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Michael Garrett

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The Hot Blood Series (With Jeff Gelb) | Biblio. & Rights Info
Hot Blood
Hotter Blood
Hottest Blood
Hot Blood 4: Deadly After Dark
Hot Blood 5: Seeds of Evil
Hot Blood 6: Stranger by Night
Hot Blood 7: Fear the Fever
Hot Blood 8: Kiss and Kill
Hot Blood 9: Crimes of Passion
Hot Blood X
Hot Blood XI: Fatal Attractions
Hot Blood XII: Strange Bedfellows
Hot Blood XIII: Dark Passions

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Fear Itself
Shock Rock
Shock Rock II

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With thirteen books beginning in 1989, the Hot Blood series is one of the most successful fiction anthology series of all time. Books in the Hot Blood series are available worldwide — in Germany, France, Spain, the UK, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands, Japan, the Czech Republic, Russia and many other countries. Stories from the series have been adapted for Showtime’s pay-TV series The Hunger, Hot Blood itself has been optioned for development as a TV series, two stories from the series have won the Bram Stoker Award given by the Horror Writers Association, and five of the Hot Blood books have been taken by the Doubleday Book Club. There are over 800,000 copies in print in the US, and the books are enjoying new life in the electronic age, becoming immediate bestsellers for e-publisher Peanut Press.

The Hot Blood series was created by Jeff Gelb, Michael Garrett and Lonn Friend.




“Read this one late at night, when the wind is blowing hard and the moon is full.”


“One of the best put-together anthologies I’ve seen in years … rush out and buy Hot Blood — but don’t say we didn’t warn you that you’ll be up all night reading it.”


“A major anthology designed, quite literally, to scare the pants off the reader.”

—2 AM Magazine

“A rich sampling of American erotic horror.”

—Penthouse Hot Talk

Includes Grant Morrison’s “The Braille Encyclopedia,”
Nominated for the Bram Stoker Award for Best Short Fiction

“An outstanding collection … a daring combination of sex and terror … mixed with deadly intent by the best writers the horror field has to offer! A must-read for any horror fan!”

—Cemetary Dance

“A worthy successor to Hot Blood, taking an even more aggressive and daring approach to erotic horror. Aggressive and riveting, Hotter Blood’s lineup is a virtual Who’s Who of modern horror, with a mixture of talented newcomers bound to hit it big in the near future.”


“A provocative journey into the gut wrenching excursions of the horrors that we all face. Hotter Blood is filled with a potpourri of talent.”


“Really smokes … Every piece of fiction in this anthology is superb … editors Jeff Gelb and Michael Garrett have outdone themselves.”

—Rave Reviews

“Acutely readable — punctuated with moments of genuine stimulation.”


“An amazing anthology of all-new stories by some of the hottest writers around … the kind of anthology every horror writer would kill to crack … highly recommended.”

—2 AM Magazine

“All of the stories are interesting and exciting … if short fiction is your fiction of choice, this collection will be hard to beat.”

—Mystery Scene

“If you like sex with your horror, these are pretty fun and about half of them lubed this reviewer’s tubes.”


Includes Nancy Holder’s “I Hear the Mermaids Singing,”
Winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Best Short Fiction

“The stories are stronger, more daring … I’d hate to see (this series) end. As long as Gelb and Garrett keep the quality level as consistent as it is, I’ll keep recommending these books.”


“An entertaining anthology worth adding to your collection.”

—Cemetery Dance

“Their new collection contains 20 envelope-straining stories … check out Hottest Blood.”

—Rocky Mountain News

“Not for the weak-hearted or puritanical … more than enough writers here to make this anthology worthwhile … seek out this one (or its predecessors) for some naughty fun.”


“No problem living up to its title … something to whet every appetite.”

—Bayonne Journal

“It’s a doozy … If you’re looking for something sexy and horrific, an anthology that really goes down to the nitty gritty, get a copy of HOTTEST BLOOD.”

—The Iguana Informer

Includes Edward Lee’s “Mr. Torso” and
Lucy Taylor’s “Thing of Which We Do Not Speak,”
Nominees for the Bram Stoker Award for Best Short Fiction

“Erotic or sexual, sexy or cautionary, here are 14 new stories which should arouse a variety of responses, ranging from Oooh, wow to Yuck. As with every preceeding volume of this series, there’s some extremely effective material. Every once in a while, the book cracks the surface of the fictive lava field open just enough so you can feel that super-heated steam building up…”


“Something for every taste. DEADLY AFTER DARK is a worthy continuation of a series that has yet to reach its climax.”


“It’s good to see the Hot Blood series continuing. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series. Recommended.”



“A good sampling of stories from this slipperiest of subgenres. The success of the present volume points to a value of the whole series — strong emphasis on the erotic. There’s something in these 18 tales of orgasmic dread to satisfy most tastes … STRANGER BY NIGHT demonstrates that the Hot Blood books haven’t lost their steam in any sense of the phrase.”


“Whatever your tastes, be prepared to be titillated and terrorized.”

—The Heliocentric Net

Includes P.D. Cacek’s “Metalica,”
winner of the Bram Stoker Award
and Stoker nominee “The Secret Shih Tan” by Graham Masterton

“The Hot Blood series continues to hold its own as a creature of the publishing ecology, one that occupies its niche quite handily. FEAR THE FEVER, it seems to me, functions at a higher-than-usual average level. There’s a better balance of female to male contributors … all told, a solid collection, but remember to pay special attention to the Cacek story. Consider carefully before considerately leaving a copy in your OB-GYN’s waiting room.”



“More than reasonable compensation for your money. The variety will appeal to your every kink.”


Includes “Madame Babylon” by Brian Hodge,
finalist for the Bram Stoker Award for Best Short Story

“The editors are not only stretching their wings, they’re pumping arcane substances to develop new and powerful wing muscles. There appears to be a new energy infused here. When it clicks, the sound is like a powerful handgun being cocked in your ear. With its second wind, this series will certainly bear watching.”


“Not a weak story in the book … it should serve to warm your veins quite nicely during the long winters night.”



“Editors Jeff Gelb and Michael Garrett have demonstrated, with each succeeding volume, their increasingly sophisticated grasp of selecting stories. A good percentage of these stories are simply good — if sobering — pieces of perverse storytelling.”



“One of the best volumes in this long-running series. A top rating.”

—Cemetery Dance

“The HOT BLOOD series has never received its rightful due. Gelb and Garrett’s works have been groundbreaking. What they have managed to do is to create a series of volumes that have quietly become, to those “in the know,” indispensable sources for both present and future master of the horror genre.”


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“Gelb has succeeded in creating an unusual collection, in that some traditional horror elements are foregone in favor of the more tangible terrors of this world, from snakes to plane crashed to homicidal maniacs and sex abuse….Graham Watkins’ chillingly detailed tale of a spelunker forced to confront his fear of spiders has a splendid, shocking ending, and Stephen Gresham’s story offers an intriguing comment on the impetus behind and impact of horror writing.”

—Publishers Weekly

“An interesting idea behind it, one which is a natural for a horror anthology … The 21 writers whose work can be found here definitely rose to Gelb’s challenge, crafting stories which pack a bit more punch than your standard anthology fare….As a result, all of the stories worked for me…As horror anthologies go, FEAR ITSELF is a definite cut above the competition. There’s a sense of honesty to it which I found quite appealing, both in the fiction and in the author notes where the contributors open up about what inspired them to write what they did. If ever there was an anthology which deserves a sequel, it’s FEAR ITSELF. Recommended.”



“Not for the fainthearted … a spine-tingling anthology.”


“A rockin’ good read.”

—USA Weekend

“Enough werewolves, vampires, and really sick stuff to keep rock-horror afficianados as happy as the proud owner of a demonically possessed 59 Les Paul.”

—Radio & Records

“The bargain of the century. You’ve got to have this book.”

—Rocky Mountain News

“Breaks new ground with the variety of talent that turned out new and original pieces of fiction for this collection.”

—World of Fandom

“A bunch of hot licks in this scary stack of stories. You can almost hear the screams.”

—Comic Buyers Guide


“A smashing success. A memorable collection of rock and roll horror.”

—Horror: The News Magazine

“Gelb has topped even his previous scary success with this new collection of twenty-one musical menacings. Trust me, there’s a whole lot of shrieking going on in this book.”

—Comic Buyers Guide

“An entertaining collection….good hooks and memorable riffs.”



“A nail-biting journey of suspense. Garrett’s prose crackles with life.”

—Cemetery Dance

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  1. Hot Blood
  2. Hotter Blood
  3. Hottest Blood
  4. Hot Blood 4: Deadly After Dark
  5. Hot Blood 5: Seeds of Evil (1995, Pocket Books)
  6. Hot Blood 6: Stragner By Night (1995, Pocket Books)
  7. Hot Blood 7: Fear the Fever (1996, Pocket Books)
  8. Hot Blood 8:Kiss and Kill (1997, Pocket Books)
  9. Hot Blood 9: Crimes of Passion (1997, Pocket Books)
  10. Hot Blood X (1998, Pocket Books)
  11. Hot Blood XI: Fatal Attractions (2003, Kensington Books)
  12. Hot Blood XII: Strange Bedfellows
  13. Hot Blood XIII: Dark Passions
  • Bks #1, 3, 8, 10 Doubleday Book Club Selections
  • UK rights (#3) to S&S
  • Czech rights (#1-2) to Talpress
  • Dutch rights (#4) to BZZTOH
  • French rights (#1-6) to J’ai Lu
  • German rights ( #1, 6) to Festa
  • German rights (#2) to Bastei***
  • Italian rights (#1-2) to Bompiani in Italy
  • Japanese rights (#1-3) to Shodensha
  • Polish rights (#2) to Rebis
  • Russian rights (#1-2) to AST
  • Spanish rights (#1) to Robinbook


  1. Fear Itself
  2. Shock Rock
  3. Shock Rock II
  • Shock Rock sold to France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Finland, and the UK
  • Shock Rock audio rights to Publishing Mills
  • Shock Rock optioned to New Line and Spelling


  1. Keeper
  • Audio rights sold to Audible

***Three asterisks (***) placed after the record of a foreign territory sale indicate that those rights have expired and are available for purchase in that market for that title(s).***
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