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Tracy Townsend

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The Nine (Pyr, 2017)
The Fall (Pyr, 2019)


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“Townsend’s intriguing debut of nearly flawless writing follows an extremely flawed creation… The most appealing characters are those who willingly travel to the scariest places, and all hopes are nerve-rackingly pinned on them.”

Publishers Weekly

“Tracy Townsend has written a dazzling debut which positively crackles with imagination and enigmatic charm.”

The Bibliosanctum

“This story leaves all the normal story elements behind to give the reader a fresh look at a new world and story.”

Crossroad Reviews

“I could write for days about how much THE NINE drew me in and twisted me up with not just its richness and complexity, but its intensity and heart, too. I honestly can’t remember a debut novel as brilliant as this one, and the fact that it’s the start of a new series has me energized with not just its richness and complexity, but its intensity and heart, too.”

Blackgate Magazine

“A tense, fast-moving, and twisty caper, with divided loyalties, creepy monsters, and grand mysteries. More, please!”

—Max Gladstone,
author of the Hugo Award-nominated Craft Sequence series

“George R.R. Martin and China Miéville have nothing on this audacious, intricate world-building, gritty politics, and compelling characters in this excellent debut.”

—Sam J. Miller,
Nebula Award-nominated author of The Art of Starving


“Fans of genre-bending science fiction will want to take another journey to Townsend’s clockwork realms.”

Publishers Weekly

“[THE FALL] has a great blend of topics and characters and one killer story.”

Crossroad Reviews

“[THE FALL is] gorgeously written, unique and clever.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“THE FALL builds upon the first book and delivers an excellent next installment in the adventures of the Grand Experiment.”

Primm Life

“Townsend weaves an intricate tapestry of human motivations, nonhuman races, world-shattering conspiracies and simple awe. The scope of her worldbuilding leaves me breathless.”

—Lawrence M. Schoen,
author of The Moons of Barsk

“A richly imagined and complex world, full of political machination and philosophical magic, as intricate and beautifully wrought as a pocket watch. A remarkable book.”

—Cat Rambo,
author of The Tabat Quartet


Thieves of Fate