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Standalone Novels
Ambassador of Progress (Tor, 1984) | Biblio & Rights Info
Knight Moves (Tor, 1985) | Biblio & Rights Info
Angel Station (Tor, 1989) | Biblio & Rights Info
Elegy for Angels and Dogs (Tor, 1990) | Biblio & Rights Info
Days of Atonement (Tor, 1991) | Biblio & Rights Info
Aristoi (Tor, 1992) | Biblio & Rights Info
The Rift (HarperCollins, 1999) | Biblio & Rights Info
Implied Spaces (Night Shade Books, 2008) | Biblio & Rights Info
Wall, Stone, Craft  (Axolotl, 1993) | Biblio & Rights Info

Hardwired | Biblio & Rights Info
Hardwired (Tor, 1986)
Solip:System (#1.5, Axolotl Press, 1989)
Voice of the Whirlwind (Tor, 1987)

Quillifer | Biblio & Rights Info
Quillifer (Saga Press, 2017)
Quillifer the Knight (Saga Press, 2019)
Lord Quillifer (under contract to Saga Press)

Dagmar Shaw Series | Biblio & Rights Info
This is Not a Game (Orbit, 2009)
Deep State (Orbit, 2011)
The Fourth Wall (Orbit, 2012)

Dread Empire’s Fall Series | Biblio & Rights Info
The Praxis (Earthlight, UK, 2002)
The Sundering (Earthlight, UK, 2002)
Conventions of War (HarperCollins, 2005)
Investments (#3.5, Amazon Digital, 2012)
The Accidental War (Harper Voyager, 2018)
Untitled #5 (under contract to Harper Voyager)
Untitled #6 (under contract to Harper Voyager)

Metropolitan Series | Biblio & Rights Info
Metropolitan (HarperCollins, 1995)
City on Fire (HarperCollins, 1997)

Maijstral Series | Biblio & Rights Info
The Crown Jewels (Tor, 1987)
House of Shards (Tor, 1988)
Rock of Ages (Tor, 1995)
Ten Points for Style (Omibus of #1-3) (Doubleday, 1995)

Facets (Tor, 1990)
Frankensteins and Foreign Devils (Nefsa Press, 2000)
The Green Leopard Plague and Other Stories (Night Shade Books, 2010) | Biblio & Rights Info

Historical Novels
To Glory Arise (Published by Dell as The Privateer, 1981)
The Tern Schooner
(Published by Dell as The Yankee, 1981)
Brig of War (Published by Dell as The Raider, 1981)
The Macedonian (Dell, 1984)
Cat Island (Dell, 1984)

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order
Destiny’s Way (#14) (Del Rey, 2002) | Biblio & Rights Info




“More than either Zelazny or Gibson, [Williams] is a master of the intricate yet fast-paced plot–the essence of thrillers and novels of political intrigue.”


“Williams’s writing is always lean, lively, and engaging…[He] understands that science fiction can breathe life into language.”

—New York Times Book Review

“Williams is a skillfully literate addition to the stylish new generation of science fiction writers…His fictive universe is grounded in the real possibilities of today.”

—Chicago Tribune

“[A] first-rate writer.”

—Washington Post Book World

“One of science fiction’s most celebrated names.”

—St. Petersburg Times

“Remarkably versatile…[a] contender for major stardom.”

—Washington Post Book World

“With each novel, he tries something completely different.”

—The Seattle Times

For Quillifer


“In this sprawling, lively episodic adventure, Williams (Angel Station) returns to his swashbuckling historical fantasy roots while exploring new territory.”

Publishers Weekly

“This is a light, but not lightweight fantasy adventure told in an irresistible narrative voice, inhabiting a world you’ll want to spend as much time in as possible.”

B&N SciFi & Fantasy Blog

“Williams, known for a long catalogue of Nebula Award-nominated science fiction, dives headlong into epic fantasy with high-spirited gusto. He renders each scene of court life in Selford with ever-increasing visual detail, giving each castle and royal courtier their own decadently fashioned identity. The colorful friends and enemies Quillifer meets along his way enter and leave his life like guests at a party rather than tools in a save-the-world quest. And at the center of it all is Williams’ wonderful protagonist—a flawed man, learning to live with his faults in a world destined to reinforce them.”


“Williams’ deft hand with historical adventure shows in this fantasy novel, the first in a series featuring the title character, an engaging rogue with a talent for getting into trouble. The fantasy is restrained (aside from one goddess), making this ‘for the most part a thoroughly en­joyable series of historical adventures in a faux-Europe that is as meticulous in its details as it is vague in time and place.'”

New & Notable Books, November 2017

“Walter Jon Williams is one of those genre writers whose talents and ambitions are too large to be contained by any single mode of fantastika. He’s done space opera and near-future thrillers, high fantasy and steampunk, dystopias and cyberpunk. One never knows exactly what mode he will next attempt and conquer. His latest book does not fail to carry out this hopscotch pattern of literary jackdawism, nor does it fail to roundly entertain and amaze. In QUILLIFER, Williams has presented us with a picaresque novel in the grand tradition of Fielding’s Tom Jones, big as life and three times as amazing and affecting.”


 “[T]he moment QUILLIFER arrived, I knew it was the most significant release of the current crop, by a pretty good margin.”

Black Gate

“For all of you who need some great fantasty to read while you’re waiting for The Winds of Winter… try QUILLIFER by Walter Jon Williams. WJW is always fun, but this may be his best yet, a delight from start to finish, witty, colorful, exciting and amusing by turns, exquisitely written. There’s a dash of Cugel and a dollop of Flashman in Quillifer, son of Quillifer, but this butcher’s boy remains uniquely his own man. I loved meeting him and look forward to seeing him again. Fortunately, Walter tells me that the next book, QUILLIFER THE KNIGHT, is already complete and in the pipeline.”

George R. R. Martin

“[Quillifer is] character that we’d be happy to meet him again in subsequent volumes.”

Locus (Gary K. Wolfe)

“a lively swashbuckling adventure”

Locus Recommended Reading


“Lively adventure, court politics, and clandestine romance combine in the exquisitely detailed…follow up to 2018’s Quillifer.”

Publishers Weekly

“Throughout Williams’ episodic…plot, Quillifer himself emerges as the chief change agent of his world… Williams knows exactly what to do with Quillifer, and it’s hugely entertaining.”


For Dread Empire’s Fall

“Walter Jon Williams is a terrific writer, and whatever he does, he does very well…If you like military SF you’ll like it. And if you don’t like military SF you might well like it anyway because it’s funny and clever…For out and out space opera fun you can’t beat this series. They’re just fun.”

“Space opera isn’t dead…Williams weaves the battle scenes, the bureaucratic lunacy, and the emotions of the characters together into a fascinating story.”

Santa Fe New Mexican

“Williams is perhaps one of the best writers out there at making strong, capable and intelligent female leads…There is a bit of something for anyone in this series – space battles, romance, social commentary, adventure, even a touch of a murder-mystery in the third book (“What would Dr. An-ku do?”), and of course, Williams’ dry humor. I enjoyed this series very much. Big thumb’s up.”

The Templeton Gate


“Absorbing and entertaining, with some effective hard science and an edge of relationship-based humour that Jane Austen would have appreciated, it;s a careful opening but one that gives little sign of any promised intergalactic conflict…It’s to Williams’ credit that this strategy pays off magnificently, the plot accelerates into a breathless, unpredictable, effortlessly charming adventure that grips like a vice and isn’t afraid to throw some surprising comedy into the mix. One of the most shamelessly entertaining SF epics in recent memory, this is an impressive start to what promises to be a fearsomely inventive space opera.”


“What sets THE PRAXIS apart from its more conventional kin in the New Space Opera or military SF clans, though, is the adroitness with which it integrates battles and disasters and species-wide politicking with the intimate, the personal, and the social. A writer who can make a formal reception, a dinner party, or a staff meeting as gripping as a fleet action is a rarity and a treasure, and that is what we have in Williams.”


“This is a blend of military SF and political thriller and it harkens back to the old days of grand space opera, delivering the best of both worlds–an old fashioned story with strong literary qualities.”

—San Francisco Chronicle

 “This is a very good space opera, with an intelligently complex multi-species empire, and an interestingly diverse set of characters trying to preserve that empire from destruction….There’s both great action and good character development here…Highly recommended.”

The New England Science Fiction Association

“This book is unabashed Space Opera, and I found it extremely fun reading.”


“Williams focuses on the basics of all good fiction; the characters and the story arc. He absolutely excels at delivering both, and the result is a rip-roaring good-time reading experience.”

Agony Column

“Williams builds believable, sympathetic characters and action and danger is interspersed with soap opera while he makes his preparations for the full-on space opera that is to come. When it does, it is excellent…The writing is excellent throughout, the build up is interesting and the characters are well rounded…THE PRAXIS is an entertaining read and a promising beginning.”

The Zone

“This a hugely fun ride. It has empires crashing, cival wars aliens, humans, scheming plans, plucky young heroes and villains fighting space battles in huge starships–what more can you ask for? Similarities to historical empires–notably the Roman and the British–enhance the pleasure of this enjoyable space romp. Anyone who enjoys space opera will find this an enjoyable read and fans of Feintuch’s Hope series, Hornblower or Patrick O’Brien will love the Fleet aspects and starship battles.”

The Alien Online

“THE PRAXIS is a promising start to the Dread Empire’s Fall trilogy. The characters, political situations and society were all fascinating.”

Fantasy Book Cafe

“Walter Jon Williams is one of the best modern science fiction writers… [THE PRAXIS] is arguably his best novel in quite some time…So far as galactic empire, space operas go THE PRAXIS delivers something very solid and very different and is a novel I could only put down upon the direst of needs.”


“Walter Jon Williams creates an exciting SF adventure that will remind readers of classic space opera. Williams balances political maneuvers with military maneuvers, develops the beginnings of a romance between the two lead characters, and provides enough science to satisfy hard-core SF readers.”

Books for a Buck


“A spectacular far-future space opera.”


“The book is very exciting, with some first rate space action, and some ground-based action as well….This series is great fun to read, one of the most entertaining space operas in many years.”

SF Site

“A great read.”

—The Times of London

“The plot is a well-balanced mix of political maneuvering, exciting combat sequences, and romantic entanglements…It’s refreshing to read well-plotted space battles that pay attention to the laws of physics. The main characters are compelling and definitely have their share of flaws as well as virtues.”

Books for a Buck

 “Interstellar adventure has a new king, and his name is Walter Jon Williams.”

—George R. R. Martin,
#1 New York Times bestselling author of A Game of Thrones


“Williams brings the whole long story to a conclusion that is sweet, sour, satisfying, and not without a taste of irony.”


“Space opera the way it ought to be: fast-paced, colorful, inventive, epic in scale, chock full of intrigue, derring-do, balls and battles, secrets and revelations, heroism and heartbreak, deft plot twists and poignant human moments.”

—George R.R. Martin,
#1 New York Times bestselling author of A Game of Thrones


“Walter Jon Williams is one of my favorite writers in the genre, with great ideas, worldbuilding, characters, and always a captivating story.”

—Kevin J. Anderson,
New York Times bestselling author of The Saga of Seven Suns

“Williams is one of the field’s greats. He shows it in this novel as well as everything he writes. I expect I will have to find time to go back and read some of the other Praxis stories.”


The Accidental War is the start of some­thing more, an unpacking of the givens of its setting and an exploration of the intersecting trajectories of its characters’ lives…This world is capacious enough and its people complex enough to carry on indefinitely.”


For The Dagmar Shaw Series


“Williams weaves intriguing questions about games, gamers and their relationships with real life into this well-paced near-future thriller…it’s convincingly written; the characters are realistic and absorbing, and the story deeply compelling.”

—Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“Walter Jon Williams begins with a knowing and sympathetic grasp of gamer culture, and proceeds through schemes and stratagems with a good deal of gamesmanship himself. THIS IS NOT A GAME is a tale every bit as engaging as one of the intrigues its characters might have dreamed up.”

—BookPage (Jedediah Berry)

“THIS IS NOT A GAME succeeds not only as a suspense novel, but as an incisive portrait of a subculture for whom reality is increasingly contingent, and increasingly mediated.”


“Williams’ dialogue is razor-sharp, his plotting breakneck, his eye for trends keen and his empathy with his characters deep. He allots equal time to the emotional development of Dagmar and the book’s conceptual brain candy. She emerges from this tale changed, but with her core values reinforced. A reluctant hero for our era, she proves that with and geekdom trump brute force and greed.”

Sci-Fi Wire

“In THIS IS NOT A GAME Walter Jon Williams provides an intricately-plotted and action-filled game-within-a-game story which is hard to put down. It’s also refreshingly to have a female protagonist who is neither a bubblehead nor a Buffy wannabe, but simply an intelligent and believable person who reacts to danger in a realistic way. “

—Green Man Review

 “THIS IS NOT A GAME is a technothriller with the distinction of being written with a respect for the reader’s intelligence.”

Strange Horizons

“Masterfully written and executed, scarily relevant, and massively entertaining, THIS IS NOT A GAME is a gem of a novel and should be on everyone’s reading list.”

Fantasy Book Critic

“If you enjoy a good (techno) thriller this book is as good as it gets…thought THIS IS NOT A GAME was a very entertaining read.”

Book Spot Central

“This book is expertly written, with just the right mix of fast-paced action, careful plotting and the dash of humour that Williams is well-known for. The characters are well-formed and believable, and Walter does a good job of providing just enough information to set your imagination alight without over-cooking it. In fact, I’m incredibly hard-pushed to find anything negative about the book at all…It’s a superb book, and is well worth reading.”

Concept Sci-Fi

“THIS IS NOT A GAME is great geeky fun…I enjoyed how everything tied together in the end, the exciting plot, and Dagmar’s character.”

Fantasy Book Cafe

“THIS IS NOT A GAME is a wonderful exploration of current merging of online and offline worlds. It’s a thriller/crime tale that made this reader slightly paranoid. The events don’t need that much of a stretch the imagination…I don’t really have any criticism. I love the small touches like the chapter titles, the way that email and forum entries are seamlessly inserted into the narrative and how scarily Williams blurs the lines so easily…Highly Recommended.”

Gav Reads

“There are some really enjoyable touches of humour – Williams’ has great fun with his gamers and their responses to the unfolding drama – which both manages to give some welcome relief to the gritted tension elsewhere, yet also highlight the gravity of the underlying situation. It’s a neat trick to pull off.”


“This is a novel that’s truly of the internet age; most of the behind-the-scenes action happening in the pages would have been inconceivable only a decade ago. However, that doesn’t mean that readers have to be familiar with the tech to appreciate the story. THIS IS NOT A GAME is at its heart a good suspense novel, a technothriller for the Facebook generation that will keep readers engaged until its final pages. Highly recommended.”

Enter the Octopus



“DEEP STATE is a smart, absorbing trip through some maybe-not-so-imaginary back alleys and secret rooms in the company of a protagonist who is smart enough to know that it’s not very smart to mess with Big Brother, even with Uncle Sam, a Scottish rock-star/actor, and the spirit of Atatürk in your corner.”


“Both prescient and utterly of the moment, featuring an ingeniously concocted and elaborated plot and a compelling cast of characters, DEEP STATE is a success on every level…Like his doughty heroine, Williams is absolutely at the top of his game here.”

—Locus (Paul Witcover)

“An entertaining slice of near-future action…certainly worth reading – and is far more than a placeholder that second volumes all too frequently end up being.”


“The story is well-paced. The opening, with the James Bond game, is as exciting as it should be….DEEP STATE is immensely enjoyable.”

Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus


“Williams and Dagmar fans will rejoice, and it should attract the near-futurists and techno-thriller crowd as well.”


“This is an absolute joy. This is the book where Williams really hits his stride…one of the best books I’ve read in 2012.”


“It’s a fast read, it’s a well-structured and pacey read, and it’s a lot of fun.”

Australian Speculative Fiction in Focus



For the Hardwired Series


“A combination of fast action, gritty realism, and high-tech polytechnics that is certain to be popular with Williams’ growing audience.”


“HARDWIRED is his best book to date…as the parallel plotlines of a hotshot contraband flyer and a sleek bodyguard/assassin develop and gradually intersect, the book takes on a life of its own.”


Fans of high-tech SF will enjoy Williams’s sizzling prose and fast-moving, taut story.”

Library Journal

“Fast-moving, hard-driving…stirring and heartening.”


Cowboy is no Rambo; he is a thoughtful, intelligent hero.  He and Sarah are two of the many good things about HARDWIRED. Another is the world they inhabit–an incredibly detailed future of personality transfers, bizarre drugs, cybernetic implants, and complex political and economic power maneuvers. Williams tells their story with a propulsive yet almost elegant prose. HARDWIRED is always on the move. Yet its greatest strengths are the mythic overtones of Cowboy’s story and the intricate power plays that that pervade the novel. For at its cold, brutal heart HARDWIRED is about power–and about what happens to enduring American myths when events conspire to render them obsolete. It is one of the best SF novels I have read in years; heartily recommend it.”

—Fantasy Review

“The story moves with the speed of a hovercraft, the climax has all the action and excitement of Star Wars and the ending has a delightful twist.”

—The Providence Sunday Journal

Williams’ use of language is as explosive and as techno-tinged as the world he describes. Reading the book is like taking a jet ride across a futuristic America, with the acceleration forcing you back in your seat all the way.”

The Rockland Courier-Gazette

“Williams has created a three-dimensional world, characters who develop believably, and a fast-moving story. Any writer who has done all this shows enough respect for his readers to deserve theirs in turn.”

—Chicago Sun-Times

“The story moves at a breakneck pace through a set of twists and twirls…But the real wonderfulness of HARDWIRED is the language…He plays with your mind, makes you work with him to create his world as he spews the mindscape with argot, slang, advert slogans with no explanation in sight. But even without the slang, the language pulls the reader willing or not into Williams’ vision. “

Other Realms

“I found this to be William’s most intense book to date, very compelling reading.”


“HARDWIRED seems shorter than it is because it keeps you sprinting for the full distance. Williams knows how to hold a fine pace while fleshing out characters we care about–including the weasel-wielding Sarah, whose kiss can be horrifyingly lethal. Intrigued? Good; just remember to set your inputs at a few million baud, because Walter Jon Williams is on a UHF band.”

—Dean Ing,
The New York Times bestselling author of The Ransom of Black Stealth One


“Resonances of Vietnam-era moral concerns make this deft updating of the postWorld War II genre of psychological thrillers about amnesiacs one of the best of its kind.”

—Publishers Weekly

Fast-moving, hard-driving, with a robust, well-handled plot, an unusual approach, and plenty of intriguing complications. All in all, a stirring and heartening performance.”


“[Williams] is a master of the intricate yet fast-paced plot–the essence of thrillers and novels of political intrigue.”


For the Metropolitan Series


“A potent atmosphere of urban dystopia…Williams’s great strengths, though, are his depiction of future society-in ‘the city that girdles the world,’ street vendors sell roasted pigeon-on-a-stick-and his understanding of the roots of political rebellion; here, he presents a solid case that rebellion arises not in response to large evils but to small slights. Ever the expert storyteller, Williams is also careful to provide more than enough suspense to maintain reader interest.”

—Publishers Weekly

“Although the author of Days of Atonement continues to explore new territory, his focus rests solidly on the creation of believable, sympathetic characters supported by a well-turned plot. Libraries should consider this a priority purchase.”

—Library Journal

“Williams’s striking new novel, METROPOLITAN, is one of those books of ambiguous generic identity; it could be an alternate-world tale or a future-supernatural-fantasy, or some mutant hybrid form with traits of both…The stronger appeal of the book is in how real and solid it makes its odd world, with its familiar-but-distanced social tensions, its constant recycling of its finite space, its Shield, and its strange metaphysics in which the material and something like the spiritual interpenetrate. And that melding of the domestic and the marvelous is, I think, what makes METROPOLITAN finally feel more like science fiction than fantasy: the solidity of the milieu in all of its social and operational details, its imagining of magical force as something as amenable to plumbing as to zapping.”

—Locus (Russell Letson)

“Williams knows he has dynamite stuff here…What he does offer – in addition to that stunning opening – is an eerily convincing portrait of a very odd and curiously low-tech future… The ancient, layered city of Jaspeer, with its abandoned tunnels, creepy streets, and vaulting skyscrapers, may show its cyperpunk origins, but it’s enough to make us want to see more of this world, and to wonder about its unresolved mysteries.”

—Locus (Gary K. Wolfe)

“[METROPOLITAN] is science fiction that can be read as fantasy. Whichever way you do it, it’s a fascinating book…Williams does a wonderful job of portraying Aiah and her world. The changes in Aiah’s understanding of her city and the changes in her relationships with her family, her lover, and Constantine make a complex and well-rounded story.”

The Denver Post

“Insightful and well-told story about the temptations of power.”

—Discover Magazine

“The most striking quality of METROPOLITAN is its sheer readability, due largely to pungent characterization and persuasive dialogue… [Aiah] is about as three-dimensional a character as you’ll find in modern science fiction… [Constantine] is Machiavelli’s Prince a thousand years from now.”

—Book World

“There’s a Jules Verne solidity to it, all girders and ductwork and massively clanking machineries, a Victorian feel of iron and stone and steam somehow, beautifully and cunningly rendered… not only a well-realized work but a hopeful landmark of sorts.”

—Norman Spinrad,
award-winning author of The Iron Dream


“Well-drawn, believable characters give emotional force to this fine novel, which walks the line between fantasy and science fiction. Ultimately, however, it is Williams’s complex world-city, more convincing than even Asimov’s in Foundation, and his endlessly inventive use of plasm that will hold readers’ fascinated attention. “

—Publishers Weekly

“[CITY ON FIRE] is that rarest of entertainments, a sequel that improves on a successful predecessor…By leaving  [questions] unanswered, the author invites the reader to get beyond the where and the how of the story to the even more interesting questions of who and why. Mr. Williams’s prose is distinguished by a no-nonsense confidence that perfectly matches Constantine’s unshakable faith in his own destiny and in his ability to resist the corruption that notoriously comes with power.”

The New York Times

“[The] metaphors are lovingly and consistenly literalized – and it is this consistency and rationality (not primarily the technological furniture) that give the books their science-fictional feel. Whatever you call it, though, CITY ON FIRE is a splendid, riveting novel in which the most powerful magic is that of a writer directing the twin streams of reason and intuition to produce a dream with the texture of reality.”

—Locus (Russell Letson)

“If [Metropolitan] is even half as good as the sequel, it must be wonderful…CITY ON FIRE is fully satisfying in its own right.”

—Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction

“CITY ON FIRE offers something for just about every kind of reader. It’s fantasy…Williams blends all the elements into a well-written, fast-paced book…All in all, CITY ON FIRE is even better than Williams’ other book, which was a finalist for the Nebula Award. Williams really gives the readers hours of entertainment with polished style, twisty plots, action and vivid characters.”

Louisville Courier-Journal


For the Maijstral Series


“A talented chameleon-like author, Williams has written superior science fiction ranging from cyberpunk to philosophical novels. Now he offers a light, roguish comedy of manners set in a stellar empire where style is so highly valued that thieves are allowed…A deft, charming entertainment that honorably recalls the classic of this genre.”

Publishers Weekly

“The Crown Jewels reveals the author’s flair for understated wit and delicate sarcasm. Known for his hard-biting cyberpunk novels, Williams deserves appreciation for his comedic fiction as well.”

—Library Journal

“Sophisticated science fiction comedy at its best.”

Fantasy Literature


 “A great romp and a good escapist read with a lot of staying power. Maijstral’s definitely turning into one of my favorite characters.”

Other Realms


“Literate farce is still a scarcity in science fiction. That’s why this third volume in the continuing series (after The Crown Jewels and House of Shards) about Majistral, the Number One-rated allowed burglar in the Human Constellation, is such an amusing find…The plot moves briskly from underwater palaces to holy Graceland (a marvelously silly land practically overflowing with Elvii of all species, genders and sizes), and the whirlwind pace helps keep the novel entertaining.”

—Publishers Weekly

“This is a tongue-in-cheek, fun science fiction novel full of action, romance, adventure and irony. There are aliens, strange gadgets to get you into and out of trouble dead people who aren’t dead, and more Elvis impersonators than in Las Vegas.”




For Standalone Novels


Rousing adventures involving an impressively vivid cast of characters: a plausible, sturdy, compelling doorstopper.”


“Part social commentary, part disaster novel, this near-future drama should appeal to fans of cataclysmic fiction. Highly recommended for general and sf collections.”

—Library Journal

“THE RIFT is an engrossing, thought-provoking book. Science fiction author Walter J. Williams has done his homework. THE RIFT made me dream earthquakes.”

—Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“A long and tasty read, easily his best work so far…The dangers are so well-crafted and described that this book will likely cause many readers to consider augmenting their supplies of candles and canned goods–and, certainly, their ammunition.”

—The Oregonian

“The tension level stays high, and the good, the bad and the indifferent characters keep our attention as much as does the ongoing, cinematic-scale destruction. It’d be a very good beach book, if you could put it down long enough to get into the water.”

—San Diego Union Tribune

 “This is the kind of novel that will appeal to readers of conventional thrillers as well as hi current fans. Despite the large cast of characters, the plot is tightly written and intricately interwoven. The disaster is plausible, the characters credible and the eventual conflict almost inevitable. This will certainly be counted among the major novels of 1999.”

—Luce Press Clippings

“Reading Walter J. Williams’ THE RIFT bought back that nostalgic feel of the larger-than-life ‘70s disaster movie, featuring an all-star cast, groundbreaking special effects, and Sensurround sound. I would categorize THE RIFT as an epic disaster thriller of the highest order…Irwin Allen has got nothing on Walter J. Williams. Read THE RIFT.”

—The High Seas



“[DAYS OF ATONEMENT] is a genre-busting blend of science fiction and police procedural that succeeds on every level…Williams is as much in command of his territory as Loren is of his. The scientific content and the world view that it engenders are essential to the story, making this true science fiction.”

—The New York Times

“A credible exploration of near-future community.”

—Publishers Weekly

“The complex yet logical puzzles, the small-town New Mexico ambiance, the gritty realism [is] Rousing, vintage Williams.”


“Williams’s longest, most densely realized and successful work to date…Williams’s portrayal of a complex and violent man lends depth to his story, which can sometimes be a bit slick in its twists and turns…DAYS OF ATONEMENT sends out deeper roots than Williams’s previous novels, and augurs interestingly for his future.”

—Washington Post Book World

“Williams has written one of the most arresting depictions of a character in recent times.”


“Williams’ most ambitious novel to date combines mystery, hard science, character study, and setting with impressive success…In overall technical excellence, this proves to be the best book by an increasingly skilled author. It is also an above-average portrait of scientists at work. Highly recommended.”


“[Williams] brings his gift for hardcore realism to this-near future tale of one man’s confrontation with the unknown. For most SF collections.”

—Library Journal

“Williams has done his best work to date in his latest novel, DAYS OF ATONEMENT. It’s so good that you’ll see it on the “Best of ’91” prize ballots. You may well see it in the winner’s circle…If you like bang-up endings, you’ll love DAYS OF ATONEMENT.”


“[An] author who has scaled the heights with his latest book is Walter Jon Williams, in his DAYS OF ATONEMENT. He weaves mystery, hard science, character study, and setting into what is undoubtedly his best novel to date…The book also has one of the better recent portraits of scientists at work. Williams is another of those writers who has emerged as able to write just about any kind of book he pleases; let us hope it pleases him to go on writing.”

—Chicago Sun-Times (Roland J. Green)

“This is a novel that works marvelously on a variety of levels – as an adventure story, a trek through personal entanglements, a study in detailed police techniques and an enlightening lesson in theoretical science. And if that isn’t enough, it also offers a totally unexpected ending – too often a rarity in Earthbound science fiction.”

—Chicago Sun-Times (David E. Jones)

“A tightly plotted, hugely complex, but ultimately very satisfying novel.”



“In this complex and rewarding novel, Williams has created a future which features many of the wonders sf has been promising us for years: virtual reality, genetic engineering, faster-than-light travel, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, telepathic links with computers, and more”.

—Publishers Weekly

“In ARISTOI, [Williams] dares the reader to follow him into a realm where there are no constraints on the desires of his characters, where the wish is not only father to the deed but virtually identical with it…like one of Aristoi’s highly complex entertainments, this book offers manifold delights.”

—The New York Times

“A spectacular, large-scale space opera, in vivid color, with all the stops pulled out. Even better, it chooses to explore themes, not in binary black and white, but with a grayscale palette that leaves the reader wondering who is really right. The result is that rare commodity, a successful entertainment which leaves sobering questions to linger afterwards.”

—Locus (Dan Chow)

“Williams tests the borders of imagination in a novel that combines brilliant hard science and speculative vision with a firm grip on the central humanity of his characters. A priority purchase for sf collections.”

Library Journal

“Something like the elaborate courtly culture of Arbonne, with its strange combination of artifice, elegance, and true passion, is expanded to a galactic scale, entangled with high tech, and immensely complicated by extended lifespans and cybernetically enhanced multiple personalities, in ARISTOI.”

—Locus (Faren Miller)

“Williams follows a course to which most science-fiction writers only pay lip service: with each novel, he tries something completely different….Williams is prolific, with nine SF novels and innumerable short stories. ARISTOI, his latest novel, is one of his successes…a fascinating thriller.”

—The Seattle Times

“Among the stars, virtual reality, biotechnology, and other advances create a society of nearly unlimited potential and equally great complexity…Science-fiction world-building with technology extrapolated to the extreme limit is a demanding art. It is particularly demanding when one also wishes to make complex characters intelligible, even sympathetic, to a 20th century audience. Williams meets the demands he has set himself, thanks to meticulous care in presenting the details of his world and his characters’ live…A fine, thoughtful work.”

—Chicago Sun-Times

“ARISTOI has many fine literary elements, especially the depiction of multiple personalities within an individual member of the Aristoi and the transcriotion of these simultaneous conversations in the text….in ARISTOI, [Williams’s] writing reaches a new level of grace and light. This work is highly recommended for grade nine to adult collections.”

Wilson Library Bulletin


“Well-developed characters, an intriguing plot and a clear view of the double-edged sword called change make this an engrossing book to read. Young adults…will find [a] special mixture of warm human relationships in an entirely different kind of world.”

—Library Journal



“This is a rare SF novel in which one character’s distinctive voice opens up a world and a society that have been fundamentally changed by scientific innovation.”

—Publishers Weekly

KNIGHT MOVES is an engrossing and evocative read, a tale of immortality and love and death rendered in a style that reminds me more than a little of the early Roger Zelazny. Williams’ people are intriguing and sympathetic, and his portrait of an Earth left transformed and empty by a humanity gone to the stars, where aliens dig among ancient ruins for old comic books while the creatures of legends stir and walk again, will linger in my memory for a long time. Williams is a writer to watch, and–more importantly–to read.”

—George R.R. Martin

“KNIGHT MOVES uses an unmatched cast of characters, human and otherwise, to tell an intriguing story.”

—Fred Saberhagen,
author of the Book of Swords trilogy


“Williams colorfully evokes the life of the trader families and their honkytonk space stations. With its emphasis on youth, beauty, sex and mischief, the novel also conjures a contemporary mood agreeably distinct from its futuristic setting.”

—Publishers Weekly

“[An] intriguing far-future alien-contact/space-frontier yarn…Broadly persuasive and inventive.”


“Williams has produced another of his excellent adventure tales, this time set far in the future.”

—Chicago Sun-Times

“Williams has advanced the cyberpunk theme to deep space without the depressing nihilism that often attends it…Fast and clever, ANGEL STATION represents solid science fiction by a quickly maturing writer.”

—The Detroit News


“Williams tells the tale with enthusiasm and a crisp, dry wit well suited to this entertaining blend of high adventure, intrigue and postsingularity technology.”

Publishers Weekly

“An intelligent, delicate and precise novel of real depth: a pleasure to read, an undertaking to savor.”

Starred Review!

“This swift little novel is rewarding in proportion to its promise…The book is shot through with some surprisingly rich philosophical issues that show he’s gotten to grips with the real human implications of a post-Singularity civilisation in a way that few writers achieve…It’s fast, fun and smart – and you can’t ask for much more than that from a posthuman space opera.”

Velcro City

“The novel is a great deal of fun…IMPLIED SPACES is very much mature SF, building on the ideas the field has been addressing in the past decade or more, and quiet nicely so. Recommended.”

SF Site


For Short Story Collections


“…Provocative, entertaining collection…Coupled with extensive notes from the author, these stories invite readers to share and enjoy Williams’s extensive knowledge of history, psychology, and culture.”

Publisher’s Weekly (Starred review!)


“Despite his manifest cyberpunk leanings, Williams has an imagination all his own–along with a supple, subtle technique and a polished, lucid prose style. Both enjoyable and impressive.”

Kirkus (Starred review!)



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  • German ebook rights to Heyne
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THE RIFT (Tor, 1999)

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IMPLIED SPACES (Night Shade Books, 2008)

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  • Hebrew rights to Sial

WALL STONE CRAFT (Axolotl, 1993)

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1. HARDWIRED (Tor, 1986)
1.5. SOLIP:SYSTEM (Axolotl Press, 1989)

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1. THIS IS NOT A GAME (Orbit, 2009)
2. DEEP STATE (Orbit, 2011)
3. THE FOURTH WALL (Orbit, 2012)

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3.5. INVESTMENTS (Amazon Digital, 2012)
4. THE ACCIDENTAL WAR (Harper Voyager, 2018)


1. METROPOLITAN (HarperCollins, 1995)
2. CITY ON FIRE (HarperCollins, 1997)

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  • Book #2 Nominated for the Nebula Award
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  1. QUILLIFER (Saga, 2017)
  2. QUILLIFER THE KNIGHT (Saga, 2019)
  3. LORD QUILLIFER (Forthcoming!)

“Daddy’s World” (Short Story)

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“Panzerboy” (Short Story)

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Destiny’s Way (Star Wars) (Del Rey, 2002)

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***Three asterisks (***) placed after the record of a foreign territory sale indicate that those rights have expired and are available for purchase in that market for that title(s).***