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Janci Patterson

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Chasing the Skip



“[Ricki] is an appealingly vulnerable character, her anger at both parents and her love for her mother both genuine and leading to completely believable choices, however wrongheaded. A solid cast and heartfelt emotions lift this above its contrivances.”


“This debut offers a genuinely felt father-daughter story filled with realistic, flawed, and dimensional characters.”


Chasing the Skip is really a novel about a father and daughter giving each other a second chance for reconciliation and a new lease on life. Many teens will relate to Ricki’s challenge as she tries to figure out where she belongs on the road of life.”

School Library Journal

“Her character’s struggles are real and believable. The plot is at times predictable, but contains enough twists to keep the reader eager to turn the page.”

Deseret News

“Debut writer Patterson offers a laudably balanced plot, at once an action-packed adventure story and a rocky but tender tale of father-daughter reconciliation.”

–Bulletin for the Center of Children’s Books
(Univ. of Illinois)

“Patterson’s characters feel real. Ricki and her father are both flawed but trying their best… Spending time with them was a pleasure.”

Criminal Element

“CHASING THE SKIP… really delves into the parent/child relationship. It is well written and does tell a tale I haven’t read before, which is always a plus.”

The Write Path

“Patterson’s good at writing realistic characters with flaws that aren’t fatal, and this is a book I could recommend to almost any teenager.”

— Charlaine Harris,
#1 New York Times bestselling author




  1. CHASING THE SKIP (Christy Ottaviano Books, 2012)
  • German rights to Heyne

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