Saturday, 17 March 2018

Internationally DEAD EVER AFTER!


As of today, JABberwocky is excited to announce that DEAD EVER AFTER is currently the #1 bestselling book in not one, not two, not even three, but four countries! News of Sookie’s global domination is soon to be printed by the New York Times in the United States, the Sunday Times in the UK, the Toronto Star in Canada, and by the Herald Sun in Australia.

Last week copies of DEAD EVER AFTER, the thirteenth and final Sookie Stackhouse novel, by Charlaine Harris arrived on bookstore shelves all across the English-speaking world; and Charlaine’s wonderful and dedicated fan base responded, flocking to retailers in droves.

Congratulations to Charlaine Harris on her continued success with DEAD EVER AFTER, as we bid a tearful farewell to the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  But definitely not the end of Sookie; come fall the AFTER DEAD epilogue will reveal the fates of almost every character in the series.  Beautifully illustrated by Lisa Desimini, the cover artist for the entire series, it will make a wonderful holiday gift.


Sanderson wins the 2013 Imaginales Award!

French edition of THE ALLOY OF LAW by Brandon SandersonIn case you missed the news yesterday, Le Festival des Mondes Imaginaires (or Festival of Imaginary Worlds) held in the City of Epinal announced the winners of their annual award for excellency in French fantasy: the Imaginales Prize.

Brandon Sanderson was JABberwocky’s only author represented across the multiple categories included in the Imaginales Prize, and we are excited to announce that he is the winner of the 2013 “Best Translated Fantasy Novel” Award for his novel THE ALLOY OF LAW!

2013 is off to a strong start for Brandon Sanderson and we are also eagerly waiting the announcement of this year’s Hugo Awards, as The Emperor’s Soul is a finalist in the “Best Novellas” category. All of us at JABberwocky couldn’t be more excited to see these fine works receive the critical acclaim that they deserve. Félicitations à Brandon!

A “Plague” of Locus Bestsellers

The latest edition of Locus Magazine (out this week!) tallies up the bestselling SF/F titles for May and JABberwocky is happy to see three of our authors occupy a whole one-fifth of their hardcover and trade-paperback lists!

Brandon Sanderson sits atop the hardcover list at #1 with A MEMORY OF LIGHT, but THE WAY OF KINGS (book one in his Stormlight Archive series) also landed at #9. Sanderson also had the #1 trade paperback with THE EMPEROR’S SOUL, his 2012 novella that is currently a finalist for this year’s Hugo Award!

Peter V. Brett‘s THE DAYLIGHT WAR bowed at the #4 spot on Locus’s Hardcover bestseller list, which does not come as too much of a surprise. The book, the third in Brett’s Demon Cycle series, has been an international bestseller in the US, the UK, Poland, and Germany — where it is currently holding at #16 on the Der Spiegel bestseller list after in its 9th week on the charts.

JABberwocky is also thrilled to see Marie Brennan, one of our newest clients, make her debut on the Locus hardcover list! Brennan’s first Lady Trent novel is currently sitting at the #8 spot. A NATURAL HISTORY OF DRAGONS was our most requested title following the London Book Fair, and this series is off to a great start, with starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Shelf Awareness. Sales are strong as well, with the hardcover edition already going back for its third printing in three months.

Congratulations are in order for Brandon, Peter, and Marie, and we look forward to seeing which of our other talented writers will be on it in June!

Light of the Aurora Shines on Tanya Huff

JABberwocky is delighted to congratulate Tanya Huff, whose The Silvered is now a finalist for the 2013 Aurora Award for Best Novel – English Language.  Given for over 30 years by the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association, the Aurora recognize achievement by Canadian writers of sf/f, and the winners will be announced at Canvention in Ottawa, Ontario in October 2013.  This is Tanya’s third nomination for the Aurora, and we certainly hope the “third time’s the charm” saying will prove correct, as we consider THE SILVERED to be one of Tanya’s very best novels (Joshua would say best-to-date honors are very close between THE SILVERED and SING THE FOUR QUARTERS) and have said so loud and long from our very first reading of it.  Ranting Dragon and the Los Angeles Times have also had the novel on Best-of-2012 lists.  Readers agree; 38 out of 39 reviews on Amazon give the book either 4* or 5*, which is the kind of ratio you don’t see often for books with as many reviews as this.   You’ll want to give a read to THE SILVERED if you haven’t already, and our congratulations again to Tanya on a well-deserved accolade.

Scott MacKay Nabs Arthur Ellis Nomination!

The Crime Writers of Canada have just announced their nominations for the 2013 Arthur Ellis Award and Jabberwocky is excited to announce that Scott MacKay has once again been nominated in the short story category! The prestigious award chose “Cruel Coast” which appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine last July.

This is MacKay’s second nomination having won for his short story “Last Inning” in 1999. Congratulations Scott!

Midnight is Coming

JABberwocky is pleased to announce our latest client – Sylvia Izzo Hunter!

Sylvia has already made quite a splash – her debut trilogy, Midnight’s Daughters, sold to Ace following a three week auction! Publishers Weekly has the scoop, here. This was the agency’s biggest debut deal since Peter V. Brett sold The Warded Man.

The first book, THE MIDNIGHT QUEEN, is set to come out in Fall 2014 and concerns a graduate student at Merlin College, Oxford, who uncovers a plot against the English monarch.

Sylvia joins us from the Great White North (Canada) where she works as an editorial manager for the University of Toronto Press.

Welcome, Sylvia! We hope to line up many more deals for you soon.

Ari Marmell Lands Scribe Nomination!

We at JABberwocky are proud of the vast array of genres our authors represent and an oft overlooked category is the tie-in material. It’s rather remarkable that an author can take plots, characters, canons, etc. and turn it into wholly original stories that easily stand in their own.

And Ari Marmell is one of the best at doing just that.

His latest tie-in novel, DARKSIDERS: THE ABOMINATION VAULT (based off the hit video game series Darksiders), was just nominated for the Scribe Award by the International Association of Media Tie Writers! The award will be presented at the San Diego Comic Con this July and we couldn’t be prouder of Ari!

Congratulations Ari!

Two awards for Bryce Moore’s VODNÍK!

Praised by Kirkus as “a compelling fantasy adventure… [and a] surprisingly witty debut,” VODNIK, Bryce Moore’s first novel, has just received two very nice fiction awards

The Association for Mormon Letters (AML) announced on March 30th that VODNÍK has won its literary award in the Young Adult category. Bryce is in good company, as Elantris by Brandon Sanderson has also won an AML Award in 2005.

VODNIK is also a 2013 Westchester Fiction Award winner! Established in 2009, the Westchester Fiction Award is given to exemplary pieces of YA Literature. We couldn’t be happier for Bryce that VODNIK has been singled out for these awards!


Fifty Pages of DARK

Every Friday hosts a 50 page excerpt from a selected work of fiction, and this week they chose THE SPEED OF DARK by Elizabeth Moon!

Originally published in 2003, this Nebula Award-winning novel has been re-released in a special Ballantine Readers edition to commemorate its 10th anniversary. The new SPEED OF DARK release also coincides with National Autism Awareness month as its story centers around Lou Arrendale, an adult with Autism whose generation was the last to be born before medical and scientific breakthroughs corrected genetic defects in infancy.

If you’ve been curious to check out this high-calibre piece of fiction or are already looking for your first 2013 Beach Read, be sure to give these first fifty pages of THE SPEED OF DARK a try. Joshua guarantees you won’t regret it!


Unending DAYLIGHT in Germany!

THE DAYLIGHT WAR, the third book in Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle series, hit shelves in German bookstores one month ago this week. In its first week on sale, the book landed at the #5 spot on the Der Spiegel bestseller list. His previous novel, The Desert Spear, topped out at #16 in 2010.

Now in its fifth week of sale, THE DAYLIGHT WAR is still riding high at #8 and is showing no signs of falling off of Der Spiegel’s bestseller list anytime soon. Peter has met with incredible success in Germany with his first three books, and his next three novels were recently contracted by Heyne in a major six-figure deal, JABberwocky’s largest ever in the German market!

Congratulations again to Peter V. Brett, who has also been #3 on the Sunday Times of London list, and #19 on the New York Times list, also record placements for Peter!



The Deadlocked Septet

The mass market of Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris came out last week, and rocketed to #6 on the NY Times mass market paperback bestseller list, which will appear in the NY Times Book Review for April 14.  With the final Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead Ever After, slated to release in a month, and season 6 of True Blood, based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels, filming now for a likely June premiere date on HBO, it promises to be another big spring for Charlaine Harris and Sookie Stackhouse.

Hugo Nomination for Brandon Sanderson!

JABberwocky Literary Agency congratulates Brandon Sanderson on his first (certainly not the last!) fiction Hugo Award nomination, for his novella THE EMPEROR’S SOUL.

If you haven’t read EMPEROR’S SOUL, you simply must.   Take advantage of the handy links on Brandon’s website.  We at JABberwocky knew is was an award-caliber piece of fiction the moment we laid eyes on it in March 2012.  We knew an award-caliber piece of fiction like this deserved an award-caliber publisher; we couldn’t be happier with the job Jacob Weisman and the entire Tachyon Publications team did.  The novella wasn’t even written until February 2012, and yet by the end of the year Tachyon had it out with a gorgeous cover and an overall wonderful package.  And reviewers were quick to take note, from Charles DeLint in Fantasy & Science Fiction (“one of those rare high fantasies that feels fresh and is filled with a sense of wonder”) to Library Journal (“Fantasy fans will love both the compelling story and the creative magical setting.”) to author Brenda Cooper (“I highly recommend it, and I suspect it will go on my award ballots this year.”).

We say above that this is Brandon’s first fiction nomination, because he is now a multi-time Hugo nominee for his work as part of the team that does the Writing Excuses podcast, so we can send some more congrats his way.

The JABberwocky team couldn’t be prouder.  We love Brandon, we love THE EMPEROR’S SOUL, and this is a well-deserved nomination for a truly special story.  Brandon’s no stranger to the award scene, he was a finalist for the “not-a-Hugo” John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, Elantris won the Romantic Times award, he’s been a finalist for many other awards and been on Year’s Best lists time and again.  But there’s something special about being recognized by SF fandom, the people who nominate and vote on the Hugo.  Something very very special indeed!

Rochelle Staab Nabs The Watson!

A hero is nothing without a trusty sidekick. Where would Sherlock be without Watson? Batman without Robin? Sidekicks are essentials. Which is why we’re excited to announce that Rochelle Staab’s BRUJA BROUHAHA was awarded The Watson – the Left Coast Crime Award for Best Sidekick!

Check out Rochelle’s reaction as her name was read:


We expect to be seeing that face more in the coming future!

Publisher’s Weekly Stars The Rithmatist!

Publisher’s Weekly gave Brandon Sanderson’s debut novel for the young adult audience, THE RITHMATIST, a starred review! They said:

“Featuring ingenious magic (complete with profuse chalk drawing–style diagrams and illustrations from [illustrator Ben] McSweeney), feisty characters, and a complex plot likely to unwind over several volumes, this high-spirited, exciting story will appeal to readers of all ages.”

THE RITHMATIST arrives on May 14th from Tor.

Compton Crook Award Double Play!

Jabberwocky had a double dose of good news when we found out that not one, but two, of our authors have been nominated for the Compton Crook Award! The Baltimore Science Fiction Society selected SHADOW OPS: CONTROL POINT by Myke Cole and FAIR COIN by E.C. Myers as finalists for their award which celebrates debut novels in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror.

Past winners include Jabberwocky clients T.C. McCarthy and Elizabeth Moon and we’re honored to have our wonderful authors included again!

A California Award in Vodnik’s Court

Debut novel VODNIK by Bryce Moore (Tu Books) is one of the winners for the 2013 Westchester Fiction Award for Exemplary YA Fiction.  This is the first award for this wonderful first novel, and we’re certain it will be the first of many accolades for its author.  Brandon Sanderson said of VODNIK “compelling, interesting and darkly humorous.  I think you’ll love it.”  Check our more reviews here and check out the book itself on the Tu Books website, with click links to a preview and to e-book purchasing from all major retailers.

Germany Sees Daylight (UPDATED)

Peter Brett got a surprise during this week’s tour of Austria and Germany, his newest novel THE DAYLIGHT WAR made the German bestseller lists even before it was officially on sale. And not only that, it was his highest-ever placement on the German bestseller lists as well, getting to #6 on the Der Spiegel paperback chart, ten spaces ahead of the peak ranking for THE DESERT SPEAR. Will the book climb even higher on the lists for the current week? That’s the kind of cliffhanger that will give the ending of THE DAYLIGHT WAR a run for its money!

Congratulations again to Peter, who has also been #3 on the Sunday Times of London list, and #19 on the NY Times list, also record placements for Peter.

UPDATE: THE DAYLIGHT WAR has landed at #5 on the Der Spiegel bestseller list during its first week of true sales! Congratulations again Peter!

Derringer takes aim at Apple for the Creature

The Short Mystery Fiction Society has announced the finalists for the 2013 Derringer Awards for mystery short fiction, and the “Best Novelette” category includes two stories from AN APPLE FOR THE CREATURE, edited by our clients Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner.  The nominated stories are Iphigenia in Aulis by Mike Carey, and “Pirate Dave and the Captain’s Ghost” by Toni L. P. Kelner.  So our congratulations to Mike and Charlaine for their nominations, and we’ll aim two barrels of our Derringer at Toni L. P. Kelner for both the anthology editing and her own great fiction.  Society members will be voting on the awards over the next few weeks, with winners to be announced at month’s end.

Stormlight Archive 2 title revealed!

The second book in The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson finally has an official title! WORDS OF RADIANCE is tentatively scheduled for publication this fall by Tor Books. Sanderson fans, rejoice! and the Gollancz blog simultaneously revealed this wonderful news this morning. They also talk a bit about how the title was selected, including the humorous title that-almost-was.

We’ve also learned, from, that the wonderful artist of the first cover, Michael Whelan, will be returning to illustrate the cover of WORDS OF RADIANCE. Considering how beautiful the first cover is and how exciting the second book is sure to be, we can’t wait to see this next masterpiece.

We cannot wait to read WORDS OF RADIANCE!

Audie Award Nominations

We are happy to announce that two Jabberwocky clients have been nominated for Audie Awards for 2013.

Simon R. Green‘s final Nightside title, THE BRIDE WORE BLACK LEATHER, published in audio by Audible, has been nominated in the Paranormal category.

Jack Campbell (aka John G. Hemry)’s INVINCIBLE, the second in his Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier series, published in audio by Audible, has been nominated in the Science Fiction category.

The winners will be announced on May 30th. We’ll keep our fingers crossed, but we’re pretty excited to just have the nominations. Congratulations, Simon and John!

Peter V. Brett’s THE DAYLIGHT WAR is #19 on the NY Times list!

We are super excited (for the second time in two days–it’s been a great week) that Peter V. Brett’s new epic fantasy masterpiece, THE DAYLIGHT WAR, will debut on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list at #19! He’ll also be at #28 on the e-book bestseller list and #25 on the combined print & e-book bestseller list. Here’s a picture:

We couldn’t be more thrilled for Peter & his publisher, Del Rey.

Peter will be celebrating on tour–you can catch him tonight at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego, CA. Check out the rest of his tour schedule here, and enjoy this photo of Peat and his fans in LA last night!

Congratulations to Peter, and here’s to more to come!

FAIR COIN Shortlisted for the Andre Norton Award

We at Jabberwocky are incredibly proud to announce that E.C. Myers is a finalist for the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction for FAIR COIN! The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America have released the nominees for the 2012 Nebula Awards and FAIR COIN joins a prestigious list of nominees. The awards ceremony will be held in sunny San Jose, CA the weekend of May 16th-19th.

If you haven’t yet checked out FAIR COIN (or the sequel QUANTUM COIN), warns not to “plan on doing anything else until you finish reading it” and calls it “Pure Awesome Crack.” You can purchase via Amazon,, your local bookstore, or wherever you can find great YA SF.

THE DAYLIGHT WAR hits the Sunday Times of London bestseller list!

Peter V. Brett’s THE DAYLIGHT WAR will debut at #3 on the UK’s Sunday Times bestseller list this Sunday! We are all so excited.This is Peter’s best UK debut yet–not too shabby for only his third novel. On top of the great sales, THE DAYLIGHT WAR has been getting great reviews, and his tour events have been awesome, too. He’s doing the US circuit this month, and he’ll be hitting Germany and the UK in the coming months; check out his tour schedule here. And it’s not just reviewers who like it: just this week BLACK PRISM author Brent Weeks said it’s Peter’s “best yet.”

We can’t wait to see what comes next!

New short story collections from Jack Campbell

We’re delighted to be publishing three brand-new short story collections by Jack Campbell (also known as John G. Hemry).

AD ASTRA is a collection of eleven military and far-future sf stories, exploring different questions about what our future might look like. (Kindle | Nook | iTunes | Kobo | Sony)

BORROWED TIME is a collection of time-travel stories, looking into some of history’s great mysteries (who fired the Shot Heard Round the World?) and showcasing Campbell’s interest in American and military history. (Kindle | Nook | iTunes | Kobo | Sony)

SWORDS AND SADDLES is a collection of three novellas: one is classic military science fiction, one is a classic genre-crossing blend of a Western, time travel, and good old military sf, and the final story is a science fiction courtroom drama featuring beloved characters from Campbell’s Paul Sinclair/JAG in Space series. (Kindle | Nook | iTunes | Kobo | Sony)

All three collections are sure to please any Campbell fan looking for a broader picture of Campbell’s work, or any newbie wondering what the fuss is all about.

Fantastic Book Launch For Peter V. Brett’s THE DAYLIGHT WAR!

There aren’t wards powerful enough to keep from fans from gobbling up Peter V. Brett’s latest – THE DAYLIGHT WAR! Peter and the Jabberwocky team celebrated the highly anticipated book with a launch at Brooklyn’s Singularity and Co.

The book is already #91 in Kindle Books and tune in next week to find out where Peter landed in the New York Times and London Times bestseller.

Want to see Peter on tour? Check out his website as he travels the world!