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Malka Older

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“The big picture of this story is exciting, intriguing. . .Futurists and politics geeks will love this unreservedly.”

—New York Times

“INFOMOCRACY by Malka Older presents a futuristic world with eerie parallels to current events. . .Older, a humanitarian worker and sociology scholar, uses her expertise well in this uncanny political thriller.”

—Washington Post

“As a thriller. . .INFOMOCRACY sparkles. Kinetic and gripping, the plot hurtles toward an electoral climax that leaps off the page.”


“Older’s sparkling debut, the first full-length novel from the novella-focused imprint, serves as both a callback to classic futurist adventure tales by the likes of Brunner and Bester and a current examination of the power of information. . . . Older creates a fascinating future world and populates it with a wide variety of characters with believable and interesting motivations.”

—Publishers Weekly

“The author brings a considerable amount of experience and scholarly knowledge to bear here—she has traveled all over the world as an expert in disaster management and is pursuing a graduate degree in the sociology of disaster response. The result is a frighteningly relevant exploration of how the flow of information (small i, both true and false) can manipulate public opinion—in particular, how fear and the desperate desire for safety can become such strong factors in swaying the vote. . .Timely and perhaps timeless.”


“First-time author Older’s universe is fascinating, with its believable if cynical view of how politics might evolve in the information age. The pace is brisk with enough action for fans of political thrillers, but with plenty of futuristic touches for sf lovers.”

—Library Journal

“Except for the technological tweaks that enable the world of centenals, this account of political and bureaucratic intrigue could easily be happening right now, or at least it feels that way. Older skillfully weaves in a surprisingly well-sketched personal story between Ken and Mishima, but the real draw here is the tense, twisty (and rarely enough, almost totally violence-free) tale of the social and more nefarious forces that conspire to keep a bad, old system chugging along and the optimistic pragmatists who do whatever they can to make or preserve a better world. Micro-democracy has several things to recommend it, but the biggest strength of Older’s writing is how clear-eyed she is on the fact that no system we can imagine will fix the problems of human nature, whether apathy or lust for power. “

—RT Book Reviews, 4/5 stars!

“…if you like science fiction adventure or political thrillers then this book is for you…this is a phenomenal work with the best world building we have seen in a first novel in years.”

—Bull Spec Magazine

Older’s prose is clean and vivid. She is skilled in world-building and has built a vision of the future that feels possible in the current volatile political climate. There is no doubt that Older’s choice of theme is incredibly timely, and her deconstruction of politics and sociology in INFOMOCRACY will invoke some very relevant and powerful emotions.”

—NY Journal of Books

“Malka Older has created a thrilling, breakneck novel with fully human characters. And it asks tough questions.”

—Electric Literature

“Older’s fierce imagination and eye for detail make her future world seem entirely plausible, and her characters believably flawed. It’s one of the year’s most promising debuts, and we can’t wait to see where she goes with the recently announced sequel.”

Barnes & Noble

“It’s an advanced information age political thriller, reminiscent of Snow Crash and Jennifer Government with a dash of the natural chaos that people bring. Beautiful debut novel, it’ll be interesting to see what Older does next.”

—Pop Culture Beast, 8/10 stars

Any reader who appreciates intelligently written science fiction will find much to enjoy in Infomocracy.”

Tadiana Jones, Fantasy Literature

“I read it after those two events [Brexit and the U.S. election], and I found it captivating from the first three pages. I also found it be a few other things, like, ‘eerily accurate’ and ‘terrifyingly prescient.'”

—Marion Deeds, Fantasy Literature

“Older has constructed a wonderfully rich and complicated world to accompany her thought-provoking narrative.”

The Verge

“Malka Older’s Infomocracy is the election-year sci-fi thriller I didn’t know I wanted and desperately needed. … Above all, this book explores the idea of citizenship in a way that will make you think — and maybe even help you get through to November.”

Book Riot

“Perhaps the best thing this book does is reflect the data-driven political prognostications made famous by Nate Silver. Information, an overbearing presence throughout the entire novel, runs the world.”

Chicago Review of Books

“After sweeping you into a fascinating new world, it will leave you with helpful ideas about what’s happening in this one.”

ARS Technica

“I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys fast paced political thrillers and science fiction.”

Audiobook Reviewer

“Good science fiction gives us another perspective from which to view the present, and Infomocracy does that.”

Kevin’s Meandering Mind

“A fast-paced, post-cyberpunk political thriller. . .If you always wanted to put The West Wing in a particle accelerator with Snow Crash to see what would happen, read this book.”

Max Gladstone, author of Last First Snow

“Smart, ambitious, bursting with provocative extrapolations, Infomocracy is the big-data-big-ideas-techno-analytical-microdemoglobal-post-everything political thriller we’ve been waiting for.”

Ken Liu, author of The Grace of Kings

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