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E.C. Myers

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Fair Coin
Quantum Coin
Silence of Six
After the Fall (RWBY)



Winner of the 2013 Andre Norton Award

“Tired of cookie-cutter young-adult novels? The cure awaits, in the shape of E.C. Myers’ astounding Fair Coin — a book which, among other things, achieves the feat of seeming like a dark fairy tale and a clever science fiction epic, rolled into one. It’s a fast-moving book full of twists and cool character moments, and definitely ideal for adults who miss the days of engaging, idea-driven science fiction… don’t plan on doing anything else until you finish reading it.”
2012 Summer Reading List pick!

“[A] dizzying debut… Ephraim’s ability to see past the temptations of power despite an active teen libido provides him with a sturdy moral base.”


“Magic and science collide in this retelling of the classic fable about misguided wishes never having exactly the outcome you intend… A complex plotline explores experimental theories in this fast-paced and fun story.”

RT Book Reviews

“An entertaining, exciting science-fiction adventure… [teens] wil identify with the protagonist’s desires and angst.”

—School Library Journal

“With clear, engaging prose…this is a good young-adult novel that also has lots to offer not-so-young adults.”

Seattle Times

“Fair Coin starts with an intriguing idea that becomes more interesting as the story develops…This is a great book that fans of fantasy or science fiction will enjoy.”

Portland Book Review

“[A] complex, complicated, intelligent, thought-provoking story that challenges expectations and plays around with science in all sorts of weird ways.”

“I love the way Fair Coin takes a fairy tale motif and first, makes it its own, then transforms it into a solid SF outing…fabulous from start to finish.”

Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine (Charles de Lint)

“Fair Coin was a most pleasant surprise… Myers writes with a very brisk prose style, and when combined with the pace and the quality of the story, I was pulled on throughout and I ended up staying up well into the wee hours of the morning to get it finished… Highly recommended.”

Civilian Reader

“Impossible to put down, this fast-paced scifi adventure is laced with teen angst and humor. An impressive debut, Fair Coin is a non-stop thrill ride with plenty of unexpected twists.”

SciFi Chick

“I applaud Myers for coming up with an exciting and science-based premise and the twisty, puzzly adventure that his reality-bending ideas consequently bring.”

Night Owl Reviews

Fair Coin by author E.C. Myers is a whirlwind of a tale… The element of the unknown, the suspense of who will do what with or to whom, and the eventual resolution of the story are engaging, interesting, and really fun to read.”

Astro Guyz

“I really loved this book! Fair Coin is a refreshingly unique read. It’s a story that takes you from fantasy into science fiction and back again. and does it seamlessly. I loved the characters, I loved the concept, and most of all I loved how immersed I was in the story.”

Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile

“Some clever twists and a very quick read.”

Critical Mass

“Myers quickly immerses us in the characters, who in turn usher us through a complex and fast-paced plot… I recommend this book to anyone interested in a character-driven science fiction YA novel.”

The YA Report

“This interesting young adult sci-fi starts out innocently enough before turning into a darker tale of greed, responsibility, and choices.”

Monsters & Critics

Fair Coin is an interesting spin, or perhaps I should say “flip,” on a standard science fiction trope. The gimmick of the “wishing coin” is clever, Myers writes good dialogue and his prose is solid… E.C. Myers has talent and a quirky vision, and this idea has potential.”

Fantasy Literature

“This is author E.C. Myers’ first full-length book and it’s a cracking read… The characters are well written and the switch from ‘magic’ to science is cleverly done, tackling some big ideas without alienating the reader at any point.”


“This one reminded me of Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies: realistic and compelling characters, a world whose creepiness only gradually reveals itself, awesome adventure.  But don’t take my word for it… read for yourself!”

The Book Smugglers
N.K. Jemisin guest review

“Corruption of power grounds the novel, but the attention paid to teenage romance and familial relations elevate the book beyond its genre. A fun, fast read, Ephraim’s excellent adventures will continue with the next installment, Quantum Coin, out this month.”

Fiction Writers Review

Fair Coin had me back in elementary school discovering the Goosebumps series…Myers uses that penchant for nostalgia to great effect.”

Worlds Without End

“[This] is an intriguing book with an unusual yet unique concept. The writing is good as are the characters and it’s so nice to have another book with an interesting male lead. This is a good read that I recommend to anyone that likes sci-fi and fantasy books.”

Little Library Muse

“Fans of sci-fi, time travel, doppelgangers, and reads that will mess with your mind will devour FAIR COIN by E.C. Myers.  I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us in QUANTUM COIN.”

Chapter By Chapter

“Final verdict? If you love sci-fi/fantasy and you want to learn more about quantum physics mixed in with that sci-fi/fantasy, you DEFINITELY [emphasis theirs] need to read ‘Fair Coin’… This is one YA debut you won’t want to miss!

Birth of a New Witch

“A very good, well written story with realistic teenage characterisation and all the teenage behaviour that comes with it.  Among other things the story deals with the moral issues facing Ephraim, such as making someone like you and so taking away their choices and changing other people’s lives to suit your own purposes. I like the plot twists and the ending and I’m interested to see where the next book goes.”

Between the Lines

“Funny, sexy, and unexpectedly poignant, Fair Coin takes the phrase “be careful what you wish for” and runs with it. A standout debut from an author to watch.”

Lauren McLaughlin,
author of Scored

“FAIR COIN is a fantastic, non-stop thrill ride. I barely remembered to breathe!”

Sarah Beth Durst,
author of Drink, Slay, Love


“Myers salts his tale with amusing, often-libidinous adolescent banter, and by cheating a little, lands his characters in good places in the end. Fans of alternate worlds will find a heapin’ helping here.”


“Myers dishes out just enough quantum physics to make the story plausible without swamping it in technical jargon. Subtle references to everything from Batman to Harry Potter will delight fans attuned to that sort of minutiae, and the action-packed plot will keep readers’ attention…All in all, a highly enjoyable read.”

—School Library Journal

“Myers’ sequel to Fair Coin ups the ante for fantasy fans everywhere, without letting other elements of the story wither. The romantic tension throughout highlights the maturation of the characters. Unlike many sequels, this one wraps up loose ends in a satisfactory fashion.”

RT Book Reviews
4 stars!

“This is a great book and a highly enjoyable addition to the series.”

Portland Book Review

“[F]or unpredictable, intelligent, challenging YA science fiction, this series is a sure fire bet. I can’t wait to see what Myers has up his sleeve for the future.”

“I recommend it to you highly.”

Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine (Charles de Lint)

“Not just a great YA novel, Quantum Coin is a great science fiction novel in general. There is an abundance of heart and science to go around.”

SF Signal

“QUANTUM COIN delivers an exciting adventure. The book is a fast read, the dialogue is snappy, and the ideas are interesting.”

Fantasy Literature

“Myers shows he has the ability to do what so many authors aren’t able to: provide a satisfactory ending to a book. Everything comes full circle, although as with my review of the first book, I hope that this is not the last we see of Ephraim. This is a must-read for anyone who enjoyed FAIR COIN.”


“The second Coin science fiction is a terrific young adult thriller that makes great use of chaos theory and teen romantic angst. At times frantic-paced, yet the key triangle thrives and insures that Quantum Coin stays anchored. E.C. Myers provides a fabulous tale.”

Genre Go Round Reviews

“This book is much faster paced with lots more going on than Fair Coin and the scientific aspect much deeper and a lot more complex. . .The characters are engrossing and the story compelling.”

Between the Lines

“Myers has loaded Quantum Coin with emotional tension and Sci-fi elements that lovers of the genre will enjoy.”

Little Library Muse

“This doesn’t have the feel of a YA novel and while the plot is a bit less controlled than in its predecessor, I actually enjoyed it a good deal more.”

Don Dammassa

“I loved this duology! I’m sad it’s over, but QUANTUM COIN was an almost perfect ending for these characters.”

Pinkindle Reviews


“Expertly incorporating hacker slang and disquietingly credible exploits ranging from penetrating corporate systems to hot-wiring cars with a laptop, Myers leads his clever coder, along with equally gifted allies Penny and her younger sister, Clarisse, through a series of narrow escapes and risky gambles to physical and digital clues that reveal a scheme to make the real-world NSA’s surveillance look small scale. Along with pleasing fans of Cory Doctorow’s Homeland (2013) and like “hacktion” thrillers, this offers sobering insight into how fragile our privacy really is.”


“It’s an entertaining and exciting book with non-stop action…It’s a great way to get gamers and video fanatics to perhaps put down the mouse and pick up a book.”

“I highly recommend THE SILENCE OF SIX to anyone looking for a book and a thrill ride in one perfectly executed package. … This book will keep you on the edge of your seat with every page you read. It is fast-paced, interesting and extremely well planned out.”

Teen Reads


“In this first novel based on the popular online anime series RWBY, four teens are sent to a small town in a forbidding desert to help a group of refugees fight the monstrous Grimm that stalk them. Coco, Fox, Velvet, and Yatsuhashi, also known as Team CFVY, are training to become Huntsmen and Huntresses—warriors who protect people from Grimm, a variety of terrifying beasts that are drawn to negative emotions. They left Beacon Academy for a new school after Beacon was destroyed by Grimm, and Team CFVY’s story is an engaging offshoot of the anime that focuses on their friends, Team RWBY. Each Hunter and Huntress has a signature weapon and a supernatural power, and within the fantasy world of Remnant, there are multiple species and ethnicities, some of which face prejudice and racism. Myers (Mother of Invention, 2018, etc.) does a terrific job of explaining this world to newcomers and, amid the nonstop action and thrilling battle scenes, also manages to portray the four friends three-dimensionally through witty dialogue and flashbacks. Even secondary characters have complexity, making the world feel immersive and present. As the Grimm attacks become more frequent and intense, the friends must search for the mysterious cause, protect the townspeople, and battle their demons—both internally and externally. This spinoff is funny and thrilling from beginning to end, and thoughtful writing gives the action added depth and emotional impact.”

Kirkus, Starred Review!




  1. QUANTUM COIN (Pyr, October 2012)
  2. FAIR COIN (Pyr, March 2012)


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