Saturday, 23 March 2019

Adam Rakunas

Like a Boss




“A wildly fun science fiction debut. . .This twisty David-and-Goliath tale is clever, fast-paced, and frequently funny, taking plenty of well-deserved potshots at corporate greed.”

–Publishers Weekly

“Part action-adventure, part space opera, part farce, Windswept follows Padma, Jilly and the escapees through complicated legal, company-vs-union conflict and violent struggles in a post-diaspora-heading-towards-collapse science fiction universe. Recommended forStar Trek fans who loved stories like ‘The Bell Riots’.”

Dark Matter Zine

“I loved the worldbuilding of WINDSWEPT… Seriously, this book is just plain funny. Even so, it manages to present an interesting perspective on politics, consumerism, and unionizations. So if you want to read about Co-Ops, giant crab attacks, sewer chases, and the inadvisability of copying techniques from the movies, WINDSWEPT is definitely worth a look.”


“WINDSWEPT fuses edge of your seat action with thought provoking speculation – a perfect blend for an unforgettable science fiction read… WINDSWEPT is a great science fiction novel, and Adam Rakunas is definitely an author to watch. 5/5.”

The Mutt Cafe

“Windswept is a classic noir story shot full of space-rum and rocketed into the future. It’s not anything so simple as a thriller with a layer of chrome and some plastic ray guns tacked on; this isn’t a Chandler pastiche in nerd-drag. The future tech is integral to the story, and Rakunas clearly enjoys building out a science fiction world.”

The Seattle Review of Books

“The world building was fantastic and the characters so well developed…I really am looking forward to this series.”

Koeur’s Book Review

“It’s a book which has interesting things to say, and manages to express them successfully whilst keeping the reader both entertained and intrigued…This melange of fast-paced action, character study, social study and witty dialogue makes up a thoroughly enjoyable narrative treat.”

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviews

“Windswept is a fast-paced action thriller that delivers multiple twists and turns and an unrelenting pace. Padma is a tough, no-nonsense heroine, among a cast of interesting and diverse women (which is, sadly, still rare enough to be delightful). It’s a perfect rum-fuelled thrill ride.

Astounding Yarns

“As a debut novel it is amazing: it moves quickly, flows well, has a very dynamic setting and characters who hop off the page.”

Bull Spec Magazine

“This is a hell of a ride – you may feel as battered as its grumpy heroine by the end of the twists, turns, accelerations and nosedives – but if you finish it without a grin I’ll be surprised. Honestly, it’s worth the price of admission for irrepressible lawyer Banks and the snarky old ladies alone. . .The second half upped the octane and the chaos well past the point where I couldn’t be swept along giggling. This is stupidly over the top and wildly entertaining. Keep a rum handy and enjoy the ride.”

–One More

“LIKE A BOSS is a laugh-in-your-face rejection of grimdark cynicism and cyberpunk dystopia. It’s a flag-waving, singing-out-loud celebration of people doing the right thing even though it will be hard (and conscious of the cost to themselves), because they know it’s the right thing to do, damn it. It’s a celebration of hope and trust and community. I loved it.”

X + 1

“Fast-paced, funny, and full of action. Once again Rakunas writes a winner. Regarding modern science fiction, there is certainly a new voice that needs to be heard.”

Eyes and Books

“Adam Rakunas is one funny SOB, and now everyone’s going to know it. WINDSWEPT is a zippy, zany ride, with more fast turns than a Wild Mouse rollercoaster. There’s more witty banter and laughs per page than anything I’ve read in years, making this, my friends, the rarest kind of science-fiction-comedy novel: one that’s actually funny. Buckle the hell up.”

–Daryl Gregory
Shirley Jackson Award-winning author of We Are All Completely Fine

“Like all the best speculative fiction set in the future, WINDSWEPT is also about the way we live now, and Adam Rakunas tackles what matters most with a metric ton of humor and heart. A promising, thrilling debut.”

–Robert Levy, author of The Glittering World

“Lush and exotic, Rakunas’s WINDSWEPT is like the booze that powers his world: a delightful cask aged añejo rum that keeps revealing greater complexity and depth the more time you spend with it. I didn’t realize I had been lacking rum-running space opera in my life, but after WINDSWEPT, I definitely have a thirst for more.”

– Mark Teppo, Author of Earth Thirst and co-Author of The Mongoliad

“It’s very rare for a book to grab my attention on the first page, then proceed to drag me through a fast-paced, action packed SF romp. The book is irreverent and zany and I heartily recommend picking it up.”

– Ted Mahsun


It has a wonderfully diverse and nuanced cast of characters and a vibrant setting that feels alive. . .If you like science fiction adventure with strong characterization and many feels, then buy this book!”

–Bull Spec Magazine

“Padma isn’t just one thing, which is fantastic – she’s not a heroine, or a misanthrope. An arse-kicker or a thinker. An idol or its shattered remains. She’s all of those things, a multifaceted presence, whose weariness pours off the page around a white-hot core of anger and ideals. . .It’s a cracking read, and I’m looking forward to seeing where Padma and Rakunas  take us next.”

–SF and F Reviews

“Near the climax of Like a Boss she delivers a little economic speech that makes as strong a case for unions that I’ve read this year.”

Seattle Review of Books

“It’s gloriously entertaining SF. Better yet, it’s positive, hopeful, idealistic SF.”

One More

“Fast-paced, funny, and full of action.”

Nebula of Books

“The series has everything that makes for a scifi classic – a richly imagined world, a plot that is thrilling and thought provoking while successfully commenting on current issues, a diverse well developed cast of characters, and that touch of magic that comes from an author gifted with eloquence and imagination.”

Mutt Cafe

“Fierce, funny, and fast-paced. This is sci-fi in a world as rich, detailed, and diverse as our own. It’s about fighting for what’s right, about fixing what’s broken, about cheering for the underdog, against all odds. Read it, love it, and then read it again.”

Ramez Naam,
Winner of the Prometheus and Philip K. Dick Awards
Author of the Nexus series

“LIKE A BOSS is one of those rare, perfect novels that somehow packs huge ideas into a story that is simultaneously wildly speculative and completely digestible. LIKE A BOSS lives up to its name. A masterwork of big ideas, perfectly executed.”

– Ted Kosmatka, author of The Flicker Men

“The moment I began reading this, I immediately had to put the book down. I was simply too sick with envy at Adam’s talent.”

– Madeline Ashby, acclaimed author of vN and iD