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Ari Marmell

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Corvis Rebaine Novels | Biblio & Rights Info.
The Conqueror’s Shadow
The Warlord’s Legacy

Widdershins Adventures | Biblio & Rights Info.
The Thief’s Covenant
False Covenant
Lost Covenant
Covenant’s End 

Mick Oberon Jobs | Biblio & Rights Info
Hot Lead, Cold Iron
Hallow Point
Dead to Rites

Standalone Novels:
The Goblin Corps

Agents of Artifice, a Magic: the Gathering novel
Black Crusade, a Ravenloft novel
Gehenna: the Final Night, a Vampire: The Masquerade novel
Darksiders: The Abomination Vault, a Darksiders novel
In Thunder Forged: The Fall of Llael: Book One, a Warmachine novel




Corvis Rebaine Novels

“This action-packed, morally gray fantasy has an intriguingly twisty plot, full of magic and political intrigue.”


“Superior storytelling and deft dialog make this a top-notch choice . . . filled with dark humor as well as scenes of brutal battle and high magic.”

—Library Journal

“THE CONQUEROR’S SHADOW is a powerful fantasy, with well drawn heroes and delightfully wicked, yet complicated, villains. Ari Marmell has made his mark in the genre.”

Paul S. Kemp,
author of the Erevis Cale trilogy

“THE CONQUEROR’S SHADOW offers readers a tale that begins where most stories end and features a most unlikely protagonist.  Twists of humor leaven this story of desperate people in dangerous times, as a conqueror discovers that perhaps those who live by the sword are sometimes doomed to face the business end of one.  A great mix of character and action.”

Robin Hobb,
author of Dragon Keeper

“It’s not often that a fantasy starts off with the victorious conqueror of a city and a land almost immediately and deliberately vanishing at the height of his victory—but that’s exactly what happens with THE CONQUEROR’S SHADOW. From that decision flows a plot jammed with action, repercussions, a tender love story, and a most humorously intriguing conclusion.”

L. E. Modesitt, Jr.,
author of the Saga of Recluce

“Ari Marmell has a remarkable flair for the sinister.”

Scott Lynch,
author of The Lies of Locke Lamora


“The sequel to The Conqueror’s Shadow fills a vital niche in the fantasy adventurer genre, one occupied by the heroes of Michael Moorcock’s Elric Melniboné novels and C.S. Friedman’s Coldfire Trilogy.”

—Library Journal

“All a reader could ever ask for in a bloody, hack and slash sword and sorcery.”

Grasping for the Wind

“THE WARLORD’S LEGACY is another thoroughly entertaining offering from Ari Marmell and one that any fantasy fan will have a lot of fun with.”

Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

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The Widdershins Adventures

“Widdershins is not your average heroine. Adept with her blade and her wits, sassy and sensitive, she should appeal to older teens both male and female.”

RT Book Reviews

“Like a gateway drug for Game of Thrones … There is a wonderfully rich flavor to this YA fantasy, with its Renaissance inspired setting, personal pantheon of deities, and dark tone (it even dips a toe in the realm of horror). This is a story with satisfying heft, texture, grit and originality, and I really, really enjoyed reading it.”

Book Yurt

“For teens already reading adult fantasy but wanting something a bit more on their level, this hits the spot perfectly.”


“Marmell knows how to write a compelling book: smart, smartmouthed irreverent, and bold female thief with an vivid world for her to inhabit and a memorable cast of characters. It is swashbuckling fun to watch Widdershins make her way in the world.”

Night Owl Reviews
A 2012 top pick!

“A fantastic new fantasy full of swashbuckling adventure, interesting characters, and a plot that unfolds like a mystery. This new series has a lot of potential with plenty of action, humor, drama, and magic. This series is marketed toward young adults, but more mature fantasy fans will enjoy this fun and enchanting story as well.”

SciFi Chick

“THIEF’S COVENANT stands out from the crowd with a good fast-paced plot … It is a book I enjoyed reading and would recommend to others of any age. Why should teenagers have all the fun?”


“Widdershins is a wonderful protagonist … I loved the book because of the fast-paced action, fantastic interactions between Widdershins and Olgun, and fun style of writing. Overall a great book that I’d easily recommend.”

Whatchamacallit Reviews

“Ari Marmell has created a fascinating new fantasy series for YA fans and fans of all ages to enjoy with his Widdershins Adventures. I loved THIEF’S COVENANT and know this is one book I will be revisiting over time.”

—Reader Girls

“The books are seriously good. . .If you want to read something quick, something intense and something chortle out loud funny, try Widdershins Adventures.”

The Book Wars



“A wonderfully macabre bad guy … beneath the action lies a deeper, if unsubtle, tale of loss and love … genuinely adolescent (including occasional idiotic and immature behavior) high fantasy is rare enough that this stands out. A romp with an edge and a feisty female lead: fans will rejoice at the indication that this series has even more to come.”


“A spectacular climactic scene that’ll have you on the edge of your seat … The descriptions and dialogues are often funny in an understated, subtle way, full of whimsical humor, banter, and funny similes … for a young adult readers and especially as a gateway to fantasy, Thief’s Covenant and FALSE COVENANT are wonderful. The 14-year-old me would have loved these books, […] Even now, well past the target age for YA literature, I had a blast revisiting Davillon and Widdershins.”

“I liked the first in this series well enough that I jumped [FALSE COVENANT] up the stack a good ways and I’m glad I did.”

—Don Damassa

“Widdershins remains an interesting and engaging heroine … a solid follow-up.”

SF Signal

“I highly recommend this series if you love adventure, intrigue, magic and mayhem. 4 and ½ stars to this brilliant sequel!”

Night Owl Reviews
A top pick!

“This is another very good story from Ari Marmell and I’m looking forward to the next volume. I think he may be onto a real winner here if he can maintain the quality of the stories.”


“Enthralling … with plenty of drama and a bit of humor and several surprises along the way, this dark fantasy series is decidedly charming.”

Sci-fi Chick


“Marmell’s writing has tightened considerably but stayed colorful…giving fans everything they want in a Shins story.”


“Another solid entry in the continuing story of Widdershins from Marmell.”

SF Signal

“Marmell’s prose is brisk and funny…I was delighted by LOST COVENANT.”

Fantasy Literature

“As usual, this latest installment of the series is a perfect mix of light and dark, balancing out the touching humor with plenty of horrors as well…LOST COVENANT was a satisfying and entertaining adventure.”


“The usual quips, near escapes and breakneck action scenes ensue, intercut with some disturbing goings-on back home in Davillon.”


Lost Covenant is, far and away, the best book of this series yet. Marmell keeps topping himself, and this book is a fantastic showcase of his skill.”

Bookworm Blues

“The deeper I get into the Widdershins series, the more I’m impressed by Ari Marmell…LOST COVENANT is an important third book in the Widdershins series. It adds depth to the series by showing the growth a character is capable of going through without losing her charm…[I] recommend this book to anyone who loves a character-driven fantasy story that’s not afraid of a little action.”

The Qwillery


“A fitting finale for a series that has concerned itself with the growth of its protagonist. The prose is purple, the stakes are high, and the ending is exactly right. Smart fantasy with heart and enough bad puns to last a lifetime.


“I had high expectations and Marmell idd not disappoint!…I really enjoyed this book. It was smartly written as both an action story and as a coming of age story. This was the best possible way Marmell could have neded this series.”

Kobold Press

“The action in COVENANT’S END is close to non-stop…The book is fast-paced with a plot that is just complicated enough…This is a fun premise with an engaging pair of characters.”

Fantasy Literature

“COVENANT’S END is the last book in an exciting, dark, funny, torturous, series…This is a book for fans of all types of fantasy and adventure novels; the plot is driven by action and the action drives the character development.”

Traverse Area District Library

” Ari Marmell couldn’t have written a better conclusion to the series in my opinion. With each new book in the series he seems to have outdone himself but with  COVENANT’S END he really did it…The Widdershins Adventures is an amazing series and couldn’t have gotten a better conclusion than what Ari Marmell wrote in COVENANT’S END…Highly recommended.”

The Book Plank

“[The Widdershins Adventures] are unlike any YA I’ve ever read (in a good way!); the fact that there is great mix between the light and dark, with plenty of humor balanced with some grim and heavy themes; the fact that we have an extraordinary premise based around the partnership between our protagonist and her own “personal god”; and of course, the fact that Marmell is utterly fearless when it comes to doing what’s right for his story.”

The Bibliosanctum

“Marmell wraps up the series well.  He’s true to the characters and the situations he’s established in the previous books. The outcome is logical.  Marmell refuses to take the easy way out, especially where Widdershins’ god Olgun is concerned…[This] is one of the freshest, most entertaining fantasy series on the market.”

Adventures Fantastic

“For a book as dark, foreboding, bloody and so… final, I sure spent a lot of time smiling and chuckling. It’s a quick, exciting read that checks off every tick box you might have for a finale.”

The Irresponsible Reader

“COVENANT’S END is a fantastic end to an amazing series. . .I’ve loved this series from the beginning and with each new book truly enjoyed myself.”

The Qwillery

“I have enjoyed all four ‘Widdershins’ novels and would recommend them to anyone, young or old. So, go on and treat yourself and get all four books. You won’t regret it.”


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Mick Oberon Jobs

“In this gripping fantastical investigation, Marmell (The Goblin Corps) creates an engaging world and an unlikely hero…The potent mix of gangsters, magic, Fae politics, and a strega on the warpath makes for a ride that never touches the brakes. Marmell expertly maximizes the thrills, leaving the reader with a lingering desire for a magic wand and a glass of warm milk.”

Publishers Weekly
tarred review!

“Fantasy meets period detective-gangster drama… Marmell provides a rollicking take…[The voice] quickly becomes likable, full of grumpy asides and funny turns of phrase.”

—SFX Magazine

“Intriguing and sufficiently original.”


“Marmell does an excellent job of mixing urban fantasy and Noir…This book is a fun ride and any reader of urban fantasy will love it. It’s also a great entry into the genre for readers of pulp fiction, mysteries and detective stories. The action is non-stop, and the glimpses of Otherworld Chicago are compelling.”

Seattle Pi

“HOT LEAD, COLD IRON is as hard boiled a detective drama as anything written by Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler or Mickey Spillane, and Marmell captures the vernacular of the period wonderfully….HOT LEAD, COLD IRON could easily have been published in any one of the popular pulp detective magazines of the ’30s and yet it’s pace and characterizations are undoubtedly contemporary…Ari Marmell will soon be crowned the foremost purveyor of Macabre Noir.”

Starburst Magazine

“An urban fantasy well-suited to lovers of historical fantasy, especially of Gangster-era Chicago…it’s an extremely entertaining historical / urban fantasy that I read quickly and eagerly.”

SF Signal

“There are enough subtle and surprising elements involved in the world to enchant readers, and Oberon is an absolutely delightful protagonist…He has an uncanny way of paring opposing elements – a strong, fast, bold…with stunningly subtle and incredibly well crafted world building elements… It’s a lot of fun, and Marmell is an author I really want to hit it big. He deserves it, and this book shows a lot of his strengths.”

Bookworm Blues

“Marmell has crafted a great detective story that really harks back to the old black and white movies starring people like Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney that some of us older readers love so much.  The character of Mike Oberon is written so well and with such an authentic tint to him that you could even imagine him in one of those movies… Oberon’s voice sings out loud and proud through the story and really creates a memorable character in amongst some really well written characters that lurk in the background of the tale…Marmell has written an absolutely brilliant mash up novel.”

Curiosity of a Social Misfit

“The book does a nice job of never tipping its hand, with a climax that delivers on all aspects.”


“The world that Marmell has created for his characters is rich and full of potential….The story is riveting, a page-turner that keeps you engaged as well as setting up this new urban fantasy with the scope for so many stories. HOT LEAD, COLD IRON is a very good book and I can’t wait for the next story in the series.”

Clandestine Critic

“The first “Mick Oberon Job” gives the hardboiled genre a truly magical revamp…It is populated by vividly eccentric characters, both from the world of crime and from the world of magic…Yet it also offers a glimpse of what family is all about, a picture that is heart-warming and beautiful while at the same time touched by disturbing weirdness.”


“This is brilliant urban fantasy fiction, great fun for anyone who likes the genre and wants something a little different.”

Wondrous Reads

“It brings a fantasy twist to the nit and grit of the mystery novel genre…For those looking to venture into a new cross-genre, HOT LEAD is one series that has my recommendation.”

Project Fandom

“HOT LEAD, COLD IRON is a wonderful book.  It combines a detective story with a fantasy environment perfectly.  The author captures the grit of the film noir private eye and the soul of 1930s Chicago well, without being too heavy handed with the slang of the era.  The story moves at a fast pace and never gets dull.  Mick Oberon is a memorable character and I look forward to the next installment in the series.

—Bartleby’s Book Review

“HOT LEAD, COLD IRON is the finest urban fantasy detective novel of the past few years. Both elements work equally and Marmell gives us an exciting read that is not without an incisive look at the present day and the heart of the genre itself.”

Ed Gorman,
author of The Poker Club


“It’s a fascinating concept, and a solid foundation for yet another gripping story… a highly enjoyable ride; the writing takes its reader into the heart of every scene…It’s a great read, reinvigorating the tropes of two genres to enable them to rise above cliché status. With final revelations that imply a larger conspiracy, it seems Marmell has plenty more up his sleeve for his hero, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for Mick Oberon in the future.”

Starburst Magazine

“The once again breakneck pacing story and the marvelous character that is Mick Oberon, and the whole setting of the book, make HALLOW POINT a more than great follow-up. Ari Marmell doesn’t let you as a reader took look away once from the story.”

The Book Plank

“Irresistibly entertaining. . .It’s among the best urban fantasy novels I’ve ever read.”

Rising Shadow

“Marmell has written another enjoyable read – sharp, enjoyable, intriguing, colourful – and I’m looking forward to the next one.”

Clandestine Critic


“The third entry (after Hallow Point) in the inventive series about a 1930s private eye who also happens to be one of the Fae mixes supernatural investigations and Al Capone’s Chicago for an irresistible combo.”

Library Journal

“An incredible adventure of mystery and danger in one of the most thrilling supernatural reads I have ever had the chance to experience. If you are looking for a fantastic read that takes you through a dark world full of supernatural elements mixed with the action-packed thrill of gangsters and guns, then DEAD TO RITES might be the book for you.”

Bio Gamer Girl

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Other Novels



“The funniest genre novel of the year … it was a blast.”

Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf & Review

“Ari Marmell mixes the best ideas of [Jim C. Hines and R.A. Salvatore] with the grittiness of Joe Abercrombie in THE GOBLIN CORPS. . . . It’s exceptionally clever and wonderfully enjoyable to read.”

Grasping for the Wind

“Bloody, savage fun.”

SF Signal

“Will appeal primarily to those looking for a light, fun read.”

SF Site

“I can’t remember the last time I so thoroughly enjoyed a thumping great-big-action fantasy novel. …a big, loud, stadium concert of a book. It is unashamed. It is exciting, funny, dramatic, emotional, and utterly readable. It takes fantasy stereotypes, shoves them in your face, and dares you not to be entertained by them. It’s just great fun to read and we all like fun, right?”

James Barclay,
author of The Chronicles of the Raven

“Marmell has cleverly turned the bad guys into good guys without cleaning up a single drop of blood or amending anyone’s ill manners. THE GOBLIN CORPS serves up gore and guile with a side of amusement—a great read for anyone who’s ever wondered what the world looks like from the sinister side!”

Kevin Hearne,
author of The Iron Druid Chronicles




“…Marmell (Darksiders: The Abomination Vault) sets a tone that combines flash and action with solid characterization and clever humor. Marmell’s characters are memorable and compelling, and his creativity and originality within the steampunk fantasy genre makes him a remarkable storyteller. This one is a keeper.”

Library Journal

“Worth a read for anyone interested in the steampunk genre or military fantasy. Marmell is a skillful writer and keeps things moving briskly.”

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Marmell pulls off a fine tale that juxtaposes the action that fans of the Iron Kingdoms Chronicles have come to expect with a high-paced level of storytelling that make for an engaging read.”


“If you’re a fan of dark, gritty military fantasy, then IN THUNDER FORGED is the book for you.  Ari Marmell is a superb writer, and he’s at the top of his game.”


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  1. THE CONQUEROR’S SHADOW (Random House/Del Rey, 2009)
  2. THE WARLORD’S LEGACY (Random House/Del Rey, 2010)
  • German rights (#1-2) to Blanvalet
  • French rights (#1-2) to Bragelonne


  1. THIEF’S COVENANT (Pyr, 2012)
  2. FALSE COVENANT (Pyr, 2012)
  3. LOST COVENANT (Pyr, 2013)
  • Book #4 — A “Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Reads for February” pick by Kirkus!
  • Book #4 – A “Best Young Adult Novels of 2015” pick by Book Plank
  • Book #1 now in its 2nd HC printing!
  • Estonian rights (#1-2) to Pegasus
  • French rights (#1-4) to Lumen
  • Polish rights (#1) to Fabryka Slow
  • Audio rights (#1-4) to Cutting/Graphic Audio


  1. HOT LEAD, COLD IRON (Titan, 2014)
  2. HALLOW POINT (Forthcoming from Titan Books)


  • Pyr, 2011
  • German rights to Piper




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