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JABberwocky is now handling foreign rights for a number of titles published by Tachyon Publications. The following titles are now available for foreign sale:

Tachyon Titles
The Stars Dispose by Michaela Roessner (originally published by Tor, 1997)
The Stars Compel
by Michaela Roessner (originally published by Tor, 1999)
Reading the Bones by Sheila Finch (2003)
Stable Strategies and Others by Eileen Gunn (2004) (Translation rights available except Japanese)
Portable Childhoods by Ellen Klages (2007) | Biblio. & Rights Info
Rewired: The Post-Cyberpunk Anthology by James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel (2007)
The Fate of Mice by Susan Palwick (2007)
The Secret City by Carol Emshwiller (2007)
The Good Humor Man by Andrew Fox (2009)
The Search for Philip K. Dick by Anne R. Dick (2010)
Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror, edited by Ellen Datlow (2010) | Biblio. & Rights Info
The Roberts by Michael Blunlein (2011)
The Uncertain Places by Lisa Goldstein (2011)
The Urban Fantasy Anthology, edited by Peter S. Beagle & Joe R. Lansdale (2011) (Rights available except for the Neil Gaiman story)
Sword and Sorcery Anthology, edited by David G. Hartwell & Jacob Weisman (2012) | Biblio. & Rights Info
Hauntings, edited by Ellen Datlow (2013)
She Walks in Darkness by Evangeline Walton (2013)
The Treasury of the Fantastic, edited by David Sandner and Jacob Weisman (2013)
The Cutting Room: Dark Reflections of the Silver Screen by Ellen Datlow (2014) | Biblio. & Rights Info
Lovecraft’s Monsters, edited by Ellen Datlow (2014) | Biblio. & Rights Info
The Very Best of Tad Williams by Tad Williams (2014) | Biblio & Rights Info
We Are All Completely Fine by Daryl Gregory (2014) | Biblio. & Rights Info
The Monstrous, edited by Ellen Datlow (2015)
Invaders: 22 Tales from the Outer Limits of Literature, edited by Jacob Weisman (2016)
Nightmares: A New Decade of Modern Horror, edited by Ellen Datlow (2016)
Pirate Utopia by Bruce Sterling (2016) | Biblio & Rights Info
In Calabria
by Peter S. Beagle (2017) | Biblio & Rights Info
The Emerald Circus by Jane Yolen (2017)
The New Voices of Fantasy, edited by Peter S. Beagle & Jacob Weisman (2017)
Beyond Frankenstein (published in print as The Mortal Immortal) by Mary Shelley (2017)
Apocalypse Nyx by Kameron Hurley (2018)
The People’s Republic of Everything by Nick Mamatas (2018) | Biblio. & Rights Info
The Unicorn Anthology, edited by Peter S. Beagle & Jacob Weisman (2018)
How to Fracture a Fairy Tale by Jane Yolen (2018)| Biblio & Rights Info
The Very Best of Caitlin R. Kiernan by Caitlin R. Kiernan (2019)| Biblio & Rights Info
The Last Tsar’s Dragonby Jane Yolen (2019) | Biblio & Rights Info
Meet Me in the Future by Kameron Hurley (2019) Biblio & Rights Info
Ivory Apples by Lisa Goldstein (2019) Biblio & Rights Info
The New Voices of Science Fiction,
edited by Hannu Rajaniemi and Jacob Weisman (2019)
The Immortal Conquistador
by Carrie Vaughn (2020)
Sea Change
by Nancy Kress (2020)
by Marie Brennan (2020)
Adventures of a Dwergish Girl by Daniel Pinkwater (forthcoming)
An Oral History of Science Fiction Writers and Their Field, 1920-1960 by Richard Wolinsky (forthcoming)
The Midnight Circus by Jane Yolen (forthcoming)
Kitty’s Mix-Tape by Carrie Vaughn (forthcoming)
Nucleation by Kimberly Unger (forthcoming)



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For IN CALABRIA by Peter S. Beagle

“Neatly playing the strictures of Claudio’s simple rural life against the shimmering wildness of the unicorn, Beagle’s kindly fable shows how a man who seems to have nothing can really have everything—with just a touch of magic.”

Publishers Weekly

“A lyrical modern fairy tale, IN CALABRIA is a lovely tale of finding magic in our world and the importance of protecting it while we have it. It’s the hopeful kind of story we all need right now.”

SciFi Now

“A charming, beautifully written short novel—don’t miss it.”

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine

For THE ROBERTS by Michael Blunlein

“Blumlein has a gift for beautifully evocative prose.”


“Blumein knows how to tell a story and how to hold a reader’s attention.”


“THE ROBERTS is an impressive novella packing emotional as well as intellectual punch which serves as an example of how speculative ideas and approaches can enhance rather than detract from the emotional core of a story…Michael Blumlein has provided a model with this text that haunts the reader far beyond the brief hour or two required to read it.”

SF Site

“A breezy read with a terrific ending”’

Handee Books

“Blumlein is beyond any genre, a genuinely great writer.”

—Katherine Dunn,
author of Geek Love

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For Ellen Datlow

“The field’s leading anthologist.”

The Washington Post

“With her keen eye for craftsmanship, prolific anthologist Datlow always delivers first-class entertainment, whether her genre-at-hand is sf, fantasy, or, in this case, horror.”


“Ellen Datlow takes “pretty cool” to a whole new level…to say she is a rock star of the industry is quite the understatement.”

The Little Red Reviewer

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For THE CUTTING ROOM, edited by Ellen Datlow

“Superstar editor Datlow makes no missteps in this reprint collection of dark tales involving movies and moviemaking…really, the entire volume is outstanding.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“This themed anthology revolves around the idea that the separation between what is real and what we see on film is not as clear as we’d like to think it is. What if, for example, the Wicked Witch of the West didn’t stay in Oz? What if James Dean got a second chance at life? These are just some of the weird-but-cool ideas explored in this tempting volume of stories from renowned editor Ellen Datlow, who collects 23 scary tales by the likes of Peter Straub, Genevieve Valentine, Robert Shearman, Laird Barron and more.”

“Excellent Horror Reads for October”

“This collection of 23 stories should appeal to fans of horror and SF primarily, though noir and hard-boiled-mystery readers should feel welcome too…. Definitely worth checking out.”


“Many of the stories (and both poems) embrace the sometimes sinister and often magical relationship between viewer and film… The attraction is deliciously dangerous and potentially deadly…delectable horrors [await] the reader within THE CUTTING ROOM.”

Diabolique Magazine

“It’s pretty much a given that an Ellen Datlow anthology will at least be good, if not great…THE CUTTING ROOM is no exception. Each tale flows into the next with such natural ease.”

Lit Reactor

“Horror stories about the cinema in some capacity. There was no way I wouldn’t like this book, regardless of whether I was a horror and film buff or not. Datlow’s pretty much the master of the anthology, and it shows here.”

“Favorite reads of 2014”

“Ellen Datlow puts together some really good books and this might be one of my favorite to date. Dark fantasy/horror stories strung along a theme of films and filmmaking. What a brilliant concept.”

Looking for a Good Book

“When Datlow’s name is on the cover, however, you know the collection will contain the highest quality writing and arranging…. The Cutting Room is a major success.”

Ensuing Chapters

“Wonderful strangeness.”

True Review

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“A superb sampling of some of the most significant short horror works…This is an anthology to be cherished and an invaluable reference for horror aficionados.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“This collection’s range of subjects and forms of storytelling gives us enough quality to be added to your summer reading list.”

New York Journal of Books

“DARKNESS promises to please both longtime fans and readers who have no clue what ‘splatterpunk’ was supposed to mean.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Eclectic…a complete overview of some of the best horror stories published in the last twenty years.”

SF Site

A great collection of terror tales spaninng the last twenty years…I loved every one of them…I give my highest recommendation for this book.”

Hellnotes (Brian M. Sammons)

“About as close to horror perfection as any fan could ask for in an anthology.”

Choate Road Horror Blog

“The book was a great time capsule…almost like finding buried treasure…anyone looking to get a diverse sampling of what the last few decades have to offer, this is a book you shouldn’t miss.”

Rabid Reads

“Datlow is a high-calibre anthologist and DARKNESS is another in a long line of books assembled by her that I would recommend.”

—Silvia Moreno-Garcia,
author of This Strange Way of Dying and Signal to Noise

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For HAUNTINGS, edited by Ellen Datlow

“The collection flows smoothly, capturing the pleasantly shivery dread of a round of ghost stories told by a fire…Solid entries by Neil Gaiman, Caitlín R. Kiernan, and Joyce Carol Oates capture the mood perfectly and will thrill fans of the eerie.”

Publishers Weekly

“[HAUNTINGS is] apt to entertain and disquiet the horror fans.”

SF Site
Featured review!

“Datlow once again proves herself as a master editor. Her mission to broaden readers’ concepts of what a haunting can be is nothing short of a success, and the twenty-four stories on display run the gamut from explicitly terrifying to eerily familiar. Readers who wish to be haunted themselves should not miss this one. Highly recommended.”

Arkham Digest

“I have a short list of editors that I will buy an anthology of, regardless of whether or not I have even heard of the writers it contains, and Ellen Datlow is at the top of that list. She has this crazy knack of consistently putting together stellar anthologies and HAUNTINGS is no different.”

Horror Talk

“Award-winning horror editor Ellen Datlow offers readers a skillfully crafted, captivating collection with HAUNTINGS, an anthology of twenty-four reprinted ghostly tales from the last 25 years of horror literature.”

Rue Morgue

“That delicious sense of tantalization, of maybe and what if, impelled me through page after page, encountering intriguing characters, spine-shivering settings, and bits and pieces (sometimes literally…of corpses)….”


“A book that must surely be an early contender for any and every Best Anthology award going this year.”

Black Static

“Take a gander at Ellen Datlow’s stellar collection HAUNTINGS and learn what being haunted really means…There is no better way to combat the upcoming summer heat than with a fabulous collection of chills.”

Revolution SF

“Twenty four tales in all spanning the years 1983 through 2012, Ms Datlow has assembled a formidable community of eminent genre artists working at the very heights of their literary powers to create this outstanding dark fantasy anthology. This is the best of the best—don’t miss it!”

The Tomb of Dark Delights

“This collection is formidable…”

True Review

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For LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS, edited by Ellen Datlow

“Some of the best Lovecraftian short fiction of the past 30 years.”

The Washington Post

“There’s a lot to love in LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS, an anthology which is both faithful and inventive at the same time. Unafraid to take risks and snazzily illustrated, this collection is proof that the Cthulhu cult remains as strong as ever.”

Starburst Magazine

“This collection is a pleaser for those of use who like the dark stuff. There’s a story in the anthology by Brian Hodge, The Same Deep Waters as You, that is the stand-out for me and still gives me shivers just thinking about it. If you like Lovecraft even a little bit, this collection is a must.”

Book Riot
“Best Books of 2014 So Far”

“Datlow brings together some of the top SF/F and horror writers working today and has them play in Lovecraft’s bizarre world. And that’s a delight.”

January Magazine

“Ellen Datlow’s second editorial outing into the realm of Lovecraft proves even more fruitful than the first. Focusing on Lovecraftian monsters, Datlow offers readers sixteen stories and two poems of a variety that should please any fans of the genre.”

The Arkham Digest

“For LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS, each writer had the same agenda: come up with a fresh take on one of the legendary author’s otherworldly creatures, like Cthulhu, the Shoggoths, the Elder Things and Yog-Sothoth. (Trust, they’re scarier than those tongue-twisting names suggest.) Adding to the book’s excellence, illustrator John Coulthart provided gorgeous new black-and-white artwork for each story.”


“In the case of LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS, edited by the great Ellen Datlow, the quality of the stories is both a celebration of HPL’s legacy and a reminder of the wealth of talent the genre has to offer…. It’s simple: if you like Lovecraftian fiction, you need to get this.”

Horror Talk

“There’s no need to have previously read Lovecraft’s work to enjoy LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS, but the collection will surely leave you with the desire to acquaint or reacquaint you with HPL canon.”

Rue Morgue

“LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS will appeal to fans of Lovecraft’s work, particularly his Mythos stories, and to readers of dark fiction everywhere. Datlow is an experienced and keen editor of dark fiction and has assembled a truly impressive list of stories.”


“I LOVED this book. I love retellings, especially horror, and these were done in a great way. From sea creatures to demons there is a story for everyone. After I read this book I read the originals and I was very happy with the way this book was written.”

Night Owl Reviews
Top Pick!

“…an entirely enjoyable read… for Mythos devotees I would highly recommend picking it up.”

Seattle Geekly

“Editor Ellen Datlow has put together an anthology that will rock your liquid fantasies. Tachyon Publications has produced an excellent themed anthology. Lovecraft enthusiasts will plunge into the volume and be happily immersed in the content.”

Diabolique Magazine

“LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS is a must-read for any fans of the Cthulhu Mythos.”

Geek Smash

“An excellent anthology of horror stories…. I highly recommend it!”

Black Gate

An amazing and diverse treasure trove of stories… unique and wonderful, showcasing the best of Lovecraft’s wicked imagination and the endless talents of several of today’s finest authors.”

Shattered Ravings

“Edited by Ellen Datlow” serves as an almost gold-plated guarantee of quality…LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS is a fitting tribute to a master who created a cosmos larger that his own imagination and invited others to share it.”


“This is a must-have anthology for fans of things that go squick in the night.”

Lit Rant

“Fans of the HBO True Detective series (and those who are not) will love this new themed anthology from acclaimed genre editor, Ellen Datlow.”

Count Gore / Creature Feature
“Top Ten Books of 2014”

“Each story is a dark wonder and the volume itself is absolutely gorgeous, sumptuously illustrated throughout with steampunky-baroque original art by World Fantasy Award-winning artist John Coulthart. LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS is a must-have for every fan of dark speculative fiction, so click on the cover graphic and grab it!”

—Count Gore / Creature Feature

“LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS, edited by Ellen Datlow and published by Tachyon Publications, is a reprint anthology of some carefully chosen and mighty fine Lovecraftian short stories, novellas and poems…. All in all it is a terrific selection of works, and one that any fan of Lovecratian works should add to their collection.”


“Amazing and creative tales each with a striking illustration by John Coulthart…I fully recommend adding this nice anthology for all fans of Lovecraft.”

Dark Corners

“This was a very entertaining collection, full of well-written works…A great choice for fans of H. P. Lovecraft, those who are simply just fans of his incredible monsters, or those who have little to no familiarity with either and would like to get a taste of the infamous Cthulhu Mythos.”

Book and Coffee Addict

“[A] delightful array of little pieces that range in mood and subject…. Unholy sacrifice, forbidden love, a private dick on the trail of a murderer—there’s something there for everyone.”

The Jaded Consumer

“So I am telling you now, in the name of Yog-Sothoth, get this book, and prepare to lose some sleep.”

The Bookend Family

“With Ellen Datlow at the helm, there was never really any doubt about the quality of the selections on hand . . . .LOVECRAFT’S MONSTERS is certainly a worthy addition to any horror library.”

—Silvia Moreno-Garcia,
author of Signal to Noise

For THE SECRET CITY by Carol Emshwiller

“This carefully crafted, ambivalent story depicts alien and human alike struggling just to get by.”

Publishers Weekly

“During an award-filled, 30-year career, Emshwiller has delighted readers and fellow writers with her unique brand of exquisitely rendered magic realism…A simple yet vivid parable on the value of cherishing the home one knows best.”


“Highly recommended.”

—Midwest Book Review

“Emshwiller has been writing occasionally for 50 years, and a new work is a treat.”

The Denver Post

“…a sweet and involving story. Its attitude toward humans and aliens is refreshing…THE SECRET CITY is yet another strong late work from one of our treasures.”

SF Site
Featured review!

“No one has yet approached the trope with the finesse and grace of Emshwiller. She’s a writer of such slantwise sensibilities and such deep perceptions that she conveys the exotic weirdness of such a setup—and the almost unfathomable otherness of the Betashan mentality—with uncommon vividness and startling jolts of creepiness.”

Sci Fi Weekly
Grade: A

“Emshwiller’s latest displays her incredible talent for writing naturalistic prose about unnatural situations as well as her ability to create a compact level of intensity.”

The Agony Column

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For READING THE BONES by Sheila Finch

“READING THE BONES combines the best elements of the previous Xenolinguist stories. From the theoretical and abstract elements of linguistics to the characteristically brutal and savage violence marking several of the earlier pieces, all emotionally and artistically capped by the powerful denouement involving the redemption of the main character.”

David Truesdale
Editor of Tangent Online

“This short novel is expanded from one of her stories, a Nebula Award-winning novella, and the result is her best novel to date.”

—SF Chronicle

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For THE GOOD HUMOR MAN by Andrew Fox

“Fox unveils more all-too-plausible bits of the future and has us laughing to keep from crying.”

Starred review!

“Fox [also] tackles the SF thriller mode with panache. Can Elvis’s belly fat save the world? Read it and see!”


“THE GOOD HUMOR MAN is an intensely interesting, wild ride through a wickedly accurate depiction of the American psyche…a witty, incisive satire all on its own. By turns heartbreaking and mesmerizingly grotesque, THE GOOD HUMOR MAN is well worth the read.”


“…keeps the pages turning…. I’d suggest playing ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and grabbing a bag of chips for ambiance.”

—Electric City

“Who but Andrew Fox, author of Fat White Vampire Blues, could combine Elvis Presley, anti-junk food fascism, clones, a world-threatening virus, and weird sex involving liposuction into one book?”

Edge San Francisco

“THE GOOD HUMOR MAN is an amazing novel that tackles serious issues like obesity, nutrition, genetically engineered food, the agricultural business, body image and many, many other important topics in a very entertaining, darkly humorous way.”

—Fatally Yours

“Adventure always popped up when it was needed most, so in retrospect, it was more awesome than not. It was one of those incredibly quick and fun…Simple (yet complicated) and fun (yet disturbing). I liked it.”

Biblio Babes

“THE GOOD HUMOR MAN is hilarious, trenchant, important, and the story of Dr. Louis Schmalzberg’s search for the jar of liposuctioned Elvis fat that may save America is impossible to put down. Andrew Fox writes like a combination of Kurt Vonnegut, Dave Barry, and Molly Ivins….”

—Lucius Shepard,
Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of Vacancy

“A Fahrenheit 451 for the post-millennium, told with Fox’s magnificent evocation of place and twisted humor. Wonderful!”

—Kage Baker,
author of In the Company of Thieves

“Andrew Fox has provided readers with some inspired riffs on the Vampire Lestat and Ignatius Reilly. . . Now he extends his range a bit with a hilarious new novel, THE GOOD HUMOR MAN, OR CALORIE 3501.”

The Times-Picayune (Susan Larson)

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“This complex novel—scathingly funny, horrific yet oddly inspiring—constructs a seductive puzzle from torn identities, focusing on both the value and peril of fear…Blending the stark realism of pain and isolation with the liberating force of the fantastic, Gregory makes it easy to believe that the world is an illusion, behind which lurks an alternative truth—dark, degenerate, and sublime.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred Review!

“Gregory is interested more in empathy than revulsion, more in accommodation than heroics, and more in the victim than the monster. The result is his most tightly constructed and compulsively readable novel to date, and a small gem of what we might call post-horror horror.”


“This is a clever and creepy horror tale from Gregory …Concisely exploring the nature of fear and isolation, this short novel doesn’t have time to develop into anything bigger, but it doesn’t need to.”

—Library Journal

“Gregory gives you just what you’d experience if you were sitting there with the group, and the story zips along at breakneck speed with a few surprises along the way. WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE is creepy rather than scary, unsettling rather than gory. But it’s also touching, and funny in that dark and sarcastic way only people faced with unstoppable horror can be funny, and when you’re finished you’ll wish there was more.”

The Daytona Beach News-Journal

“I read this book in two hours on the plane home from Loncon and just holy shit. It is gripping from start to finish…It’s dark and disturbing, as you, the reader, slowly uncover the mysteries of who these people are and what they’ve been through, and what they have yet to face. Daryl Gregory employs a POV trick that shouldn’t work, that should be irritating and confusing, but instead pulls the reader in even more.”

The Book Smugglers

“WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE is something refreshing and unique—a short horror novel that is as much about relationships and people learning from one another as it is about the horrors that they are ultimately facing…Gregory excels with the characters. The story, the mystery which is slowly unpeeled, is engaging and involving, but it’s the characters that truly shine…it’s so rich that I wanted to read about it in its entirety. I also wanted to follow the courses of the characters after the story ended. That, most of all, is a triumph.”


“An incredibly powerful novella… [It includes] a mystery, and some of the best characterization I’ve ever read in a novella. It’s rather fascinating to see how the group dynamic unfolds, sometimes in uncomfortable ways, and how all of these people find answers in the parts of themselves, and their pasts, they’ve tried so hard to ignore, disregard, or sweep under the rug.”

SF Signal
“Special Needs in Strange Worlds: The Best Books of 2014”

“Daryl Gregory’s WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE is a dark, liquid web that keeps you entangled in the story and characters. Even when you pull away the spider catches you and brings you back. This book is truly hard to put down. Not only is the book seductive but it packs a powerful psychological punch. Each character has their own crazy story that would leave any rational person in disbelief, yet reveals the monsters within us in a way that is artfully crafted.”


“Each story is fascinating, and certainly terrifying…I fell in love with each of these damaged people…This is a scary, funny, bittersweet, fantastic book, and Gregory’s imagination is twisted and wonderful.”

My Bookish Ways

“This is horror, and will be appreciated by horror readers. It is actually thought-provoking — what does happen to the heroes in those movies after they escape the locked haunted institution, or blow up the zombies, or cut the head off the giant snake? In WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE, Gregory pulls an original idea with drama and style.”

Fantasy Literature

“An excellent, sardonic take on HP Lovecraft – what happens when those driven into shrill unholy madness by perceiving the true lineaments of world go into group therapy? His new juvenile, Harrison Squared is a prequel, but doesn’t look to be nearly so creepy.”

Washington Monthly

“I believe we’ll be seeing this novella on many awards lists beginning in early 2015. Yes, he’s that good.”

More Red Ink

“I devoured it. Gregory’s written a wonderfully creepy little book that will make you think twice about going out after dark.”

Every Free Chance

“If you’re one of those readers who is constantly looking for something a little different, a little daring, this is probably a good one to try out…It’s a little horrific, quite deep, and plenty surprising. You’ll wish it was longer, but I think you’ll appreciate the length it end up being. Gregory has a way with words and he manages to use them as a perfect tool to pull his readers into the dark depths, drag them along, and leave them gasping, trying to understand.”

—Bookworm Blues

I loved this story. Gregory is an author I’ll be watching for sure…For readers who aren’t afraid to dig deep into the horrors of the human condition, WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE is a must read.”

Books, Bones, & Buffy

“I definitely feel this deserves 4 1/2 stars, and gladly recommend this to anyone looking for a different take on a paranormal story.”

The Grand World of Books

“This book is fast-paced, creepy, suspenseful, and yet surprisingly uplifting, with fleshed out characters I genuinely cared about. . . . This book is seriously awesome. Someone chain [Gregory] to a desk so he stops doing anything other than write.”

SF Book Review

“This short, creepy story manages to elevate your spirits even lift you up as it gives you the chills.”

—Seattle Public Library
“Books the Library Loves”

“This is quite a cast of memorable characters…Part horror, part psychological thriller, Daryl Gregory keeps us in uncomfortable suspense while managing to wrest a few chuckles along the way. If you like your horror fun, fast and frenzied, this is the book for you!”

Arlington Heights Memorial Library

“WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE is a slim novel with a darkly entertaining narrative that will keep the pages turning…If you’re looking for a quick excursion into the literary landscape Ray Bradbury once called the October Country, WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE will get you there and back safely in a single afternoon.”

Fine Print
(Washington Centerville Library Blog)

“If you’re a fan of horror, or of anything Daryl Gregory has written elsewhere, or just of fantastic novellas that demonstrate exemplary storytelling, then you ought to read We Are All Completely Fine. The pacing is tight, not a word wasted, and for all that most of the immediate action occurs at the end, it never once feels slow or ponderous. Masterful writing and a sensational set of intertwining stories keep you reading, keep you pushing for details, and it’s a great thing to whet your appetite for more of Gregory’s superb writing.”


“I enjoyed the hell out of this novella!…Highly recommended for fans of dark fiction and psychological horror!”

Char’s Horror Corner

“Sublime… The character building and backstories pay off in interesting, if not entirely surprising, ways.”

Throw This Book At Me

“Daryl Gregory produced another fine piece of science fiction…[this is] a novella I overwhelmingly loved.”

Reading the End

“A very quick read, and yet it is just so densely packed with goodness. It just begs to be experienced firsthand…I highly recommend this book and author. It’s a good place to jump on board if you love the horror genre, or if you’re curious about checking out Daryl Gregory’s work.”


The best horror is the creeping kind that builds, slowly; the kind where the characters can’t see what’s coming and the audience can just about see it, ever so slightly out of focus. Daryl Gregory, in WE ARE COMPLETELY FINE, has written horror which works in exactly that mode…The characters are brilliantly archetypical…WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE isn’t your typical psychological horror novel, nor your typical Lovecraftian one; instead, Gregory looks at what happens next, and does so brilliantly. A really great piece of terrifying, revealing work.”

Intellectus Speculativus

“I’ve not encountered many authors in the horror genre who flex literary muscle as well as Gregory. His approach was perfect for the story vehicle.”

Out of My Mind

“This was an intriguing and gripping novella.”

—The Y Logs

“Gregory does a masterful storytelling job here.”

—MT Void

“Lovecraft meets Cabin in the Woods in this tale of survivors of various supernatural horrors who come together in a support group to try to heal….fascinating”

Fantastic Reading

“WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE is a remarkably seductive piece of supernatural horror, drawing the innocent reader into the web by dealing with a familiar situation. . . .fascinating and engrossing. . . ”

Thinking About Books

“Gregory has a talent for writing lyrically about things that seem ordinary, but really are not and manages to walk a fine line between weird, terrifying and beautiful…combining that skill with a choice of subject so unique and fascinating was a complete hit.”

The Girl Who Loved to Read

“Clever, and filled with the creeping dread of what’s in the flickering shadow next to you and what’s just around the corner that suffuses the best horror. I loved it.”

—Ellen Datlow,
Bram Stoker, World Fantasy, and International Horror Guild award-winning editor of The Best Horror of the Year series

“Charming and horrifying—you won’t be able to stop reading it.”

—Tim Powers,
award-winning author of The Bible Repairman and The Stress of Her Regard

“Daryl Gregory’s WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY FINE is bitchin’ fun and as wicked and strange as a motorcycle leap through a ring of fire without your pants on. Loved it.”

—Joe R. Lansdale,
author of Cold in July and the Hap and Leonard series

“Daryl Gregory is a writer I would happily follow into any dark place he wanted me to go. This is a labyrinth of a story, intricate as a spider’s web—and like a spider’s web, each piece informs the whole. Beautiful.”

—Seanan McGuire,
author of the October Daye series and Half-Off Ragnarok

“A superb, haunting tale by one of our very best writers. Gregory’s characters are already in therapy; you may want to join them after reading this spicy, disturbing mélange.”

—Robert J. Sawyer,
Hugo Award-winning author of Red Planet Blues

He’s not just good — he’s good enough that I will now read anything by him, even things I wouldn’t normally read, because I know he’ll deliver…There’s something especially engaging about Gregory’s characters. I think [he is] particularly good at giving the reader a strong sense of how remarkable and shattering events effect the real people stuck in the middle of it all, the ground-level experience.”

Rosemary Kirstein,
author of the Steerwoman Series

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For THE MONSTROUS by Daryl Gregory

“Datlow, horror anthologist extraordinaire, brings together all things monstrous in this excellent reprint anthology of 20 horror stories that explore the ever-widening definition of what makes a monster, with nary a misstep. The varied sources of monstrosity include a very troubled kindergarten teacher, a catering company that puts humans on the menu, and spirit-devouring creatures out of Japanese mythology, all creating distinctive microcosms where monsters reign in many forms. In Gemma Files’s “A Wish from a Bone,” an archeological reality show filming in Sudan uncovers evidence of the Terrible Seven, ancient beings who are bent on destruction and domination. Adam-Troy Castro’s “The Totals” skewers bureaucracy and the daily grind by populating a drinking hole with monsters, who create mayhem, commit murder, and kvetch with their deadly coworkers with the same sense of ennui felt by any office drone. Other standouts by Sofia Samatar, Dale Bailey, and Christopher Fowler round out this atmospheric and frequently terrifying collection.”

Publishers Weekly, starred review!

“The only direction editor Datlow gave her contributors when compiling this collection was that she didn’t want any human monsters. While some of the twenty stories here skirt that rule, there are a nice variety of inhuman beasties as well. A moody Japanese tale from Jeffrey Ford, “A Natural History of Autumn,” opens the collection, followed by Peter Straub’s school-set riff on Cinderella, “Ashputtle.” Other standouts include Adam-Troy Castro’s “The Totals,” which gives us a competitive monster office and “Down Among the Dead Men” from Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois about a vampire imprisoned in a World War II concentration camp. The anthology also finishes strong with John Langan’s Scottish-set “Corpsemouth,” the single story original to this collection. VERDICT The list of contributors, including Gemma Files, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Adam L.G. Nevill, and Kim Newman, will be enough to get horror fans excited. The assortment of styles means that there is a monster here for everyone’s taste.”

Library Journal

“[T]he writers whose yarns appear in this collection are definitely responsible for eliciting some genuinely unsettling responses to their tales. Unsettling is a desired response for those who write and read horror fiction, and The Monstrous fulfills the desire. . . .The twenty high caliber tales in Tachyon Publications’ The Monstrous delve into egregious behavior with intelligent observations. Eerie and artfully executed, the narratives are highly imaginative and chilling.”


“Vivid imagery and compelling narratives”

Portland Book Review

“It is the monstrous wonders that come from the intelligent minds of these authors that make this book amazing.”

Suspense Magazine

“For my money, this is the official book for Halloween 2015, a collection of shadows, scales, flesh and bone that is beautiful and unsettling all at once.”

Ensuing Chapters

“If horror is your thing, you will most definitely find a lot to love here.”

Killer Nashville

“Datlow has more backed-up expertise and accumulated assets than almost any other horror/dark/weird editor in the business. It certainly shows in this collection. It’s one of the most monstrous compilations around, and you may find yourself dreaming of its various manifestations for weeks or months afterwards (just not tentacled ones).”


“Hon­estly, every story in this anthol­ogy is excel­lent. It’s really a tes­ta­ment to Datlow’s wealth of expe­ri­ence in the genre, and her mas­ter­ful touch in edit­ing and com­pil­ing the best sto­ries around.”

The Warbler

“Ellen Datlow presents us with yet another utterly compelling cornucopia of horrors.”

Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing

The Monstrous is one of the most impressive themed anthologies of the year, varied in terms of theme and style, but not in quality.”

This Is Horror

The Monstrous is one of the best collections of stories I’ve read in recent years. Every story in this collection shines.”

The Book Lover’s Boudoir

“A must-have for every fan of horror. Highly recommended.”

Reclusive Reads

The Monstrous will chill and darken your day in a terrifyingly sweet way. When you begin to read it, you’ll most likely have problems putting it down, because all of the stories are intriguing and they may cause a few moments of unease and distress to readers. Highly recommended!”


“This anthology is thrilling and readable, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to read about unusual monsters.”

Paper Blog

I highly recommend it. The twenty tales in this tome will leave you sleepless for many nights to come, and yet begging for more.”

Shattered Ravings

“[There are] excellent stories in here by such authors as Peter Straub, Brian Hodge, Dale Bailey, and Kim Newman. Each story is horrific, touching, dark–it’s easy to get drawn in.”

Errant Dreams

“Every story is written with mastery and the kind of originality and attention to detail that gets you into a Datlow anthology in the first place.”

Shotgun Logic

“There is something here for everyone and just about every monster.”

Fantasy Literature

“This collection has something disturbing for everyone.”

Washington Independent

“If you like horror, monster stories, or are looking for something to dip in and out of on chilly fall nights, this is a great selection. I can’t rave enough about Datlow and the authors included here.”

Book Hooked Blog

“It is the monstrous worlds that come from the intelligent minds of these authors that make this book amazing.”


“For anyone familiar with editor Datlow the short review for her recent horror anthology The Monstrous would be that it is everything you’ve come to expect from her superb taste and expert experience.”

Reading 1000 Lives

“For those of us who enjoy reading both horror and short stories, Ellen Datlow’s new anthology, The Monstrous, is a real treat.”

The Emporia Gazette

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“Her prose is clean, effortless, and quirky (yes, all three at once) in a way that makes it possible that the knife point to slip right past your eyeballs and straight into your brain.”

—The Spectrum Circus

“Eileen Gunn has a barbed-wire-sharp mind, an unsettling insight into the way the world works, and a wicket sense of humor, and her stories are just like her. From Cobain High to the Tower of Diminished Expectations, STABLE STRATEGIES AND OTHERS is a disconcerting, witty, delicious read!”

—Connie Willis

“Not caring to scavenge the slipstreamed Sargasso that typifies so much of today’s American SF, Eileen Gunn gives us a lucid field guide to a veritable Galapagos of droll aracana and deeply felt anomalies. Long-awaited and worth the wait.”

—Robert Morales

“Very few writers have the range or impact of Eileen Gunn. Her stories zip, dip, twist and turn, move from melancholy to mystery to magic. You are in for a treat. Enjoy!”

—Karen Joy Fowler

“‘I awoke this morning to discover that bioengineering had made demands upon me during the night.’ Who hasn’t had mornings like that? It’s a strange life we live, and it gets stranger every day: Eileen Gunn knows as much. A sharp-eyed student of mantises, windswept deserts, Fibonacci numbers, and Richard Nixon, she unblinkingly faces this brave new world as if she’d started off the day sharing coffee with Kafka, trading knowing remarks about the preternatural weirdness of the world. Gunn shows us vistas and scenarios possible and improbable, suggests events that may or may not have happened, and invites us to stretch our minds and imaginations as she does her own. This book contains no end of treasures and pleasures for anyone fortunate enough to come to it, and I’m glad to have it close at hand.”

—Gregory McNamee

“Without Eileen Gunn, life as we know it would be so dull we wouldn’t recognize it. Among the five or six North Americans currently able to write short stories, she has not written anywhere near enough. But at least all of them are here in this book, an occasion for rejoicing from Manhattan to Makah.”

—Ursula K. Le Guin

“Gunn’s stories are in another league entirely—like Sturgeon or Chiang, she’s sui generis and anything but generic. Every one of these stories has a pleasing, sharp flavor unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Especially the recipe for fruit crisp. Delicious.”

—Cory Doctorow

“Reading this book is like getting to wear the eyeballs of a madwoman in your own sockets for a day. Nothing’s going to look the same. Suddenly, the Richard Nixon Game Show and the girl with twenty-one fingers and the birds who need rest to die will make perfect sense. And your life will be better. So buy the damn book. It’s brilliant.”

—Warren Ellis

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For THE SWORD AND SORCERY ANTHOLOGY, edited by David G. Hartwell and Jacob Weisman

“Heroes and their mighty deeds populate the pages of this delightfully kitschy yet absorbing anthology of sword and sorcery short stories from the 1930s onward. Hartwell and Weisman have selected some of the best short-form work in the genre…This is an unbeatable selection from classic to modern, and each story brings its A game.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“The 19 stories in this volume span a time period from 1933 to 2012 and provide a strong introduction to this fantasy subgenre.”

—Library Journal

“This engaging anthology is a terrific way to meet some of the best fantasists for those unfamiliar with their works and for returning vets a chance to enjoy fun short stories.”

—Midwest Book Review

“Superbly presented…reignited this reader’s interest.”

SF Site

“A big, meaty collection of genre highlights that runs the gamut from old-school classics to new interpretations, it serves as an excellent introduction and primer in one.”

—Green Man Review

“Awesome collection, very highly recommended.”

—Nerds in Babeland

“Hard and fast-paced fantasy that’s strong from the first piece right through to the last.”

—Shades of Sentience

“Hartwell and Weisman’s choices are top-notch and provide both an excellent introduction to the subgenre for new readers and exciting reading for long-time fans.”

—Grasping for the Wind

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For REWIRED: THE POST-CYBERPUNK ANTHOLOGY by James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel

“Those looking for well-told stories will be satisfied.”

Publishers Weekly

“An excellent collection and a reminder that the short story is often the best venue for new ideas in the field.”


“Sixteen inspiring, mind-altering stories…and every story in the bunch is a knockout.”


“Taking the genre to the next level.”


“REWIRED: THE POST-CYBERPUNK ANTHOLOGY is, one of the best reprint anthologies I have encountered in a long time, judged purely on the quality of the stories contained within it.”

SF Site

“Mind-altering…every story in the bunch is a knockout.”


“A short story collection filled with very good stories by very good science fiction writers offering very engaging ideas.”


“Fascinating, and indispensable to any serious SF reader…REWIRED is one of the best imaginable anthologies covering what SF is doing right now.”

ComicsAlliance (Andrew Wheeler)

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“This collection will linger in the memory long after reading and should help garner a larger audience for Klages’s forthcoming second novel.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred review!

“Klages’ stories contain marvels—small, strange things lurking on the edges of normal life…Klages creates wonder-filled and beautiful worlds in her short stories, making this a tremendously satisfying collection.”


“Klages knows that if you can get inside a child’s perspective, it’s all the fantasy you need, and she does it beautifully.”


“Klages’ superb first story collection…strong emotional stories.”

Denver Post

“Consistently well written and emotionally stimulating, the book is one of the loveliest you’ll find.”

School Library Journal Online

“The kind of SF writer that comes along once in a decade…brilliant stories.”

BoingBoing (Cory Doctorow)

“Haunting and crystalline…there are 16 reasons why you should inspect PORTABLE CHILDHOODS. Buy it. Read it. Set it down. Then pick it up and read it again!”

Tangent Online

“Highly recommended. I enjoyed each and every story in the collection.”


“Ellen Klages’s work seems as transparent as spring water, but this is a woman who knows that clarity and simplicity can pierce the heart.”

—Peter Straub,
World Fantasy Award-winning author of A Dark Matter and The Talisman (with Stephen King)

“Ellen Klages writes about childhood in brilliant, primary colors. Like Ray Bradbury, her nostalgic stories are like myths.”

—Maureen McHugh,
Hugo Award-winning author of China Mountain Zhang

“This delightful collection showcases the best of Klages. Her protagonists are lovable, her prose natural, and her charm evident throughout.”

—Karen Joy Fowler,
Nebula and World Fantasy Award-winning author of The Jane Austen Book Club

“Klages has the true storyteller’s gift of characters and plot. You believe in people from the first moment they appear on the page, and you can’t guess where they are going. If many of the stories in PORTABLE CHILDHOODS are not already classics in the field, they should be.”

Charles de Lint,
World Fantasy Award-winning author of Moonlight and Vines

“Welcome to Planet Klages! These stories are warm, witty, occasionally wise, and always wonderfully written. Ellen Klages is going to be big as big. Buy this book now, read it today, and become her fan forever.”

—Michael Swanwick,
Nebula Award-winning author of Stations of the Tide

“I haven’t been writing prose very long, but I’ve been reading prose long enough to know this—Ellen Klages approaches greatness.”

—Janis Ian

“Ellen Klages writes like a dream—a dream from which you wake up laughing, and that fills the rest of the day with its strangeness and sweetness.”

—Margo Lanagan,
World Fantasy Award-winning author of Tender Morsels

“Like childhood, these stories run deep with not-yet-happened nostalgia and fierce yearning for what never was. And, like children, they brim with joy, wonder, and wickedness.”

—Nicola Griffith,
Nebula Award-winning author of Slow River

“When you surface out of an Ellen Klages story, it’s like arriving home after a long trip: Your kitchen table, your car, your living room are all recognizably yours, but strange, and not half as real as the place you just came from. That place is the real world, and the people in it are as complex, unpredictable, and solid as you. It’s a hard place to come back from.”

—Emma Bull,
Locus Award-winning author of War for the Oaks

“Ellen Klages’s stories combine the clear-eyed wonder of an intelligent child with the beautiful, controlled prose of a craftsman. And they have heart. What more could one ask of fiction?”

—Delia Sherman,
Mythopoeic Award winning-author of The Porcelain Dove

“Reading any fiction by Ellen Klages, whether it’s set in the basement of a home in Detroit or on the green glass desert sands near Los Alamos or at the favorite fishing spot of a father and his very special son, you are always submerged deep in the rich and strange magic of life.”

—Charles Vess,
World Fantasy Award-winning fantasy artist and comic book illustrator

“Her stories are always a pleasure to read…. Ellen writes from the point of view of a young child like no one else I know.”

—Nalo Hopkinson,
Locus Award-winning author of Brown Girl in the Ring

“Ellen Klages is the funniest lead civilian collector in science fiction. Maybe the funniest woman, too.”

—Joe Haldeman,
Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of The Forever War

“Ellen Klages believes books can be magic, and now she’s delivered the proof: this spell-weaving collection of her short stories. There are so many smart, sweet, funny, troubling treats here about so many things—childhood, chefs, God, barber shops, the atomic bomb—that it’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite. Just read them all! They’re great!”

—Connie Willis,
Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author of The Doomsday Book and Blackout/All Clear

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For THE FATE OF MICE by Susan Palwick

“Spanning the past 20 years of Palwick’s career, the eight previously published and three new stories in this outstanding collection (after her 2005 novel The Necessary Beggar) display the author’s versatility… Palwick’s genre-bending short fiction defies categorization and blends humor with pathos.”

Publishers Weekly
Starred Review!

“This, her first story collection is a welcome addition to her oeuvre and a fitting introduction to her wide-ranging talent and vision…All 11 pieces explore conundrums of human existence, from the perennial pursuit of utopia to the many faces of mortality. Embracing elements of both horror and speculative fiction, Palwick’s unique and commanding fiction never fails to trigger an emotional response as it captures the imagination.”


“A potent brew of mystery and heartache…gracefully knotted, densely lyrical.”


“Palwick uses both fantasy and science in her fictions, flinching from neither the rational nor the ineffable in her quest to write stories exploring the fate of all living things.”

Seattle Times

“Elegantly crafted short fiction.”


“Disturbingly brilliant…the quality varies from very good to startlingly brilliant.”


“…a powerful and complex utopian streak…displays a keen intelligence and a fierce imagination.”

Montreal Gazette

“The effect of the stories will linger long after the last page is turned.”

The Spectrum Circus

“Palwick offers the kind of variety that we find in our best, our most powerful, and versatile authors.”

The Agony Column

“Palwick provides dramatic commentary with innovative structure…. Masterful writing, magical realism, slipstream, and literary fiction are all descriptors that come to mind.”


“Palwick combines sharp political commentary with pleasing flights of fancy with deep psychological insight—and all in prose clear as water. Delicately balanced between hope and heartbreak, these are stories you’ll remember.”

—Karen Joy Fowler
author of The Jane Austen Book Club and After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall

“THE FATE OF MICE shines light on our dark secrets with compassion, wit, and very fine writing.”

—Sheila Williams
editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction

“These stories are brilliant and thought-provoking as well as packing an unexpectedly intense emotional punch.”

—Jo Walton
author of Tooth and Claw and Farthing

“These are strong stories full of dry humor and a powerful sense of what it means to collide with the hard, sharp edges of unforgiving reality and immutable truths. Palwick’s style is spare, direct, and a pleasure to read.”

—Suzy McKee Charnas
author of Stagestruck Vampires

“This is a collection of magnificent, heart-breaking stories. Susan Palwick sees the world with a fearless clarity and tells a truth so sharp it makes you weep. Be warned: Long after you close the book, these stories will haunt you. They’ll stay with you, changing who you are and how you see the world around you.”

—Pat Murphy
author of The City, Not Long After

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For PIRATE UTOPIA by Bruce Sterling

“A kind of Ragtime for our time: provocative, exotic, and very entertaining.”

Starred review!

For THE TREASURY OF THE FANTASTIC, edited by David Sandner and Jacob Weisman

“Because most of the writers are ‘mainstream’ rather than genre authors, this collection also makes a good case for fantasy as literature, while the presence of Edgar Allan Poe, H.G. Wells and Lord Dunsany alongside Edith Wharton, Emily Dickinson, and E.M. Forster breaks down the barrier between literary and genre fiction. VERDICT: This is an important collection for all lovers of fantasy and literature.”

Library Journal

“THE TREASURY OF THE FANTASTIC truly is a treasury of wonderful stories…Turns out there’s not a dud to be found.”

Fantasy & Science Fiction


“THE TREASURY OF THE FANTASTIC is an amazing…marvellous collection. I love the romanticism of early fantasy, it is very different to the type of fantasy we read now, and yet you can see all the seeds and sparks that inspire much of today’s fantasy.THE TREASURY OF THE FANTASTIC is an anthology that easily fits in on your book shelf.”

Fantasy Book Review

“It was an absolute delight to see so [many] of these authors collected here and finding new treasures I hadn’t realized really fell into the realm of fantasy.”

My Shelf Confessions

“THE TREASURY OF THE FANTASTIC is truly that, a comprehensive collection of fantastical literature from throughout the many years covering the romanticism era to the early twentieth century…. an exquisitely curated collection….”

The Arched Doorway

“A marvelous mix of classics and rarely seen works, bibliophile’s finds and old favorites….a treasury in every sense and a treasure!”

—Connie Willis
author of Doomsday Book and To Say Nothing of the Dog

“The fantasy tradition in English and American literature is rich and varied and strange. This is the book to read to find out what you never knew you needed to know.”

—David G. Hartwell
editor of The Year’s Best Fantasy series

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For SHE WALKS IN DARKNESS by Evangeline Walton

“A good old-fashioned gothic suspense story…there is considerable charm in this old-fashioned hair-raiser, and Walton’s focus on history and myth is distinctive…rich in historical detail, with a peculiar flavor all its own.”


“[Evangeline Walton has the] ability to humanize historical and mythological subjects with eloquence, humor, and compassion.”

Fantasy Review

“The book’s a small miracle in prose. A tightly-controlled, first-person narrative of a terrifying experience in a remote Italian villa…Walton’s compression, her economy is brilliant … Deftly done. The Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown also could learn something from her handling of big, historical enigmas.”

Call of the Siren

“They don’t write ‘em like this any more. Thoughtfully resurrected and beautifully presented by Tachyon, Evangeline Walton’s SHE WALKS IN DARKNESS is quite literally an artifact…It is a meticulously crafted, utterly gorgeous creation that is intrinsically of its time and place, and which could not have been created by anyone, anywhen or anywhere else.”

Sleeping Hedgehog

“The writing is fluent and atmospheric, and the reader gets a few nice surprises along the way. A solid read for anyone who likes gothic horror.”

I Heart Books

“Driven by unceasing suspense and intriguing historical mysteries, this Gothic adventure simply won’t let you stop reading it.”

—Tim Powers
Author of World Fantasy Award-winner The Bible Repairman

“For those of us who loved Evangeline Walton’s lyrical and energetic quartet retelling the Four Branches of The Mabinogion, her novella SHE WALKS IN DARKNESS is a startling but quite gripping change…a remarkable gift from the past.”

—Patricia A. McKillip
Author of Wonders of the Invisible World

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“This marvelous short fiction retrospective testifies to the breadth of Williams’s creativity…Williams’s sensitivity to atmosphere and trademark attention to telling detail shine through most of the selections in this varied collection of little gems.”

Publishers Weekly Starred Review!

“Obviously fans of Tad Williams will enjoy this, but then anyone with a sense of humour, a love of the unknown and anyone that enjoys a good tale should benefit from these stories.”

Fantasy Book Review

“Throughout this collection Williams ably demonstrates that he is a jack of all trades — and their master as well.”


“An essential addition to the bookshelf for fans of Tad Williams and also a great opportunity for new readers to sample the breadth of his storytelling prowess.”

SF Signal

“Some writers are naturally at home with longer stories, others excel when restricted to shorter forms, but few can manage both with equal aplomb. Tad Williams is one such author.”

SF Site

“This collection of short writings presents another side of a writer known primarily for his novels (Tailchaser’s Song; The War of the Flowers). Characterized by a wickedly keen sense of humor and, at times, a feel for the poignant…”

Library Journal

“Obviously, Williams’ many fans will eat this up. However, those who have been thinking about reading some of his work but have been hesitating will find this book a great indoctrination….”

January Magazine

“These snippets from his complex imagination read like my very own chicken soup for the Tad Williams fan’s soul with bite-sized nuggets of pure enjoyment…Williams has a little bit for everyone in this motley mix of fiction.”

San Francisco Book Review

“A solid collection of stories that does a nice job of exposing some new facets of Williams’ literary talents… THE VERY BEST OF TAD WILLIAMS is a better collection than most authors could ever hope to produce.”

Beauty in Ruins

“Of the far too many authors cramming the fantasy field with seemingly endless series, only a few are genuinely worthy of our time. Very Best of Tad Williams proves that he is among this select company, and may also cause some to drastically re-evaluate the talents of this prolific and popular author, and discover his other equally satisfying works.”


“For readers unfamiliar with Tad Williams’ writing, this may be the perfect springboard, as opposed to launching into epic fantasies, or even series of any sort. One of the more surprising books I’ve had the pleasure of reading this year, and I say that in spite of the fact that I was already a huge fan of Williams’ work.”

The Cover Contessa

“I really enjoyed this book of short stories. Some were happy and funny and made me smile. Other stories though, oh man, they made me shudder. They were down right scary! One of them was a movie script and it worked perfectly.”


For THE INVADERS, edited by Jacob Weisman

This volume is a treasure trove of stories that draw equally from SF and literary fiction, and they are superlative in either context.”

—Publishers Weekly, Starred Review!

“Solid and lingering.”


“Further proof, if any more were necessary, that the line between genre and literary fiction is simply speculative.”

Library Journal

“Consistently excellent, and occasionally exquisite.”

Foreword Reviews

“Solid, enjoyable pieces told in skillful prose. Which makes Invaders one of the better anthologies I’ve read lately.”

Fantasy Literature

“Invaders is a playful and imaginative exploration of what it means to write in the field of science fiction.”

AV Club

“The writing in these stories is excellent and wonderfully nuanced. You won’t find bad prose in any of them. Instead, you’ll find a well-selected treasure trove of good and exquisite prose.”

Rising Shadow

“The attention to the broader array of writing qualities and focus on more than just sympathetic characters, entertaining story, or technical speculation make for a richer, more interactive, more contemplative reading experience than the average science fiction anthology.”


“Some of the best writers have freestyled on a blank page, without care for rules or patterns. And in so doing, they’ve produced stories that push the envelope not only of sci-fi, but of literature as a whole.”


“Invaders seems to be a collection designed with the task of subverting and upending stereotypes about “genre” fiction in mind. … It does an admirable job of showcasing how seamlessly science fiction themes can be blended with a more traditionally literary voice. The stories are smart and balanced, with a dark side but highly readable.”

Lit Reactor

For THE UNCERTAIN PLACES by Lisa Goldstein

“An exquisitely beautiful, eerily compelling modern fairy tale.”

Library Journal
Starred review!

“Exemplary…. Goldstein is one of fantasy’s most reliable practitioners, and a new novel from her is always a cause for celebration.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Lisa Goldstein is back and at the top of her game.”

Shelf Awareness

“The arrival of a new Goldstein fantasy is a major cause for rejoicing. And THE UNCERTAIN PLACES does not disappoint.”


“Goldstein fearlessly rubs the dreamlike logic of fairy tales up against stark realism, and each one makes the other more real.”


“Goldstein is in fine form with a darkly compelling modern fairy tale.”

January Magazine

“It’s an interesting question that Goldstein poses, and there is no easy answer to be found. What constitutes a ‘happy ever after’ for one person may bring misery to another. Perhaps the stories of one continent cannot survive transplantation to another without being somehow changed in the process. No matter how carefully hidden away they might be, sooner or later, as the territory is charted, they’re brought into the light of day. It’s what happens then that Goldstein has so intriguingly explored in this deeply absorbing novel.”

Paper Knife

“Has it really been nine years since The Alchemist’s Door, Lisa Goldstein’s last book under her own byline? It’s been a long wait, but THE UNCERTAIN PLACES is one of those delightful books that are worth the wait. It combines all the things that I like best about Goldstein’s work: great, believable characters; a well-defined setting (this time it’s 1970s Berkeley); and subtle magic that plays by the rules.”

Fantasy & Science Fiction (Charles de Lint)

“THE UNCERTAIN PLACES continued to surprise me at every page and, as a writer, filled me with raw, disgraceful envy: Boy I wish I’d thought of this one….”

—Peter S. Beagle,
author of A Fine & Private Place and Sleight of Hand

“Goldstein’s complex and ingenious plot transplants the forest realm of European folktale, where witches grant wishes with strings attached and you’d better be careful which frog you kiss, into the sun-drenched hills of Northern California in the 1970s— and beyond.”

—Ursula K. Le Guin,
The New York Times bestselling author

“This entrancing book perfectly captures the subconscious logic of fairy tales—you’ll find yourself believing it all and wishing you could go to these places yourself, with all their wonders and perils.”

—Tim Powers,
author of The Stress of Her Regard and The Bible Repairman and Other Stories

“It’s fitting that a spider is the symbol of the elf-struck family in this book, because Lisa Goldstein’s prose is more than a little like a spider’s web: so deceptively simple that you could take it for granted until the angle of light changes and its full beauty is suddenly revealed…a tale as tangling, tricksy, and enchanted as the Fair Folk themselves.”

—Tad Williams, author of Tailchaser’s Song

“From Lisa Goldstein, one of our most subtle and enduring writers, comes this exquisite interweaving of fairy tale and modern life. THE UNCERTAIN PLACES demonstrates that love and the stuff of legends are sometimes indistinguishable and share the same dark bed.”

—Lucius Shepard

“A gripping story that twists with compelling dream logic; Goldstein’s fairy-tale family radiate believable unreality, and the faerie realm contained herein evinces the perfect mix of terror and attraction. Start reading this at your peril; once I did, I couldn’t stop until I was done.”

—Cory Doctorow,
author of Content and Context

“It’s an engaging look at Northern California in the ’70s by way of the Brothers Grimm…a shrewd and satisfying venture down the crooked paths and unpredictable byways of the Otherworld.”

—Patricia A. McKillip,
author of Wonders of the Invisible World

For THE URBAN FANTASY ANTHOLOGY edited by Peter S. Beagle & Joe R. Lansdale

“As the genre is presented here, we see a rich, full, experimental and long-lasting contribution to the ecology of fantasy. It’s perfectly arranged and intentionally diverse, and there are no duds here like there are in some other anthologies. If you’re new to the genre, this is an ideal place to start, so you begin with the multitude of ideas that count here. If you’re a fan of the genre, this is like a reacquaintance, a reminder that there’s more to urban fantasy than the vast numbers of women on motorcycles who kill bad things.”

New York Journal of Books

“This is one of the best reprint anthologies of the year in terms of literary value, and you certainly get more than your money’s worth of good fiction.”


“An essential book not only for longtime followers of such intriguing stories but those who thought fantasy only took place in the completely imagined worlds of J. R. R. Tolkien.”


“An excellent collection of stories that showcases the best of urban fantasy (however you define it). Definitely a must-read!”


“Every single story in this collection has been well chosen and polished brightly…. I highly recommend those with even a vague interest in urban fantasy add The Urban Fantasy Anthology to their collection.”

Green Man Review

“As thought-provoking as it was enjoyable.”

All Things Urban Fantasy


“An impressive overview of the author’s breadth and career, this collection will appeal to the author’s existing devotees—or to anyone who has ever thought that ‘happily ever after’ left too many questions.”


“… every entry contains Yolen’s crystalline prose, which captures the magic in reality, and vice versa, with ease and grace … These highly entertaining retellings are perfect for teens fans of fairy tales and classic literature, though they are easily enjoyed without any background knowledge.”

School Library Journal,
Starred review!

“These delightful retellings of favorite stories will captivate newcomers and fans of Yolen as she once again delivers the magic, humor, and lovely prose that has attracted readers for years.”

Library Journal,
Starred review!

“With over 350 books, Jane Yolen is a legend in the world of children’s and young-adult literature, but her acerbic and witty adult fiction and poetry offer their own pleasures. The 16 stories here, each accompanied by a related poem and notes, revisit some iconic classics, but always from a new, thought-provoking angle …”

Chicago Tribune

“This excellent collection reimagines folktales, fairy tales, and sometimes historical people in new and surprising light. It is a brilliant example of short-form storytelling by one of the treasures of the science fiction community.”

—Brandon Sanderson, New York Times bestselling author

For THE NEW VOICES OF FANTASY edited by Peter S. Beagle and Jacob Weisman

“This collection of nineteen fantasy short works, edited by Peter S. Beagle, is definitely worthwhile if you like speculative short fiction.”

Fantasy Literature


“The 15 stories in Mamatas’s strong collection show impressive imaginative range, cutting across the boundaries of fantasy and science fiction and veering into territory that defies genre pigeonholing…This collection highlights the work of a refreshingly versatile storyteller.”

Publishers Weekly

“…readers get a sense of Mamatas’ expertise at simultaneously embracing and skewering the speculative genres. Each tale is entertaining on its surface, but all hold a deeper meaning for readers inclined to ponder it. The inclusion of Mamatas’ author’s notes, offering a peek into his personal evolution, is worth the price of admission. This collection will be an easy sell to readers who enjoy genre-blending authors of thought-provoking and topical tales, such as Jeffrey Ford, China Miéville, and Jeff VanderMeer.”

Starred review!

“[a] thoughtfully curated collection”

The Seattle Times

“THE PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF EVERYTHING is a subversive and darkly humorous collection of stories showcasing author Nick Mamatas’s ability to work across a variety of genres.”

Shelf Awareness

“ I’m glad I have this collection. It’s a book I’ll go back to.”

Fantasy Literature

For APOCALYPSE NYX by Kameron Hurley

“The plots are taut, thrilling, gritty, violent, profane, magical—everything Hurley’s readers expect.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the original trilogy and I actually think that the stories are even better at novella length.”


“You’re going to love Nyx . . . she makes Han Solo look like a Boy Scout.”


“Count me among the number of faithful converts, because I am officially a fan of Nyx. This lady is one serious bad-ass.”

Michael Patrick Hicks Blog

“It’s a vividly drawn world, to be sure. In its hopes for and expectations of humanity, it carries a raw emotional punch.”

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviews

“Grab this nice introduction to Nyx’s life and world. You won’t regret it. Most highly recommended.”

Grimdark Magazine

“Nyx is a brilliantly imagined character.”

Strange Alliances

“APOCALYPSE NYX is grim, unapologetic science fiction at its best. Don’t miss this gripping collection!”

New York Journal of Books


“This showcase of 28 tales highlights Yolen’s delightful imagination and elegant writing in both poetry and short prose form.”

Library Journal


“Bodies, relationships, and the world are all changeable, shifting, and unstable in this collection by a master of dark fiction.”

Library Journal, Starred Review!

For MEET ME IN THE FUTURE by Kameron Hurley

“With snapshots of futures that haunt, obsess, or tantalize, this collection from Hugo-winner Hurley offers 16 hard-edged pieces that gleam like gems in a mosaic.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

“[Hurley] has produced one of the best story collections of the past few years.”

Booklist, Starred Review

A trek across galaxies that hits home, MEET ME IN THE FUTURE is a love letter to the best of science fiction.”

Foreword, Starred Review

“Very high quality.”


“Intriguing and enlightening.”

Strange Alliances

“[Hurley’s] view of the world in which we live calculating, messy, and true, and the stories she writes hit me right in the feels and make me want to help lead the revolution.”

Fairy Bookmother, 5-Star Review

“MEET ME IN THE FUTURE demonstrates yet again just how gifted and unique an author Kameron Hurley truly is. This is definitely one of the speculative fiction titles to read in 2019. Or any other year, for that matter!”

Fantasy Hotlist

“Five stars. Beautifully curated collection of extremely well written stories.”

Nonstop Reader

“If you’ve been looking for a place to start with Hurley’s work, this is a great entry point. This collection showcases her edgy, incisive, visceral approach to sci-fi.”

Paladin Jane

“MEET ME IN THE FUTURE is an absolute gem.”

Starburst Magazine, 10/10 Stars!

“MEET ME IN THE FUTURE is a brilliant story collection that both amazes the reader with Hurley’s incredible imaginative genius and writing chops as well as it takes hold of the readers emotions like only the best fiction can.”

Grimdark Magazine

“Kameron Hurley has quickly become one of my favorite fiction authors.”

The Weightless State

“MEET ME IN THE FUTURE is possibly the best short story collection I’ve ever picked up.”

The Bookish Mrs. Harding

“[T]he stuff that is in this collection is near universally strong, and if Hurley’s novels are up your alley then this is one to look out for..”

Nerds of a Feather

“Completely works and showcases so much fungal growth, corpse making, body-horror, sexual-orientation-swapping, space-opera, disease-ridden, dog-loving joy as anyone could possibly want . . . I am on auto-read for anything new that Hurley throws at us. Eagerly.”

Bradley Horner,
author of Darkside Earther

“Brutal, sharp, and impossible to ignore, Kameron’s stories are a howl that throws back the encroaching void.”

— Tobias Buckell,
author of The Hurricane Fever

“A visceral, unrelenting, and heart-filled exploration of what it means to be human in any future; Kameron Hurley is writing the science fiction our world needs.”

—Jacqueline Koyanagi,
author of Ascension

“Kameron Hurley is a badass. Her powerful stories will shred your preconceptions, and may leave you permanently off-kilter.”

— Annalee Newitz,
author of Autonomous and founder of io9

For IVORY APPLES by Lisa Goldstein

“An absorbing fantasy about the power of art, family secrets—and obsession.”


“An absorbing fantasy about the power of art, family secrets—and obsession.”


“It’s great, I loved it, you will also love it.”


“Immersive, erudite and unsettling.”

The Morning Star

“Lisa Goldstein has created a masterpiece of fantasy and reality.”

The Lovely Librarian

“If you enjoyed books such as The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang, Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente, or War for the Oaks by Emma Bull, you’ll love IVORY APPLES.”

Little Red Reviewer

“This is a strong entry into the mysterious magical book genre.”


“Lisa Goldstein’s glimpse into the dark secrets of creativity casts a lingering spell on the reader that no counter-spell can completely dispel.”

Bookshine and Readbows

“Ivory Apples is like a set of Russian Matryoshka dolls: stories within stories within stories within stories that keep you reading all the way to the bottom..”

—Jane Yolen, author of The Emerald Circus

“IVORY APPLES is a legendary fantasy novel.”

—Peter S. Beagle, author of The Last Unicorn and Summerlong

“IVORY APPLES is a haunting story of what a classic fantasy work can do for and to its readers and its creator.”

—Gary K. Wolfe, Locus

“Lisa Goldstein is the perfect, born storyteller. Her story pulls you in and wraps you round, and it is hard to think of anything else until it is over.”

—Diana Wynne Jones

For THE NEW VOICES OF SCIENCE FICTION edited by Hannu Rajaniemi and Jacob Weisman

“In the introduction to this superlative anthology, Weisman declares the future of science fiction resides in the sure hands of the authors of these 20 recent award-winning or award-nominated stories.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review!

“A stunning set of sf shorts. Highly recommended for all collections.”

Library Journal, Starred Review!

“A must-read for anyone interested in the latest and most exciting sf writing out there.”

Booklist, Starred Review!

“Readers often turn to established writers whose work they’ve previously enjoyed for more of the same. That’s fine, but to add a little variety I also recommend supplementing that with stories by new authors. THE NEW VOICES OF SCIENCE FICTION, edited by Hannu Rajaniemi and Jacob Weisman (Tachyon), is the perfect anthology to do just that.”


“This is a killer collection, full of top-notch stories beautifully written and invested with much care, compassion and thought.”


“These writers demonstrate the breadth of concepts and worlds with which science fiction writers can create a delicious buffet of stories for readers to gorge themselves on and that, for emerging writers in the genre, there will always be plenty of room for stunning originality.”

Strange Alliances

“This is a wonderful selection of stories highlighting not only some great writers, but a wealth of fabulous ideas and new twists on old science fiction tropes.”

SF Crowsnest

“I was surprised by the excellent quality of the stories. I enjoyed every one.”

Book Lovers’ Boudoir

“A stupendous collection.”

—Michael Blumlein, author of Longer

“THE NEW VOICES OF SCIENCE FICTION is a stunning collection. There’s a story for every possible future—it’s impossible to put down.”

—Peng Shepherd, author of The Book of M

“A must-read for anyone interested in the latest and most exciting science fiction writing out there.”

—North Georgia Technical College Library


“This fun character study works as a standalone but will hold special appeal for series fans.”

Publishers Weekly

“[Vaughn] takes you on a fun adventure and secretly sneaks in layers of complexity to her characters where you find yourself thinking about them for days on end.”

Infinite Text

“Beautiful sci-fi fever dream.”

To Other Worlds

I love this story and highly recommend it.”


“Carrie Vaughn’s THE IMMORTAL CONQUISTADOR is an excellent addition to her Kitty Norville books, and gives us a closer look at one of her most fascinating characters.”

—Stephen Blackmoore, author of the Eric Carter Mecromancer series

“No surprise to anyone, but Carrie Vaughn can write the sixteenth century up through the Old West as well as it’s been done. And it just feels so good to sneak back into the Kittyverse through the vampire door.”

Stephen Graham Jones, author of Mongrels and The Only Good Indians

For SEA CHANGE by Nancy Kress

“This urgent, deeply satisfying story is as tenacious and inspiring as its heroine.”

Publishers Weekly

“Kress writes a brilliantly imagined near future complete with false identities and analog spycraft mixed into an aggressively digital world in which greenhouses hiding GMO carrots are as vulnerable as missile bases, ‘drivie’ houses cruise unassisted down streets, and disinformation campaigns blaze on social media.”


“A realistic climate fiction with superb plot and memorable characters. It actually reads like a Hollywood thriller!”

Strange Horizons

“SEA CHANGE, a forthcoming novella by acclaimed writer Nancy Kress, is everything I love about speculative fiction. The story has a compelling near-future setting, is full of smart characters with sharply written dialogue, and is so thematically rich and progressive.”

Backshelf Books

“This new work of fiction from Nebula Award winning author Nancy Kress, SEA CHANGE is a riveting climate-change techno-thriller.”

Environmental Magazine

“Nancy Kress’ Sea Change novella shows that she’s still the master of biological disruption and human insight.”

Amazing Stories

“In a word, fantastic. Ms. Kress has crafted a brilliant and frighteningly realistic near future world.”

Disciples of Botax

“Readers who like conspiracies and stories with both strong science and strong characters will enjoy SEA CHANGE.”


“Sharp, spare, and journalistic.”


“SEA CHANGE is like liquid nitrogen ice cream—a chilling treat.”

—Greg Bear, author of Eon and Take Back the Sky

For DRIFTWOOD by Marie Brennan

“Exploring found family, adaptation, and hope in the face of apocalypse, Brennan imbues this high-concept fantasy with a strong emotional core. Fantasy fans will be thrilled.”

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review!

“A diverse cast of characters from disparate worlds, each facing their own rapidly approaching mortality, come together to memorialize a missing man—rumored to be immortal—in this new fantasy title from veteran author Brennan . . . Readers will close the cover aching to read more about Last and his world. An exciting delve into a conglomerate land filled with magic and mystery.”

Kirkus, Starred Review!

DRIFTWOOD is epic in scale, and yet rooted in satisfying detail, full of possibility and wonder.”

Booklist, Starred Review!

The world building is excellent. The characters are all well developed as well. I thought this was a fantastic book.”

Book Lover’s Boudoir

Absolutely tantalizing.”

Powder & Page

DRIFTWOOD, by Marie Brennan, is the kind of weirdness I adore in fiction.”

A Bookish Type


For Adventures of a Dwegish Girl by Daniel Pinkwater

“ADVENTURES OF A DWEGISH GIRL is a book with every single thing I love about Pinkwater novels. Reading Daniel Pinkwater—as a kid and as an adult was hugely important to my development as a writer and a human being. Meeting another Pinkwater fan is always a sign that you are among good people.”

—Cory Doctorow, author of Little Brother

“Captivating, cool and crazy!! This story is an inspiration to us all: Be brave. Have adventures. And, most importantly, follow your dreams.”

—Sam Lloyd, author of Mr. Pusskins

“Daniel Pinkwater helped to shape me as a storyteller and his books have delighted generations of young readers. We’re so lucky to have him as a guide to all the realms of the beautifully weird and whimsical.”

—Charlie Jane Anders, author of The City in the Middle of the Night

“With touches of magic, conversations with ghosts, and a dash of danger in the form of gold-stealing gangsters, Adventures of a Dwergish Girl is sure to delight.”

—Alane Adams, author of Legends of Orkney Series

“Richly-drawn, quirky, and mysterious, Daniel Pinkwater’s ADVENTURES OF A DWEGIST GIRL pulls readers into a dazzling adventure.”

—Susan Vaught, author of Footer Davis Probably is Crazy

“ADVENTURES OF A DWERGISH GIRL by Daniel Pinkwater has that rare sense of wonder that makes you feel as if you have entered into a magical kingdom. .”

—Joe R. Lansdale, author ofOf Mice and Minestrone

Pinkwater is arguably Pratchett-for-kids.”

Green Man Review

For The Midnight Circus by Jane Yolen

“Haunting stories from a modern master.”


“Yolen’s many fans will be thrilled to find her largely true to form. This collection is a gift for fairy tale lovers.”

Publishers Weekly

“A wonderful collection of short stories! Each one is its own self-contained story that is just perfection.”

Ash & Books

“Jane Yolen’s stories are pure magic! They draw you in, beguile your senses, and paint the world in richer hues than you’ve ever seen. Her tales will haunt you in the very best way. I loved every word!”

—Sarah Beth Durst, author of Race the Sands

“Look this way, look that; blazing her consummate imagination against the shadows of human sorrow, Jane Yolen has done it again. She has produced a set of spectacles designed to keep us awake in the darkness. THE MIDNIGHT CIRCUS delights, confounds, and challenges. We read all the night long; we are not the same come dawn.”

—Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked and A Wild Winter Swan

“Each deliciously spooky tale in Jane Yolen’s THE MIDNIGHT CIRCUS draws readers into fully realized worlds with strong characters who reflect the strengths—and the darkness—in all of us”

—Susan Vaught, author of Trigger and Freaks Like Us

“THE MIDNIGHT CIRCUS sings with magic, darkness, and wonder—perfect for anyone who has ever loved a fairy tale.”

—Megan Spooner, author of the Starbound Trilogy

“Jane Yolen is, simply, a legend. The powerful fairy godmother of every writer working in mythic fantasy today.”

—Catherynne M. Valente, author of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own

For Kitty’s Mix-Tape by Carrie Vaughn

A genuine sense of playfulness abounds, especially in several cute flash fiction pieces about the effects of different lunar events on Kitty’s lycanthropy.”

Publishers Weekly

For Nucleation by Kimberly Unger

“With NUCLEATION, Kimberly Unger offers a richly detailed, thought-provoking peek into our not-so distant future and a mind-blowing means of taking us to the stars, but are we prepared for what awaits us out there?”

—Dayton Ward, author of Star Trek: Kirk Fu Manual

I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any fan of cyberpunk mixed with a little space opera.”

SciFi Reviews

“In technology we so often look to science fiction for inspiration. Kimberly Unger is the rare author with a foot in both worlds and it shows as she gives a thrilling glimpse into the future with NUCLEATION.”

—ANdrew Bosworth, Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality, Facebook



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