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Michael J. Sullivan

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The Riyria Revelations | Biblio & Rights Info
Theft of Swords (Contains The Crown Conspiracy and Avempartha)
Rise of Empire (Contains Nyphron Rising and The Emerald Storm)
Heir of Novron (Contains Wintertide and Percepliquis)

The Riyria Chronicles | Biblio & Rights Info
The Crown Tower
The Rose and the Thorn
The Death of Dulgath 
The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter

The First Empire | Biblio & Rights Info
Age of Myth
Age of Swords
Age of War
Age of Legend
Age of Death
Age of Empyre

Standalone Novels | Biblio & Rights Info
Hollow World
Antithesis (Forthcoming!)
A Burden to the Earth (Forthcoming!)

Short Fiction | Biblio & Rights Info
“The Jester” – A Riyria Story
“The Viscount” – A Riyria Story
“The Thieves – A Riyria Story
“Greener Grass”

Anthologies | Biblio & Rights Info
Triumph Over Tragedy
The End – Visions of Apocalypse
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For The Riyrian Revelations

“Hair-raising escapes, flashy sword fights, and faithful friendship complete the formula for good old-fashioned escapist fun.”

—Publishers Weekly

“This epic fantasy showcases the arrival of a master storyteller.”

—Library Journal

“Mr. Sullivan continues to impress. In Royce and Hadrian he has created some of the best characters the genre has seen in some time, and in Avempartha he shows that he knows what to do with them. These books should be in every bookstore and I really hope that they are someday.”

—Speculative Fiction Junkie

“A whirlwind of twists, earth-shattering surprises and deadly betrayal.”

—Literary Magic



“Hair-raising escapes, flashy sword fights, and faithful friendship complete the formula for good old-fashioned escapist fun.”

Publishers Weekly

“Filled with adventure and clever dialog and featuring a pair of not-quite-heroes whose loyalties to each other provide them with their greatest strength, this epic fantasy showcases the arrival of a master storyteller… A winning debut for fantasy lovers.”

Library Journal

“A fascinating fantasy tale filled with wonderful feats of heroism and chivalry juxtaposed with unlikely heroes who unabashedly proclaim themselves to be thieves and act accordingly…[An] enjoyable work, looking forward to more remarkable deeds perpetrated by this engaging pair.”

Night Owl Reviews
Top pick!

“In the space of two years, Michael Sullivan has moved from a small press debut author who was featured in one of my first “Indie Spotlight Reviews” to a “name” in the fantasy field.”

—Fantasy Book Critic

“Theft of Swords is a excellent addition to the fantasy genre, one that tells a fun and modern story with a traditional Tolkien styled setting, and one that you should not hesitate in adding to your library…THEFT OF SWORDS is a fun fantasy full of wonderful characters, deadly conspiracies, and intricate action sequences.”

Fantasy Book Review

“[The book] completely succeed as one of these more conventional stories that still manages to be very entertaining… it is entertaining and it manages to keep the plot and characters engaging enough to make the fantasy tropes fun and nostalgic instead of irritating and stale. When I reached the last page, I found myself really eager to find out what happens to Hadrian and Royce next.”

Fantasy Book Cafe


“Every time I finish a book in this series it makes me want the next one instantly…Michael Sullivan shows that he isn’t just a one book wonder, or that his other novels were random hits. His Riyria Revelations series is taking shape very nicely, and it’ll be amazing to watch where he takes the other novels after this because with each novel there is a new surprise or approach to his writing.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“A delightful, entertaining and page-turning read that reminds us just how enjoyable, and how good – the Riyria Revelations series is. A must-buy for all fantasy lovers.”

—The Founding Fields

“Four novels/two omnibii into The Riyria Revelations and I’m gaining an understanding of why Mr. Sullivan acquired such a devoted fanbase over the past few years when these were small press books – he crafts a story that appeals to many of the hallmarks that make Epic Fantasy popular.”


“Readers of fast paced adventure stories will enjoy the Riyria Revelations and readers of high fantasy will enjoy the direction the series overall takes.  These books however have been some of my favorites from this year and I’d recommend them to any genre fan, sans specifics.”

—Reading Realms

“As much as I enjoyed Theft of Swords, RISE OF EMPIRE is even better, bringing new dimensions to the story.”

—The Royal Library


“[HEIR OF NOVRON] delivers a fun story with plenty of sword fighting and some genuine surprises.”

—Publisher’s Weekly

“What started out as a straightforward fantasy adventure in The Crown Conspiracy has evolved into a full-blown epic in Percepliquis.”

—Fantasy Literature

“Heir of Novron is the conclusion to the Riyria Revelations, cementing it in a position as a new classic of modern fantasy: traditional in setting, but extremely unconventional in – well – everything else.”

—Drying Ink

“Fans of the first two volumes, then, will be comforted to know the Riyria Revelations come to a close in fine fashion. Sullivan will have kept a few twists up his sleeve to the very end, while we as readers will have been enthralled by the extraordinary deeds of Royce and Hadrian. I heartily recommend Heir of Novron and its predecessors to fans of classic epic fantasy tales. “

—LEC Book Reviews

“All in all, I have to say that the two novels together as the omnibus Heir of Novron are just plain awesome. No two ways about it. “

—The Founding Field

For The Riyrian Chronicles


“It’s fast-paced, at times funny, at times violent, and the two lead characters (as well as a few supporting ones) are so immediately fascinating that it’s somewhat hard to believe this is fiction. Add to that Sullivan’s absolute mastery of the writing craft (there are some lines which are so brilliantly phrased that it leaves me at once astonished and laughing out loud) and volume one of the Riyria Chonicles is an absolute must for anyone who reads fantasy.”

Fantasy Book Review

“Michael is able to tell a really interesting story here about characters who’ve already had six novels and a prequel short story about them. The entire premise, which we are familiar with on a meta-level, is dealt with in an intelligent and engaging manner, and Michael’s writing held my interest all the way through to the end. THE CROWN TOWER is every bit as good as my two absolute favourite Riyria Revelations novels: Avempartha and Percepliquis.”

The Founding Fields
9.5/10 stars!

“Fans of the Riyria Revelations will have no trouble jumping back into the world as Sullivan does the meeting of the duo justice. Readers unfamiliar with Sullivan’s work, but looking for a fast-paced character-focused adventure will enjoy THE CROWN TOWER as well. With each novel of his planned Riyria Chronicles being a standalone, it’s also a good way to dip your toe into the world with a full story.”

Reading Realms
4.5/5 stars!

“For Riyria fans, THE CROWN TOWER brings a little bit more of your favorite characters. I know you’ll be happy to read about them. As for those unfamiliar to them, I recommend starting with The Ryria Revelations and then using this series to satisfy you yearning for more Royce and Hadrian.”

Bookworm Dreams

“A whirlwind of twists, earth-shattering surprises and deadly betrayal.”

Literary Magic

“Mr. Sullivan continues to impress. In Royce and Hadrian he has created some of the best characters the genre has seen in some time, and in Avempartha he shows that he knows what to do with them. These books should be in every bookstore and I really hope that they are someday.”

Speculative Fiction Junkie


“Riyria fans will appreciate this look into their heroes’ history.”

—Publishers Weekly

“The Rose and the Thorn is another brilliant prequel, shedding lights on important events that really open up the wider world of these stories, and explain much of some of its most important characters…the two books make up an absolute killer-combination.”

Fantasy Book Review

““An excellent second act in the Riyria Chronicles. Michael J. Sullivan’s THE ROSE AND THE THORN manages to be even better than The Crown Tower, making this book, and the duology – one of my favourite reads of 2013.”

The Founding Fields

“I probably don’t need to say that readers who enjoyed previous Riyria books would enjoy this, but I just did. So far, all of Sullivan’s Riyria books have been very well paced, sword and sorcery style action with strong characters, making them fun and easy to read. I would recommend them to any fan of fantasy, new or veteran, young or old.”

Reading Realms
4.5/5 stars!

“[THE ROSE AND THE THORN is] packed with all of the things that made Sullivan such a powerhouse in the genre. There are banter and battle in equal measure, a touch of romance, sharply drawn characters, and the wonderful blend of nostalgic sword and sorcery that hearkens back to the books that led many thirty and forty-something readers to the genre in the first place.”

52 Book Review


“A fast-paced and entertaining continuation of the Riyria Chronicles, The Death of Dulgath continues to explore the Medieval world Michael J. Sullivan created in Theft of Swords with a rousing tale of assassins, murder, betrayal and intrigue.”

“The 32 Best Fantasy Books of 2015”


“This volume is a highly satisfying addition to the Riyria Chronicles that adds to the backstory of Hadrian and Royce.”

4.5/5 stars!

“Royce and Hadrian are very, very easily my two favorite characters in all of fantasy… [THE DISAPPEARANCE OF WINTER’S DAUGHTER] was just fantastic. This was a really great addition to the series.”

Super Star Drifter

“As a reader, it always amazes me to watch an author’s skill grow over time, and indeed Sullivan’s writing has become a lot more polished since the days of the Riyria Revelations…It is truly impressive how Hadrian and Royce’s adventures have stayed so fresh and utterly captivating even after all these years and so many novels.”

The BiblioSanctum
4.5/5 stars!

“Fans will rejoice in Tim Gerard Reynolds’s return to narrate the latest adult fantasy featuring professional thieves Hadrian and Royce. The pairing of Reynolds’s narration with Sullivan’s multilayered storytelling is outstanding. Reynolds’s sense of the heroes’ personalities makes the bantering dialogue a joy to hear and enhances the tale’s humor and emotional depths.”

Winner of the 2017 AudioFile Earphones Award!

Nothing in this particular novel shows signs of Michael slowing down when it comes to the Riyria duo. From prose to pacing to interesting plot ideas, a fantastic cast of side characters and the ever-expected witty dialogue and squabbling between the two friends, THE DISAPPEARANCE OF WINTER’S DAUGHTER feels once more like coming home. Or, to put it differently, like inviting two old friends back into your home, having waffles for breakfast and having awkward conversations about unicorns and polka dots. In yet other words, I loved it.”

Reading Lamp


Legends of the First Empire


“Sullivan’s world is richly detailed.”


“Sullivan brings his masterful world-building and agile imagination to bear on a host of interesting characters and a story that feels new and vibrant.”

B&N Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“Sullivan’s stunning hardcover debut, Age of Myth, inaugurates an original five-book series – and one of fantasy’s finest next-generation storytellers continues to break new ground.”

Rising Shadow

If you enjoy epic fantasy, and are perhaps hungering for something with timeless appeal, then I highly recommend picking up Age of Myth. Newcomers to Michael J. Sullivan’s work will find this to be a perfect place to jump on board, and if you’re already a fan, there’s absolutely no excuse—you must read this book!”

The BiblioSanctum

“The world-building is exemplary; the characters are as diverse as any group of people can produce–the good, the foolish, the arrogant, the brave, the corrupt, the vicious, the honorable.  The plot is exciting and full of energy.  I loved it.”

Book Garden

“I was delighted to find that by the end, I was rather taken with these brand new characters.”

Powder & Page

“The plot moves along rather quickly, and keeps you glued to the pages.  It hit a moment fairly early one where it was legitimately hard for me to put it down every night.”


“The Age of Myth is a fast moving book with lots of action and adventure. It is a fun read, not too deep, but entertaining. I think this novel is stronger than his Riyria books with deeper characterization. Fans of Dave Duncan or Brent Weeks will enjoy the book.”


“Age of Myth is an entertaining traditional fantasy action adventure epic with a few twists.”

SFFWorld (N. E. White)

“Fans of Mr. Sullivan’s previous works should enjoy this peek into the far past of his popular secondary world.”

SFFWorld (Rob H. Bedford)

“With such a strong start to a five book series, this is rising to the top of my watch list as one of the best new series around.”

The Quill to Live

“This is a big entertainment with alliances, betrayals, magic and fighting, all set against some great scenery…AGE OF MYTH delivers.”

Fantasy Literature

“The Age of Myth introduces us to the conflicts and major characters of what promises to be another superb fantasy series from Michael J. Sullivan.”

Susan Coventry,
author of The Queen’s Daughter


“The unusual technological level and prevalence of thoughtful women as leading characters set this apart from other fantasies.”

Publishers Weekly

“This novel has a refreshing, if somewhat dated, feminist ethos: ‘a handful of women and a few young girls’ emerge as the newfound font of cultural strength in a changing society and are the heroes.”


“AGE OF SWORDS is compelling reading. Several characters develop in intriguing ways, rising to the occasion when trouble comes. … It left me ― and, I think it’s safe to predict, will leave most readers ― anxious for Age of War, the next novel in this series.”

Fantasy Literature

“Age of Swords is light, fun epic fantasy with strong, likable characters. Even minor characters have strong personalities … It is worth noting that most of the main human characters in the book are female.”


“There’s lots to like about AGE OF SWORDS and I found the book enjoyable overall. … I’m looking forward to see how this series will unfold, and will be picking up the next book without hesitation.”


“I loved this new thrilling, unputdownable audiobook and can’t wait for the 3rd installment into the Legends of the First Empire series.”

The Audiobook Blog

“This sequel is a powerful, emotional tale that truly makes you feel like you’re going on an adventure with unforgettable characters. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a fantasy epic with strong, unconventional female characters, THIS is the book you’ve been waiting for.”

Amy Braun,
author of Obsidian Sky


“In this powerful third book (after Age of Swords) of a projected six-book series, Sullivan continues providing excellent worldbuilding and character development…Sullivan’s fans will be delighted.”

Publishers Weekly

“The tears are still in my eyes when I think of this book. Dang you, Michael J. Sullivan, dang you. AGE OF WAR encompasses all the emotions one would feel during a war.  Not everyone makes it through battles and some sacrifices are as beautiful as they are heartbreaking.”

Books of My Heart

“One of the things Sullivan has done wonderfully on the series so far is continually building up the world and exploring its history/customs without feeling forced or overwhelming. That continues to be the case with AGE OF WAR…”


“These books are ‘high fantasy’ in the truest sense of the phrase: creative, adventurous and exciting, written with dry wit and expansive humor. If you enjoy all those things, as well as characters that you will truly miss once you’re finished reading, then you will love not only The Legends Of The First Empire but all of Michael J. Sullivan’s wonderful series.”

Aspen Daily News

Age of War moves the overall story arc of the LEGENDS OF THE FIRST EMPIRE along well. Characters have difficult, even heart-wrenching choices to make. Long-held secrets and plans are revealed. Twists are turned…”

Fantasy Literature


“Fans of the earlier works will want to continue to follow the stories of Sullivan’s very human characters.”

Publishers Weekly



Recipient of the 2013 Fantasy Community Achievement Stabby Award for best overall contributor
One of io9‘s “Most Successful Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors”
Spent more than a year on Amazon’s 100 Bestselling Fantasy Author’s list
A featured author on‘s “The Books that Changed my Life”
Featured in Huffington Post‘s “Bestseller Self-published Success Stories”
A 2014 Wattpad Featured Author
One of EMG‘s “25 Self-published Authors to Watch”
One of Bookworm Blues’ “Authors to Pay Attention to” in 2013
One of Fantasy Book Critic‘s “Authors to Watch” in 2013


Note: The list of foreign deals may be incomplete at this time.


  • Entire series – #2 on Confessions of an Avid Reader’s “My Top 12 Books of 2012” list
  • Entire series – A “Top 10 of my 2009 Favorite Readings” pick by Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews
  • Book #1 – A 2013 Audie Award Finalist!
  • Book #1 – A 2009 National Indie Book Award Finalist!
  • Book #1 – A 2008 ReaderViews Annual Literary Award Finalist
  • Books #1-3 – Picked as one of “The 51 Best Fantasy Series Ever Written” by Buzzfeed!
  • Book #1 – A Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Finalist
  • Book #1 – The featured “Fantasy / Sci-Fi Debut for September 2011” by Library Journal
  • Book #1 – A 2011 “Best Books for Fantasy / Sci-Fi” pick by Library Journal
  • Book #1 – A “5-star The Best of Everything” pick by Audible
  • Book #1 – A “Best of 2012 Editor’s Pick” selection by Audible
  • Book #1 – A “5-star Sci-Fi & Fantasy” pick by Audible
  • Book #1 – A “Best Fantasy Release” by Barnes & Noble Blog
  • Book #1 – A “Favorite Novels” pick by A Dribble of Ink
  • Book #1 – A “Most Anticipated Reads for November 2011” pick by Civilian Reader
  • Book #1 – A “Noteworthy Fantasy Debuts” pick by Black Gate
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  • Book #1 – A “Best of the Best” pick by Shadowhawk Shade
  • Book #1 – #2 on Only the Best Science Fiction & Fantasy’s “Top 10” list
  • Book #1 – A “Favourite” on Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review
  • Book #1 – A “Best of Fantasy” pick by The Grim Dark Review
  • Book #1 – A “Top Ten Underrated Books” by The Lost Entwife
  • Book #1 – #7 on Mathias Cavanaugh’s “Top 10 Books” list
  • Book #1 – A “Top 3 Favorite Reads” pick by WordTipping
  • Book #1 – An Honorable Mention on BattleHymn‘s “Books of the Year” list
  • Book #1 – A “Favorite Listens” pick by Audio Bookaneer
  • Book #1 – The “Best Epic Fantasy” pick by Drying Ink
  • Book #2 – A Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Fantasy!
  • Book #2 – A Foreword Magazine Book of the Year finalist
  • Book #2 – #1 on Fantasy Book Critics list of Best Indie Fantasy
  • Book #2 – A “Top 25 Novels” pick by Fantasy Book Critic
  • Book #2 – A “6 Most Anticipated Reads for December 2011” pick by Civilian Reader
  • Book #2 – #8 on Timothy C. Ward’s “Top 10 Reads” list
  • Book #2 – #3 on Mathias Cavanaugh’s “Top 10 Books” list
  • Book #3 – A Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Fantasy!
  • Book #3 – An August 2012 Customer Favorite on
  • Book #3 – #1 on Fantasy Book Critic’s list of best Indie Fantasy
  • Book #3 – A “Top 25 Novels” pick by Fantasy Book Critic
  • Book #3 – #4 on Bookworm Blues Top 10 list
  • Book #3 – A “Books I want to Read” pick by Staffer’s Review
  • Book #3 – A “6 Most Anticipated Reads” pick by Civilian Reader
  • Book #3 – A “Top 10 Favorite Books” pick by SFF World
  • Book #3 – A “Best Books” pick by The Founding Fields
  • Book #3 – #4 on Mathias Cavanaugh’s “Top 10 Books” list
  • Book #3 – winner of Shadowhawk Shade’s Reading Award for February
  • Book #3 – A “Best of the Best” pick by Shadowhawk Shade
  • Book #3 – A “Best ovels of the First Half of 2012” pick by Bane of Kings
  • Book #3 – A “Books I’m Looking Forward To” pick by Only the Best Sci-Fi / Fantasy
  • Brazilian rights (#1-2, omnibus editions) to Editora Record
  • Bulgarian rights (#1-6) to MBG Books***
  • Czech rights (#1-6) to Argo
  • French rights (#1-6) to Bragelonne
  • German rights (#1-6) to Klett-Cotta
  • Georgian rights (#1-3, omnibus edition) to Palitra L
  • German Audio (#1-6) to Horverlag
  • Hungarian rights (#1-6) to Fumax
  • Italian rights (#1-3, omnibus edition) to Armenia
  • Japanese rights (#1-2) to Hayakawa
  • Dutch rights (#1-6) to Luitingh-Sijthoff
  • Polish Rights (#1-6) to Proszynski
  • Portuguese rights (#1-4) to Editora Record
  • Russian rights (#1-3) to AST
  • Spanish rights (#1-6) to Timun Mas / Scyla Editores
  • Turkish rights (#1-3, omnibus editions) to Beyaz Balina

1. THE CROWN TOWER (Orbit, 2013)
2. THE ROSE AND THE THORN (Orbit, 2013)
3. THE DEATH OF DULGATH (Orbit, 2015)

  • Book #1 – A 2013 Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Fantasy!
  • Book #1 – An August 2013 Customer Favorite on
  • Book #1 – A “Best of Everything” pick by Audible
  • Book #1 – A “5-Star Listens for Fantasy” pick by Audible
  • Book #1 – One of Fantasy Faction‘s “Top 10 Anticipated Books for 2013”
  • Book #1 – One of Best Fantasy Book‘s “Most Anticipated Fantasy Books for 2013”
  • Book #1 – A “Six (non-hped) Most Anticipated Books” pick by Fantasy Book Review
  • Book #1 – A “Most Anticipated Reads of 2013” pick by Beauty in Ruins
  • Book #1 – One of Ranting Dragon‘s “50 Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels to Look Forward to in 2013”
  • Book #1 – Winner of the Reading Award for August by Shadowhawk Shade
  • Book #1 – A “Top 6 Fantasy Reads” pick by Shadowhawk Shade
  • Book #1 – One of Shadowhawk’s Shade’s “Most Anticipated Releases”
  • Book #1 – A “Top 10 Books” pick by Confessions of an Avid Reader
  • Book #1 – A “Waiting on Wednesday” anticipated release pick by Draumr Kopa
  • Book #2 – A September 2013 Customer Favorite on!
  • Book #2 – A “Top 25 Fantasy Books” pick by Fantasy Faction
  • Book #2 – Chosen for Audiofile Magazine‘s Best Books List
  • Book #2 – Winner of the 2014 Earphone Award
  • Book #2 – A “Top 25 Books” pick by The Founding Fields
  • Book #2 – A “Top 10 Books” pick by Confessions of an Avid Reader
  • Book #3 — A “32 Best Fantasy Books of 2015” pick by Buzzfeed
  • Book #3 — A “Best Fantasy Books of 2015” pick by Fantasy Faction
  • Book #4 — Winner of the 2017 AudioFile Earphones Award!
  • German rights (#1-4) to Klett-Cotta
  • Hungarian rights (#1-2) to Fumax
  • Polish rights (#1-4) to MAG
  • Polish audio rights (#1-4) to Storytel
  • Russian rights (#1-4) to AST
  • Turkish rights (#1-3) to Beyaz Balina

HOLLOW WORLD (Tachyon, 2014)