Breene] may just become a household name.”

Best Thrillers

“SHADOWSPELL ACADEMY is one series that will keep you wanting more!”

Whiskey & Wit

“This book sets up a great series.”

The Write Path

“If you are looking for your next new series this is one you don’t want to miss.”

I Smell Sheep

“This book is Harry Potter meets the Hunger Games in a bold twist on a classic magical young adult adventure.”

—Jaymin Eve, bestselling author of Supernatural Academy


For Secret of McKinley Mansion

“An interesting read [which] had me turning on the lights so I wasn’t scared in the dark.”

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Shadowspell Academy

  1. The Culling Trials Book #1
  2. The Culling Trials Book #2
  3. The Culling Trials Book #3
  • #2 — #7 on The Wall Street Journal
  • #2 — #2 on The Washington Post
  • Featured on YA Books Central‘s What’s Hot in KU
  • Croatian rights (#1-3) sold to Udruga Knjigoteka!
  • Polish rights (#1-3) sold to Poznańskie!

The Darkness Series

  1. Into The Darkness
  2. Braving The Elements
  3. On A Razor’s Edge
  4. Demons
  5. The Council
  6. Shadow Watcher
  7. Jonas
  8. Charles
  9. Jameson


  1. Born In Fire
  2. Raised In Fire
  3. Fused In Fire

Demigods of San Francisco

  1. Sin & Chocolate
  2. Sin & Magic
  3. Sin & Salvation