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Brandon Sanderson

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You can also read the first sections of Brandon Sanderson’s work online, as well as the full text of Brandon’s latest standalone novel, WARBREAKER!

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Standalone Novels
Elantris | Biblio. & Rights Info
Warbreaker | Biblio. & Rights Info
The Emperor’s Soul | Biblio. & Rights Info
Infinity Blade: Awakening | Biblio. & Rights Info
Infinity Blade: Redemption| Biblio. & Rights Info

Legion | Biblio. & Rights Info
Legion: Skin Deep

The Mistborn Saga | Biblio. & Rights Info
Mistborn: The Final Empire
Mistborn: The Well of Ascension

Mistborn: The Hero of Ages

The Mistborn Novels: Wax and Wayne| Biblio. & Rights Info
The Alloy of Law
Shadows of Self
The Bands of Mourning
Lost Metal (Forthcoming)

The Stormlight Archive | Biblio. & Rights Info
The Way of Kings
Words of Radiance
A #1 New York Times bestseller!
Oathbringer (Forthcoming!)
Book #4 under contract!

The Alcatraz Smedry Series | Biblio. & Rights Info
Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians
Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener’s Bones
Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia
Alcatraz Versus the Shattered Lens
Alcatraz Versus the Dark Talent

The Rithmatist Series | Biblio. & Rights Info
The Rithmatist
Book #2 under contract!

The Reckoners Series | Biblio. & Rights Info
Steelheart – A #1 New York Times bestseller!
Firefight A #1 New York Times bestseller!
Calamity – A #1 New York Times series bestseller!
Mitosis – A Reckoners story

Short Stories / Novellas | Biblio. & Rights Info
Arcanum Unbounded
Defending Elysium & Firstborn
Eleventh Metal
Sixth of Dusk
Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell
Hope of Elantris
Secret History

Graphic Novels | Biblio. & Rights Info
White Sand Vol. 1
White Sand Vol. 2
White Sand Vol. 3

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time Series
The Gathering Storm
Towers of Midnight
A Memory of Light – A #1 New York Times, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Locus, and NPR Bestseller!






“Elantris is the finest novel of fantasy to be written in many years. Brandon Sanderson has created a truly original world of magic and intrigue, and with the rigor of the best science fiction writers he has made it real at every level. What makes this novel unforgettable, however, is the magnificent characters he has created. True heroes who, in the face of adversity, find strength they did not know they had, make mistakes from whose consequences they do not shrink, and sacrifice to save what is worth loving in their world. “Best of all, the story is complete. Oh, there’s room for a sequel – and I hope there’ll be one. But this does not feel like ‘volume 1,’ with all the important questions yet to be answered. Sanderson bring off an impossibly complicated resolution only a few pages from the end of the book, and you finish the book satisfied. “Sanderson writes within a moral universe where people are rarely sure who the good guys and the bad guys might turn out to be. But the difference between good and evil is clear even though it’s subtle and sometimes hard to find. It’s rare for a fiction writer to have much understanding of how leadership works, how communities form, and how love really takes root in the human heart. Sanderson is astonishingly wise. I’m glad I didn’t write this book. I’m not the least bit envious. Because if I had written it, I wouldn’t have had the pleasure of letting it unfold before me as this story did, in all its ugliness and beauty and excitement and pain.”

Orson Scott Card

“Sanderson’s outstanding fantasy debut, refreshingly complete unto itself and free of the usual genre cliches, offers something for everyone: mystery, magic, romance, political wrangling, religious conflict, fights for quality, sharp writing and wonderful, robust characters… The intrigue and excitement grow steadily in this smoothly written, perfectly balanced narrative: by the end readers won’t want to put it down. As the blurb from Orson Scott Card suggests, Sanderson is a writer to watch.”

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“In this stunning debut novel, Sanderson has created a completely unique world that enfolds the reader in mystery and wonder right through till the last page. Sarene and Roaden are compelling characters, and it’s wonderful to see a strong female heroine who doesn’t compromise her integrity.”

Romantic Times

“A surprisingly satisfying, single-volume epic fantasy that invokes a complex, vibrant world.”


“Sanderson’s fantasy debut offers a vibrant cast of characters and a story of faith and determination set against a vividly portrayed world where magic is based on channeling power through the depiction of runs. The author’s skill at turning conventional fantasy on its head produces a tale filled with surprising twists and turns and a conclusion both satisfying and original. Libraries of all sizes should add this to their fantasy collection.”

Library Journal (Starred review)

“Fascinating… [Elantris] is handled with such expertise, you’ll swiftly forget you’re reading a first novel. This is a heck of a debut.”


“Elantris will be enjoyed immensely by those dedicated, advanced fantasy readers who appreciate a complex plot. Sanderson leads his readers through a long and difficult puzzle, but the freshness and inventiveness of the conclusion make the ending well worth the wait for a reader who finds delight in serious fantasy lore.”


Elantris is a well-told, character-driven story. It’s also that rarest of creatures: a done-in-one-volume fantasy… although there is room for a sequel. If readers are fortunate, Sanderson will return to Arelon soon.”


“A genuinely interesting setting as well as a good story… Good reading.”


“A new and fascinating world… a brilliant first novel.”

Book Loons

“A complicated many-stranded tapestry that Sanderson weaves … bright, witty and engrossing.”

Fantasy Literature

“Sanderson’s writing is superb…[he] crafts an intricate fantasy world in ELANTRIS…The structure of the story is tight and the writing intelligent. In the end, everything comes back to the beginning and is beautifully tied up. ELANTRIS is truly a pleasure just to look at.”

Pages Unbound

“Brought to a satisfying ending, Elantris is a story that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it.”

World’s Biggest Bookstore (fan letter)

“Brandon Sanderson is the real thing–an exciting storyteller with a unique and powerful vision. ELANTRIS is one of the finest debuts I’ve seen in years.”

David Farland

“While every new fantasy author is hailed as unique, new, and different, Brandon Sanderson’s ELANTRIS does indeed provide an absorbing adventure in a unique, different, and well-thought-out fantasy world, with a few nifty twists as well.”

L.E. Modesitt

“ELANTRIS is a new BEN HUR for the fantasy genre, with a sweeping, epic storyline and closely personal characters.”

Kevin J. Anderson

“Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris is a marvelous, magic monster of a book, packed full of intrigue and daring, based around a killer high concept. When the city of the gods becomes a city of the damned, who and what do you believe in? The story twists and turns, characters bait traps for one another as they vie for secular and religious power, and no-one is necessarily who or what they seem. Royal houses rise and fall, the fate of all Humanity is in the balence, and maybe, just maybe… the gods are coming back. All this and a genuinely touching love story too. Elantris; the book that put epic back into fantasy.”

Simon R. Green

“Brandon Sanderson obviously has thought about it-and has used a variation on this notion as part of the premise for his excellent first novel, Elantris-except that, in the world he’s imagined, this unhappy state stems from a disease. After you’ve ‘died’ from it, you’re not really dead-but every injury done to you from that point accumulates, along with all the aggregate of pain. And you can never really die.

“There’s more-much more-but I’ll refrain from revealing any more of the ingenious plot twists.

“ELANTRIS, Brandon Sanderson’s excellent debut novel, is marked by vivid and strongly drawn characters (including a memorable female character) and ingenious plot twists that will keep the reader turning pages. Don’t miss it!”

Katherine Kurtz

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“Epic fantasy heavyweight Sanderson (the Mistborn series) pens a powerful stand-alone tale of unpredictable loyalties, dark intrigue, and dangerous magic… Sanderson melds complex, believable characters, a marvelous world and thoughtful, ironic humor into an extraordinary and highly entertaining story.”

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“Lets Sanderson show off what he does best… Beyond shining as a world-building exercise, WARBREAKER’s drama is peppered with excellent humor. With so much to love, it’s easy to wish for a sequel, but hard to imagine a better ending.”

The Onion A.V. Club (Best of 2009)

“A highly readable and compelling stand-alone volume from the acclaimed author of the Mistborn trilogy. As is to be expected, the worldbuilding is superb, utilizing a thoroughly thought-out system of magic and religion. Highly recommended to fans of epic fantasy.”

Romantic Times (4 1/2 stars, Top Pick!)

“Sanderson again demonstrates his capacity for handling large and complex themes while creating believable characters. He also succeeds at building a unique fantasy environment. This series opener is essential reading for fantasy fans.”

Library Journal (Starred Review)

“The developing drama is compelling… in a genre dominated by series that drag on as long as people keep shelling out for the books, Sanderson knows how to wrap things up cleanly. He spins a world that’s easily complex and mysterious enough to warrant sequels, but prefers to end it climactically, answering many of his biggest questions, while leaving others to the imagination.”

The Onion – A.V. Club

“This very superior stand-alone fantasy proves, among other things, that Sanderson was a good choice to complete the late Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time saga. Sanderson is clearly a master of large-scale stories, splendidly depicting worlds as well as strong female characters…The system of magic is also novel… and demands far more of the characters’ ingenuity, which in turn demands developing them – male and female, divine and mortal – to a far higher degree than one expects of much fantasy these days. May the author write long and prosper.”


“A first rate storyteller… Twists and turns keep the excitement high, and the action is relentless. Sanderson has really delivered with a solid and intriguing novel full of magic and mayhem, worthy of addition to your personal library.”


“That rarest of fantasy rarities, a satisfying self-contained book that leaves the door open for more books down the line. As usual, Sanderson’s meticulous world-building sets the stage marvelously; his characters are complex and compelling, and his plot is full of unexpected twists.”

Contra Costa Times

“Sanderson is expert at spinning fantasy stories packed with memorable characters, crisply detailed settings, unique magic, and major helpings of intrigue. [Warbreaker] is a single fantasy novel, and as it stands a quite nice one, with room for irony and sarcasm as well as brooding, foreshadowing, some lively action, and even a little romance, all wrapped up in a multi-layered story of believable characters and choices that are far from easy.”

Black Gate

“Every major character in this novel is memorable… an iridescent tale of magic, mystery, mayhem – and love.”


“The stuff of great epic fantasy… Sanderson weaves a complex and fascinating plot, with many twists and turns… I wholeheartedly recommend the work of Brandon Sanderson after this, my first reading of his writing… an excellent starting point for this soon-to-be-if-not-already household name.”

Grasping for the Wind

“A unique new world… a compelling plot… Sanderson’s prose falls into a nice rhythm that helps to move the action forward. Multifaceted characters and actions of both the mystical and sword-fighting realms bring added excitement to a complex and creative read.”

–The Deseret News (Salt Lake City)

“An excellent read.”

Book Loons

“Another top-notch novel from Sanderson – a novel that will likely be one of the top fantasy novels of the year.”

SFF World

“A book that has it all … Sanderson will be forever mentioned as one of the finest fantasy writers of this generation.”

Fantasy Faction

“Sanderson is a deft manipulator of fantasy tropes… this book will deliver much pleasure.”

SciFi Wire

“Sanderson’s best book yet… highly recommended.”

Book Spot Central

“A fascinating world and plenty of scope for future novels.”

SF Revu

“Big, vibrant sword-and-sorcery fantasy … some nifty scary moments.”

Cleveland Plain-Dealer

“Has me convinced that he will be a mainstay in the fantasy scene for years to come … it’s readily apparent that Brandon Sanderson is an extremely talented author. The novel was a real page-turner and was filled with wonderful characters and thoughtful original ideas.”

SF Site

“A beautiful, highly recommended read. 9 out of 10.”

Walker of Worlds

“Yet another strong showing … If the worst you can say about a book is that it wasn’t long enough, the author is clearly doing something well. In Brandon Sanderson’s case, that’s nearly everything.”


“There was something new and exciting at every turn, and the author’s words did a magnificent job of transporting us to this unique world.”

The Infinite Curio

“The magic is fascinating, the characters are dynamic…You know it’s a good book when there are multiple moments when you literally gasp at a new revelation…I enjoyed this book immensely.”

Collected Warblings

“Brandon Sanderson has written an heroic fantasy depending on originality of character and plot. His heroines and heroes are outstanding – especially Vasher, the Warbreaker, whose special relationship with his sentient sword is both sardonic and sinister. The mysteries of life after death, of identity and destiny, the politics of magic, are unveiled through three-dimensional characters. Not only has Sanderson drawn a freshly imagined world and its society, he has also given us a plot full of unexpected twists and turns. In subtle prose, noteable for its quiet irony, Sanderson tells the story of two sisters and the god they are doomed to marry. Anyone looking for a different and refreshing fantasy novel will be delighted by this exceptional tale of magic, mystery and the politics of divinity. It’s fair to say Warbreaker might even take your breath away!”

Michael Moorcock




**Winner of the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Novella** **Finalist for the 2013 World Fantasy Award for Best Novella**

“[B]etween the commissioned volumes drawing Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time series to a close, [Sanderson]’s taken a break to pen The Emperor’s Soul, a novella that shows off his impressive ability to build worlds and characters…Sanderson is a pro at creating magic systems.”

The Onion’s A.V. Club

“Sanderson proves to be an exceptionally talented writer … we learn everything we need seamlessly as the story unfolds. His prose is lyrical without ever getting in its own way (you know what I mean; his writing never sits up saying “Look at me”). His characters are fascinating and fully realized. So here is an exception to what seems to have become the rule: THE EMPEROR’S SOUL is one of those rare high fantasies that feels fresh and is filled with a sense of wonder.”

Fantasy & Science Fiction, Charles de Lint

“Sanderson delivers a thoughtful yet exciting read that is difficult to put down and save for later.”

Strange Horizons

“Sanderson, the best-selling author of the “Mistborn Trilogy” and TheWay of Kings, has set this novella in the same world as Elantris, one of his earlier novels, but it is totally independent. Fantasy fans will love both the compelling story and the creative magical setting.”

Library Journal

“Sanderson has a unique, well thought out magical system, thoughtful worldbuilding, and interesting characters…and if you are not familiar with him, I think this novella would make a great starting place.”

Fantasy Literature, Ruth Arnell

“[U]nique and fascinating detailed magic systems, interesting settings, likeable characters, and the perfect amount of truly funny humor… I can heartily recommend.”

Fantasy Literature, Kat Hooper

“THE EMPEROR’S SOUL is a great example of riveting story and enthralling fantasy, a perfect example of why Sanderson is one of our best fantasy writers writing today.”

Book Banter

“THE EMPEROR’S SOUL has everything that Sanderson is known for: brilliant magic system, moral issues, strong characters, and an action-packed conclusion. It’s fairly short and easy to pick up, yet it is mind-blowing to see how much Sanderson manages to cram into it.”

The Ranting Dragon

“If you’ve wanted to give Brandon Sanderson’s writing a try, but have been given pause by the sheer size of his novels, I highly recommend you track this novella down. I enjoyed this quite a bit.”

Civilian Reader

“Brandon Sanderson continually amazes me with his ability to create utterly unique magic systems and THE EMPEROR’S SOUL was no different…It was such a well done story even as short as it was. I think it would make an excellent movie too. I highly recommend it to any fantasy fan.”

My Shelf Confessions

“It contains all of Sanderson’s trademarks like an original magic system and great world building with wonderful characters. In the dialogues and the self-reflections you can also find his passion for religion and art.”

Fantastical Imaginations

“This was a fantastic novella…The magic was absolutely fascinating, and really well thought out…Sanderson’s writing style was unnoticeable – that is to say, perfect.”

The Cannonball Read

“[A] great, great story that is short, but doesn’t feel short. Nothing is wasted, nothing is lost. A beautiful, wonderful read. Everyone who likes good fantasy should seek this one out.”

The Artolater

“Wow, what a lovely well written novella, I loved it!… I highly recommend this book for young adults and to anyone who enjoys the Fantasy genre and magic.”

Open Book Society

“THE EMPEROR’S SOUL should keep fans ticking over nicely and is a good ‘stepping on’ point for people like me who have yet to read the bulk of Sanderson’s work.”

Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

“The story moves briskly and Sanderson’s prose is graceful and lively as always. It’s a pleasant way to spend a few hours.”

Fantasy Literature

“The strengths of the novella first are ones that readers of Sanderson will come to expect: worldbuilding and magic… The magic system of forging is new, layered, different, detailed and intriguing. Fans of Sanderson’s work are of course not surprised, as this is a hallmark of his work.”

Functional Nerds

“The most perfect novella I have ever read.”

Oh Magic Hour

“THE EMPEROR’S SOUL is a delightful read.”

Geeks Under Grace

“I highly recommend it, and I suspect it will go on my award ballots this year.”

Brenda Cooper, author of The Creative Fire




“INFINITY BLADE: AWAKENING might just be the best adaption of a popular video game that I have experienced.”

Fantasy Book Review

“If you’re looking for both escapism and reading with no strings attached, then this is the one 122-page iPhone novella for you.”

Blog Critics

“AWAKENING stands as testament to the fact that tie-ins to video games can indeed be compelling and highly enjoyable works in their own rights. The novel deftly mixes a number of inventive action scenes with strong character development and a compelling, if basic, plot into an overall whole that will leave readers begging for more. Far from meaningless filler, AWAKENING is exactly the kind of world building the series needed in the wake of the success of the original game.”

Blistered Thumbs

“Sanderson added a significant level of creativity in helping the reader understand this world through dialogue and character progressions, particularly with supporting characters, which is a hallmark of Sanderson’s style.”

Top Shelf

“The twist at the end really worked for me and was foreshadowed brilliantly.”

CS Fantasy

“Sanderson has taken the bare-bones and turned it into a rich world that is immediately memorable.”

The Troll King

“This was a amazing book with only one problem. It was way to short!”

Genius Book Reviews

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For The Legion Series


“Reality and illusion, sanity and insanity, are but subjective labels in this thought-provoking foray into a world where visions abound like the biblical demons the title evokes.”

Publishers Weekly

“LEGION is a successful novella experiment…a short, fun read. Sanderson’s experiment with urban fantasy was quite enjoyable, and now I can add a potential Legion sequel to my list of Sanderson works I’m looking forward to.”

Fantasy Faction

“It’s a short read but an excellent one. Hopefully, this will lead to a whole series of ‘Legion’ stories as there is so much to be mined about this character or is it characters?”

SF Crowsnest

“[An] addictive joyride. Its biggest fault: the fun ends too soon…Adventure, action, mysteries, twists, even love — it’s all here, and crammed into just 88 pages to boot.”

Tonawanda News

“LEGION is a quick exciting read. This concept and plot is worthy of many more pages, though, so I sincerely hope that Brandon Sanderson will be writing more stories about Stephen Leeds and his legion.”

Fantasy Literature

“LEGION thus succeeded in being a fantasy story that pushed my sf buttons. It was deliciously odd reading something that felt a little like a contemporary urban fantasy, but had me thinking about all the cool uses of Razon’s invention. It helped that Sanderson’s whip-smart dialogue and fast-moving story never let up. That’s not an easy thing to do when it’s also delivering some fascinating world building and offering up some thought-provoking ideas.”

–SF Signal

“They say that good things come in small packages, and in this case they are absolutely right. Legion is the opening chapter of what could well be Brandon Sanderson’s most fascinating creation yet!”

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

“It is very readable, quite accessible and no doubt will win Brandon more fans. I read it in a couple of hours and enjoyed it a great deal.”

SFF World

“Based on this short teaser novella and Sanderson’s writing talent, Legion could be the starting point for a great contemporary fantasy/crime hybrid.”

Far Beyond Reality

“Brandon Sanderson has written a fun, thoughtful, and smart science fiction book…full of brilliant character interactions and smart plotting.”

Bewitched Bookworms

“In LEGION, we get the epic feeling that Brandon Sanderson is known for, but in a condensed and focused format. If you are a fan of Sanderson’s work, purchasing this is a no-brainer. It’s worth every penny.”

Elitist Book Reviews

“LEGION is escapism literature at its finest… I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in trying sci-fi, time travel, and speculative fiction.”

Coffee & a Book Chick An AudioBook review

“[Brandon Sanderson] doesn’t need 1000+ pages to tell a great story, as it turns out he doesn’t even need 100…It’s a very quick read, but it left me very much wanting more.”

Nerd Base

“Definitely check this one out… it’s a good, relaxing, fun evening read with some provocative concepts.”

The Artolater

“LEGION is incredibly brief yet incredibly captivating. Sanderson’s effortless writing shines through even outside his typical genre in a way that you easily forget you’re even reading a book.”

Fixed on Fantasy

“LEGION is the kind of story that totally defies genre. It’s simply a fascinating tale with an amazing character that should please anyone who has two spare hours and needs something fun to fill up that time. Don’t let any misconceptions of prejudices of genre writers to allow you to miss this fun little story.”

The Guilded Earlobe An AudioBook review


“This quick, entertaining read has the pulse of a thriller and the hook of a fascinating hero balancing on the edge of psychosis. It reads like a ready-made tale for a TV show, and, indeed, one is in the works.”

Library Journal

“Like the first LEGION story, SKIN DEEP is creative and exciting…I have and can recommend both.”

Fantasy Literature

“The interplay between these inner voices and the ongoing plot twists is the source of both tension and humor…The payoff is both credible and entertaining…A fun read.”

Asimov’s Science Fiction

“The narration [was] top notch! It delivered very different and unique voices for all of the characters and hallucinatory characters that Leeds has. The dialogue between himself and his hallucinations is so much fun to listen to at times that I even went back and wrote some of them down for favorite quotes.”

Not Yet Read

“Sanderson proves he is the master of the craft, whether it’s the casual (and not overdone) self-aware humor, the drama created by the deadly corporate-hired assassin tracking Leeds (and how she is ultimately dealt with), or the way the narrative plays out and shows us new ways of looking at a situation.”

–SF Signal

“Sanderson captures the current state of technology and where it could actually realistically go in the future so well that I never had a moment of disbelief….I’m really excited to see what Sanderson has in store for this series. (Also, how freaking impressive is it that this is his side project?…SKIN DEEP is a very fun and fast ride. Sanderson packs a full plot into this novella along with some pretty awesome anticipation for where the series is going to go. Fans of Holmes-style heroes and  near-future sci-fi definitely don’t want to miss SKIN DEEP or Legion!”

On Starships & Dragonwings

“An engrossing and entertaining series. Brandon Sanderson remains ambitious as ever…LEGION: SKIN DEEP will please Sanderson’s legions of fans and will probably gain him some new followers. God knows I’m looking forward to what comes next!”

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist

 “There’s plenty of humor, some suspense, and a good dash of very interesting cutting edge technology…Put all together, it’s an excellent installment in this series…Interesting core mystery; plenty of humor; very cool biotech…it was a great book!

Dab of Darkness

“Just like the first novella, it was full of an interesting plot with a great mystery, complex characters, and an interesting world…Leeds was still a great main character for this story. I loved getting to know him better and be along for the ride while he solved yet another mystery.”

My Thoughts…Literally!

“Brandon Sanderson is one of the most significant fantasists to enter the field in a good many years…In Legion, a short, distinctly contemporary novella filled with suspense, humor, and an endless flow of invention, Sanderson revealed a startling new facet of his singular narrative talent. In the stunning sequel, LEGION: SKIN DEEP, that talent is on full display...LEGION: SKIN DEEP is speculative fiction at its most highly developed. It reaffirms Sanderson’s place as one of contemporary fiction’s most intelligent – and unpredictable – voices.

–The Book Plank


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For The Mistborn Saga

Orson Scott Card on the Mistborn books: “In short: These books are, together, a masterpiece.”

“The Mistborn Trilogy is brilliant. It was an amazing unforgettable experience for me. I would highly recommend this series to anyone who considers themselves a fan of the genre. If The Mistborn Trilogy is any indication of the kind of creativity and writing we can expect from Brandon Sanderson in the future, we are all in for a treat. It’s obvious that he is an author we are going to have to keep a close eye on. If you don’t believe me, ask Robin Hobb.”

SF Site


“Sanderson is not only one of the best writers in the business, he’s also one of the most prolific, churning out top-notch books year-over-year for both adult and young adult readers… To say I was pleasantly surprised would be to understate my enjoyment of the books. This is easily one of the finest fantasy stories I’ve ever read, and my only regret is that I read it so quickly.”

Forbes Magazine

“An amazing piece of fantasy literature… brilliant… unforgettable… I would highline recommend this series to anyone who considers themselves a fan of the genre.”

SF Site (on the MISTBORN trilogy as a whole)

“Brandon Sanderson has come up with his own neat idea… He has created a fascinating world here, one that deserves a sequel.”

Washington Post Book World

“The characters in this book are amazingly believable. Vin is an eminently sympathetic protagonist whose development over the course of the book is beautifully and realistically delineated. The system of magic is exceedingly clever and well integrated into this complex and plausible world that Vin and Kelsier inhabit…While this is the first in a series, it’s an exceedingly satisfying book on its own, and fans of the genre should waste no time picking it up.”

Romantic Times (4 1/2 star, gold review)

“Complicated and yet fast-paced and entertaining, with likably human protagonists and a large-scale cast of colorful characters, this trilogy introduced Sanderson as an important new voice in epic fantasy.”

Library Journal, on the series as a whole
Epic Fantasy: 20 Core Title


Publishers Weekly

“Intrigue, politics, and conspiracies mesh complexity in a world Sanderson realizes in satisfying depth and people with impressive characters.”


“Author of the critically acclaimed instant fantasy classic Elantris (2005), Brandon Sanderson returns with the first novel of his new Mistborn Series. Staunch fans of Elantris no longer have to defend their new favorite fantasy author; with a riveting opener to an intriguing new series Sanderson is here to stay. Be sure to check this book out.”

Cinescape Magazine

Mistborn is a[n]…enjoyable, adventurous read…should satisfy.”


“Sanderson does an excellent job of laying the ground work, of establishing both the world and the characters and in developing the major plot lines to be explored. While it’s hard to judge a trilogy based only on the first book, this first book holds a lot of promise. Definitely worth a read.”


“A surprisingly satisfying, single volume epic fantasy that invokes a complex, vibrant world, and in quick-moving, suspenseful, stunning story for fantasy readers and the world of fiction.”

Curled up with a Good Book

“Sanderson populated this fantastical, red-skied, ash-falling, mist-rising world with believable characters in a fascinatingly detailed world. I liked the novel a great deal, and my enjoyment truly progressed with each page. By novel’s end, I felt fully entrenched. I felt very much in tune with the characters and am glad I have the second book by my side to start reading. Readers who enjoy Greg Keyes, Robin Hobb and Gary Wassner would enjoy MISTBORN.”

SFF World

“Brandon Sanderson has done something rare here–written a sharply original fantasy that stands on its own as a single book while teasing the reader into a sense of impatience for the sequel. Strongly recommended. A good balance of good, evil, action, drama, politics, scheming, backstabbing, mystery–you name it, MISTBORN has it all!”


“Exceptionally well-written… smart, witty and emotional.”

SF Crows’ Nest

“One of the most stunning entrances to a series I have had the pleasure of reading. If you want to read one of the best fantasy books published in the last decade, then this definitely has to go at the top of your list. A must have for any reader of good fantasy. 9.8 out of 10.”

Fantasy Book Review (Joshua S. Hill)

“A highly compelling read and has the right blend of characters and suspense to ensure the reader will be eager to seek out the following book in the trilogy. 9.1 out of 10.”

Fantasy Book Review (Allan Fisher)

“One of the best fantasy series in recent years — great characters and one of the best magic systems ever.”

Fantasy Literature

“He couples raw talent and gifted story-telling with bizarre magics, extreme world building, and incredible creative vision.”

The Inquisitive Loon

“Mistborn utilizes a well thought out system of magic. It also has a great cast of believable characters, a plausible world, an intriguing political system, and despite being the first book in The Final Empire, a very satisfying ending. In short, it’s one of those great kettle books, in which the author has thrown not merely a bone of an idea and a few potatoes of originality, but half a cow and everything in the garden. And then added seasonings. Highly recommended to anyone hungry for a good read.”

Robin Hobb


“A real breath of fresh air. It both subverts an embraces the typical epic fantasy genre and it does both well. Fans of epic fantasy should run out and read these now if they haven’t already.”

Nethspace (Best of 2008!)

“This entertaining read will especially please those who always wanted to know what happened after the good guys won.”

Publishers Weekly

“The Well of Ascension is full of plot twists and surprises, leading to a cliffhanger ending.”


“Vin’s a beautifully realized protagonist whose struggles are wonderfully written and, as always, the worldbuilding is unusual and compelling.”

Romantic Times

“Vin’s struggles with love and power inject the human element into Sanderson’s engaging epic.”


“Throughout the novel Sanderson does a good job of incorporating interesting aspects of the mist-magic into the otherwise realistic scenario, and of juggling the small-scale and large-scale scenes that must comprise an undertaking of this scope and magnitude. …Most [readers] will be mesmerized by Sanderson’s balancing act.”

Realms of Fantasy

“Part of this one is a quest, but part of it is also an examination of what it might really be like to bring down an absolute ruler.”

Critical Mass

“Fans of Terry Goodkind and Terry Brooks will find The Well of Ascension fulfilling, satisfying and incredibly exciting.”

SF Revu

“Sanderson is crafting an extremely well-thought out saga with Mistborn, one that looks to stand above the pack of his literary peers. The magic system is perfectly detailed, the world, though not completely revealed, has a great sense of natural logic to it, and the characters are a reflection of both. Reading both books so far has helped to remind me why I enjoy Fantasy, especially those stories told in a secondary world, so much.”

SFF World

“For readers who always wanted to know what happened after the hero killed off the evil bad guys, this is an intricate story fill of tangles and twists, and plenty of intriguing characters.”

Black Gate

“[Sanderson’s] books are a lot different than I’ve come to expect from fantasy. What I like about Sanderson is that he can write novels where the plot just hums along, and still have some profound character development going on at the same time.”

Textual Frigate

“Builds to a heartstopping crescendo of a conclusion, setting the stage nicely for book three.”


“A brilliant sequel to a brilliant narrative.”

–SF Crow’s Nest



“Transcendent… all the familiar ideas and plots from epic fantasy have been turned inside out, and what happens at the end is utterly astounding in its audacity. The characterization is stellar, the worldbuilding solid and the plot intricate and compelling — if you haven’t read the first two books, go and do so immediately then buy this one. You won’t regret it.”

Romantic Times 4 1/2 stars, Gold Medal, Top Pick (the highest ratings awarded by RT)

“A dramatic and surprising climax… Sanderson’s saga of consequences offers complex characters and a compelling plot, asking hard questions about loyalty, faith and responsibility.”

Publishers Weekly

“A scale grand enough to be almost Stapledonian… where most standard epic fantasy returns to the status quo, this trilogy ends with something bracingly different.”


“A good story and a good ending to the series… if (this) is any indication, “Wheel of Time” will have an excellent conclusion as well.”

Sacramento Book Review

THE HERO OF AGES is a fitting, bittersweet end to a wonderful trilogy. I loved this powerful conclusion, and I absolutely cannot wait to read more from Brandon Sanderson….[it is] a great, final book in an extremely well-plotted and very (VERY) original Fantasy series which I highly recommend. After reading both this and Warbreaker this year, I am fully aware of the author’s strengths and weaknesses and the former far surpasses the latter.”

Book Smugglers

“The trilogy is worth reading for its original concept, its magical system, and an ending that is true to the story, heart-rending, and gorgeously written.”

Fantasy Literature

“I do not believe I have read a book as compelling and as flawlessly executed as the third in the Mistborn trilogy … this book is one of the seminal fantasy stories of this generation of writers … one of the best that I’ve ever had the opportunity, and sheer pleasure, to read. 10 out of 10.”

Fantasy Book Review 6000

“Sanderson finish(es) the trilogy with three top notch books, each telling a part in a greater story all the while managing to play with his own rules and the conventions of the genre… a terrific story, with great characters and a fascinating world. I would highly recommend this volume and the whole series without hesitation.”

SFF World

“The level of world building and depth that Sanderson puts into this series is a very enjoyable one, and you can tell that he hasn’t made this ending up on the spot. This was planned, and I am really glad to see that Sanderson’s conclusion has met the promise set by the last two books, and given us a series that I’m not likely to forget in a while.”

The Founding Fields 1400

“Fantasy trilogies are so common that it’s sometimes hard to decide which ones to recommend above the others. I have no problem recommending this one.”

Critical Mass

“The conclusion to Sanderson’s outstanding — and highly innovative in its magical elements — Mistborn trilogy… I highly recommend this unique series to all fantasy readers. I thoroughly enjoyed The Hero of Ages and look forward to Sanderson’s future works.”

Book Loons

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“Rollicking adventure … Part Sherlock Holmes, part X-Men, this exciting stand-alone adventure is full of close shaves, shootouts, and witty banter.”

Publishers Weekly

“A fresh view of how a world can grow, building new dimensions into the best of the old. Sanderson continues to show that he is one of the best authors in the genre.”

Library Journal (Starred review!)

“An engaging and fun romp of a read. The characters really shine in this book. “

Romantic Times Book Review

“Sanderson’s fresh ideas on the source and employment of magic are both arresting and original … Think brisk. Think fun. Enjoy.”


“All fantasy readers will want.”

Library Journal

“Sanderson creates a nice steampunk vibe while getting full use of his metal-based magical system and his pantheon of very involved gods. The book has some philosophical questions about society, wealth and crime, but it’s mostly a great action yarn.”

Fantasy Literature

“Fans of high fantasy and adventure who can broaden their horizons to include a dash of actual (or at least psuedo-) science will find plenty to like here.”


“Sanderson manages to blend familiar fantasy and action tropes into something that is new, exciting, and just plain fun, full of neat ideas, crackling dialogue, and a very big helping of dry with. It’s the start of a new series, of course, so things don’t quite end here-but I can’t wait to find out what happens next.”

Black Gate

“[An] excellent blend of detective story, high fantasy, and western all rolled into an enjoyable tale of action and adventure.”

Portland Book Review

“A wonderful continuation of the storyline started in the original Mistborn trilogy. This book stands on its own and is a wonderful read that kept me reading well into the night. If you’ve read the series, then you’ll love this. If you haven’t, then I can almost guarantee you that you’ll want to after reading this.”

Fantasy Book Review

“A good entry point for new readers … his shortest novel-length work, but still contains the hallmarks of his revious work — likeable/believable characters, layered plot, detailed magic, and genre savvy. I liked Alloy of Law a great deal, and will be eagerly waiting to see where he enxt takes the Mistborn saga.”

SFF World

“A stand alone that can be read without the benefit of perusing the original trilogy though those who have not are missing a wonderful magical fantasy. Filled with amusing Rough frontier banter in a realm in which early twentieth century technology and science competes with magic, fans will enjoy this action adventure caper. Brandon Sanderson brilliantly provides a refreshing guns and sorcery thriller.”

SF Revu

“[Sanderson’s] impact on the fantasy genre has been intense and far-reaching… a terrific writer.”

January Magazine
Best of 2011

“Wholly, exuberantly, non-stop, entertaining … out and out fun. I can’t wait for the next one.”

Fantasy Literature

“An enjoyable story and worth a read.”

SF Site

“With plenty of drama, action, suspense and intrigue, ALLOY OF LAW was completely riveting and a fun mystery.”

Sci Fi Chick

“One of the best of 2011.”

Fantasy Book Review
Best of 2011

“A terrific story, a lot of action, some awesome banter and hilarious conversations and an exceptional magical system.”

A Lot of Pages

“A puzzling mystery to solve, engaging banter, and seeds of romance. Delightful characters. Don’t miss!”



“[An] excellent fifth Mistborn industrial revolution fantasy…Sanderson’s fantasy world partakes equally of steampunk, early industry, and the Wild West, and he cleverly incorporates the metal-shaping magic of feruchemists and allomancers. Fantasy fans will savor this exciting escapade.”

Publishers Weekly

“A fast-paced fantasy adventure set in a fascinating world and populated with lovable, memorable characters.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Sanderson’s writing is still prime…[A] good read in this second piece.”

RT Book Reviews

“Sanderson does a great job of bringing new readers up to speed. Fast, smart dialog and an abundance of exciting action keep the pages turning…The magic system that Sanderson has developed shows why this is one of his great strengths in the fantasy field. Picking out a favorite character might be hard—honorable but haunted Wax has merits, as does the lovely Marasi, struggling to succeed in the Elendel Constabulary—but Wayne remains one of the most charmingly irrepressible thieves in fantasy.”

Library Journal

“Sanderson excels at writing solid character relationships, which are often hilarious, especially with the comedic timing between Wax and Wayne.”

Deseret News Review

SHADOWS OF SELF is a solid, standalone story in Sanderson’s Mistborn universe. Sanderson does an incredible job of worldbuilding, and his novels never fail to impress. This latest Mistborn novel is full of suspense, mystery, magic, and mysticism. The story is riveting and the characters are vivid and engaging. . .Don’t miss this epic fantasy series.”

–SciFi Chick

“Brandon Sanderson’s Shadow’s of Self delivers more excitement, adventure, and magic in a newly industrialized world that is as richly realized as any of Sanderson’s creations.”


“The 32 Best Fantasy Books of 2015”

“Sanderson’s world building shines through. . .with plot twists and schemes within schemes that culminate with a solid and satisfying end.”

–Geek Dad

“The mix of magic and technology is interesting and well worth the time.”


“Another fantastic romp of a read from Brandon Sanderson, filled with Allomancy in action, puzzles to solve, amusing banter, relationship questions – and big shockers at the end that leave readers eagerly anticipating what might come next. Can’t wait!”


“The Mistborn series is far and away Sanderson’s best work, and SHADOWS OF SELF is a worthy continuation of it. . .The book is far deeper than its surface description of fantasy-western-murder-mystery might imply, and as the series progresses such themes will likely become more prominent.”

–Starburst Magazine


“This quest is classic Sanderson, with magic, intrigue, and witty repartee. All the familiar elements from the earlier Mistborn novels are here, including the metal-based magics of allomancy, feruchemy, and the forbidden art of hemalurgy (about which more is revealed over the course of this story). Open questions from earlier adventures are finally addressed, and Sanderson skillfully weaves in new opportunities for the dynamic duo’s next adventure.”

–Publishers Weekly

“A fast-paced novel that’s part Wild West, part Indiana Jones, and wholly entertaining, combining high emotional stakes with a deep, good-natured sense of humor.”


“Definitely the best in this series, Bands of Mourning incorporates the excellent action and scenery of the early trilogy while ironing out the character conflicts that held them back. . .Bands of Mourning encompasses the kind of cinematic adventure of an Indiana Jones movie but sets it in the fascinating Mistborn world. This is a very satisfying conclusion, but one that also definitely sets up further stories in this universe.”

–RT Book Review

“THE BANDS OF MOURNING is a rollicking good time, albeit with moments of sadness and seriousness. . .Sanderson does a nice job of expanding his world greatly in the last part of this novel, and giving us too a vividly strong ending that opens things up as well.”

–Fantasy Literature

“Witty, memorable characters; a fast-moving, plate-spinning plot; and a deepening of one of the most creative magic systems ever conceived: it’s everything a Sanderson fan could ask for.”

B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy blog

“Overall, I give THE BANDS OF MOURNING 5 stars, and I highly recommend it for fans of the series!”
Paper Trail
“You will find delight in this book.”
Best Fantasy Books
“THE BANDS OF MOURNING provides a story that’s much lighter — but still thought-provoking — than its predecessor, ‘Shadows of Self’…the characters show real development by coming to terms with loss, love and duty…New characters add some interesting elements in addition to fleshing out the world.”
Deseret News
“In addition to the wonderful characters, the story itself is incredibly engaging. … The action sequences are often breathtaking. The warmth between the main characters is genuine and heartfelt. THE BANDS OF MOURNING is beautifully written. This is a fabulous novel with great action and pacing, politics, a quest, a very well developed mythology, and thoroughly memorable characters. Highly Recommended!”
The Qwillery
“I loved this story and would strongly recommend it to those who love action-packed adventure, fascinating and structured magic, and plenty of wit and humor.”

Pure Textuality

“This is a must for fans of Brandon Sanderson and his Mistborn tales.”

Henry Lazarus blog

“This is absolutely worth your time. Pick it up, and you probably won’t be able to put it down again for quite a while – it’s a great read.”

–Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviews

“This is another fantastic entry into the Cosmere and an epic Mistborn adventure. Along the way there will be love, laughs and great secrets revealed, which will change the face of the world forever.”


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The Stormlight Archive



“Sanderson is … absolutely amazing at worldbuilding. The level of detail is just astonishing … Kaladin and Shallan’s stories are compelling and readable.”

RT Book Review

“Sanderson is a master… Fans and lovers of epic fantasy will find the ending satisfying, yet will eagerly await the next volume.”

Library Journal

“A classic story of intrigue, magic and war, with a large cast of characters and multiple settings lovingly detailed in a way only possible in volumes of this size… There’s wit, magic and erudition… Readers will plunge into it.”


“Brandon Sanderson is modern epic fantasy’s Grand Master, comparable only to Tolkien in scope and richness of story, and I for one hope has a long, long career.”

Grasping for the Wind

“A good mix of military action, political machinations, faith-based intrigue, and personal drama keep the pages turning. This is a great choice for fans of Robert Jordan and Terry Brooks.”


“Epic in every sense. Sanderson has built a world that leaps to life, a cast of varied characters, and a vast history… while Sanderson cuts from the familiar cloth of fantasy, his narrative impetus and meticulous world-building bode well for future volumes.”

Guardian (UK)

“Sanderson reveals a world with incredible depth on the brink of a major paradigm shift … For a novel that tops out over 1000 pages, Sanderson’s tale does not falter in its narrative pull nor does his ability to evoke tension waver … I can’t say that it felt like a long tale. It felt epic and powerful … I give this book my highest recommendation and think THE WAY OF KINGS will be one of those landmark novels of Epic Fantasy against which future novels will always be measured.”

SFF World

“An epic fantasy world of his own that promises to captivate genre fans.”

SciFi Now (UK)

“THE WAY OF KINGS is a promising and compelling start to this new series, and it looks to be a long and exciting journey …”


“The pages fly by as the reader gets engrossed…epic in all regards – size, scope and story. With this epic, it’s time to get in on the ground floor.”

Lincoln (NE) Journal Star

“This great big book pulled me in early on the strength of the world building, but the nicely drawn characters drew me in further for enjoyment, and anticipation of the next volume.”

San Diego Union Tribune

“A very accomplished Book 1, superior to any book in the Wheel of Time series. And as usual, Sanderson’s meticulous world-building includes not only an ecology, but a carefully thought-out magical system that has echoes in the culture and society at large.”

Contra Costa Times

“A rousing start to Sanderson’s grand new epic fantasy… Those enjoying his completion of [the] Wheel of Time can now look forward to another engrossing epic.”

Book Loons

“The characters and the society are beautifully drawn. The pace is breathless and although the book is long, everything has relevance. As the winner of the 2011 Gemmell Award for best fantasy novel, it well deserves the accolade.”

–SF Crow’s Nest

“Recommended for readers looking for the next big fantasy saga.”

SF Site

“Even the most grizzled fantasy readers will find Roshar a backdrop beyond compare. Culturally diverse and structurally sound, from the radiance of the City of Bells with its skyeels and songlings to the weather-cracked barrens of the Shattered Plains, the roots of this terrific world are dug deep, and as Sanderson goes about systematically exposing them, so too does he shed light on the complex systems underpinning the magic one imagines Roshar would not turn without.”

Strange Horizons

“Spectacular in every way a fantasy novel can be.”

SF Site

“It’s his best book to date and the start of something very promising. The world is wonderfully creative with a deep history and uncertain future, the characters draw you in and make you care, and it all combines into something very special.”

Neth Space

“A world of gargantuan proportions, fresh with brilliantly realised cultures and people, effortlessly depicting magic and extensive history… I am very impressed.”

–Galaxy Books

“For those that like their books gigantic and epic, this is your book.”

–SF Signal

“Highly recommended.”

FantasyLiterature.com (Bill)

“An excellent start to a promising series that’s sure to dominate sales charts and bookstore shelves for many years to come.”

FantasyLiterature.com (Stefan)

“A piece of art.”

Fantasy Faction (Best of 2010)


One of the best of 2010. 9.9 out of 10.”

Fantasy Book Review

“The first volume of what will become the decade’s foremost fantasy series. Highly recommended … Readers will be thrilled with this first book and anxiously await the next.”

Curled Up with a Good Book

“Looking to be one of the best epic fantasy series out there.”

Best Fantasy Books

“Sanderson reveals himself a master at his craft as he carefully reveals the layers of his world, his characters, and their flaws and triumphs. For those that are fans of fantasy, The Way of Kings is a must read.”

Fine Print

“An amazing and fresh work of imagination, and a significant accomplishment in the grand tradition of fantasy literature. The sheer scope of the tale, the completeness of your vision of Roshar, is a wonder.”

–Michael Whelan


“Sanderson has used the room afforded by a book of this size to build it in loving detail…the characterization is on the whole as as meticulous as the world-building. A very impressive continuation.”


“Sanderson’s skill at world building is unmatched, and in the Stormlight Archive series he has developed an innovative magical system and combined it with rich, complex characters to create a compelling story. His eagerly awaited sequel to The Way of Kings exceeds expectations. This developing epic series is a must-read for all fantasy fans.”

Library Journal

WORDS OF RADIANCE is excellent…[it] cranks up the level of intrigue to dizzying extremes…Sanderson’s experiment is working, and he gets better with every book. The journey will be worth it. Yes, you should buy this book. Yes, this is a series worth following to the end.”


“Whether you’ve been hyped for WORDS OF RADIANCE or not, you are not prepared for how fantastic it is…it absolutely revels in its fantasy world, one of actual gods, bizarre magic, knights with superpowers, spirits and sorcery, monsters, demons, and magic sword called Shardblades. It embraces the fantastic, and does so with an astonishing amount of creativity…WORDS OF RADIANCE is a must-read.”


“Brandon Sanderson’s reputation is finally as big as his novels.”

New York Times

“WORDS OF RADIANCE may be the most accomplished followup to a popular first novel in the last 15 years and the time and energy that Sanderson put into this work tells throughout the novel.”


“This story is well worth the length of the read. Sanderson has truly brought back the epic fantasy…The book has a quick and enjoyable flow while moving forward to a satisfying climax that sets up the series as the books move forward…WORDS OF RADIANCE is an extremely satisfying read that shows what the beginning of an epic fantasy series should look like.”

Journal Star (Lincoln, NE)

“The first volume in this epic, The Way Of Kings, was the winner of the Gemmell Award for Fantasy. Award winners are always worth looking at. This one was an exceptional and worthy winner. WORDS OF RADIANCE is an equally brilliant sequel… These two books together represent the best fantasy that has been produced for a very long time.”

SF Crowsnest

“[Some] of the finest examples of worldbuilding, magic system and religion creation and explanation I’ve ever come across.”

Fantasy Faction
A “Top 10 Anticipated Fantasy Book” for 2013

“With the first book in the Stormlight Archive, The Way of Kings, Brandon Sanderson has created a probably THE fantasy series of our times… The eagerly anticipated second installment, WORDS OF RADIANCE, is worth the wait and proves that Sanderson’s projected ten book series could be a significant literary presence in your life for the next decade. Get in on the second floor before everyone else does.”

Swide Magazine

Sanderson does an excellent job of juggling all these threads and scenes, transitioning smoothly amongst and between them, spending just the right amount of time with each before moving on and often doing so in a way that allows for greater suspense, or for a powerful moment to linger a little longer. Plotting has always been one of Sanderson’s strengths and it shows throughout WORDS OF RADIANCE….This is an incredibly complex and rich world Sanderson is creating.”

Fantasy Literature

“Brandon Sanderson has undertaken a task of enormous scope, and two volumes into The Stormlight Archive, he’s executing admirably. Brandon Sanderson is putting the “epic” in epic fantasy and I’m reveling in the story every step of the way.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“Stupefyingly, overwhelmingly stunning….The third and last facet that makes WORDS OF RADIANCE a novel that changes the face of epic fantasy and ups the scale for future fantasy authors—even more than its predecessor The Way of Kings—is its depth of detail…WORDS OF RADIANCE is an epic fantasy novel that does everything right. It is a love letter to its genre and an improvement upon anything the genre has ever churned out before. Without a doubt, this is Sanderson’s best novel to date. With its remarkable scope and size, realistic character focus, splendid worldbuilding, deeply imaginative magic, spectacular action sequences, cute romance, and mind-blowing position in the greater Cosmere, WORDS OF RADIANCE is one of the best books—and most likely the best epic fantasy—I’ve ever read.”

The Ranting Dragon

“It is a piece of art composed by a mad master who is so deep into his work that he cannot see beyond it–out of control and in danger of toppling over, but undeniably brilliant.”

Staffer’s Book Review

“Like much of Sanderson’s work, the novel balances traditional epic fantasy tropes with highly original and interesting worldbuilding, logically well-thought-out magic systems and hints of a much grander plan lying behind everything.”

The Wertzone

“Sanderson’s world building always feels so effortless and easy without losing any of the complexities and nuances that I love so much. The magic system is incredibly unique….Sanderson is taking me on a mind-blowing journey, which, so far, has been just as impressive as any conclusion or answers I could find.”

Bookworm Blues

“The sheer scale of the world that Sanderson created in the first one The Way of Kings, and continued in Words of Radiance was enough to me want to read the 1000+ page book. On top of that, there’s the dynamic characters, the fascinating magic system, and the dozens of plots that are interwoven through that many characters, interludes and everything else. This novel was hands-down my favourite novel on the year.”

The Arched Doorway’s “Best Books of 2014”

“Majestic in the themes that are evoked; heroism, duty, loyalty, strength, conviction of character. Those large themes are writ over the characters and the balance of intimate and epic was quite satisfying…I suspect novels in The Stormlight Archive will be the highlight Epic Fantasy novels of the year for quite a while to come.”

SFF World

“Sanderson writes with a clear confidence and utterly engaging writing style, one that will pull you in from the first page…one of the best epic fantasy series ever.”

The Book Plank

“Sanderson hooked me right from the start and relentlessly entranced me throughout the book, easily…A combination of an absorbing story, unique characters and a breathtaking evocation of a world on the verge of collapse, makes Words of Radiance Sanderson’s best novel to date in my opinion.”

Drunken Dragon

“Sanderson’s absolute best to date, and an incredible follow up to The Way of Kings.

Drunken Dragon’s “Top 10 of 2014″

“I was really sure I would love this book… I’m glad (but not surprised) to say that I wasn’t disappointed at all.”

Just a World Away

“[WORDS OF RADIANCE] continues Sanderson’s tradition of written excellence…This Stormlight Archive series is not to be missed by serious fantasy fans.”




The Alcatraz Smedry Series



“Sanderson unexpectedly draws everything together in an extravagantly silly climax. Readers whose sense of humor runs toward the subversive will be instantly captivated. Like Lemony Snicket and superhero comics rolled into one (and then revved up on steroids), this nutty novel…[is] also sure to win passionate fans.”

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

“This is an excellent choice to read aloud to the whole family. It’s funny, exciting, and briskly paced. Best of all, the message it gives young readers is that a person’s flaws–being late, breaking things, etc.–can sometimes turn into useful talents.”


“Readers will likely bond with the hapless Alcatraz immediately. Most librarians will appreciate the satiric teasing, and they will also see the strong appeal and easy-genre-crossing potential in this futuristic fantasy adventure.”

The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (BCCB)

“Enough originality to engage fans of the Baudelaire children’s adventures as well as other tween readers with a taste for quirky stories.”

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“The conventional trappings of the middle-school fantasy get turned upside down in this zany novel. …the adventures [are] engaging, as well as silly. Readers who prefer fantasy with plenty of humor should enjoy entering Alcatraz’s strange but amusing world.”

School Library Journal

“In this original, hysterical homage to fantasy literature, Sanderson’s first novel for youth recalls the best in Artemis Fowl and A Series of Unfortunate Events. The humor, although broad enough to engage preteens, is also sneakily aimed at adults. Readers are indeed tortured, with quirky, seemingly incompetent heroes; dastardly villains fond of torture; cars that drive themselves; nonstop action; and cliffhanger chapter endings. And as soon as they finish the last wickedly clever page, they will be standing in line for more from this seasoned author of such adult-marketed titles as Elantris.”


“The premise is intriguing.”


“Genuinely funny… plenty here to enjoy.”


“The twists are particularly amusing and inventive…the characters are delightfully done and the balance of humor and adventure is managed exceedingly well. I would mind seeing Alcatraz return again, perhaps to battle Perfidious Publishers or Wicked Waitresses or Malevolent Mailmen.”

Critical Mass

“A happily action-packed romp, with just the right amount of repartee between Alcatraz and his cantankerous teenage protector Bastille, and a cliffhanger ending that promises more of the same. Plus dinosaurs in tweed vests. Who could ask for more?”

Horn Book

“ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS is a cute story that I enjoyed reading with my 13 year old daughter. . .Brandon Sanderson has a great sense of humor and I loved how he used the story to instruct children about writing techniques while amusing them at the same time.”

–Fantasy Literature

“Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians is a fun-filled adventure for young readers. The wildly imaginative Sanderson, who has written two fantasies for adults, includes such creative details… Though kids will love his story, be sure to tell them it has no basis in fact–librarians could never be information-hoarding villains!”

BookSite.com (Notable Title)

“This clever book rushes through an adventure that resembles ALICE IN WONDERLAND in its oddness. Author Brandon Sanderson has pulled together almost everything that would appeal to readers of the Harry Potter series. I especially recommend ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS to fourth- and fifth-grade readers who enjoy peculiar adventures mixed with fantasy and a little sentimental reuniting of loved ones.”


“It just worked for me. It was funny. While it’s geared towards the middle-school boy crowd, I think there are a lot of adults who’ll get a huge kick out of it. Definitely try it on teen and tween fans of Artemis Fowl, Terry Pratchett and older fans of the Chet Gecko series. I am totally looking forward to the next one.”

Bookshelves of Doom

“This series debut is a weird and wonderful world that children (and the young at heart) who love silly humor and adventure will enjoy.”





“A thoroughly thrilling read.”

Horn Book

“Those who enjoy their fantasy with a healthy dose of slapstick humor will be delighted. Give this novel to fans of Eoin Colfer’s ‘Artemis Fowl’ (Hyperion/Miramax) and Catherine Jinks’s ‘Cadel Piggott in Evil Genius’ (Harcourt, 2007). They will appreciate Sanderson’s cheerful sarcastic wit and none-too-subtle digs at librarians.”

School Library Journal

“Every bit as clever, fast-paced and original as [the first book]… Howlingly funny for adults, older teens who can be persuaded to read a “juvenile” novel, and exceptionally bright middle schoolers.”


“While aimed at a YA audience, the Alcatraz books should find a willing audience in adults, those parents of the target audience, and Sanderson’s own adult fans of his fantasy.”

Sacramento Book Review

“This is the 2nd book in the Alcatraz Smedry series, and I like it. Of course, I’m a librarian so you can’t really trust anything I say, but I do regard it as a work of fiction in the Hushlands. As for evil, well, don’t believe everything you hear! Really! I truly enjoyed the escapades and travails contained within these covers, autobiographical or fictional, and while I hope never to actually meet Alcatraz in person I look forward to more volumes of his adventures.”


“THE SCRIVENER’S BONES is just as much fun as the first book was. I thought by now that Alcatraz’s intrusive style of narration would start to annoy me, but instead I find it quite entertaining, especially when I’m reading it with my daughter. . .It’s hard to imagine any reader who won’t want to immediately pick up book three, THE KNIGHTS OF CRYSTALLIA.”

–Fantasy Literature

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“Alacatraz versus The Knights of Crystallia is a gripping fantasy book…by Brandon Sanderson who is a hilarious author and I though his best was really showcased in this book.”

The Guardian

“With comical insight into human nature and just enough substance to make it all matter, the plot offers up plenty of action, gadgetry, metafictional humor, grudgingly dispensed hints of the libararians’ endgame, and counterintuitive Smedry Talents to keep the old fans and new readers alike turning pages.”

Horn Book

“Seductive … just the right balance between high adventure and silliness.”

Critical Mass

“Offbeat humor, a budding romance, plenty of magic, creative world building, smart references to science fiction lumaries, clever word play, and good action scenes make this one a strong choice for young teen boys and adult fans of the SF genre … Hard to imagine it being any better written.”


“Lives up to its predecessors with vivid action and high drama.”

Midwest Book Review

“Fans will enjoy every silly moment.”

Children’s Literature

“Beneath the wild humor, there are surprisingly subtle messages about responsibility and courage.”

School Library Journal






“An off-the-wall, humorous series that is sure to appeal to boys and fantasy fans.”

Kiss the Book

“As goofy randomness streamlines into compelling narration, even readers who don’t find giant robots reason alone to pick up a book will be drawn into Alcatraz’s cohesive world, with its unique form of magic.”

Horn Book

“Hilarious. I am SO amazed by Brandon Sanderson’s ability to be consistently hilarious throughout his children’s books.”

The Hungry Readers

“I love this series! Sanderson’s one of the few writers of adult fiction I’ve read who can also write effortlessly and dead-on true for kids as well. This is a fabulous book to read aloud! It’s not only funny and has plenty of action, the series has got heart as well. Highly recommended!”

–Young Adult Books Central

Hilarious. I am SO amazed by Brandon Sanderson’s ability to be consistently hilarious throughout his children’s books.”

–The Hungry Readers

“I love this series! Sanderson’s one of the few writers of adult fiction I’ve read who can also write effortlessly and dead-on true for kids as well. This is a fabulous book to read aloud! It’s not ony funny and has plenty of action, the series has got heart as well. Highly recommended!”

–Young Adult Books Central


“Sanderson’s ever-present humor is better than ever, with a footnotes addition that will keep readers on their toes. Alcatraz’s snarky voice leads readers through the amazing world that Sanderson expertly built for a truly immersive read.”

The Deseret News Family

“Like every other book in the series I was unable to put THE DARK TALENT down until it was over and I probably laughed through 90 percent of the book. Brandon Sanderson has proven yet again why he is my favorite author. I don’t think many authors can release the 5th book in a series and and have it feeling as new and exciting as the first.”

The Arched Doorway

“This book was fantastic, following in the same footsteps as the previous volumes when it comes to the off-the-wall humor and wackiness. Sanderson falls effortlessly back into the tone of this series, and the snark is stronger than ever!”


“I can’t keep these books on my library shelf and I love having these new editions to hand to patrons. If you haven’t discovered the Alcatraz Smedry series, you must do so!”

Green Bean Teen Queen

“A totally zany, often hilarious adventure.”

Book Loons

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For The Rithmatist Series


“There are indeed secrets to be uncovered and the world to be saved, and THE RITHMATIST contains some good surprises on the way to a pleasingly nifty conclusion.”

New York Times

“The inhumanly prolific author of the Mistborn trilogy conjures similarly baroque magic for a lapidary series opener aimed at a somewhat younger audience… Fantasy readers should devour this well-crafted mix of action and setup, enriched by thoroughly detailed cultural and historical background and capped by a distinctly unsettling twist.”

Kirkus Starred Review!

“Featuring ingenious magic (complete with profuse chalk drawing–style diagrams and illustrations from McSweeney), feisty characters, and a complex plot likely to unwind over several volumes, this high-spirited, exciting story will appeal to readers of all ages.”

Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review!

“Sanderson’s first novel for the young adult set is a fascinating, fun introduction to a promising series. Joel is a likable hero whose impressively quick thinking and astonishing breadth of understanding of Rithmatics is tempered by typical teenage flaws — self-absorption, tactlessness — so he never slips into unbelievability. And Sanderson supplies his young protagonist with the perfect foil in the effervescent Melody. While the history of Rithmatics (fleshed out by Ben McSweeney’s illustrations) is intriguing, the fellowship between Joel and Melody remains the most compelling aspect of the novel. With any luck, their odd-couple friendship will continue to play a central role as the series progresses.”

RT Books

“THE RITHMATIST should appeal most to thoroughly open minds.”


“THE RITHMATIST should still easily appeal to older audiences, and it’s a great first entry into a new series that, like Sanderson’s other worlds, promises plenty of exploration, mystery, unique magic, and characters who will continue to grow far beyond the current boundaries.”


“The tale is absorbing, fun and created in an interesting world that will stretch the mind of teenagers enjoying it.”

Weekly Press

“Sanderson is one of my favorite authors, so I’m thrilled to see a YA novel from him that’s as good as his adult fantasy! The Rithmatist is one of the must-read books of the summer.”

Jack and Jill Magazine

“The story is compelling and the main characters of Joel and Melody are ones that we can relate to — even their wishes, desires, hopes, and dreams ring true… While THE RITHMATIST is marketed for teen and young adults, I believe that it would be of interest to readers of all ages… Highly Recommended!”

SF Revu

“THE RITHMATIST is a captivating, winning story with likable characters, an interesting and original magic system, and an ending that opens up rather than closes down.”

Fantasy Literature

“Very satisfying …a fascinating world with a well-told story.”

Rated Reads

“THE RITHMATIST is an imaginative, action-packed SF/F adventure – entertaining, fun, and with oodles of future potential. In other words: get your chalk out, folks, because this is another good one from Brandon Sanderson.”

Book Smugglers

“THE RITHMATIST has easily become one of my all-time favorite young adult fantasy books and is a wonderful addition to anyone’s summer reading list. Sanderson creates a beautiful and intricate world, filled not only with magic, but with groups of people who must learn to live among each other.”

Teen Reads

“With his trademark skills in world-building, Sanderson has created a magic system that is so inventive and detailed that that readers who appreciate games of strategy and tactics just may want to bring Rithmatics to life in our world.”

YA Books Central

“Brandon Sanderson does an amazing job of creating vividly defined worlds of magic and characters… A brilliant start to a new series for Sanderson!”

–Boswell Book Company

“Sanderson nailed the tone of how teenagers think and behave.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“THE RITHMATIST will delight a younger battalion of readers, as well as older ones who love the beauty of geometry and well-thought-out magics.”

Fantasy Faction

“I was carried away into the world of Rithmatics and thoroughly enjoyed learning about it. The book was able to pull me in and keep me there with its steam punk elements and mystery.”


“This unique fantasy fused with steampunk is a must-read for teens and adults alike. Full of mystery, suspense, intrigue – The Rithmatist is impossible to put down and refreshingly unpredictable. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more – the vivid characters, the clever story, or the rich fantasy world. Together these make for a solid and impressive novel that I wholeheartedly recommend.”

Sci Fi Chick

“The Rithmatist is fun, exciting, and perfect for readers of all ages and genders. My recommendation…go buy a copy for yourself right now.”

Whatchamacallit Reviews

“This book is startlingly original. I have never read a fantasy book like this.”

The Bookette

“I have never read a YA book this well thought-out… this book is amazing.”

Booking In Heels

THE RITHMATIST is a great book, and I strongly recommend it to those who enjoy a good, quick read (only 378 page), and those who enjoy interesting fantasy worlds, whether young adult or not. I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series.”

My SF Short Short Reviews

It reads like a blend of steampunk and Harry Potter, and is compelling enough to keep you reading. A great book – and I eagerly await to see where the sequel takes us.”

The Founding Fields

“Sanderson’s newest work, The Rithmatist, is a compelling piece of Young Adult fantasy that delivers the whole way through. Sanderson hits all the right notes when it comes to all the usual YA themes; coming of age, the meaning of true friendship, loyalty, perseverance, and even a didactic against bullying.”

Best Fantasy Books

THE RITHMATIST features a really intricate magic system and an awesome world…if you’ve enjoyed any of Sanderson’s other novels, you’ll enjoy THE RITHMATIST… an intricately-crafted fantasy/quasi-steampunk novel.”

Geek Smash

“Most writers of adult fiction trip all over themselves when they reach for younger readers. Brandon Sanderson does the opposite. I think THE RITHMATIST, while it’s definitely as clear and exciting as a YA novel should be, is every bit as deep and richly invented as the best of Sanderson’s adult novels. The magic system is Sanderson’s most complicated, yet it is so clearly explained that he actually makes chalk-drawn geometry thrilling! As a mystery, Sanderson plays fair. And just when you think you have it figured out, you discover that maybe you were right, maybe not – but either way, you still missed the big one. Sanderson at his best, for adults and young readers alike.”

–Orson Scott Card Hugo & Nebula Award-winning author of Ender’s Game

“Brandon Sanderson has created an ingenious new martial art where the chalk is mightier than the sword. In his alternative, dangerous version of the world, brave young soldiers must battle back dark forces armed with the nerves of a warrior and the skills of an artist. It’s a fun read with a unique take on fighting where if you can’t draw…you die.”

D.J. MacHale #1 New York Times bestselling author

“There are very few authors about whom I can say, without a doubt, that I will read every single book they ever write. Brandon Sanderson is a member of that club. He’s brilliant and has an imagination I’ve only seen in the likes of Stephen King and J.K. Rowling.”

–James Dashner New York Times bestselling author of THE MAZE RUNNER

“Brimming with wit, mystery, and enough ideas to make ten other books jealous, The Rithmatist is boldly entertaining and wildly original. Armedius Academy is the first magic school that really teaches magic—the chalk-based Rithmatics, both a mystic science and a delightful visual art—and I have never had more fun learning anything. The creepy climax had me on the edge of my seat, and the slam-bang finish made me stand up and cheer.”

–Dan Wells author of I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER

The Reckoners Trilogy


“The near-constant action, Sanderson’s whiz-bang imaginings, and a fully realized sense of danger (the brutal opening scene alone will hook many) make this an absolute page-turner.”

Publishers Weekly

“A non-stop thrill ride… there’s violence and gore in profusion, cool gear, hot wheels, awesome feats, inner conflicts on both sides.”


Snappy dialogue, bizarre plot twists, high intensity action, and a touch of mystery and romance; it’s a formula that sucks readers into the prologue, slings them through one tension-filled encounter after the other, and then, at the strange and marginally hopeful conclusion, leaves them panting for the sequel, Firefight, due in 2014.”

–Booklist Starred Review!

“This enjoyable read…is perfect for genre fans who love exciting adventure stories with surprising plot twists.”

–School Library Journal

“The veteran fantasy author’s world-building expertise is on full display here, making his horrifying vision of Chicago all the more chilling and exciting for readers of all ages to explore. “

A.V. Club

“Sanderson hit this one out of the park, right up until the final pay off…Sanderson is a master worldbuilder and his worlds always come with unique forms of magic.”

5 out of 5 stars!

“Whenever Brandon Sanderson puts his head down to write something, the resulting story is usually an incredible one that any reader will enjoy. The man is talented; it’s as simple as that…Whether you’re a kid, or an adult who’s a kid at heart, you’ll love STEELHEART.”

Book Banter

“I can sum up this book in one word and that’s phenomenal! I flew through this and loved every single word. This book right here is why I love reading, it grabs you and takes you on a journey. It’s rare that you find a book that will blow your mind and make you love reading all over again. This is such a book, its not just a book, it’s a masterpiece!…t’s a riveting, fun and enjoyable story. Brandon Sanderson is a master story teller and I highly highly recommend this book!…Brilliant.”

Book Lover’s Life

This was a phenomenal read…with this books unique plot and Sanderson’s supreme writing, I found myself entranced.”

Escaping One Book at a Time

“So, politics, morality and human nature. Doesn’t sound like super fun time really, does it? But it is! It so is. It’s not heavy going, it’s not sentimental, nothing slows this book down. It’s as action packed as every superhero movie I’ve ever seen…Star rating: 5/5. Fantastical, wonderful, all the good words.”

Gollancz Geeks

“STEELHEART is a fast-paced, suspenseful page-turner. With cliffhangers at the end of every chapter, it will be hard to put this book down long enough to eat and sleep, never mind doing responsible things like going to work or school.”


“Brandon Sanderson incorporates differing attitudes about pre- and post-Epic rule, the implications of a world with superheroes, the ethics of surviving dictatorship, and other similarly weighty topics while maintaining a fast pace and a plain fun read.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“Brandon Sanderson has somehow managed to create a fresh superhero story. STEELHEART is captivating.”


“Never before has the post-apocalyptic struggle for human survival been so riveting or uplifting. Sanderson has an unparalleled gift for fantastic world-building and the creation of complex, believable characters.”

–Boswell Book Company

I enjoy a good superhero story and this new series is one for the ages. It breaks new ground in superpower fiction…should take its place among the new classics.”


“If you like super-hero fiction and comic books, or are a fan of Brandon Sanderson, or even if you’re just a fan of science-fiction and speculative fiction, then STEELHEART should certainly entertain. It’s a quick read, but an enjoyable one.”

Civilian Reader

“Brandon Sanderson’s STEELHEART has all the features of a great science fiction book: creative world-building, an enthralling plot, well-developed characters, and thoughtful discussions of morality. However, its most striking characteristic may be the writing itself. STEELHEART is so intricately and solidly constructed, from the phrasing of individual sentences to arrangement of the plot, that my English major’s heart was swooning…a breathtaking book, fast-paced and unpredictable.”

Pages Unbound

“Sanderson is one of the most solid writers out there – extremely consistent, always entertaining, always good for a solid, fantastic magic system…it has every single ingredient required for the perfect superpower story.”

The Lost Entwife

“He is a master of the craft and STEELHEART is a very good example of the mastery. Pick up STEELHEART for a book that is exciting, suspenseful and surprising.”

Mixed Book Bag

“Sanderson proves once again that he is a master at creating fascinating characters and weaving complex plots. Fast-paced and action-packed, STEELHEART is a solid first installment in a new, science fiction YA trilogy.”

SciFi Chick

“Sanderson has managed to weave comedy and wit throughout the entire book…Sanderson has a way of pulling you into the fantastic worlds that he creates and making you instantly comfortable.”


An awesome book that provides great entertainment and a lot of fun… a treat for fans of not only fantasy and science fiction, but also fans of comics…STEELHEART surely is a winning combination.”

–The Founding Fields

“While completely accessible to the intended audience, it has more than enough depth for adult readers…it’ll make you think while entertaining readers with an interesting plot and some fantastic fight scenes…it’s as close to perfect as I’ve seen.”


[Sanderson] takes traditional high fantasy and gives it a modern twist and his style easily flows into this young adult dystopian. Like his other work, the pacing is quick, the plot is layered and the action jumps off the pages.”

Vampire Book Club

“This novel was exceptionally well imagined and unique…The world in the book…was so vivid and detailed that I felt like I was right there alongside David and the Reckoners. The writing was fast paced with lots of action and awesome fighting.”

A Dream Within A Dream

“Sanderson hits it out of the park. Again…Sanderson is also stellar at writing action sequences. He can do interesting characters, and tightly woven plots, but a large part of this book’s entertainment value comes from its quick pace and its exciting, cinematically-described fight scenes. Pretty spectacular.”

Fyrefly Books Review

“Brandon Sanderson is a top notch fantasy author.”


“STEELHEART does not disappoint. The book is full of action and plot twists, as well as the types of creative inventions that Sanderson is known for.”

Iowa Association of School Librarians

“A quick, fast-paced read that will leave the reader waiting for the next book in the series.”

Woodridge Library Book Talk

“Sanderson is sharp as ever with his ability to construct such a vivid, fun and entertaining world…brilliantly told. The amount of twists and turns STEELHEART takes is risky; but, as his previous works have proven, Sanderson is a master of risks…It’s epic in scale and in writing, and as much as it is unbelievable in our world, the short experience this novel brings is truthfully, believably extraordinary…a Sanderson Epic.”

Miss Bookaholic Review

“How do you describe a book with an incredible world, amazing characters, and a brilliant plot full of mind-blowing twists? The only word that comes to mind is epic. Despite it’s conotation within the story, that’s what STEELHEART is… EPIC!…Everything is so lusciously described in incredible deatail and the world of these heroes or Epics is incredibly unique and well-developed…It was a fantastic and interesting story with an amazing world, mindblowing plot, likable characters, and deeper themes about humanity.”

My Thoughts…Literally

“Sanderson has created a totally believable world that pays homage to comic books and great adventure tales with its amazing weaponry, sneering villains and rag-tag heroes. It also contains some very enjoyable twists.”

Guys Lit Wire

“A tense, fast-paced adventure. Brandon Sanderson is one of the best fantasy, sci-fi writers working today.”

Christopher Paolini #1 USA Today bestselling author of ERAGON

“Unfortunately for my ego, STEELHEART is another win for Sanderson, proving that he’s not a brilliant writer of epic fantasy, he’s simply a brilliant writer. Period. Simply said. Great book. Tight writing. Nice take on superheroes. Nice world creation. Absolutely worth your time.”

–Patrick Rothfuss #1 New York Times bestselling author of THE WISE MAN’S FEAR

“Fantastic! The suspense is relentless and the climax explosive, with a resolution that I’ll be thinking about for a long time.”

– James Dashner New York Times bestselling author of the Maze Runner series

“Packed with action, with cool powers, and effortless exposition, it’s just plain fun to read.”

–Brent Weeks Author of the Lightbringer Series

“It’s one of those books that, as an author, makes me wonder why I even bother. But it also makes me strive to improve my writing. It’s action packed, humorous, and a serious page turner.”

–Jill Williamson


“Big in size and vision, this is the rare middle volume that keeps the throttle open and actually moves the story along significantly.”


“This sequel to Steelheart keeps its foot on the gas pedal and is the prose equivalent of an action packed comic.”

Kirkus “Best Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror reads for January”

Firefight is a non stop action packed wet and wild rollercoaster ride that you don’t want to miss out on. Though this is marketed as a young adult book I know that the majority if not every adult reader who reads the Reckoners books will enjoy them just as well. Brandon Sanderson is a master storyteller and his books should be made compulsory reading material. “

–Book Plank

“Best Young Adult Novels of 2015”

“Compelling…Much like in Steelheart, Sanderson uses plot twists that he teases enough for readers to pick up on to distract from the more dramatic reveals he has in store. While Sanderson devoted his first Reckoners book to bringing readers into the world, FIREFIGHT digs deeper into its mythology—beginning to answer the questions of where the Epics come from and what makes them so terrible.

A.V. Club

“Reckoners series has a compelling hook…[FIREFIGHT is] another brisk YA fantasy from Sanderson – inventive, action-stuffed and surprising until the end.”


“This is a fun, action-packed novel, especially if one enjoys superhuman abilities as much as Sanderson does…Sanderson has interesting things to say about the superhero genre, and his imagination is vivid. Babliar is a fun setting, and in general the book operates quite well. A fun, exciting superpower romp.”

Fantasy Literature

“For fans of Steelheart, FIREFIGHT is an epic sequel.”

Deseret News

“This intense sequel builds on the strengths of the initial volume, adding nuance and complexity alongside the action and intrigue. The imaginative recasting of superpowers as a corruptive force remains key, but the narrative broadens out the Epic lore… A startling twist near the end puts the future of both Epics and Reckoners in question and will have readers counting the days to the final volume.”

The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

 “FIREFIGHT is another winner from Brandon Sanderson…There are even more twists and turns here than in Steelheart…I loved the unpredictability of the plot, since it’s so rare that a Young Adult novel can capture my attention and keep me in suspense from beginning to end…I for one would recommend this to young adult and adult readers alike. Seriously worth your time.”

5 out of 5 stars!

“I enjoyed this sequel even more than the first. With creative and complex characters and backstories, an unpredictable and twisted plot, and plenty of action – this book is hard to put down. I highly recommend this fantastic series to fans of superheroes (and villains). It’s a captivating and inspired series of which I can’t get enough.”

–SciFi Chick

“As a YA book it succeeds very well. FIREFIGHT touches upon multiple themes, and as always, Brandon Sanderson creates a unique and interesting universe we get to explore alongside the protagonist…Firefight is a great YA book, almost as good as Steelheart, and a fun, action packed ride for those of us who remain a child at heart.”

Best Fantasy Books

“This series is getting better and better with each book, and I’m fighting the urge to re-listen to each just so I can relive all of the awesome…FIREFIGHT’s plot was rich with character development, entertainment dialogue, and lots of action and suspense.”

No BS Reviews
4.5 stars!

“I wasn’t really surprised at how good Brandon Sanderson’s FIREFIGHT was — the man is a writing machine. I don’t think it is possible for him to write a bad book, in fact I would be shocked to find a book of his I did not enjoy…I think anyone who is a fan of Brandon Sanderson, urban fantasy, or superhero fiction would enjoy this story.”

The Arched Doorway

“Here’s what you can expect in the second book in Sanderson’s Reckoners trilogy: A new city. Entertainment. Goofiness. Laughs. Almost unbearable tension. Hurt. Betrayals. So many tears. Frustation. Elation. Hope. ALL the feels….Sanderson has done it again and we’ve expected no less. While it didn’t surpass its predecessor (because seriously, Steelheart was almost perfect), FIREFIGHT was just as good, just as exciting, just as funny, just as well written.”

The Nocturnal Library

“One of the greatest things about this series is its premice, which is EPIC…I shouldn’t even have to tell you to read this series because Brandon Sanderson’s reputation proceeds him. But if you do need a little nudge, I am really loving it and hightly recommend it.”

The Quiet Concert
4.5 stars!

“In my opinion Brandon Sanderson is one of the best fantasy writers of this generation…[He] manages to write incredibly compelling books that manage to suck the reader in immediately, refusing to let them go until the very last page, whereupon it leaves an after shadow of curiosity gnawing upon their consciousness, wondering what will happen next to the characters, and constantly revisiting their favorite scenes. Taking all of that in, Firefight is no exception.”

Whatchamacallit Reviews

“Firefight is a truly fabulous sequel to a fantastic dystopian series with an engrossing and creative world, complex and likable characters, and action-packed plot full of surprises.”

My Thoughts…Literally
10/10 stars!

“It’s filled with action, humor, and a seemingly doomed romance. And, awkward as his comparisons are, David is a wonderfully engaging hero, his innate optimism casting light in very dark places. The ending of this second episode leaves readers with some very big questions – I for one can’t wait for the answers.”



“A whirl of raids, chases, rescues, and spectacularly destructive displays of both magic and high-tech gadgetry ensues, bringing David face to face with Calamity. . .Adeptly done.”


“If you liked the first two RECKONERS novels, you should go out and buy this one. . .Sanderson has always been a fantastic craftsman of plot and pacing. He has an almost superhuman ability to keep the reader reading, paired with that single quality that truly enervates the work of such an author: his plots work. They’re well-considered, well-executed, and hang together almost perfectly. Watching a Sanderson book come together — especially in a final book in a series like this one — is like witnessing the workings of an intricate and exquisitely functioning machine.”

–Fantasy Literature

“Sanderson creates a well-balanced novel of character development, frightening revelations and dramatic fights to ensure the reader is hooked into the storyline and creates a satisfying conclusion. . .an excellent and tense conclusion to a remarkable fantasy series.”

–Starburst Magazine

“This finale doesn’t disappoint. With impressive technology and even crazier superpowers, the adventure is bigger and even more intense. . .It’s thrilling and action-packed. The characters are complex and the story is exciting and unique. I highly recommend this series.”

–Sci-Fi Chick

“CALAMITY represents another strong installment in the series. . .[Reckoners] proved to be a really enjoyable series with good action, characters, worldbuilding and revelations. Even when juggling multiple series, Sanderson remains a master of the craft.”

–Fantasy Faction

“Those who really love thoughtful, action-packed superhero stories will be delighted by Sanderson’s masterful take on the genre. It’s an odd, intriguing but superlative mashup of superhero and post-apocalypse storytelling.”

–SF Revu

“I love Brandon Sanderson’s works and CALAMITY is just one more proof that he is the preeminent Author in all of fiction. I’m not just saying that because I like him, it takes supreme skill to pull off some of the literary stunts he pulls in just the Reckoners. Now as for the actual plot it is wonderful, and a satisfying conclusion to his latest Young Adult series. . .For those who like: Amazing Plots [and] Fantastic Casts of Characters.”

–Game Industry

“CALAMITY is everything I was hoping it would be. It was full of ridiculous humor thanks to David’s peculiar personality, but that was balanced by incredible fight sequences which had me holding my breath. . .This book is about strength of character, love, friendship, humanity, finding beauty in the smallest details, and faith, and each one of those aspects meld together to form a larger picture and a larger solution. I truly am sad to see this series go. My love for Steelheart manifested quickly, and the two sequels did nothing but enhance that feeling. I can only hope we’ll be getting more stories in this world eventually. But if we don’t, at least I have these three books (and the Mitosis novella!) to revisit any time I want.”


“CALAMITY is as good as or better than its predecessors. It ends with a hard choice for David, and a surprising and stunning conclusion. Don’t miss this fantastic series.”



“Brisk, engaging and professional storytelling. The man can certainly write.”

Civilian Reader

“Action packed…Readers seeking a jolt of suspense as they wait for Firefight should enjoy this short story.”

Fantasy Literature

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Short Stories


“This collection is required reading for Sanderson fans, offering plenty for new readers who are undeterred by learning too much.”

Publishers Weekly

“There are some standout stories here … a treat for superfans.”


“As one expects from Sanderson, his stories are meaty, well-developed adventures, even the shorter works demonstrating an impressive (but never overwhelming) amount of thought about how the worlds they’re set in work. On top of that, of course, he is expert at swift-moving stories with engaging characters.”



“Defending Elysium is an engaging and entertaining short story.”

The Hat Rack


“Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Dreamer’ is a bloody and violent story, well paced and packed with action, as befits a ‘capture the flag’ challenge.”

It Puts the Blog in the Basket (Review for Games Creatures Play anthology)


““Perfect State” is the kind of story that pushes all the right buttons for me (after all, I love The Matrix) and I didn’t want it to end. I wish it had been a novel. I loved the premise, the setting, the plot, and the characters (though sometimes Kai’s beliefs are a little inconsistent with his “concept”). This story is fun, but Sanderson manages to explore a few interesting existential ideas, too, such as personality, free will, determinism and, of course, the nature of reality.”

–Fantasy Literature

“It’s an intriguing premise and a creative twist on the Matrix world scenario, and Sanderson handles it well. The characters have some lively and rather meta discussions about what constitutes reality, and whether it’s important to treat Machineborn as real people. I only hope that Sanderson chooses to write more stories in this world.”

–Fantasy Literature


“The plot of “Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell” is creative, exciting, and fairly intense. It’s easy to root for Silence, a woman we hardly know but would like to learn more about.”

–Fantasy Literature

For Graphic Novels

For White Sand Vol. 1

“Employing powerful imagery and Sanderson’s celebrated approach to magical systems, White Sand is a spectacular new saga for lovers of fantasy and adventure.”

Comic Book Round Up

“Brandon Sanderson is well known for his ability to craft believable worlds out of the deepest corners of our imagination and to place the reader at the heart of each tale. … White Sand is no different; a blend of magic and culture that’s sure to amaze many, and spark further conversation among Sanderfans.”


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Career Awards

  • 2014 Indie Champion Honor Award!


  • WINNER!! – Romantic Times Award, Best Epic Fantasy
  • Selected as Barnes & Noble Explorations’ #1 Editor’s Pick.
  • in its 5th hardcover printing and 8th mass market printing
  • SF Book Club selection
  • Audio rights (unabridged) to Recorded Books
  • Audio rights (dramatic abridgment) to Graphic Audio
  • Brazilian (Portuguese) rights to Leya
  • Bulgarian rights to Bard
  • Chinese rights to Chongqing Tianjian
  • Czech rights to Talpress***
  • Dutch rights to De Boekerij***
  • French rights to Calmann-Levy***
  • French rights to Livre de Poche
  • German rights to Heyne***
  • German rights to Piper
  • German audio rights to Heyne
  • Hebrew rights to Silver Stars***
  • Hungarian rights to Delta Vision
  • Indonesian rights to Mizan Publishing
  • Italian rights to Fanucci
  • Japanese rights to Hayakawa***
  • Polish rights to MAG
  • Romanian rights to Editura Art
  • Russian rights to Azbooka***
  • Spanish rights to Ediciones B
  • Spanish book club rights to Circulo de Lectores
  • Taiwanese rights to Fantasy Foundation
  • Thai rights to ARIP***
  • Turkish rights to Arkadas
  • UK rights to Gollancz
  • UK audio rights to W.F. Howes
  • UK book club rights to BCA***


  • #24 on NY Times hardcover list!
  • Chosen by Library Journal as one of the 5 best SF&F novels of 2009!
  • Chosen by Barnes & Noble as one of the 5 best SF&F novels of 2009!
  • Chosen by The Onion A.V. Club as a Best of 2009!
  • Nominated for the 2010 David Gemmell Legend Award (along with THE GATHERING STORM)
  • Nominated for 2009 Romantic Times Award, Best Epic Fantasy
  • An ALA Top Five Fantasy of 2009!
  • In 3rd hc printing and 3rd mm printing
  • Audio rights (unabridged) to Recorded Books
  • Audio rights (dramatic abridgment) to Graphic Audio
  • Bulgarian rights to Bard
  • Chinese rights to Chongqing Tianjian
  • Czech rights to Talpress
  • French rights to Calmann-Levy
  • German rights to Heyne
  • Italian rights to Fanucci
  • Polish rights to MAG
  • Spanish rights to Ediciones B
  • Taiwanese rights to Gaea
  • UK rights to Gollancz
  • UK audio rights to W.F. Howes


  • Winner!! – 2013 Hugo Award for Best Novella
  • Finalist!! – 2013 World Fantasy Award for Best Novella
  • A #1 Locus Magazine Bestseller, May 2013
  • Named a “Top 20 Best Speculative Fiction Novel of 2012” by The Ranting Dragon
  • A Best of 2012 pick by Fantastical Imaginations
  • A “Top Ten Tuesday” pick by Oh Magic Hour
  • Audio rights to Recorded books
  • Film/TV rights to DMG
  • Bulgarian rights to Studio Art Line
  • Chinese rights to Chongqing Tianjian
  • Czech rights to Talpress
  • French rights to Livre de Poche
  • German rights to Heyne
  • Korean rights to Paranmedia
  • Polish anthology rights to Solaris
  • Polish rights to MAG
  • Romanian rights to Editura Art
  • Spanish rights to Penguin Random House
  • Taiwanese rights to Fantasy Foundation
  • UK rights to Orion


  • Book #1 Named a “Top 20 Best Speculative Fiction Novel of 2012” by The Ranting Dragon
  • Bulgarian rights (#1-2) to Studio Art Line
  • Chinese rights (#1-2) to Chongqing Tianjian
  • Czech rights (#1) to Talpress
  • French rights (#1-2) to Panini
  • German rights (#1) to Heyne
  • Spanish rights (#1-2) to Ediciones B
  • Taiwanese rights (#1-2) to Fantasy Foundation

1. LEGION (Subterranean Press, 2012)
2. LEGION: SKIN DEEP (Subterranean Press, 2014)

  • Book #1 – Named a 2012 “Unexpected Surprise” by Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist
  • Book #2 – 18,000 Audible downloads in the first two weeks!
  • Film rights optioned to Lionsgate Films
  • Audio rights (#1-2) to Audible
  • Bulgarian rights (#1-2) to Studio Art Line
  • Chinese rights (#1-2) to Chongqing Tianjian
  • Czech rights (#1) to Talpress
  • French rights (#1-2) to Livre de Poche
  • German rights (#1) to Heyne
  • Polish rights (#1-2) to MAG
  • Spanish rights (#1) to Mondadori
  • Taiwanese rights (#1-2) to Fantasy Foundation
  • UK rights (#1-2) to Orion


  • THE HERO OF AGES – #21 on NY Times hardcover list!
  • THE HERO OF AGES – WINNER!! — Romantic Times Award, Best Epic Fantasy
  • THE HERO OF AGES chosen as a finalist for the inaugural David Gemmell Award!
  • THE HERO OF AGES –winner of the 2008 Whitney Award for Best Speculative Fiction!
  • Books #1 & #2 – Both Finalists for Romantic Times Award, Best Epic Fantasy
  • Books #1-3 – #12 on Buzzfeed‘s list of “The 51 Best Fantasy Series Ever Written
  • Bk #1 in 3rd hc printing, 12th mm printing, with a special limited edition, 4th YA printing
  • Bk #2 in 3rd hc printing, 7th mm printing, 3rd YA printing
  • Bk #3 in 4th hc printing, 8th mm printing
  • Bks #1-3 named a “Top 25 Series” by The Founding Fields
  • Bks #1-3 SF Book Club selections
  • Bk #3 selected as an Indie Next List Notable for Dec. 2008
  • Audio rights (#1-3) to Macmillan Audio
  • Abridged dramatic audio rights (#1-3), world English, to Graphic Audio
  • Brazilian rights (#1-3) to Texto
  • Bulgarian rights (#1-3) to Bard
  • Chinese rights (#1-3) to Chongqing Tianjian
  • Czech rights (#1-3) to Talpress
  • Dutch rights (#1-3) to Luitingh-Sijthoff
  • Finnish rights (#1-3) to Art House
  • French rights (#1-3) to Calmann-Levy
  • German rights (#1-3) to Heyne
  • Greek rights (#1-3) to Fantastikos Kosmos
  • Hebrew rights (#1-3) to Opus Press
  • Hungarian rights (#1-3) to DeltaVision
  • Italian rights (#1-3) to Fanucci
  • Indonesian rights (#1-3) to Mizan Publishing
  • Japanese rights (#1-3) to Hayakawa
  • Korean rights (#1-3) to Namu Bench
  • Polish rights (#1-3) to MAG
  • Portuguese rights (#1-3) to Saida de Emergencia
  • Romanian rights (#1-3) to Trei
  • Russian rights (#1-3) to Azbooka
  • Serbian rights (#1-3) to Laguna
  • Spanish rights (#1-3) to Ediciones B
  • Swedish rights (#1) to Modernista
  • Taiwanese rights (#1-3) to Fantasy Foundation
  • Thai rights (#1-3) to Words Wonder
  • Turkish rights (#1-3) to Arkadas
  • UK rights (#1-3) to Orion/Gollancz [now in its 15th printing!]
  • Film rights for MISTBORN to Chris Geary and Paloppa Pictures LLC***
  • RPG rights to Crafty Games
  • Video game rights to Little Orbit

4. LOST METAL (Forthcoming)

  • Book #1 – A #7 New York Times bestseller
  • Book #1 – Winner of the 2011 Whitney Award for Best Speculative Fiction!
  • Book #1 – Winner of the 2013 Imaginales Prize (France) for “Best Foreign Work of Fantasy”
  • Book #1 – A #5 Locus Magazine bestseller (Feb. 2013)
  • Book #1 – 3 on the Eslite bestseller list in Taiwan
  • Book #1 – An SF Book Club main selection
  • Book #1 – A finalist for Goodreads.com’s Best Fantasy novel of 2011
  • Book #1 – January Magazine‘s Best SF/F of 2011 list!
  • Book #1 – Included on Buzzfeed‘s list of “The 51 Best Fantasy Series Ever Written” with the Mistborn Trilogy
  • Book #1 – FantasyLiterature.com’s Best SF/F of 2011 list!
  • Book #2 — A #8 New York Times bestseller
  • Book #2 – Chosen as one of the “Mind-Blowing Science Fiction And Fantasy Books To Watch For In 2015” by io9.com
  • Book #2 – Chosen as one of the “All The Most Essential Science Fiction and Fantasy Books in October” by io9.com 
  • Book #2 — Chosen as one of the “10 Best Fantasy Novels” by Independent
  • Book #2 — Chosen as one of the “Best Fantasy Books of 2015” by Waterstones
  • Book #2 — Chosen as one of the “Best Fantasy Books of 2015” by Fantasy Faction
  • Book #2 — Chosen as one of “The 32 Best Fantasy Books of 2015” by Buzzfeed
  • Book #2 — Winner of Reddit’s 2015 Stabby Awards for Best Novel
  • Book #3 — #6 New York Times Bestseller
  • Book #3 — A 2016 Locus Bestseller
  • Book #3 — A finalist for the 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fantasy
  • Bulgarian rights (#1) to Bard
  • Chinese rights (#1-2) to Chongqing Tianjian
  • Czech rights (#1-3) to Talpress
  • Dutch rights (#1) to Luitingh-Sijthoff
  • French rights (#1) to Calmann-Levy / Orbit France
  • French rights (#2-3) to Livre de Poche
  • German rights (#1) to Heyne
  • German rights (#2-4) to Piper
  • Hungarian rights (#1) to Delta Vision
  • Italian rights (#1) to Fanucci
  • Polish rights (#1-3) to MAG
  • Russian rights (#1) to Azbooka
  • Spanish rights (#1-3) to Ediciones B
  • Taiwanese rights (#1) to Fantasy Foundation
  • Turkish rights (#1-3) to Arkadas
  • UK rights to Gollancz

1. THE WAY OF KINGS (Tor, August 2010)
2. WORDS OF RADIANCE (Tor, March 2014)

  • Book #1 – a #7 New York Times bestseller!!
  • Book #1 – Winner of the 2010 David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel
  • Book #1 – Winner of the 2010 Whitney Award for Best Novel and Best Speculative Fiction!
  • Book #1 – hits the Times list again in mass market, debuts at #25 on the chart
  • Books #1-2 – #2 on Buzzfeed’s list of “The 51 Best Fantasy Series Ever Written
  • Book #1 – named one of the Best of 2010 by Fantasy Faction, Ranting Dragon, SFF World, Goodreads.com
  • Book #1 – a #9 Locus Magazine bestseller in hardcover, May 2013
  • Book #1 in 5th hc printing; in 5th mm printing
  • Book #1 – a Best of 2010 pick by Fantastical Imaginations
  • Book #1 – nominated in Israel for the Geffen Award for Best Translated Fantasy Novel
  • Book #1 – featured on Amazon’s “100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Read in a Lifetime” list
  • Book #2 – a #1 New York Times Bestseller!!
  • Book #2 – a #2 Sunday Times (UK) Bestseller!
  • Book #2 – Winner of The David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Fantasy Novel
  • Book #2 – a #1 Vancouver Sun (CA) Bestseller!
  • Book #2 – a #1 Kobo Bestseller list!
  • Book #2 – a #2 USA Today Bestseller
  • Book #2 – a #2 National Indie Bestseller
  • Book #2 – a #30 Der Spiegel Bestseller in Germany!
  • Book #2 – A #27 FNAC Spain bestseller!
  • Book #2 – #96 on Amazon Spain Top 100 list!
  • Book #2 – #1 Listener Favorite on Audible!
  • Book #2 – #1 on Amazon’s “Best Books of the Year so Far 2014: Science fiction & Fantasy” list.
  • Book #2 – #1o on Amazon’s Top 20 “Best Books of 2014: Science Fiction & Fantasy” List
  • Book #2 – #2 on the Goodreads Choice Awards list of Best Fantasy Books of 2014
  • Book #2 – #2 on Fantasy Faction’s “Best Fantasy Books of 2014”
  • Book #2 – a ” Top 10 Anticipated Fantasy Books for 2013” pick by Fantasy Faction
  • Book #2 – a “Our favorite books of 2014” pick by Fantasy Literature
  • Book #2 – #1 on the “Top 30 Most Anticipated Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels coming in 2014″ list by The Ranting Dragon
  • Book #2 – a “2014 Summer Reading List: Top 10 Fantasy” pick by Dolce & Gabbana’s Swide Magazine
  • Book #2 – a “Best of 2014 and the Year in Review” pick by Bibliosanctum
  • Book #2 – a “Top 10 of 2014” by Drunken Dragon
  • Book #2 – a “Recommended Reads 2014” pick by BookLoons
  • Book #2 – a “Best Books of 2014” pick by The Arched Doorway
  • Audio (#1) to Macmillan Audio
  • Brazilian rights (#1-2) to Editora Aleph
  • Bulgarian rights (#1-2) to Studio Art Line
  • Chinese rights (#1-2) to Chongqing Daily News
  • Czech rights (#1-2) to Talpress
  • Danish rights (#1) to Ulven og Ulgen
  • French rights (#1-2) to Calmann-Levy
  • German rights (#1-3) to Heyne
  • Hebrew rights (#1-2) to Opus Press
  • Hungarian rights (#1) to Delta Vision
  • Italian rights (#1-2) to Fanucci
  • Japanese rights (#1) to Hayakawa
  • Polish rights (#1-3) to MAG
  • Romanian rights (#1) to Art Editura
  • Russian rights (#1-2) to Azbooka
  • Serbian rights (#1-2) to Laguna
  • Spanish rights (#1-2) to Ediciones B
  • Taiwanese rights (#1-2) to Fantasy Foundation
  • Turkish rights (#1-2) to Arkadas
  • UK rights (#1-4) to Gollancz

1. ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS (Scholastic, 2007; Tor, 2016)
2. ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE SCRIVENER’S BONES (Scholastic, 2008; Tor, 2016)
4. ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE SHATTERED LENS (Scholastic, 2010; Tor, 2016)

  • Book #1 Featured on Nancy Pearl’s NPR Morning Show
  • Book #1 a Book Sense Winter 2007-2008 Children’s Pick
  • Book #1 audio one of ALSC’s 2012 Notable Recordings for Children
  • Book #1 in its 4th mm printing
  • Book #1 nominated for Golden Sower Award, Nebraska’s Children’s Choice Book Award, Hawaii’s Nene Award, North Carolina’s Battle of the Books, and Florida’s Sunshine State Young Reader’s Award.
  • Book #3 in its 2nd hc printing
  • Book #4 in its 2nd hc printing
  • Audio rights (#1-5) to Recorded Books
  • Audio UK rights (#1-5) to WF Howes
  • Brazilian rights (#1-2) to Saraiva
  • Chinese rights (#1-4) to Chongqing Green
  • French rights (#1-3) to Mango and (#4) Livre de Poche
  • German rights (#1-4) to Heyne***
  • Hebrew rights (#1) to Modan
  • Indonesian rights (#1-5) to Mizan
  • Polish rights (#1-5) to IUVI
  • Romanian rights (#1) to Editura Corint Jr. ***
  • Russian rights (#1) to EKSMO ***
  • Spanish rights (#1) to Via Magna ***
  • Spanish rights (#1-4) to Ediciones B
  • Taiwanese rights (#1-4) to Crown
  • Thai rights (#1-4) to Rueanpanya***
  • Turkish rights (#1-5) to Arkadas
  • UK rights (#1-4) to Orion
  • Film rights to Dreamworks ***


  • Book #1 – a #6 New York Times (Children’s List) Bestseller!
  • Book #1 – #3 on YALSA’s 2014 Teens’ Top Ten List!
  • Book #1 – Apple’s Best Teen Book of 2013
  • Book #1 – nominated for the Rebecca Caudill Young Readers Award
  • Book #1 – Audie Award Finalist for Best Fantasy Audiobook by the Audio Publishers Association
  • Book #1 – a 2014 YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults pick
  • Book #1 – a “Top 20 Best Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels of 2013” pick by The Ranting Dragon
  • Book #1 – a New York Times Notable Childrens Book of 2013
  • Book #1 – a Kirkus Best of 2013 pick
  • Book #1 – Picked for the TAYSHAS Reading List (Texas Library Association)
  • Book #1 – Nominated for the Children’s Sequoyah Award
  • Book #1 – listed in ABC Best Books for Children & Teens Too
  • Book #1 – listed in the GoodReads Best of 2013
  • Book #1 – SF Book Club Selection
  • Book #1 – Summer 2013 Kids Indie Next Top 10 Pick
  • Book #1 – Texas Lonestar Reading List Pick
  • Book #1 – a semifinalist for the 2013 GoodReads Choice Awards in the Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction category
  • Book #1 – one of Audible’s Best Teen Audiobooks of 2013
  • Book #1 – a “5 Books You Need to Read This March” pick by Geek Smash
  • Bulgarian rights (#1) to Studio Art Line
  • Chinese rights (#1-2) to Chongqing Tianjian
  • Danish rights (#1) to DreamLitt
  • French rights (#1) to Univers Poche
  • German rights (#1-2) to Heyne
  • Italian rights (#1) to Fanucci
  • Polish rights (#1) to MAG
  • Slovak rights (#1) to Slovart
  • Spanish rights (#1) to Ediciones B
  • Taiwanese rights (#1) to Fantasy Foundation
  • Thai rights (#1) to Words Wonder
  • Turkish rights (#1) to Dogan Egmont
  • UK rights (#1-2) to Orion
  • UK Audio rights (#1) to Audible

4. Mitosis (Short Story)

Short Stories / Novellas

  • #4 — Winner of Reddit’s 2015 Stabby Awards for Best Short Fiction
  • #4 — Finalist for the 2016 Hugo Award for Best Novella
  • Chinese rights (#1-3) to Chongqing
  • German rights ( #7) to Piper
  • Hungarian rights (#7) to Delta Vision
  • Polish Anthology Rights (#1) to Solaris
  • Polish Rights (#8) to MAG
  • Taiwanese rights (#1-6) to Fantasy Foundation
  • Audio rights (#4, 6) to Audible
  • Dramatic audio rights (#7) to Graphic Audio

Graphic Novels
1. White Sand Vol. 1
2. White Sand Vol. 2
3. White Sand Vol. 3

  • Volume 1 – a #2 New York Times bestseller!!
  • Turkish rights (#1) to Arkadas
  • Spanish rights (#1) to Ediciones B


*** Three asterisks (***) placed after the record of a foreign territory sale indicate that those rights have expired and are available for purchase in that market for that title(s).***

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