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Alison Wilgus

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Flying Machines: How the Wright Brothers Soared (First Second, 2017) | Biblio & Rights Info
Chronin Vol. 1: The Knife at Your Back
(Tor, 2019) | Biblio & Rights Info
Chronin Vol. 2: The Sword in Your Hand
(Tor, 2019) | Biblio & Rights Info
The Mars Challenge (under contract to First Second)


For FLYING MACHINES: HOW THE WRIGHT BROTHERS SOARED, written by Alison Wilgus & illustrated by Molly Brooks 

“Not only does it make the mechanical and technical details about flight interesting to the non-scientifically minded (which would be me), it shows the Wright siblings as interesting characters in the competitive drama of early aviation on both sides of the Atlantic. Highly recommended not just to science-minded kids, but to any curious young readers who enjoy graphic novels.”

B&N Kids Blog

“An accessible and engaging introduction to the Wright brothers and how they ushered in the age of flight.”


“Two accomplished cartoonists offer a fresh take on the story of the Wright brothers.”

School Library Journal

“I was charmed from the beginning, with the choice to have the story narrated by Katharine Wright, sister of the famous airplane inventors the Wright Brothers.”

Comics Worth Reading


Flying Machines: How the Wright Brothers Soared by Alison Wilgus, is told in the delightful voice of Katherine Wright, the younger sister of the famous brothers…Although I know the basic story of the Wright brothers, reading this graphic novel filled in all the gaps of the evolution of our modern-day jets. ”

Geek Mom

“Together, art and story in Flying Machines: How the Wright Brothers Soared, combine to create quite the educational experience.”

Open Book Society

“I felt that the artwork was vibrant and expressive, and it revels in depicting the various flying machines of the day. The story humanizes the achievements of some grand historical figures and also puts their work into historical context.”

Graphic Novel Resources

“There’s an incredible amount of detail in this volume- aviation enthusiasts will love it…Providing readers with a look into history and aviation technology, Science Comics: Flying Machines is a solid add to STEM collections and reinforces the fact that comic books DO belong in the classroom.”

Mom Read It

“I can really see these books being useful for science teachers or homeschool parents to build lesson plans (especially with the bibliography, glossary, and notes inclusions at the end of the texts), or as wonderful gifts for curious scientifically-minded young readers to learn independently, because of the lively dialogue and colorful illustrations. But, even as someone who isn’t particularly interested in flight, and who read the book as an adult, the strong partnership of Wilgus’ writing and Brooks’ illustrations kept me hooked until the very last page. Highly recommended!”

Limited Niche Species

For Chronin Vol. 1 The Knife at Your Back

“Clever dialogue and detailed black-and-white images create an intense and moving story with plenty of heart and a mystery readers will want to solve.”

Publishers Weekly

“Wilgus’ dialogue is fresh and snappy, the story moves with purpose, the characters are deeply conflicted, and there were far more surprises than I anticipated. I definitely want to see how it all comes together in VOL 2: THE SWORD IN YOUR HAND.”

Fantasy Literature

“The story has a truly fascinating premise and plumbs impressive depths, particularly in Kuji and Mirai’s arguments over rebel factions during the period, which raises thoughtful questions about how ideology influences how we view history as well as the dangers of romanticizing rebellion. Deepening mysteries about Mirai and Kuji’s time travel program make for a compelling cliffhanger ending to this genre-blending series starter.”


“Wilgus’ artistic restraint isn’t just visually pleasing — it’s also humble. It seems to say that this Westerner isn’t trying to cannibalize or exoticize Japanese culture, but only to offer a few new angles on its well-established forms. The book’s spare lines, unassuming story and uncomplicated-yet-likable characters aren’t just self-effacing: They’re also classic. Chronin seems timeless in more ways than one — but then, cleverness often does.”


“[CHRONIN] is many things: an adventure story, a sci-fi yarn, a romance, a survey of history and social change, a study of entitlement, and a meditation on finding one’s place in the world… it’s magical.”

Book Riot

“Wilgus executes the story in a skillful Manga art style and energy in unfolding the drama that works well together in presenting the headier themes, prefacing what is no doubt going to be an exciting Volume 2.”

Comics Beat

“CHRONIN is a tense, entertaining time travel caper, charmingly drawn and filled with endearing, complicated characters that you can’t help rooting for.”

—Faith Erin Hicks,
Eisner-Award winning author of The Adventures of Superhero Girl and The Nameless City trilogy

“A fascinating, intricate story, and Alison’s love for the period is evident in every scene.”

— Tony Cliff,
author of Delilah Dirk series

“CHRONIN delivers a solid story that touches on the importance of identity and history, and how they go hand in hand. With its lush historical setting and an ear for sharp dialogue, Alison Wilgus’s first solo outing shows the promise of a fresh voice to comics.”

—Ethan Young,
Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated author of Nanjing: The Burning City

“CHRONIN is an elegantly rendered, insightfully layered time-travel adventure that creatively explores the complex tensions around identity, power, and constructions of history. This technically adept graphic novel showcases the power of the comics medium and gives us the gift of a wonderfully dangerous world that is filled with so many amazing possibilities!”

—John Jennings,
author of New York Times bestselling Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation


For Chronin Vol. 2 The Sword in Your Hand

“A heartfelt story about the wonder of finding a community that sees you as you see yourself even when you’re very, very far from home.”

—Carey Pietsch,
artist and co-adapter of The Adventure Zone graphic novels

“Wilgus’ character dynamics strengthen and deepen in this second volume… I enjoyed every page of the Chronin duology.”

Fantasy Literature

“CHRONIN is a beautiful story with fantastic action, wonderfully drawn characters, social commentary, history lessons, and a whole lot of feels.”

The Roarbots


Flying Machines


  1. Chronin Vol. 1

  2. Chronin Vol. 2

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The Mars Challenge

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