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Violette Malan

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The Mirror Prince

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The Sleeping God
The Soldier King
The Storm Witch
The Path of the Sun 

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Halls of Law
Gift of Griffins 




“Violette Malan’s debut novel, THE MIRROR PRINCE, is everything a fantasy novel should be. There is adventure, there is romance, there is magic, there is danger and loss, love and sacrifice. There is lovely writing, and again, the promise of more to come.”

—The Washington Times

“Malan’s fantasy debut straddles two worlds, each detailed in vibrant colors and images. believable characters and graceful storytelling make this a good addition to most fantasy collections.”

—Library Journal

“A well-told secret identity tale.”

—Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror

“I can definitely recommend THE MIRROR PRINCE. The characters are wonderfully drawn, there are lots of surprises, and Malan’s world holds a potent charm.”

Charlaine Harris,
NY Times bestselling author of Dead and Gone and Dead in the Family

“In THE MIRROR PRINCE, Violette Malan has accomplished that most difficult of fusions–she’s given a complex, high fantasy world a very readable contemporary voice.”

Tanya Huff,
author of the Blood Books series

“Malan jumps right into the action. I enjoyed the book a great deal… Max and Cassandra were fun, and it was interesting to see the relationship between the guardian and Max. Malan even gives us glimpses of “humanity” from the Basilisk Prince, and I always like conflicted characters.”

Jim C. Hines,
author of Goblin Quest and Goblin Hero


“Malan alternates an intimate, evocative first person viewpoint (Valory’s) with third person points of view from other characters…the novel is a success, and if Malan wants to write more set in this universe, I am on board.”

Functional Nerds

“SHADOWLANDS by Violette Malan is the wonderful sequel to the creative book The Mirror Prince and returns the reader to a world where there are wonderful and imaginative beings.”

Night Owl Reviews
4.5 stars, a 2012 Top Pick!

“The world building is fantastic.  Malan’s attention to detail really brings the different settings to life.”

Sci-Fi Fan Letter

“This is a fabulous urban fantasy sequel to The Mirror Prince…Fans will enjoy Valory’s tour of Toronto as Violette Malan writes a strong thriller.”

Alternative Worlds

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“[This book has a] strong, entertaining partnership.”

—Publishers Weekly

“A new series of high fantasy and adventure with a hero and heroine cursed with secrets and blessed with natural and magical talents, wit, and bravery. Libraries interested in series sf may want to get in on the ground floor and add this title to their fantasy collections.”

—Library Journal

“The highly talented Dhulyn and Parno are great fun to watch as they wade through their adventures.”


“I’m giving in to my baser instincts and indulging in a bit of shameless cheerleading. Since I want more books like these…Well-rounded characters both male and female! Derring-do!”


“A thoughtful interpretation of the her’s quest theme… a slower paced but interesting adventure tale that highlights the importance of tradition and working together toward the common good.”

—Monsters & Critics

“I can recommend to those who enjoy a good political intrigue fantasy. Malan manages to pull off an intriguing story of politics, love and the fate of the world without being clinched.”

—Fantasy Book Spot

“A fun read with a great combination of danger, intrigue, humor, and more. The pace only slows long enough for readers to catch a breath before picking up with more action. Violette Malan’s THE SLEEPING GOD is a great choice for good fantasy reading.”

—Wantz Upon a Time

“Another excellent read. It’s science fiction fantasy at its best. There’s a wonderful bit of world-building here, and lots of sword-fighting. There’s love, poison and fully-drawn characters, both good and bad and in-between. Malan’s written a classic fantasy novel that manages to be fresh and compelling. I highly recommend THE SLEEPING GOD.”

Charlaine Harris,
NY Times bestselling author

“Malan showed a seamless mastery that really added to my enjoyment of the book. Stormwolf, I’ll admit, quickly became a favourite. Such a unique and interesting (and yummy) character! Malan also has an enviable skill with action and setting. So much so, I could believe I was seeing, rather than reading. This would make an excellent movie.”

Julie Czerneda,
author of In the Company of Others

“Violette Malan shines with a rich pairing of characters in Dhulyn and Parno … their relationship is especially well done, with a deapth and realism that is frequently lacking in the depiction of long-term relationships in fantasy.”

—Fantasy Literature


“The plot twists and turns with plenty of action, good fun for any fan of S&S adventure.”


“Malan has created an entertaining pair of mercenaries and a world for them to adventure within.”

—Sacramento Book Review

“The capture, escape, and chase sequences are all well done and exciting, but as with similar books by Fritz Leiber, Jennifer Roberson, and Simon R. Green, the real joy in the interplay between the two partners. There are prophetic visions, mysterious personal histories, a search for personal roots, and other peripheral elements to enrich… and differentiate it from the competition. Easily the best of the author’s three novels to date.”

—Critical Mass

“A fun sword and sorcery romp featuring engaging characters and an entertaining, multi-faceted world.

—Fantasy Literature


“Terrific fight scenes, excellent character development and just the right amount of political intrigue make for a great fantasy read.”

—Monsters & Critics

“Exciting … fast-paced … anything can happen to the delight of readers.”

—Alternative Worlds

“Another fine job of demonstrating the author’s ability with world building, creating yet another civilization populated with believable characters and conflicts that her likeable and complex duo become involved with … a very entertaining read.”

—Night Owl Romance

“A nicely swashbuckling tale … Malan has become one of those writers whose new books I watch for.

—Critical Mass


“Lots of fun in this one, in a series which I have found to be consistently entertaining.”

—Critical Mass

“If you want to read a quieter, more thought provoking fantasy, Malan is a great choice.  Her characters grow with each novel and there’s always more of the world to discover.”

—Sci-Fi Fan Letter

“The pace is fast, smooth and flawless … the best book of the series that expands upon an already fascinating world.”

—Monsters & Critics



“The first book in Escalada’s Faraman Prophecy series introduces readers to a rich world full of political intrigue, powerful magic and a wealth of secrets just waiting to be discovered. Escalada has created a fascinating world, with vibrant scenery and intriguing social hierarchies.”

RT Book Reviews

“The richness of the world is reason enough to immerse yourself in this book. The typical historically based fantasy empire is given a makeover; this is a culture with abundant opportunities for women to wield power, political and otherwise. … The view into the culture of the empire’s military units, especially as they react to, fight, and sometimes buckle under the control of the invaders, is fascinating.”

B&N SciFi and Fantasy Blog

“If you are looking for a new epic fantasy series to sink your reading teeth into, and where you can get in at the very beginning without having to read through a huge pile of doorstop-sized books, HALLS OF LAW is definitely a winner. … Throwing more than a bit of The Handmaid’s Tale into a completely epic fantasy setting gives the story many of its chills, and makes the evil that our good Kerida fights particularly malevolent.”

Reading Reality

“The world-building is excellent. … I really enjoyed this and eagerly await the sequel.”

Sci-Fi Fan Letter

“Sometimes a book lands in your lap at exactly the right time, and HALLS OF LAW was precisely the kind of book I didn’t realize I needed when I opened the first few pages. I was drawn in by the comforting prose and stayed fully invested because of the characters and world. HALLS OF LAW is a fun, optimistic Epic Fantasy that proved a welcome change of pace from some of the more grimdark fantasy I’d been reading. Recommended.”



“There’s plenty more to love here in the plotting and pacing..GIFT OF GRIFFINS deepens and expands the Faraman Prophecy universe. I strongly look forward to seeing where the story proceeds from here.”

Skiffy and Fanty

“Escalada (again) puts the ever-controversial theme of women in power and a woman being a power front and center as she weaves together a tale of political drama, changing social hierarchies, and Ker’s personal struggle to reconcile her desires with the direction of the empire in a fast-paced read that takes some serious digs at the patriarchy. GIFT OF GRIFFINS is a second installment that wastes little time setting its characters into the thick of things.”

TG Geeks

“[The Faraman Prophecy] tells a fun, and engaging story. I’d be happy to read more about these characters and the world they inhabit because it seems like Escalada has only scratched the surface of the world and these characters.”


“In GIFT OF GRIFFINS, V. M. Escalada continues to show her talent in world building, weaving together well crafted characters and a beautifully textured, intricate, magically real world. You feel the wind in your face and the ground beneath your feet.”

BookWyrm Reviews



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  1. THE MIRROR PRINCE (DAW Books, 2006)
  2. SHADOWLANDS under contract to DAW
  • Book #1 SF Book Club selection


  1. THE SLEEPING GOD (DAW Books, 2007)
  2. THE SOLDIER KING (DAW Books, 2008)
  3. THE STORM WITCH (DAW Books, 2009)
  4. THE PATH OF THE SUN (DAW Books, 2010)
  • Bk #1 in 2nd mm printing

THE FARAMAN PROPHECY (writing as V.M. Escalada)

  1. HALLS OF LAW (DAW Books, 2017)
  2. GIFT OF GRIFFINS (DAW Books, 2018)

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