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T.C. McCarthy

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“SUBTERRENE WAR trilogy is a fascinating trilogy…essential Military Science Fiction and essential 21st Century Science Fiction.”

SF Signal


“McCarthy’s delirious narrative avoids cliché and raises intriguing questions about what it means to be human.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“GERMLINE is an impressive debut that manages, thanks to McCarthy’s honest and raw authorial voice, to add something new to the Military Science Fiction genre.”

SF Signal

“This is a roller coaster of a read. The technology is advanced, but this is not a gizmo-based story. Instead, it is character-driven story and it is well worth the read.”

SF Site

Germline is, in essence, a gritty and confronting coming-of-age story featuring a deeply flawed protagonist. The result is intense, uncomfortable, and more than just a little bit brilliant.”

Ranting Dragon

Germline is a tremendous debut novel.”

Staffer’s Book Review

“Germline is one of the grittier, realistic and devastatingly moving military science fiction novels I have ever read.

The Gilded Earlobe

“The novel is definitely one of the most disturbing books I read, moving into the truly frightening category because of how real and convincing  TC drew me into Oscar’s world, particularly his drug addiction and his delusions.”

The Founding Fields


“The conclusion is simultaneously heartbreaking and triumphant, and utterly appropriate for the brutal, bloody, and magnificent story.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“McCarthy storytelling takes a leap in EXOGENE, on a thematic level. A greater examination of what makes a soldier on the front line comes to light – the morals, the stress, the anguish all from the point of view of a soldier.”

SF Signal

“Exogene is literary science fiction at its best, full of visceral imagery, devastating violence and precise war time action. McCarthy takes the question of what it means to be human, and turns it on its head, leaving us searching for the blurred line between humanity and abomination.”

The Gilded Earlobe


“The highly detailed, brutal depiction of futuristic warfare brilliantly complements the intimate narrative, which examines the insanity of war and those personally affected by it. Breathtaking and heartrending, this is the future of military science fiction.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“This is a fast, furious read (I did it in a day) that takes military science fiction and grounds it in the cold, hard reality of war.”

SF Signal

“Chimera is gritty, uncomfortable science fiction at its best…. he true beauty of this novel is the way it pulls together all the elements of the world he has created in a truly unique fashion, and showing us very well what out future may be.”

The Gilded Earlobe




The Subterrene War Series