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Ellery Queen

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Ellery Queen Sequence

The Roman Hat Mystery
The French Powder Mystery
The Dutch Shoe Mystery
The Greek Coffin Mystery
The Egyptian Cross Mystery
The American Gun Mystery
The Siamese Twin Mystery
The Chinese Orange Mystery
The Spanish Cape Mystery
Halfway House
The Door Between
The Devil to Pay
The Four of Hearts
The Dragon’s Teeth
Calamity Town
There Was an Old Woman
The Murderer is a Fox
Ten Days’ Wonder
Cat of Many Tails
Double Double
The Origin of Evil
The King is Dead
The Scarlet Letters
The Glass Village
Inspector Queen’s Own Case
The Finishing Stroke
The Player on the Other Side
And on the Eighth Day
The Fourth Side of the Triangle
Face to Face
The House of Brass
Cop Out
The Last Woman in His life
A Fine and Private Place
A Study in Terror (EQ w/Sherlock Holmes)
The Tragedy of Errors (see Collections)


Drury Lane Mysteries

(by “Barnaby Ross” later published under EQ)

The Tragedy of X
The Tragedy of Y
The Tragedy of Z
Drury Lane’s Last Case


Ellery Queen (other novels)

(w/ Tim Corrigan* & Troubleshooter^  sequences)

Beware the Young Stranger
The Black Hearts Murder^
Blow Hot, Blow Cold
The Blue Movie Murders^
The Campus Murders^
The Copper Frame
Dead Man’s Tale
Death Spins the Platter
The Devil’s Cook
The Four Johns
The Golden Goose
Guess Who’s Coming to Kill You?
How Goes the Murder?*
Kill as Directed
The Killer Touch
Kiss and Kill
The Last Score
Losers Weepers
The Madman Theory
Murder with a Past
A Room to Die In
Shoot the Scene
What’s in the Dark?*
Where is Bianca?*
Which Way to Die?*
Who Spies, Who Kills?*
Why So Dead?*
Wife or Death


Ellery Queen Juveniles (for younger readers)

(by Ellery Queen, Jr.)

The Black Dog Mystery
The Golden Eagle Mystery
The Green Turtle Mystery
The Red Chipmunk Mystery
The Brown Fox Mystery
The White Elephant Mystery
The Yellow Cat Mystery
The Blue Herring Mystery
The Mystery of the Merry Magician
The Mystery of the Vanished Victim
The Purple Bird Mystery



The Adventures of Ellery Queen
The New Adventures of Ellery Queen
Calendar of Crime
QBI: Queen’s Bureau of Investigation
Queens Full
QED: Queen’s Experiments in Detection


Radio Play Adaptations & Scripts

The Adventure of the Last Man Club
The Adventure of the Murdered Millionaire
10 scripts in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
3 in The Case Book of Ellery Queen
5 in other magazines or anthologies

(14 of these collected in “The Adventure of the Murdered Moths & Other Radio Mysteries”)


Film Novelizations

The Vanishing Corpse (aka Ellery Queen Master Detective)
The Penthouse Mystery
The Perfect Crime

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“By the time Inspector Richard Queen and his bookish son Ellery arrive at Manhattan’s Roman theater to examine the dead body of crooked lawyer Monte Field, I was registering a distinct sense of well-being and contentment. Here was a classic Golden Age puzzle.”

Washington Post

For The Dutch Shoe Mystery

“First published in 1931, this exceptional entry in the American Mystery Classics series from MWA Grand Master Queen (the pen name of Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee) offers a scrupulously fair puzzle. After well-to-do Abigail Doorn collapses into a diabetic coma, she’s taken to Manhattan’s Dutch Memorial Hospital, where she revives, but later falls down a flight of stairs and ruptures her gall bladder. But when she’s brought into the operating room, she’s found to have been garroted to death, possibly by someone impersonating a surgeon. Her wealth leaves no shortage of suspects for Ellery Queen and his father, NYPD Insp. Richard Queen. Ellery, who epitomizes the infuriatingly brilliant detective, announces at one point that he has learned practically everything about the criminal, except the person’s identity. An interlude in which Ellery and Richard discuss their theories is printed with extra-wide margins for note-taking. Appearing before the final reveal is a challenge that asserts the reader now has all the relevant evidence to deduce Doorn’s murderer. This is a genuine treat for those who love to match wits with fictional detectives.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review!

“it’s one of Ellery’s brainiest… only the most churlish readers would think of resisting it.”


“When a wealthy woman is strangled in a hospital full of witnesses, an early-twentieth-century New York City man-about-town turns sleuth to unmask her murderer. Ellery Queen was the pen name of Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee as well as the name used for their protagonist; the series eventually became a franchise popular on radio and television. The first few novels, of which this is the third (1931), were largely formulated in the style of the upper-class Philo Vance mysteries by S. S. Van Dine, and some modern-day crime fiction fans might find the idea of the sleuth as top-hatted dandy a bit strange. But Queen, while something of a prig, is always amusing, and he mellows out over time. Promise. Resurrected by Otto Penzler for his American Mystery Classics series, this book is a textbook Golden Age “fair play” mystery. Readers accumulate clues and usually solve the crime simultaneously with the detective. Perfect for a discussion group exploring the history and variety of the mystery genre.”

—Book List

For The Siamese Twin Mystery

“This entry in the American Mystery Classics series shows Queen at his best, expertly combining plot and setting to heighten suspense en route to the satisfying solution.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review!

“A pioneering…impressive example of the locked-in-a-cabin whodunit.”


“THE SIAMESE TWIN MYSTERY is a powerful book. It’s a puzzle, pieced together by Ellery, complete with “dying message” clues, but it’s also a suspenseful and harrowing thriller, made even more effective by the constantly increasing danger.”

Classic Mysteries

“Bizarre circumstances, gruesome murders, eerie surroundings, this is a detective story that has it all.”

Mystery File

For The Chinese Orange Mystery

“After all these years, the unbridled ingenuity of its central puzzle has never been surpassed.”


“If this creates a new audience for a genre giant, Penzler, editor of the American Mystery Classics series, will have done yet another service for whodunit lovers.”

Publishers Weekly

“It would be extremely difficult to devise a more puzzling problem than the one that Ellery Queen solves in this story.”

New York Times

“I’ll just say it right out–The Chinese Orange Mystery is the best Ellery Queen novel that I’ve read yet.”

My Reader’s Block

“Probably Ellery Queen’s most dazzling case.”

Washington Post

The Chinese Orange Mystery is for my money one of the most completely successful of the early Ellery Queen mysteries. Very highly recommended.”

Vintage Pop Fictons



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  • Audio (US) – 85 titles to AudioGo
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  • Danish – 11 titles to Rosenkilde & Bahnhof
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