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R.A. Lafferty

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Annals of Klepsis (1983)
Apocalypses (1977)
Archipelago (1979)
Argo (1992)
Arrive at Easterwine (1971)
Aurelia (1982)
The Back Door of History (1988)
The Devil Is Dead (1971)
Does Anyone Else Have Something Further to Add? (1974)
Dotty (1990)
The Early Lafferty
East of Laughter (1988)
The Elliptical Grave (1989)
Episodes of the Argo (1990)
The Fall of Rome (1983)
The Flame is Green (1971)
Fourth Mansions (1969) | Biblio. & Rights Info.
Funnyfingers & Cabrito (1976)
Golden Gate & Other Stories (1982)
Half a Sky (1984)
Horns on their Heads (1976)
How Many Miles to Babylon (1989)
Iron Tears (1992)
Lafferty in Orbit (1991)
The Man Underneath: The Collected Short Fiction
Mischief Malicious (1991)
Nine Hundred Grandmothers (1970)
Not to Mention Camels (1976)
Okla Hannali (1972)
Past Master (1968)
Promontory Goats (1988)
The Reefs of the Earth (1968)
Ringing Changes (1984)
Serpent’s Egg (1987)
Sindbad: the 13th Voyage (1999)
Slippery and Other Stories (1985)
Space Chantey (1968)
Strange Skies (1988)
Tales of Chicago (1992)
Tales of Midnight (1992)
Through Elegant Eyes (1983)
True Believers (1989)

PRAISE for R.A. Lafferty


“Lafferty’s Stories, like Philip K. Dick’s, are not susceptible to being confused with the work of any other writer.”

Fred Saberhagen
Author of the Swords and Lost Swords series

“The Lafferty madness…is peppered with nightmare.”

Samuel R. Delany
Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of Babel-17


“Mindbending, at times hilarious.”

Publishers Weekly


“Of all the contemporary authors generally considered to be part of the fantasy and science fiction genres, Lafferty is without doubt the most original.”

Supernatural Fiction Writers


“In these wonderful stories Lafferty unfailingly puts us, in his own words, ‘into a different juxtaposition with all things else in the world.’ Nobody else does it better. In fact, nobody else does it at allnot like this. Lafferty is one of a kind, a magician of strange images made fleetingly recognizable, of familiar emotions made strange and new and haunting. A delight.”

Nancy Kress
Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of Beggars in Spain

“The stories in IRON TEARS are alive with the strange combination of beauty and inexplicable terror and wonder usually found only in dreams.”

James P. Blaylock

World Fantasy Award-winning author of the Ghosts and Balumnia Trilogies

“I love this book…Lafferty is our unheralded American Garcia Marquez…a word-slinger totally out of synch with today’s slim-fast reductive rhetoric; a sly old buzzard who conjures up fables as lurid as Bible stories and tells them in a tornado of words wild enough to drive wood splinters through a windshield.”

Terry Bisson
Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of “Bears Discover Fire”


“Indeed, all of the short stories, Lafferty’s primary métier, are getting reprinted. But they are not appearing in economical formats designed to attract newbies. Of the novels, both extant and unknown, we hear not a word. Still, what has been achieved is nothing to sniff at, and I, for one, am extremely grateful. . .You get tales that are at once postmodern and ancient; funny and tragic; capricious and predestined; broad yet subtle. They would seem to accurately convey the nonpareil mind and heart and weltanschauung of the writer himself.”


“While generally categorized as a science fiction writer, R.A. Lafferty was — to use the old phrase — sui generis. His gonzo stories, with their surrealist plots and jacked-up diction, revel in excess, bizarreness of every sort and parenthetical winks to the reader. You don’t so much read these absurdist tall tales as let them wash over you.”

–Washington Post


“Wild, subtle, demonic, angelic, hilarious, tragic, poetic, a thundering melodrama and quest into the depths of the human spirit…R.A. Lafferty has always been uniquely his own man.”

Poul Anderson
Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of The Queen of Air and Darkness


“[A] curious and wonderful tall tale…Lafferty tells it straight: how the Coctaw nation, once removed, reconstituted itself and thrived in Indian territory.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The history of the Choctaw Indians has been told before and is still being told, but it has never been told in the way Lafferty tells it…Hannali is a buffalo bull of a man who should become one of the enduring characters in the literature of the American Indian.”

Dee Brown
Historian and author of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

“The use of the epic form is unusual and effective, and Lafferty’s humor is both subtle and boisterous: he writes with warmth and sympathy for the Indian. This is a valuable addition to the growing literature on the subject.”

Library Journal

“[OKLA HANNALI] is elemental Americana and a great deal of fun.”

Wall Street Journal

“It’s an American classic.”

Voice Literary Supplement


“Marvelously inventive…Profound wit and high adventure.”

Roger Zelazny
Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of The Chronicles of Amber series

“As with everything the man writes, the wind of imagination blows strongly, with the happy difference that in a novel he can reach full  gale-force. Lafferty defies categorization; his work is unlike anyone else’s. This is a great galloping madman of a novel, drenched in sound and color.”

Harlan Ellison
Hugo, Nebula, and Bram Stoker award-winning author

“It is a minor miracle that a serious philosophical and speculative work should be written so colorfully and so lyrically. There is, happily, no way to categorize the book: it has elements of science fiction, of pure fantasy, of poetry, of historical fiction; it is sharply critical and marvelously gentle; very serious and irrepressibly funny; profoundly symbolic and gutsy-realistic by (unexpected) turns. A first-rank speculative work.”

Judith Merril
Author of Shadow on the Hearth and Future People



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