Monday, 16 July 2018

Michael Mammay

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Planetside (forthcoming from Voyager in July 2018)
Planetside #2 (under contract)



“PLANETSIDE is Michael Mammay’s debut novel, and it’s one of the best bits of mil-sf I’ve read, and more than that…[It] is a compelling novel about war that speaks in authoritative tones and should be on the reading list of more than just fans of grunts and guns, though it’s got plenty for them, too.”


“Mammay capably writes Butler’s gritty, old-school soldier’s voice, and the story delivers…intrigue and action for fans of military SF.”

Publishers Weekly

“…it’s clear Mammay is a seasoned veteran who draws extensively on his own military experience to craft both his dialogue and worldbuilding…This leads to a believable setting filled with natural characters that never feel like caricatures or one-dimensional tropes. The action is fast and fluid, and does a great job at conveying the chaos of violent encounters while still being easy to follow. I also felt the suspense portion of the book was decently crafted—there are enough breadcrumbs to figure out “whodunnit” before the actual reveal, but not so many that it feels transparent.”


“A tough, authentic-feeling story that starts out fast and accelerates from there.”

—Jack Campbell,
The New York Times bestselling author of Ascendant

“Not just for military SF fans—although military SF fans will love it—Planetside is an amazing debut novel, and I’m looking forward to what Mammay writes next.”

—Tanya Huff,
author of the Confederation and Peacekeeper series

“PLANETSIDE is a smart and fast-paced blend of mystery and boots-in-the-dirt military SF that reads like a high-speed collision between Courage Under Fire and Heart of Darkness.”

—Marko Kloos,
bestselling author of the Frontline series

“Definitely the best military sci-fi debut I’ve come across in a while.”

—Gavin Smith,
author of Bastard Legion and Age of Scorpio