Saturday, 23 March 2019

JABberwocky welcomes Silvia Moreno-Garcia!



On this most austere of holiday occasions, we’re delighted to welcome our newest client, Silvia Moreno-Garcia!

Silvia’s debut novel, SIGNAL TO NOISE, recently sold to Solaris, with an anticipated publication date of Fall 2014. It’s a work of literary fantasy, set between the Mexico City of the 1980s and the 2000s, where music begets magic. It carries echoes of Jennifer Egan and David Mitchell, and we’re extremely excited for its pending publication.

Silvia was a finalist for the Manchester Fiction Prize, in 2011, she won Canada’s Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile Award for Best Emerging Writer, and she is the publisher of the Vancouver-based Innsmouth Free Press.

While you’re waiting for SIGNAL TO NOISE to drop, you can check out her debut collection, THIS STRANGE WAY OF DYING, by clicking here.

Welcome, Silvia!


James P. Blaylock WFC eBook Promotion

The World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, England, is in full swing this weekend! James P. Blaylock (represented by the Zeno Agency, our sister agency in the UK) is attending, and to celebrate his first trip to the UK in years, we thought it’d be nice to offer both THE ELFIN SHIP and THIRTEEN PHANTASMS at a special low price for our readers in the US and Canada. Through the end of November, you can pick up one of each for just $2.99. It’s a great way to try James’ beloved fantasy series and his critically-acclaimed short fiction!

THE ELFIN SHIP is James’s debut, originally published in 1982, and is the first novel in his Balumnia fantasy trilogy. It is followed by THE DISAPPEARING DWARF and THE STONE GIANT (which is actually a prequel). Here is the synopsis for THE ELFIN SHIP…

Trading with the elves used to be so simple. Every year Master Cheeser Jonathan Bing would send his very best cheeses downriver to traders who would eventually return with Elfin wonders for the people of Twombly Town. But no more First the trading post at Willowood Station was mysteriously destroyed. Then a magical elfin airship began making forays overhead; Jonathan knew something was definitely amiss. So he set off downriver to deliver the cheeses himself, accompanied by the amazing Professor Wurzle, the irrepressible Dooly, and his faithful dog Ahab. It would have been a pleasant trip, if not for the weeping skeleton, mad goblins, magic coins, an evil dwarf, a cloak of invisibility – and a watch that stopped time. However, the return trip would not be so simple.

THIRTEEN PHANTASMS is a collection of short stories that shows James at his very best. We really can’t recommend this enough, both for fans of James or the short story form.

The first short story collection from Philip K. Dick Award-winning author James Blaylock features sixteen thought-provoking forays into the fantastic-from a tale of alien influence on an ordinary neighbourhood to the story of one man’s self-destructive obsession with a dragon.

Click here for information on where to buy THE ELFIN SHIP, THIRTEEN PHANTAMS, and many other eBooks by James.

Announcing Even More Lady Trent Memoirs!

Exciting news for fans of A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS and Marie Brennan: two more Lady Trent memoirs sold to Tor, bringing the number of books under contract in this series to a total of five! This is a huge deal for Marie Brennan, as the advance for these books is three times the size of her first deal. We’re happy to have a UK deal to announce as well: the first three Lady Trent memoirs just sold to Titan!

All of us here at JABberwocky know that Marie Brennan is incredibly talented, and we’re happy to see Tor showing faith in her as well!

The second Lady Trent memoir, THE TROPIC OF SERPENTS, will hit the shelves in March 2014, and is already available for pre-order.

The Silvered takes the Gold – Huff wins Aurora

The Aurora!

Congratulations to Tanya Huff, who has just been announced as the winner of the Aurora Award for Best Novel for The Silvered!

The Aurora is the biggest award in Canada for sf/fantasy, and this year it goes to one of the very best novels by an author who has been nominated for The Aurora on several previous occasions. We just couldn’t be happier to have this great novel taking a very well-deserved prize. The DAW novel is out in mass market paperback in just a few weeks but you can get it right now in hardcover and ebook. Titan will soon be publishing in the UK, as well.

Be sure to check out Joshua’s recent piece on SF Signal, where he discusses what makes THE SILVERED such a fresh and compelling read!

Steelheart Soars to #1

a #1 New York Times bestseller!

Brandon Sanderson has his first solo #1 book on the New York Times bestseller list, with STEELHEART soaring to the top spot on the YA list in its first week on sale.  It’s also #21 on the USA Today all-category all-format bestseller list, and #11 on the Indie Bestsellers Children’s Interest list.  It’s the best first week of sale yet for Brandon Sanderson.

The announced first printing of 350,000 copies includes exclusive editions for Target, Walmart and Books a Million, each with their own Epic case files, and a Barnes & Noble exclusive with an annotated first chapter.   And Steelheart will be forthcoming in twelve translation markets, where it is also Sanderson’s fastest-selling book to date.

Since Brandon Sanderson is heretofore best-known for writing epic fantasy for adults, it’s especially satisfying that he’s hit the NY Times list with two YA titles in 2013 (THE RITHMATIST was on the charts earlier in the year), bringing his work to the attention of an entire new audience of younger readers and their families.  It also positions Brandon Sanderson for a powerhouse 2014, when we are scheduled to see: WORDS OF RADIANCE, the 2nd novel in the Stormlight Archive saga and Brandon’s first new epic fantasy in four years; a spectacular new trade paperback edition of The Way of Kings, the first Stormlight Archive novel; a new edition of Mistborn: The Final Empire tailored for the Young Adult audience; and Firefight, the sequel to STEELHEART.  It’s hard to climb higher than #1 on the bestseller lists, but if there’s a way to do it, Brandon Sanderson will show us next year.

Michael Schiefebein E-books now available!

We’re pleased to share that Michael Schiefelbein’s Vampire series is now available through our e-book program! On his page, you can find links to his books through Kindle, Kobo, and iBooks. You can also find links to his excellent reviews, so be sure to click through and check them out!

A SKELETON IN THE FAMILY, a Mysterious Galaxy Book Club pick!

We’re excited to announce that A SKELETON IN THE FAMILY, Toni Kelner‘s new cozy mystery written under the pseudonym Leigh Perry, was chosen by the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore for their Fantastic Firsts Cozy Mystery Series book club!

This book club is devoted to bringing readers only the latest and greatest reads in the cozy mystery genre. The books are carefully selected by bookstore staff and are considered to be books that will become classics, from authors you will want to read for years to come. We’re very pleased that A SKELETON IN THE FAMILY is considered a future classic and will be going out to all the members of the Fantastic Firsts Cozy Mystery Series book club this month!

A SKELETON IN THE FAMILY only debuted on September 3rd, but it’s already accumulated many glowing reviews! Romantic Times gave it 4 and a half stars, and called it “a very touching and entertaining whodunit.” #1 NYT bestselling author Charlaine Harris described it as “a charming traditional mystery with a colorful picture of academic life, and it’s a page-turner.” Check out more excellent reviews here.

Again, we’re thrilled about A SKELETON IN THE FAMILY being featured by the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore and we’re excited to watch more great reviews roll in for Toni Kelner’s new cozy mystery!

Brandon Sanderson Wins The Hugo!

Hugo Fight

John Scalzi (left) and Brandon Sanderson (right) fight to the bitter end with their newly minted 2013 Hugo Awards for "Best Novel" and "Best Novella," respectively.

Brandon Sanderson won not one but two Hugo Awards at LoneStarCon 3, the 71st World Science Fiction Convention. His novella THE EMPEROR’S SOUL (Tachyon) will almost certainly be the first of many winners by Brandon of the most important awards in sf/fantasy, and he was also part of the team behind Writing Excuses, winner of the Hugo for “Best Related Work.”

Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, Howard Tayler and Jordan Sanderson are the other members of the Writing Excuses team.

We would like to congratulate and thank Jacob Weisman, Jill Roberts and the entire team at Tachyon for publishing THE EMPEROR’S SOUL in award caliber fashion. This is also a great night for Brandon Sanderson‘s editor at Tor, Moshe Feder, who discovered Brandon’s Elantris for Tor and helped set Brandon and this novella on the path to the winner’s circle.

Joshua has authored a blog post with some additional background about THE EMPEROR’S SOUL, which is also a current finalist for the 2013 World Fantasy Award for Best Novella. The winners for that award will be announced at the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton, England on November 3rd, and we will be keeping our fingers crossed until then!

Infinity Blade: Redemption available for Pre-Order!

Calling all Brandon Sanderson and Infinity Blade fans!

ChAIR Entertainment, a division of Epic Games, has officially announced the upcoming release of INFINITY BLADE: REDEMPTION, the sequel to Infinity Blade: Awakening! Here’s a peek at the plot:

INFINITY BLADE: REDEMPTION delves deeper into the fantastical world of Infinity Blade, a world of mystery and intrigue where magic and technology are indistinguishable and even life and death are not as they seem. The secrets unraveled will dig backward in time toward the origins of the Deathless and the true nature of the world itself.

On September 3, it will be available exclusively through the iBookstore, so head on over to preorder a copy, and check out the exclusive preview chapter! INFINITY BLADE: REDEMPTION will also be available everywhere digital books are sold starting on September 9.

The first book, Infinity Blade: Awakening, reached #4 on the Top 10 List in the iBookstore and we expect the second book will match – and likely surpass – this success. For anyone who hasn’t read it, this is the perfect time to get a copy and catch up before INFINITY BLADE: REDEMPTION’s fast-approaching release date!

Be sure to read Brandon’s blog for even more information about Infinity Blade!

Brandon Sanderson, a World Fantasy Finalist and IndieNext Pick!

Great Brandon Sanderson news, everyone!

Brandon’s novella, THE EMPEROR’S SOUL, is a finalist for this year’s  World Fantasy Award! The winners will be announced at the World Fantasy Awards Banquet on Sunday, November 3, in Brighton, UK. This is just the latest recognition of Brandon’s incredible talent, as the novella is also a finalist for the 2013 Hugo Award, and has already been sold into six territories!

We’re also excited to announce that Brandon’s upcoming young adult novel, STEELHEART, has just been named to the Autumn ’13 Kids Indie Next List! The featured titles are chosen based on nominations from independent booksellers nationwide. The Boswell Book Company had this to say about STEELHEART:

“Never before has the post-apocalyptic struggle for human survival been so riveting or uplifting. Sanderson has an unparalleled gift for fantastic world-building and the creation of complex, believable characters.”

As the RITHMATIST was featured on the Summer ’13 Kids Indie Next List, we’re not surprised by this news – Brandon is clearly making a splash in the YA world. STEELHEART goes on sale September 24, and he’ll be embarking on a 21 city tour to make sure it arrives with a huge splash, get ready to see a lot of Brandon!

We’re pleased to be able to share all exciting news this with you and hope to have even more in the coming months!

JABberwocky welcomes William C. Dietz!

We are excited to announce that JABberwocky has added New York Times bestselling author William C. Dietz to our client roster!

Bill is the author of over 40 titles and is best known for his military science-fiction series: Legion of the Damned. The second book in the prequel series, ANDROMEDA’S CHOICE, will be released this December, so now is the perfect time to get caught up with his extensive backlist. Check out the book that started it all, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, and see for yourself why Publisher’s Weekly called it “exciting and suspenseful!”

You can visit his official website and follow him on Twitter @wcdietz.

Again, a big JABberwocky welcome to William C. Dietz!

FAIR COIN to be featured at this year’s Dragon*Con

Every year at Dragon*Con (the world’s largest fantasy/SF convention held in Atlanta, GA), YA Lit chooses a single novel to feature in its book club panel; and this year we are excited to learn that FAIR COIN by E.C. Myers is their 2013 selection!

Prior to the start of Dragon*Con, YA Lit will announce their selection to allow time for fans of the young adult genre to have a chance to read FAIR COIN that they will then discuss in the presence of the author. This is a unique opportunity for any author, and E.C. is excited to be joining the ranks of Jonathan Maberry (author of last year’s selection: Rot & Ruin) as well as Orson Scott Card.

This year’s YA Lit panel is currently scheduled to take place on Saturday, August 31st at 2:30pm. Be sure to drop by if you happen to be in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend or join the discussion online via YA Lit @ Dragon*Con’s website.

Congratulations, E.C.!

HBO’s True Blood returning for a seventh season!

We’re very excited to share that True Blood, the television series based on the #1 NY Times bestselling Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, has been picked up for a seventh season!

This comes as no surprise to JABberwocky, as the series remains one of HBO’s top-rated shows, drawing over 10 million viewers a week. The popularity of True Blood helped Charlaine Harris become the only author to ever have nine books simultaneously hit the NY Times bestseller list. Fans of the television show have flocked to bookstores to try the first book, Dead Until Dark, and they’ve been hooked ever since!

If you haven’t checked out the thirteen-book Sookie Stackhouse series yet, what are you waiting for? Pick up the first in the series, DEAD UNTIL DARK, and see for yourself why Charlaine Harris has garnered such a devoted fanbase!

World War Z is for Zombie

With so many people heading off to see World War Z at the multiplex we’d like to draw your attention very quickly to Adam-Troy Castro and Johnny Atomic’s Z IS FOR ZOMBIE.  Sardonic and fun, this richly illustrated and richly invented book is an alphabet primer to the Zombie Apocalypse.  It’s the book where “X Marks the Spot Where They Finally Catch Up To You,” and it’s something Joshua fell in love with from the first glimpse at the proposal.

Even better, currently Amazon has limited copies available for a $6 bargain price, which you can find your way to by clicking here.

And just to say, World War Z is a big Hollywood summer tentpole movie that’s pretty good, holding up decently at the box office, and it manages to end with a small-scale nail-biting action sequence which involves one building which is intact at the end, and just a handful of characters.  Not every summer blockbuster needs to end with a mega-CGI thirty-minute battle sequence.

And, since World War Z clocks in at just under 2 hours, you have a few minutes you can spend after the movie to enjoy Z is for Zombie by Adam-Troy Castro and Johnny Atomic.  For as little as $6.  Did you click here yet?

Mark Hodder, A Finalist for the Sidewise Award for Alternate History!

Greetings everyone! As you know, the past couple of months have seen JABberwocky clients become finalists and award winners left and right, and July looks to be no different!

We are very pleased to announce that Mark Hodder is a finalist for the 2012 Sidewise Award for Alternate History! The third book in his Burton and Swinburne series, EXPEDITION TO THE MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON, is being considered for “Best Long-Form Fiction.”

Past finalists for this award include Michael Chabon, Philip Roth, and Terry Pratchett, so Mark is in great company with this nomination! Hodder’s Burton and Swinburne series already boasts a Philip K. Dick award win, so this is just the latest critical recognition for his work. THE SECRET OF ABDU EL-YEZDI, the fourth book in the Burton and Swinburne series, will be published in August of this year, and we expect that this release will continue to garner acclaim from both fans and critics alike!

Congratulations again to Mark for this prestigious nomination!

E.C. Myers, A 2013 British Fantasy Award Finalist!

Smashing news!

E.C. Myers‘ debut novel, FAIR COIN, has just been nominated for a British Fantasy Award! This book, which has not yet been published in the UK, has made a huge splash with British readers through word of mouth alone and is now a finalist in the “Best Newcomer” category.

The winners will be announced at the Fantasy Awards banquet at the World Fantasy convention in Brighton this November. Coming off the heels of this year’s Andre Norton Nebula Award win, this latest award nomination points to a very bright future indeed!

Congratulations, E.C.!

Rochelle Staab Nominated for Daphne Du Maurier Award!

Another day, another award nomination for a JABberwocky author! We are very proud to announce that Rochelle Staab has been nominated for a Daphne du Maurier Award.  BRUJA BROUHAHA, the second novel in her bestselling Mind for Murder Mystery series is one of the nominees for “Best Mainstream Mystery/Suspense Novel.”

This award, given out by the Kiss of Death branch of the Romance Writers of America, annually recognizes the best in mystery and suspense fiction. The winners will be announced in July at their annual Death by Chocolate party in Atlanta. It’s nice to see Rochelle getting such great recognition from her peers, and we hope to have more good news come July!

2013’s Summer Reading: THE SPEED OF DARK by Elizabeth Moon

Ten years after its publication, Elizabeth Moon‘s Nebula award-winning novel, THE SPEED OF DARK, is still being recognized for its incredible literary merit. Joshua has always said this is the novel he’s most proud to represent, and after receiving the 2004 Nebula Award for Best Novel, it’s clear the world agrees.

THE SPEED OF DARK was rereleased last month by Ballantine as a “Reader’s Choice” title in a 10 year anniversary edition. This new and improved edition features an introduction from the author, a short interview with Elizabeth explaining why she decided to create a character with Autism, and reading group questions to promote critical discussion of its themes.

A free fifty page sample of THE SPEED OF DARK was featured on Del Rey’s Suvudu website as their “50 Page Friday” feature this past April. Coinciding with Autism Awareness month in the U.S., Suvudu’s feature reinforces the importance of this novel, saying: “THE SPEED OF DARK gives us a peek into the mind and feelings of someone living with Autism in a way not very many books are able to do.”

We are also excited to share that Rutgers University in New Jersey has chosen THE SPEED OF DARK as their required summer reading. This fall, there will be a lecture, book-signing, and reception for the students featuring Elizabeth Moon herself. Her novel will be the basis for the Fall 2013 Honors Colloquium course, taken by a select group of students in the School for Arts and Sciences. In addition to studying the novel in class, they will be discussing the book online to promote a university-wide conversation about Autism.

It is wonderful that, even after ten years, readers are still finding new ways to appreciate this ground-breaking piece of literature from the esteemed Elizabeth Moon!

Myke Cole nabs the 2013 Compton Crook Award!

CONTROL POINT: 2013 Compton Crook Award Winner!

Even though it won’t be officially announced until this weekend, JABberwocky has received advance notice that Myke Cole‘s SHADOW OPS: CONTROL POINT has won the 2013 Compton Crook Award! Presented to a single author, the Compton Crook Award celebrates the best debut novel written each year.

When CONTROL POINT was first published by Ace in Feb. 2012, the book met with heaps of praise from fans, authors, and critics. In its end-of-year recap, named Myke Cole’s book one of their “Reviewer’s Choice” picks for 2012 and its sequel, FORTRESS FRONTIER, was one of Fantasy Faction’s “Most Anticipated Fantasy Novels for 2013.”

Myke Cole’s authorial talents come as no surprise to anyone at JABberwocky, but we all are ecstatic that his debut novel is getting the recognition it deserves! This marks the second year in a row that a JABberwocky client has won the Compton Crook award following T.C. McCarthy‘s selection in 2012 for Germline.

Congratulations again to Myke Cole and SHADOW OPS: CONTROL POINT!


Brandon Sanderson chalks up a #6 New York Times Bestseller with THE RITHMATIST!

Exciting news everyone!

We just found out that THE RITHMATIST landed at #6 on the New York Times Bestseller list! This is the highest debut placement for an original work of fiction by Brandon Sanderson. This is his first young adult novel and it has already sold incredibly well prior to last week’s publication in the U.S., and will soon be available in the following territories: UK (Orion), Taiwan (Fantasy Foundation), Turkey (Dogan Egmont), and Bulgaria (Studio Art Line).

Last week the New York Times Book Review published their first review of a Brandon Sanderson novel, and had lovely things to say about THE RITHMATIST: “There are indeed secrets to be uncovered and the world to be saved, and ‘The Rithmatist’ contains some good surprises on the way to a pleasingly nifty conclusion.” Click here to read the full review.

We are all very excited for Brandon as he expands his authorial repertoire into the YA genre!

E.C. Myers wins Andre Norton Nebula Award!

Our heartiest congratulations to E.C. Myers, whose debut novel FAIR COIN has just been awarded the Andre Norton Nebula Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy.  It’s one of the most esteemed awards in SF/F, voted on by the author’s peers in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and was announced at last night’s Nebula Awards Weekend in San Jose, CA. We couldn’t be happier for E.C. Myers, who beat out some super stiff competition for this award.  It’s also a great coup for editor Lou Anders at Pyr, who was willing to take a chance on a novel when many other editors weren’t.  E.C. was also one of the first clients Eddie Schneider took on, after one of of our interns, Katherine Mason, saw it gleaming in our query stack.





Internationally DEAD EVER AFTER!


As of today, JABberwocky is excited to announce that DEAD EVER AFTER is currently the #1 bestselling book in not one, not two, not even three, but four countries! News of Sookie’s global domination is soon to be printed by the New York Times in the United States, the Sunday Times in the UK, the Toronto Star in Canada, and by the Herald Sun in Australia.

Last week copies of DEAD EVER AFTER, the thirteenth and final Sookie Stackhouse novel, by Charlaine Harris arrived on bookstore shelves all across the English-speaking world; and Charlaine’s wonderful and dedicated fan base responded, flocking to retailers in droves.

Congratulations to Charlaine Harris on her continued success with DEAD EVER AFTER, as we bid a tearful farewell to the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  But definitely not the end of Sookie; come fall the AFTER DEAD epilogue will reveal the fates of almost every character in the series.  Beautifully illustrated by Lisa Desimini, the cover artist for the entire series, it will make a wonderful holiday gift.


Sanderson wins the 2013 Imaginales Award!

French edition of THE ALLOY OF LAW by Brandon SandersonIn case you missed the news yesterday, Le Festival des Mondes Imaginaires (or Festival of Imaginary Worlds) held in the City of Epinal announced the winners of their annual award for excellency in French fantasy: the Imaginales Prize.

Brandon Sanderson was JABberwocky’s only author represented across the multiple categories included in the Imaginales Prize, and we are excited to announce that he is the winner of the 2013 “Best Translated Fantasy Novel” Award for his novel THE ALLOY OF LAW!

2013 is off to a strong start for Brandon Sanderson and we are also eagerly waiting the announcement of this year’s Hugo Awards, as The Emperor’s Soul is a finalist in the “Best Novellas” category. All of us at JABberwocky couldn’t be more excited to see these fine works receive the critical acclaim that they deserve. Félicitations à Brandon!

A “Plague” of Locus Bestsellers

The latest edition of Locus Magazine (out this week!) tallies up the bestselling SF/F titles for May and JABberwocky is happy to see three of our authors occupy a whole one-fifth of their hardcover and trade-paperback lists!

Brandon Sanderson sits atop the hardcover list at #1 with A MEMORY OF LIGHT, but THE WAY OF KINGS (book one in his Stormlight Archive series) also landed at #9. Sanderson also had the #1 trade paperback with THE EMPEROR’S SOUL, his 2012 novella that is currently a finalist for this year’s Hugo Award!

Peter V. Brett‘s THE DAYLIGHT WAR bowed at the #4 spot on Locus’s Hardcover bestseller list, which does not come as too much of a surprise. The book, the third in Brett’s Demon Cycle series, has been an international bestseller in the US, the UK, Poland, and Germany — where it is currently holding at #16 on the Der Spiegel bestseller list after in its 9th week on the charts.

JABberwocky is also thrilled to see Marie Brennan, one of our newest clients, make her debut on the Locus hardcover list! Brennan’s first Lady Trent novel is currently sitting at the #8 spot. A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS was our most requested title following the London Book Fair, and this series is off to a great start, with starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Shelf Awareness. Sales are strong as well, with the hardcover edition already going back for its third printing in three months.

Congratulations are in order for Brandon, Peter, and Marie, and we look forward to seeing which of our other talented writers will be on it in June!

Light of the Aurora Shines on Tanya Huff

JABberwocky is delighted to congratulate Tanya Huff, whose The Silvered is now a finalist for the 2013 Aurora Award for Best Novel – English Language.  Given for over 30 years by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, the Aurora recognize achievement by Canadian writers of sf/f, and the winners will be announced at Canvention in Ottawa, Ontario in October 2013.  This is Tanya’s third nomination for the Aurora, and we certainly hope the “third time’s the charm” saying will prove correct, as we consider THE SILVERED to be one of Tanya’s very best novels (Joshua would say best-to-date honors are very close between THE SILVERED and SING THE FOUR QUARTERS) and have said so loud and long from our very first reading of it.  Ranting Dragon and the Los Angeles Times have also had the novel on Best-of-2012 lists.  Readers agree; 38 out of 39 reviews on Amazon give the book either 4* or 5*, which is the kind of ratio you don’t see often for books with as many reviews as this.   You’ll want to give a read to THE SILVERED if you haven’t already, and our congratulations again to Tanya on a well-deserved accolade.